Step Mom’s Discovery Chapter 4 (Repost 5)


A couple days later, Steven and James returned from their trip. Stacy was starting to have second thoughts about what she was doing with David behind James’ back, and knew that she couldn’t keep it going without him eventually finding out. While yes she was still having sex with her husband, she figured he might find out about it eventually, and that would be worse than telling him before he did.

Stacy decided it would be best to just tell him, and see how he would take it. She knew he would most likely get mad and upset over it, but hoped he wouldn’t leave her over it.
On her drive home from work, Stacy tried to come up with a way of telling him about it, that wouldn’t make her sound like she enjoyed having sex with David that much. She knew she couldn’t just come right out and say, “I’m having sex with Steven’s best friend because his dick is so much harder.” No, she had to ease her way into it.

Stacy pulled into the driveway, and parked her car. She walked into the house to find Steven lounging on the couch. “Hey Steven, I’m home,” she yelled from the entryway.

“Hey mom,” Steven hollered back without getting up.

Stacy walked into the front room and stood behind the couch, looking down at her stepson. “So what are you up to?” She asked, smiling at him.

Steven looked up at her, shrugging his shoulders. “Just watching some TV,” he replied, wondering why she was asking.

“Oh, so do you have any plans for tonight?” She asked, wanting to see if he would be leaving. She hoped he was, figuring it would be easier to tell James about Steven and David, and her having sex with David, without Steven there.

Steven looked at her questionably. “Well I was thinking about taking Lindsey to dinner and a movie tonight, why are you asking?” He replied, wanting to know why she was being so curious all of a sudden.

‘Yes!’ She said to herself. “Oh no reason, I was just wondering is all. I was going to see if wanted to go out to dinner with your dad and I, but since you already have plans we can do it this weekend,” she lied, not wanting to give him any hint of her plans.

“Oh ok, yeah Lindsey and I are going to a movie that she wanted to see, so tonight won’t work,” he said.

“Ok no problem, we’ll just plan it for some other time,” Stacy replied, then turned around and left the room excitedly.


About an hour later, Steven left to pick up Lindsey. James was in the front room watching TV, and lounging on the couch. Stacy entered the front room, nervous, but ready to tell him everything.

“Honey, I have something to tell you,” Stacy said, sitting down on the recliner.

James lifted his head, looking at her with interest. He wondered what she had to tell him that couldn’t wait until they went to bed, because that’s usually when she told him something important. But since Steven was gone, he figured that’s why Stacy chose now.

“I’ve been hiding something from you for a few weeks now, and before I tell you, I want you to know I’m very sorry and I love you with all of my heart,” she started, looking at him sincerely.

James sat up on the couch, already thinking this meant she was cheating on him. But then he thought it couldn’t be that, because they were still having sex regularly.
“A few weeks ago I came home from work early, to a quiet house,” she said, going on to explain what she had witnessed Steven and David doing.

James was a little surprised, but not a lot, because he was the same way at Steven’s age, bi-curious. He slowly nodded at her in acknowledgment, not sure what to say.

Stacy then told him about her fantasizing about their hard dicks, and how she went on to seduce David, and have sex with him twice. “Like I said I’m very sorry, and I love you,” she finished.

James knew he should be mad at her, and kick her to the street, but he wasn’t. He had to admit, listening to her story had excited him a little bit. He sat there in silence for a bit, trying to think of something to say. “So you have been cheating on me,” he finally said, trying to act like he was mad, but knew that his wasn’t as hard as it used to be, because she had told him that in the past, so he wasn’t that mad. Plus he was still having sex with her, so he wasn’t going to complain.

Stacy nodded, then held her head down in shame. She knew that what she had done was wrong, but didn’t want it to mean the end of them.

James looked at his wife, coming up with an idea. “Well do you think you can get David to come over while Steven is gone?” He asked with a devilish smile.

Stacy lifted her head, looking at James questionably. “W… why?” She asked in response.

James continued to smile as he spoke. “So I can watch you have sex with him,” he said.

