Strawberries , Whipped Cream


Champagne, Strawberries, and Whip Cream: The Way New Year’s Eve Should Have Been

It was 11 pm. I took a look around the room. The champagne bottle sat chilling in the bucket with ice. The whipped cream and strawberries were still in the refrigerator, but they were ready just the same. It was a small living room, but cozy at the same time. Two recliners sat against the wall near the door, with a lamp in between. Across from them was the couch, with the coffee table sitting close to it. The TV sat in a wood entertainment center across from the fake stone fireplace with the mantle over it. I was in my black jeans and blue fleece pullover, a casual ensemble meant to impress but relax at the same time. She was due any minute.

There was a knock at the door, I walked past the chair, unlocked the door, and opened it. She stood there, looking every bit as angelic as the first time I saw her. She had her hair down, curled slightly inward towards her face. She had on her red lip gloss, and a matching, elegant red dress under a black coat. I instantly felt underdressed.

I let her in, taking her coat and hanging it on a chair in the dining room, which was just a short distance away. The TV had already been turned on to a New Year’s Eve special, and there was a blanket on the couch so that we could stay warm in the chilly house.

She glanced over at the bucket, smiling slightly

“Champagne? You really went all out didn’t you?”

“Not yet, but I’m getting there.” I said with a wink.

I went into the dining room and dug into a drawer which was in a china cabinet. I pulled out a match book, and then took down two candlesticks and their holders. I brought them into the living room, placing them on the coffee table before lighting them. Then I turned the lamp off to let them shine. She smiled, appreciating the romantic effect.

I sat down, pulling her against me while pulling the blanket on top of us. We began to cuddle and watch the special on tv, waiting for the countdown to begin. I became distracted by the smell of the perfume in her hair; I turned and gently kissed her neck, inhaling the scent as I moved up to her cheek, finally sneaking a kiss upon her soft lips.

We sighed together, going back to the show. She snuggled a little closer to me, rubbing her head against my shoulder. An entertainer came on; we watched the screen with eyes half open, feeling our warm bodies against each other and our hearts beating. The announcer showed several of the celebrations and fireworks shows from other time zones that had already passed the midnight mark.

I stared at the various colors and booming anadolu yakası escort sounds on the tv, and then looked from the screen to her sparkling blue-green eyes. I ran my fingers through her soft brown hair, and then pulled her face towards mine. Our lips met, flashes and fireworks sprung from the screen to my mind. Passion overwhelmed us, setting us on fire as we kissed urgently. My hands roamed over her, down to her neck, over her breasts, to her stomach, then back up to rub her breasts. I ran my thumb over her nipple, making it hard under my touch. She moaned low, deepening our kiss.

We pulled a way breathless; looking back at the screen, seeing that time had seemingly run away at the sight of our indiscretions. The countdown had begun at twenty, then nineteen, eighteen, seventeen…we looked at the ball, sparkling with the light that was shining on it, 2004 flashing behind it as it started to descend from it’s heights. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…I looked at her, pulling her tight to me, staring back from the screen to her face, seeing the effect of the light on her now dazzling face. Three, two, one…

“Happy New Year’s, luv.” I said kissing her again, and then getting up out of my seat, I walked into the kitchen, getting the whipped cream and strawberries out of the refrigerator. I brought it back into the living room, a catty smile on my face.

“And just what do you plan to do with that?” She said her hands on her hips as she sat up on the couch.

“Why, celebrate the New Year, my beautiful girl.”

I set the whipped cream and strawberries on the coffee table, then went over to the bucket, pulling the champagne bottle out of the ice, peeling the label off and popping the cork with the aid of a nearby towel. The champagne fizzed slightly, and then I poured a little into two glasses, which were cleverly hidden behind some picture frames on the mantle.

I handed one over to her with a wink.

“My dear sir, are you trying to get me drunk?” She said with mock surprise and a wink.

“But of course my dear, how else am I going to have my way with you?” I said, winking back.

I took a sip of the champagne, feeling the bubbles tickling my nose and feeling the smooth liquid slip down my throat. I sat down on the couch next to her, setting my glass down as she did the same. I smiled at her, brushing her hair away from her face, then kissed her softly.

We pulled away briefly, smiling and enjoying each other’s company. We took another sip of our champagne, and then she looked at me with interest.

“So atalar escort what exactly IS the whipped cream and strawberries for?”

