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STOP-OVER HAVANA – PART 1STOP-OVER HAVANA – PART 1Every time our merchant ship docked in Havana harbour, I couldn’t wait to return to the “City of sin” which I had visited many times. This was the 50s when Americans and Cubans, at least the wealthy ones, mixed and had fun in clubs and bars, when booze was cheap, and men had sex with women anywhere anytime. What is not very well known is that, although the practice was not officially accepted, a particular area of the city was filled with cheap bars, brothels and alleyways where men could meet men, and women cruised women. I had grown quite bored with the same sex partners on the ship and looked forward to expanding my activities to men and even women, and also fulfilling the voyeur urges in me. For my first night on the town, I was wearing a shirt which I kept unbuttoned over loose trousers; a pair of sandals and of course no underwear. After walking along the main street lined with clubs from which came the sound of jazz and big band music, I took a side street lined with hookers which led me to the industrial area I was looking for. Some of this area was bustling with activity during the day but at night the activity was mainly in the lanes where any door could lead you into a speakeasy or a brothel. This was “gay city” with male hookers, drag queens, dykes and lesbian hookers. The clients were a mixture of wealthy American males and females, couples and singles, giving way to their secret sex urges away from the eyes of Big brother back in the US. Rich Cubans were also plentiful and enjoyed both the hookers and the Americans. The weather was always hot and humid, the atmosphere often tense and violent, and sexual activity open and plentiful. The lane I chose was lined with young Cuban men dressed only in small tight trunks barely covering their cock and balls. Leaning against the walls, they showed their wares and approached potential mates with kisses and tongue-flicking noises. The tops had a scarf around their neck and the bottoms had nothing except sometimes red lipstick to make sure people knew what they were getting. I had spotted a very handsome young man with bright red lipstick who made my cock grow hard instantly. He had a beautiful round face and chocolate skin, his hair was medium-length and quite curly. I was in love. I passed an older man kneeling in front of another Cuban boy and sucking his cock. I made a bee-line for my prey. We rubbed faces and I could smell a mixture of spices and cigar smoke on his nude torso. We kissed with our tongues and our crotches rubbed. I could feel his cock rise and I am sure he could feel mine. My shirt dropped to the pavement and I slipped off his trunks, his cock flapping against his stomach. He fondled my bag through my trousers and I grabbed his ass with both hands. He dropped to his knees and pulled down my trousers. He took my full cock in his mouth and then pulled it out licking my knob and my piss-slit. We were too far gone to find a more private place so we decided to have sex in the alley. As we lay down on the warm pavement, I felt small pebbles and dirt against my body and it excited me. We quickly got into a 69. At first I was on top then we rolled over and he was on top. We kept rolling and sucking, grabbing each other by the buttocks. We bumped into the man sucking the boy and they stopped to watch us. The empty lane was becoming quite populated and I could hear voices in English and Spanish. People were kneeling on either side of us, encouraging us and squeezing what they could. The black cock felt so good in my mouth and it kept oozing pre-cum. He was sucking mine with vigor, his mouth leaving the cock at times to suck on my balls. My first plan was to fuck him but I enjoyed the sucking so much, I wanted his cum in my mouth and was ready to fuck his mouth. The fact we were watched increased my lust. His cock grew and grew and I braced myself, positioning it as far down my throat as I could. Ödemiş Escort When I felt my partner’s seed hit the back of my mouth, my cock exploded in his mouth. We emptied our balls into each other for what felt like minutes. I heard a loud cheer from the crowd of voyeurs. When we finally rolled apart, I felt hands pulling me up. My body felt bruised and dirty and I was exhausted. I lost my partner in the crowd and felt pushed inside a room filled with cigar smoke and the smell of rum. I hadn’t noticed the door at first, too busy with my sex partner. I learned that the crowd had come from another more regular club in a small bus. They were slumming, half-drunk and horny. An American in his 50s put his arm around my shoulder and introduced me to his wife. Both looked so “normal”, like my uncle Sam and aunt Rachel. She wore make-up and a pearl necklace, but obviously naked under a flowery cotton dress. The man, his name was Frank, wore Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt. The woman’s name was Lilly. We were all sweating.“ That was quite a suck”, he said as he touched the tip of my limp cock and put his fingers to his mouth.“ was”, I answered“Taste him Frank”, said his wife giggling.Frank pulled out his tongue and was obviously inviting me for a kiss. We French kissed as I felt his tongue searching my mouth for the Cuban boy’s seed.