Stacy looked at her husband in shock. “Y… you want to what?” She asked in shock.

“I want to watch you and him have sex,” James replied, his mind racing with ideas now.

“Y… you’re not mad,” Stacy replied, staring at him in shock.

“Well a little hurt and upset, but I’ll be ok. I have an idea of why you did it, and I can kind of understand why. But I want to watch you have sex with the young man, and maybe I’ll join in,” James said, his mind racing with memories from when he had experimented with his friends, and wondering if it would be the same with Stacy involved.

Stacy continued to stare at James in shock, wondering what he was thinking, and why he wanted to watch her cheat on him. Although she would like to have sex with David again, she was shocked that her husband was urging her to do it. “Wh… what do you mean join in?” She finally asked.

“I mean what it means, I might join in with him, fucking you, and maybe play with him as well,” James said, becoming a little anxious now.

Stacy’s mouth dropped open. “P… play w… with him?” She asked in utter shock. She could not believe how James was reacting to being told she was cheating on him. She thought he would be more angry than he was letting on, but he didn’t seem to be mad at all, because he was going to let her have sex with David again.

“Just get him over here and you’ll see,” James said, not wanting to let her know what he had in mind yet.

Stacy was still trying to figure out what he meant, getting off of the chair, and heading for the phone. She knew David’s phone number because she was friends with his parents. She dialed his number, and asked to talk to him when his mom answered.

“Hey David, it’s Stacy,” she said when he answered it.

“Hello,” David responded, a little surprised by her phone call.

“Um, do you wanna come over for a while?” Stacy asked, not sure what to tell him the reason was.

“Right now?” David exclaimed in surprise.

“Yeah, I need you to come over right now, I’ll explain when you get here,” Stacy said, not wanting to give him much information.

“Ok, I guess I can, give me about 20 minutes,” David responded, his dick rising already with the thought of possibly having sex with the older woman again.

“Ok see you in a bit then, bye,” Stacy said, hanging up the phone and going back into the front room.

“Ok, he’ll be over here shortly,” she said, sitting back down on the recliner.

James looked at her and smiled. “Ok good, now I want you to play along with me when I’m talking to him,” he said sternly.


When the doorbell rang, James remained sitting on the couch, while Stacy got up to answer it. She grew nervous about what her husband was going to talk to this boy about, walking up to the front door. She figured it couldn’t be that bad, but she wasn’t real sure.

“Hi David,” Stacy said, opening the door wide.

David smiled at her, excited about the chance to have sex with the older woman again. “Hi Stacy,” he said excitedly, opening the screen door and entering the house.

David saw James sitting in the front room as he entered the front room, and his hopes of having sex with Stacy immediately left him. He looked at James in surprise, wishing he was just seeing things.

“Why hello there David, come on have a seat,” James said with a wry smile, and patting a spot on the couch next to him.

David hesitantly walked in front of the couch, and sat down next to James, looking at the older man nervously. He knew something was up, just by the way James had looked at him when he sat down.

“So how have you been David?” James asked, trying to make David more comfortable.

David looked at James awkwardly, a little surprised by the question. He slowly nodded his head, “pretty good,” he slowly answered, still confused at what was going on here.

“That’s good to hear,” James said, nodding his head. “Let’s not beat around the bush here, I hear you and Steven have been having gay sex,” he said bluntly, deciding not to prolong it at all.

David quickly looked over at Stacy,who was seated in the recliner, in horror. ‘She told somebody about Steven and me, why?’ he thought to himself. He then slowly looked back at James, and said, “yes sir, but we’re not gay,” not sure what else to say.

James chuckled at the teenager, “I know that, because you’ve had sex with my wife,” he said with a laugh.

David looked at James in fear now, expecting James to be mad at him. “Ye… yes sir,” he answered nervously, wondering what the older man was thinking.

“So do you enjoy having sex with Steven?” James asked, while looking over at Stacy with a big smile.

Stacy looked back at her husband, not making any facial gestures, or saying anything. She too was wondering what James was thinking or trying to prove here.