“As if you didn’t know…but it’s a surprise, so you’ll have to wait.” I replied.

We quickly finished off our drinks, then sat back to let it settle.

I turned to her, leaned in and kissed her again, deeply, my hands tilting her head. We began to kiss more fervently, my hands moving from her chin down to her neck, and then to her shoulder, back down to her breast, which was pert and firm in my grasp. I moved my hand down to her stomach, stroking it lightly, and then reach behind and unzipped her dress, sliding her out of it to look at her in her bra and panties.

She smiled, looking at me through slitted eyes. She reached up and grabbed the bottom of my pullover and tugged it up and over my head, and then ran her fingers over my chest and stomach. I kissed her again, my lips moving to her cheeks, then her neck, which I nipped softly with my teeth down to her collarbone, and then moved down even further to her covered breasts. I kissed, licked, and nipped her breasts, while my hands moved around behind her and unfastened her bra, sliding it off of her as I suckled her nipples.

She gasped slightly, running her hands through my hair as I gave attention to her breasts, making them firm and her nipples hard. I kissed down to her stomach, licking parts of it, alternating hot and cold breathes of air on her skin to make her squirm with pleasure.

Then I picked up the bottle of champagne, winking to her as she looked at me with a half smile.

“So that’s your plan is it? Bad boy!”

I slowly poured a little champagne over her breasts, letting it run down a little before putting the bottle down and licking it up, trying to get it all up before it reached the floor. After I got it all off of her she smiled big and pushed me back to the other side of the couch. She reached over and grabbed the bottle, tipping it slightly, letting a small, steady trickle flow down my chest to my stomach. She put the bottle down after a second, and then began to run her lips over me, licking up the champagne, running her tongue over each rivulet, smiling as I jump from the sensations.

My head had begun to swim a little from the feelings and alcohol, so after the champagne was all off of me, I leaned forward and grabbed the can of whipped cream and container of strawberries. I pushed her back, taking my turn, and then shake up the can of whipped cream. I pop the top and spray an arrow over her stomach, pointing towards ataşehir escort her underwear. She laughs, and looks up at me.

“Well, what do you think, can we dig up the treasure?”

She smiled, and then nodded slightly, lifting up a little, inviting me to pull her underwear off. I slid them off, and then set them next to her bra. I picked up the can again, winked, and then sprayed whipped cream over her vagina, running circles over and over, until I reached the center. As I sprayed the first bit she drew in a breath from the cold.

I put a strawberry in the center, then moved up to the arrow and began to lick up the whipped cream down towards her middle. She moaned a little at the hot and cold then began to run her fingertips through my hair and down over my back. I finished the arrow, and then moved down from her stomach to the simple sundae.

I lapped at each bit of the whipped cream, going around in the circles to draw out the time before I licked her need. She squirmed and moaned, my hot breath driving her wild and my licks setting her on fire. I got to the center, then ate the strawberry and sat back a second to look at her flower.

She had a little brown hair above it, with a pink slit lying out in the open air. I reached down and ran my finger over the outer petals, hearing her gasp with pleasure. I ran my fingers up and down, rubbing gently over the sensitive area, deciding where to lick first. Finally I plunged down, my lips and tongue descending as I licked and suckled the petals of her flower from the bottom up. She moaned in pleasure. I pushed my tongue a little further, her wetness urging me deeper inside. I felt her bud pushing against my lips and I gently wrapped my lips over it. I sucked in slightly, running it around softly within my mouth, listening to her moan. I ran my fingers over her petals, opening her flower a little more, letting my tongue play deeper within her, sending more and more pleasure over her.

She began to buck and shift, trying to get my tongue deeper within her, her moans growing louder and her body shaking with pleasure. Her wetness washed over me, my fingers wandered over her petals, plucking them like harp strings, giving her more and more pleasure. Finally she screamed, gently coming into my mouth before settling back upon the couch, breathless.

I sat up, smiling at her softly, my hands stroking her hair. She smiled back at me.

“That was amazing, thank you so much.”

“Anything for you luv, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

She shifted over, and I laid down, then she laid on top of me, resting her head against my chest. I sprayed the whipped cream over the strawberries, and we took turns feeding each other, laughing if we missed and kissing each other softly. We sipped the remaining champagne from the glasses when we got thirsty. After the food and drink was finished, we settled against one another and I pulled the blanket over us. I turned the TV off and blew the candles out as we settled into slumber.

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