Story 01


As I sit at my desk, playing a computer game, I see you out of the corner of my left eye, sitting on the edge of my neatly made double size bed, flipping through a book you found on my floor. I stop my game, get up and walk over to the bed. I grab the book out of your hands and quickly toss it on the floor. You give me a look, a look of shock, but the expression quickly changes when grab your crotch through your jeans and move to straddle your pelvis. I begin to move my lower body in erythematic motions on your quickly risen member and I roughly kiss your lips which at first don’t move, but respond quickly with equal pressure and roughness. Your hands are lying lifeless at your side as if not knowing what to do. I pull away from our messy kisses and proceed to undo your pants slowly, with my left hand holding the button and the right unzipping. I pull them down your legs, but you kick them off as I proceed to take off my shirt which reveals my pert breasts, nipples standing at attention.

We reposition on the bed, tossing my extra blankets and pillows on the floor. I put my right hand down your plaid boxers grabbing your hard on; my left hand restraining your two hands above your head. I slowly let go of your hands and bilecik escort slowly drag my index finger down your arm to your chest, stopping to play with your nipples, then down to your belly button. I trace circles around it, and then move down to remove your boxers with both hands. I tease you by pulling the elastic down and up around your waist, but end up stripping you of them. I back up off of you and proceed to take off my jeans. I toss them on the floor and straddle you again, but on your thighs. I gently massage your hard member with my right hand. I work my hand up and down your hard on: first slow and focused at the tip, occasionally kissing the tip. I start to grip a little tighter and I speed up the movement. I work my hand up and down quicker and quicker. I use my left hand to fondle your balls gently. I feel you tensing up, knowing you’re about to come. I beat you off faster until your warm come slides down my hand. I smile and lick it all off. You lay there in surprise, but I don’t let you pause long.

As I’m taking your right hand and direct it to my chest, you decide to take charge. You lightly graze my stomach with your finger tips and tell me to roll over onto manisa escort my stomach. So, I’m lying down with just my red panties on and you grab a half melted ice cube and place it in the dimples on the small of my back. I shiver in delight. You trace the pools of water all around the small of my back and blow on it, making cool chills up my spine. This teasing is making me wetter by the second and I can hardly take it. You turn me over and trace the ice cube around my nipples blowing on them to increase the sensation. You begin to kiss me all over my chest occasionally stopping to suck my erect nipples. Finally your hands trace my body’s frame all the way to my wet snatch, first gently massaging my clit. I close my eyes in pleasure and feel your finger slip into me. I let out a soft moan as I feel your finger inside me, but hardly able to make a noise when your second finger slides in. I roll my eyes back in pleasure, gripping the bed sheets. I feel your fingers moving inside me, hitting every tender spot. As you begin to speed up, my body trembles, and I know that I am coming soon. I grab the sheets squeezing them in my fist. I manage to speak words, “I, I… I’m coming, Oh god yes, mersin escort I’m coming.” As all my energy is exerted in this terrific orgasm, my legs shake. I catch my breath and lay in a mix of shock and sweet relaxation.

You lay down next to me and we kiss softly. As we lay their naked, I know I’m not done with you. I look at you, smile and grab your still hard penis. I straddle on top of you, but with my back facing you. I grind your hard on for a couple seconds but then begin to insert you into me. I take your hands and place them on my breasts. You fondle them, very lightly tweaking my nipples every second or so. I place my hands on either side of your legs and begin to pull myself up and down on your throbbing member. I lean forward and back just enough to put the right amount of pleasurable pressure on you. I lay my back onto your stomach as your holding my chest and I have both legs at either side of yours. You bring your legs up, pushing your cock farther into my snatch. I moan in pleasure as you begin to push in and out, in and out. You fasten your pace and I tighten my muscles around you. I feel every bump and contour of your manhood inside me and I feel that you are about to come. You move faster and faster as I make myself tight as I can get. I come as I feel your warm come shoot off inside my constricting snatch. We lay there, my back on your stomach, breathing heavily. I roll off of you and lay at your side. I kiss you shoulder, neck, ear, then lips lightly as you lay there smiling softly with your eyes closed.

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