David slowly shrugged his shoulders, “I… I guess so,” he said.

James laughed again, “you guess so? What is that supposed to mean?”

David looked down at the couch, trying to come up with an answer. He slowly raised his head, looking at James again, “I mean, sometimes I feel that Steven knows what I like more than a girl does.” He really didn’t what else to say, but figured that would be the best way to explain it.

James nodded in agreement, “I see, so what about my wife?”

David looked at Stacy, wondering why she had told James, but also wishing she would help him out here. He slowly looked back at James, “yo… your wife knows how to please a guy.” He just wanted to get up and run out the door, becoming extremely uncomfortable with this situation now.

James chuckled lightly, “yes she does huh? I bet you probably think I’m mad at you and Stacy huh?”

David slowly nodded his head, remaining silent. He wished that he would have turned Stacy’s offer down now, and hadn’t come over tonight.

James’ eyes moved between Stacy and David, “and I probably should be. I am a little hurt and upset, but not mad. But if you don’t want any of this going anywhere, I suggest you stand up and show what you’re working with down there.”

David looked at the older man in shock, “wh… what?”

“You heard me, show me what my wife and son have been enjoying,” James said, becoming a little more excited now.

Stacy could not believe what she was hearing. “James, no,” she said,getting up from the recliner now.

David just stared at James in utter shock. He knew what he had heard, but was in shock of it coming from James.

“Now honey what did I tell you, now you’ll be quiet if you know what’s good for you,” James snapped at his wife.

Stacy sucked in her lower lip, remaining silent now. She watched David slowly get off of the couch and turn to face James. She thought about grabbing David and escorting him to the door, but figured if she did that James would get mad.

James looked David with interest, ready to get this going and shock both David and his wife. He figured Stacy would be more surprised than David, because she was a woman, and didn’t have any idea of his younger years or plans for tonight.

David let out a long, nervous, breath, fumbling with the button on his pants. Once he got it unbuttoned, he opened them and proceeded to push them down, along with his boxers, exposing his limp member to James.

James smiled at the sight of the teenager’s limp dick. “Well I can see why my wife wanted to have sex with you,” he said, noticing that it was a little bigger than his, and it was still soft.

Stacy Sincan Escort moved to the side of them, her pussy starting to tingle at the sight of David’s exposed dick. She slowly sat down on the couch, next to her husband, her eyes transfixed on the teenager’s member.

James looked at Stacy with a wry smile, “so honey what do we do now with this half-naked young man standing in front of us?”

Stacy looked at James with a lost look, not sure what to say. She slowly shrugged her shoulders, having no clue what he was hinting at.

James scoffed at his wife’s reaction, “wow no help from you huh?” He looked back at David’s flaccid dick, slowly reaching his hand towards it.

David started getting more nervous as he watched James’ hand move towards his dick. ‘Oh my god, he’s gonna touch my cock,’ he said to himself.

Stacy’s eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth to muffle a gasp, watching her husband wrap his hand around David’s shaft. She could not believe what she was witnessing, ‘Oh my god, James is bisexual too,’ she said to herself.

James lightly grabbed David’s dick, slowly stroking it in his hand. “First we need to get him hard,” he said, smiling up at David.

David didn’t know what to do or say, feeling James’ callused hand slowly stroke his dick. He looked at the older man in surprise, but wasn’t all that surprised about this happening. He felt his dick beginning to fill with blood and rise in James’ hand, letting out a soft groan.

James slowly leaned over, moving a hand to David’s ass and pulling him closer. He held David’s semi hard dick up, opening his mouth and slowly engulfed the head, closing his lips over it and sucked hard.

Stacy was beside herself, not believing this was actually happening. While she was in complete shock, this was still exciting her, feeling her pussy tingle even more and beginning to moisten in her panties. She watched wide eyed as her husband stroked David’s hardening shaft, while sucking hard on the head of the boy’s dick.

David closed his eyes, starting to get turned on from the older man’s actions. He slowly started moving his hips, wanting more of his dick to go in the warm, sucking mouth.