“You and Frank, that would be good”, said Lilly with a broad smile, “He likes it in the ass”. “My beautiful wife prefers pussy”, added Frank just to makes things clear.“I like cock also…sometimes…”Lilly protested, «and I like watching”, she added flicking her tongue.I felt my buttocks pinched by another older man who walked by with a glass of rum and winked at me.“Oh God, the Germans”, said Lilly rolling her eyes.The German man had a large round face surrounded by blond hair and a blond beard. He was pudgy but attractive. What I assumed was his wife was tall and dark-haired with a bony face.“Lilly and Gretchen nearly got into it in the other club”, Frank whispered in my ear.“You mean…lesbo ?”, I asked“No…scratching each other’s eyes out”, laughed Frank“Ohhhhhh”, I answered smiling“You like to watch a good catfight ?”, asked Frank“Sure do”’ I answered, my cock growing hard.“Stay close, the German husband, Rudy, and I are working on it”, whispered Frank, nudging me with his elbow.Come to think of it, Gretchen did look a bit like a butch and the two women were probably competing for young Cuban cunt.As we were talking, Lilly was cruising a middle-age Cuban woman with wide hips and a bubble ass. “She is soooooo horny”, said Frank about his wife.He took a few minutes to take off his clothes and invited me to follow him into the next room where his wife had taken her Cuban interest. Frank wasn’t very hairy and had nice smooth skin. I was beginning to fancy him and he was obviously interested in me. The room we were in could be described as the make-out room, away from the hustle and bustle of the main entrance. Lilly had taken down the shoulder straps of her dress and was offering her tits to her Cuban dyke. The Cuban woman, broadly smiling at her American friend, slipped off her blouse to reveal her own huge pair of boobs. The two women began to suck on each other’s tits as Frank and I were surveying the rest of the room. On a couch, two old couples were into it. They must have been in their late 60s but rather handsome nevertheless. The couple switch consisted of having the two women together and the two men together. All were already naked and had probably been going at it for a while. The two grannies had been licking each other’s face which were glistening with saliva. Frank and I watched as they got into a 69 on the couch. They both had a very hairy cunt but their tongue managed to reach the other’s cunt lips without any trouble. One husband was kneeling on the floor and sucking the other husband’s cock. It was rather exciting Seferihisar Escort to watch as they seemed to be very much into each other, kissing whenever they could and encouraging each other. Frank did point out that their cocks were only half-hard and that they would have trouble finishing. The husband who had done the sucking got on all fours and the other man approached him for a fuck. Frank and I shook our heads as we could tell this was not going to work. The top was standing over his lover with his legs apart and was moving his cock up and down the other man’s asscrack. They wanted to fuck so badly but his cock wouldn’t go in. I decided to intervene at Frank’s suggestion. The bottom man was anxious but patient while the top was shaking with a mixture of lust and frustration. I approached the top and suggested he lick his friend’s ass. He did that while I got behind him and began to lick his wrinkled hole while milking his cock. Both men began to moan as we formed a choo-choo line of asslickers. I could feel my friend’s cock responding very well to my milking and when I thought it was hard enough, I got up and put him in position for the fuck. I rubbed the knob against the man’s hole and pushed it in slowly. The poor men were both shaking now. Most of the people in the room were watching including the two wives who had quickly creamed on each other’s face and were resting. I pushed the cock in one inch, then two inches, then the man began to undulate his hips. His mouth was open and his eyes bulging as he began to fuck his friend. I pushed his ass with my hand and he got deeper. Frank had been busy milking the bottom’s cock and was doing a great job, such a good job that the bottom came on Frank’s hand. The top gave a few good humps and he yelled as he came inside his lover. I held him in my arms and lowered him slowly to the floor on his side. The two men joined each other on the floor and began to slowly kiss each other, soon joined by their wives who congratulated them. Frank and I started walking away from the old couples while Frank told me that the two men were actually church ministers in Florida. I laughed thinking of the fury their behavior in Havana would bring them back home if it was known later. According to my friend, the two women had had a long affair with each other before the husbands began theirs, completely ignorant of the fact their wives were already fucking each other. What a world ! Frank and I had been turned on by the old men and the grannies. We were both erect and teasing each other, knowing full well we were getting ready for sex. Frank looked for his wife and found her still tangled with her Cuban dyke. The women were naked now and scissoring on the floor. I admired the way they moved, humping each other slowly while pawing each other’s rack. They had been at it for a