James noticed David’s hips movements and moved his hand away from the teenager’s dick, slowly taking more of the fully erect dick into his mouth. He moved his hands to David’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart a little. He then moved his forefinger to David’s anus and started rubbing the puckered hole.

Stacy slowly moved to knees next to them, finally over the shock of it all, and not wanting to be left out of this and just go with it. She bent down and moved her head under James’ chin and David’s balls. She looked up at his ball sack and opened her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and started flicking the tip of it against his wrinkled sack.

David’s body shivered from the pleasure. He looked down and saw what Stacy was doing, letting out a long groan. His body started to jump and tremble as Stacy took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked at it, starting to become even more excited.

James was moving his mouth up and down David’s dick, feeling it beginning to throb in his mouth. He had the tip of his forefinger in the teenager’s ass, feeling his sphincter squeeze at the intrusion. He knew his wife was underneath of him, but didn’t pay her any attention. This was starting to bring back memories of his younger years, and his dick was fully erect and pushing against his pants now.

Stacy moaned into David’s ball in her mouth, and then took the other one in her mouth and sucked at it. She sucked on it for a bit, and then pulled away, cupping his sack in her hand, lightly fondling it. She moved her other hand down the front of her dress and into her panties, running her middle finger over her swollen slit.

James slowly pulled his mouth completely off of David’s dick, looking up at the young man with a smile. “So are you enjoying this?” He asked, looking up David.

David quickly nodded, still a little surprised, but thoroughly enjoying this so far. He continued to lightly groan and his dick continued throbbing from Stacy fondling his balls, feeling his cum already boiling.

Stacy looked at her husband in shock, “I… I had no idea.”

James lightly laughed and smiled at Stacy, “well now you do, although it’s been years since I’ve done anything like this.”

Stacy slowly shook her head in disbelief, still not wanting to believe all of this. Just a couple of weeks ago she had watched her stepson have sex with David, she had sex with David, and now her husband was doing stuff with David. She knew she was going to be involved this time, but didn’t know to what extent.

James got up from the couch, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and pushed them and his briefs down. He kicked them aside, standing in front of David, his dick drooping a little, although fully erect.

David glanced down at James’ dick, smiling to himself because his own dick was longer and thicker than than the older man’s. He was a little relieved by that too, knowing that James’ dick wouldn’t stretch his ass as much as Steven’s, if that’s what James had planned.

James looked at Stacy, smiling slyly, “ok honey, your turn to lose your clothes.”

Stacy quickly stood up, more than ready to strip for them. She put her thumbs in the waistline of her dress and panties, swiftly pushing them down her legs and kicking them off. She looked at David and James seductively, grabbing the bottom of her tube top, slowly pulling it over her head, and dropping it in front of her.

Both of the guys looked at her exposed tits and swollen slit. David groaned loudly, more than ready to sink his dick into her wet recess.

James looked at David with disgust, “calm down young man.” He then looked at Stacy, “ok now have a seat on the couch.”

Stacy sat down on the couch, looking at the two dicks in front of her, and licking her lips. She had never had two guys at once, but was more than ready to experience it now. She slowly reached out with both of her hands, and lightly wrapped a hand around each of them, “are these all mine?”

James looked at his wife sternly, “to an extent you do. David and I get to have fun with each other too.”

Stacy simply nodded, not really paying him much attention as she lightly tugged on the dicks. She pulled them towards her, giggling lightly when the guys stumbled a little towards her. She tugged on their dicks until they were standing hip to hip in front of her. She held them up, admiring David’s harder cock. She looked up at the teenager, sticking her tongue out, and lightly flicking the tip of it against the end of his dick, feeling his body shudder against her hand.

David threw his head back, groaning in pleasure. He pushed hips forward, hoping the woman would take his dick into mouth, but she only flicked her tongue against his sensitive head a few more times, and then pulled away.

Stacy then turned her attention to James. It had been years since she had sucked his dick, so she knew this would be a surprise to him. She looked at his softer dick, opening her mouth and slowly taking the head into her mouth, moving down until it pushed against her gag reflex, sucking hard on it.

“Oh my fucking god,” James groaned loudly, his hand going to the back of Stacy’s head, holding her in place, and moving his hips forward. He started his moving hips forward and back, mouth-fucking her as she started to choke when he pushed past her gag reflex. It was at this point that the idea of punishing her for cheating on him came to him. He lost all of his inhibitions, deciding to see how she would react, and let out some sexual rage, “Oh yeah, choke on my dick you dirty little slut,” he groaned, jamming his dick into her throat and pausing there for a while, before pulling back.

Stacy was taken by surprise when he pushed his dick into her throat, feeling his pubic hair tickling her nose and cheeks. Her pussy tingled even more when she heard what her husband had said. She had never heard him talk like that before, but was finding it to be a turn on. She should have known nothing should surprise her tonight, especially after just watching him suck David’s dick, figuring tonight could be a lot of firsts from her husband.

James was enjoying himself, listening to his cheating wife choke and gag on his dick was exciting him. He made her choke on his dick a few more times, before pulling his dick out of mouth and kneeling in front of her. “Did my cheating wife like choking on my cock?” He asked, holding her head tight in his hands.

Stacy looked at him, a little in fear, but also with lust. She didn’t know what had suddenly snapped in him, but it was shocking her, and exciting her at the same time. She sat there in silence, not sure what to say. That was when it occurred to her that he was mad at her for cheating on him, and had been hiding it from her, and decided to take that anger out on her sexually. She just hoped he wouldn’t hurt her or David, but decided to see what he had in store for them. “Yes I did, punish me for being a naughty wife,” she said.

James was a little surprised by his wife’s comment. He had no intention of hurting her, but wanted to talk really dirty and dominate her, and see how she liked it. “Let me see you choke on your lover’s cock now,” he groaned, pushing her head towards David’s dick.

David was a little in shock at what he was hearing from them, but wasn’t about to say anything about it, enjoying this whole situation. He watched James push Stacy towards his dick, watching her open her mouth, engulfing his dick. He made his dick throb in her mouth, feeling the head of his dick enter the woman’s throat.

Stacy choked and gagged as James pushed her onto David’s dick. She knew David’s dick would go further into her throat, so she tried to relax it as best as she could.

James held his wife down on David’s dick, groaning into her ear, “yeah you dirty slut, gag on that teenage cock.” He then pulled her head back, allowing her to breath a little, before pushing her onto it again. “That’s it, get his cock all wet for my ass,” he groaned loudly.

David’s body was trembling as he listened to Stacy cough on his dick. When heard what James had said, he was a little surprised that he would get to fuck him, thinking he would only be taking James’ up his ass for having sex with Stacy, not doing it the other way around.

Stacy’s pussy tingled when James told her that, exciting her a little more. She was kind of hoping she would get to see more gay sex after how James had started all of this, and now she knew it was going to happen. She looked at James with pure lust when he pulled her head away from David’s dick, wanting to know what was going to happen next.

James stood back up, looking down at his wife, “now suck on our cock’s at the same time, put both of them in your slutty mouth and suck.”

Stacy didn’t know how that was going to work, but decided to give it a shot. She put the head’s of the dicks together, opening her mouth as far as she could, and slowly took them into her mouth. Her lips were stretched tight around the dicks, not able to take them very far in, so she flicked her tongue against the tips of their dicks.

David was a little intrigued by the feeling of James’ dick against his. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, just a new. He groaned as Stacy flicked her tongue across the tip of his dick, his body trembling with excitement.

James’ body jumped with excitement, his wife’s tongue movements exciting him. He also found the feeling of his dick touching David’s to be different, but good.

James pulled dick away from and pushed her away from David’s. He took her head in his hands again, kissing her hard on the mouth. He pulled her head back, looking at her with lust. “That’s a good slut, now move over,” he groaned, shoving her head away.