while and were on the verge of orgasm. Both women were covered in sweat and were hoping for an orgasm before their strength gave out. Frank suggested I stand next to his wife and he began to suck my cock. I moved so that Frank’s head was only inches from Lilly’s face. The sight of her husband sucking cock excited Lilly so much, she came hard, her cunt oozing cum against the dyke’s cunt. The Cuban woman helped herself with her hand and came also minutes later. “How come it took you two so long ?”, asked Frank“We both had to pee”, answered Lilly grinning from ear to ear.My basic Spanish was good enough to understand the Cuban woman’s narrative of the event. They had done it in the shower in the small bathroom. Frank and I were sorry we had missed it. I enjoyed watching two women peeing on each other or two men for that matter. “You and your sailor friend have been circling each other for hours”, said Lilly to her husband.The Cuban woman grinned and made a motion with fingers from both hands pointing to each other. We knew what was expected of us and we Selçuk Escort were pleased to accept.I took the lead and began to lick Frank’s nipples. Then we kissed with our tongue and there was no going back. We wrapped our fingers around each other’s erect cock and the ladies moved to the couch to give us more room and to have a comfortable place to watch. Frank licked my armpits then he touched my knob and took his fingers to his mouth, like he did when we met. He was inviting me to take him. He knelt on the floor and took my cock in his mouth. I rested my hands on the back of his head and moved my hips slowly against his mouth. I could see the two church ministers looking on with interest while their wives squeezed on the couch with Lilly and the Cuban woman. One granny had put her glasses back on since she didn’t want to miss any of the action. Frank’s sucking made me want to fuck him so badly. I slid my cock out of his mouth and stepped back. Frank and I got on all fours and began to kiss his lovely asscheeks and gave them little kisses all around Frank’s hole. We felt the two women were getting very excited.“Get your tongue in there”, yelled the minister’s wife with glasses“Your husband is gonna get it”, said the other as she kissed Lilly on the cheek.The Cuban lesbian took Lilly’s hand and put it between her legs while she gave Lilly the same treatment. I ate Frank’s ass like a hungry dog. He was pushing it against my tongue and moaning. My rod was moving up and down with every breath. I heard applause from the couch as I mounted my American lover. The ministers looked on with envy as I slid my cock into Frank’s ass without any problem. I pushed it in until his buttocks were right against my pubic hair. One of the ministers was on all fours in front of Frank and he whispered something in his ear. Frank nodded. The old man slid head first under Frank and took his cock in his mouth. Lilly and his wife sealed the deal by kissing each other. The other minister couldn’t resist licking his friend’s half-erect cock. We were in a 4-way cockfest. I was fucking Frank slowly as I wanted the pleasure to last. I looked over to the ladies on the couch and smiled. Their hands and arms were crisscrossing as each were masturbating another and being masturbated. They were probably eager to eat cunt but they also didn’t want to miss watching us mating. I raised my position slightly and increased my rhythm. The moaning from the couch was getting louder. I couldn’t hold it much longer and when I heard Frank’s hips move as he came in the minister’s mouth, I exploded deep in his ass. The other minister got some in his mouth as I could see him lapping at his friend’s half-limp rod. As we were resting on the floor after our fuck and suck, we watched the women get up and leave for the bathroom. They were not going to powder their nose. Frank and I got up followed by the two ministers and tiptoed to the door of the bathroom. We opened it enough to take a look inside. The two grannies were sitting on the toilet seat facing each other and were obviously enjoying it. I just had a glimpse of Lilly and the Cuban woman standing in the shower spraying each other before the Cuban lesbian saw us, stepped out of the bath and slammed the door locked. Returning to the room making plans for our own piss-in, we were met by Rudy the German man we had seen with his wife Gretchen when we first came in. Rudy put his arm around Frank’s shoulder and took him aside. It was obvious that these two were lusting for each other. Rudy looked like an older athlete and his smiling face made him very attractive. The two men talked, laughed and gave each other a heartfelt kiss before they parted. Frank returned to the group and explained that he and Rudy had been planning a catfight between their wives. We were all ears, including the ministers who admitted fantasizing about their own wives fighting. Apparently a young Cuban lesbian had entered the other room and was making herself available to any interested party. Gretchen, Rudy’s wife, was in the running and the German had suggested to Frank to send his wife in to see what would happen. That sounded like a promising situation and we wanted to watch the clash between the two competing butch ladies. END OF PART 1

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