Stacy moved over on the couch, watching her husband get on the couch next her. She hadn’t been this turned on in a long time, and she couldn’t figure out why she was. She was getting treated like dirt or just a piece of meat, but the last time she was this turned on was when James tied her up and teased her unmercifully, after they first got married.

James lifted his legs up, pulling his knees to his Ankara Olgun Escort chest. He looked at his wife with a smile, “time for me to see how good he is.” He then spit onto his fingers and rubbed it into his anus. He looked up at David, “ok big boy, let’s see what you got.”

David hesitated a moment, looking at James’ hair covered ass. He slowly moved to his knees in front of James’ ass, holding onto his dick. He breathed nervously, guiding his dick towards the older man’s rectum.

James grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling them apart to open his hole. He let out some deep breaths, trying to relax his backdoor as much as he could, feeling the head of David’s dick pushing against his sphincter.

Stacy was sitting up, watching David trying to push his dick into her husband’s ass. She slowly rubbed her inflamed pussy, watching the head of David’s dick begin to enter James, hearing her husband groan loudly.

“Ohhhh,” James groaned loudly, feeling the hard dick enter his ass. He pushed out like he was taking a shit, helping David sink into him faster.

David steadily moved his hips forward, watching his dick slowly disappear into the older man’s ass. He pushed in until he felt the hair on James’ ass tickling his hips, and resting against the man’s ass. He made his dick throb in James’ ass, looking up at the older man for guidance.

James was a little uncomfortable with David’s rock hard dick, but was quickly growing accustomed to it. It had over 20 years since he a dick shoved up his ass, but was enjoying it like he did when he was younger. “Show me what you got David,” he said through gritted teeth.

David nodded once, putting his hands on the couch for balance, and slowly moved his hips back, withdrawing his dick. He moved back, leaving about an inch of his dick in James, and then steadily pushed back in with a little more force. He started a steady rhythm, watching his dick move out of the man’s ass, and then disappear again as he went back in, going a little faster with each stroke.

Stacy rubbed her pussy a little harder, watching to scene in front of her. She noticed that her husband’s dick had gone completely soft now, but he still seemed to be enjoying himself, listening to his groans and grunts getting louder and more frequent. She listened to their skin slapping together, as both of them started sweating profusely, contemplating how she could involve herself in this.

James finally moved his hands away from his ass, and grabbed his flaccid cock. He quickly jerked it, wanting to get it hard again, as the feeling from David’s dick running across his prostate was making his whole body tingle. He knew he couldn’t jerk it to much, or might cum from the excitement and pressure on his prostate.

David started pounding into James’ ass, noticing that his ass felt different from Stacy’s, or even Steven’s. James’ wasn’t quite as tight as theirs, but still felt good to him. He saw the older man start jerking his limp cock and sagging ball sack jump and sway with his thrusts. He thought about helping James out like him and Steven do, but Stacy beat him to it.

Stacy saw her husband jerking his limp member, deciding that’s how she could get involved. She pushed his hand away and grabbed his dick, looking at him with a smile.

James looked at his wife after she pushed his hand away, but didn’t say anything, feeling complete pleasure right now from David fucking his ass. He didn’t even care about not cumming anymore, his whole body in complete euphoria now.

Stacy leaned over his upturned leg, opening her mouth and taking his shrunken dick into her mouth, sucking hard on it. She was having a difficult holding her head in place, with David literally pounding into her husband now, but kept her mouth on James’ dick. She moaned into his dick, feeling it slowly hardening in her mouth.

James laid his head back on the couch, letting out a guttural groan. He could feel his balls churning, so he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, but he didn’t care.

David felt James’ prostate beginning to push harder against his dick, signaling that the man was about to cum. He kept fucking James hard, feeling the man’s asshole getting tighter. David started grunting, finding it harder to keep fucking James. He buried his dick in James’ ass, listening to his friend’s dad let out loud groan, feeling his prostate throb against his dick.

Stacy was taken by surprise when her mouth was quickly inundated with the first shot of her husband’s cum. His dick didn’t give her any warning with the first shot, but when the second came, it grew and throbbed in her mouth. She swallowed it as fast as she could, but couldn’t keep up with the amount, as it leaked out of her mouth and ran down the shaft of his spasming dick.

James’ body trembled with each shot of his cum, experiencing his first full body orgasm in years. He continuously groaned through his orgasm, feeling a complete release.

David watched James in awe, having never seen Steven experience that much pleasure from an orgasm. He knew it felt good to orgasm like that, but just had never seen a anyone seem to get that much pleasure from it. He felt James’ prostate pulsing against his dick, watching the man’s dick throb in time with it.

James put his hand David’s abdomen, pushing on him, wanting the boy to withdraw his dick. His whole body continued to tingle, as he tried to recover.

David slowly pulled his dick out of James’, now gaping ass, watching it slowly closing. He looked down at Stacy, who was busy licking the cum off the man’s dick and pubic hair. He then looked down at his own dick, surprised he was able to keep from cumming himself. He had enjoyed fucking his best friend’s dad’s ass, and thought he would cum when the man’s ass tightened up, but was able to hold back somehow.

Stacy finished cleaning up the cum on James’ groin area, and looked up at her husband, with his cum still on her chin, smiling at him with lust. “You have never came that much before,” she said softly, wiping the cum from her chin.

James returned the smile, shrugging his shoulders, “it’s been a long time since I’ve orgasmed like that.”

Stacy looked down his, once again, limp dick, and then at David’s fully erect dick. She looked up at him with a grin, “you mean you didn’t cum yet?”

David quickly shook his head, slowly standing up in front of them. He didn’t know what James had planned next, but hoped now he could get in Stacy’s pussy.

Stacy looked at her husband, “can I have him now?”

James looked at her sternly, knowing that it would take him a while to get it back up, if he could at all. “I guess you can for a bit, but sit back on the couch so I can watch,” he finally answered, hoping that would help his dick wake back up.

Stacy excitedly positioned herself on the couch, next to her husband, with her ass at the edge and her legs spread wide. She gave David a sultry look, “ok big boy, come on and fuck me.”

David didn’t need to be told twice, quickly moving back to his knees between her legs. He held onto his dick, guiding it towards the woman’s swollen slit. He groaned softly as his head entered her easily, and sank fully into her, feeling her pussy contract around his member.

Stacy laid her head back, and let out a loud moan of pleasure. She wrapped her legs around David’s, enjoying the feeling of his rock hard dick buried inside of her. She then lifted her head, looking at him with lust, “fuck my wet pussy with your rock hard dick,” she moaned.

David nodded once, not needing any encouragement, but did as she wanted. He quickly moved his hips back, leaving just the head of his dick in her, and then rammed his hips forward, slamming into the older woman. He started fucking her with reckless abandon, his hips moving back and forward as fast as he could.

James sat there, watching the teenager fucking his wife hard. He looked up at her face, seeing the pleasure she was experiencing. He was surprised that he wasn’t jealous about this, just happy to see his wife thoroughly enjoying herself. He looked down at David’s dick sliding in and out of her, watching her pussy almost clinging to it when he pulled out, feeling his own dick beginning to stir again.

David was groaning and grunting as he fucked Stacy, feeling his ball sack tightening up for their release. He knew he would be cumming soon, so he slowed his pace, hoping that would help.

“Go faster, go faster, fuck me,” Stacy moaned, moving her hips into David, wanting to orgasm.

“I can’t, I’m gonna cum,” David groaned, using all of his power to hold back.

Stacy looked up at David, seeing he couldn’t hold back much longer. “Go ahead baby, cum all over my tits, cum for me,” she moaned, thinking she might be able to get him back up like Steven did, and get to orgasm then.

David felt his cum moving up his dick when he heard Stacy say that. He quickly pulled out, and stood up, moving over her. He grabbed his dick as it throbbed and blasted his first shot of cum, splashing on her upper chest. He quickly stroked his dick, letting out a continuous groan, spurting his cum onto Stacy’s tits.

“Mmm, yeah, look at all of that cum,” Stacy moaned, watching David’s cum coat her tits.

James watched in awe as David’s dick blasted his wife’s tits with cum, shooting 5 times with a good amount of cum. He watched his wife begin rubbing the cum all over her tits and nipples, seeing them glistening from it.

Stacy looked at her husband, smiling wide, “it looks like you have a mess to clean up,” and grabbed David’s wilting member, that was still leaking cum.

James looked at her uneasily, not real sure about cleaning David’s cum off of her. ‘What the hell,’ he thought to himself, leaning over with an open mouth and putting it over her erect nipple, sucking it into his mouth. He could taste David’s cum, but it didn’t bother him, noticing that it kind of had a sweet taste to it.

Stacy pulled on David’s dick, pulling him onto the couch, so he was standing next to them. She stuck her tongue out, and ran it across the tip of his sensitive head, feeling his body shiver and try to pull away. Stacy smiled to herself, opening her mouth and sucking his flaccid cock into her mouth, sucking on it hard.

James sucked the cum off of his wife’s nipple, and then licked and sucked the rest of her tit, making sure to get all of the cum off. He then moved to her other tit and cleaned all of the cum off of it. He continued to suck on her tit, running a hand down her stomach, to her leaking slit. ‘Oh my God, she is really wet,’ he said to himself, sinking two of his fingers into her.

Stacy moaned into David’s dick, and pushed her hips into her husband’s hand, hoping she could cum now. She pulled away from David’s dick, moaning, “yes, make me cum honey.”

James moved his fingers in and out of his wife’s quivering pussy a few times, and then quickly removed them. He wasn’t about to let her cum that easy. He pulled away from her tits, noticing his dick was throbbing hard once again. He didn’t think it would be possible, but he was hard again. “So you want to cum huh,” he whispered, moving off of the couch, and kneeling in front of her.

Stacy slowly nodded at James, while stroking David’s limp member, trying to wake it back up. She wanted to cum so bad, she had just helped both of the guys cum, so she figured it was her turn.

James chuckled lightly, “well then come here my dirty slut,” he said, pulling her off of the couch. He looked up at David, smiling, “have a seat on the couch David.”

David plopped down on the couch, wondering what the old man had planned now. He watched James turn Stacy around, and then push her forward in front of him, her face coming towards his limp dick.

“Get your lover hard again,” James said, looking at his wife’s upturned ass. He grabbed his dick, and moved towards her, guiding his dick to her wet slit. He groaned softly as the head of his dick slid easily into his wife, and sank into her.

Stacy moaned into David’s dick, wiggling her ass against her husband, wanting him to pound her hard. She started bobbing her head up and down, sucking hard on David’s limp cock, wanting it to get hard again.

James grabbed Stacy’s hips and slowly withdrew his dick a few inches, Ankara Ucuz Escort and then slammed back into her hard, groaning in pleasure. He started a slow, but steady rhythm, pulling back, and then slamming back into his wife forcefully. “You like having a dick at each end huh,” he groaned, hearing his wife’s moans getting louder.

Stacy could feel David’s dick finally beginning to harden again in her mouth, as she bobbed her head up and down as fast as she could, feeling her orgasm growing inside of her. She pulled off of David’s dick, grabbing it and continuing to stroke it. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum,” she moaned, looking back at her husband.

James felt her pussy beginning to contract rapidly, signaling she was about to cum. “That’s it cum for me, cum all over my dick you dirty slut,” he groaned, urging her on.

Stacy started moving her hips back into her husband, feeling her orgasm ready to explode. She moved her other hand to her sensitive clit, and her body exploded. She let out a long moan, her body shaking and bucking against James as she came.

“Oh yeah, cum for us, show us how you like to cum,” James groaned, feeling her pussy squeeze hard on his dick.

Stacy rubbed clit throughout her orgasm, her juices flowing out around her husband’s dick, and running down her inner thighs. She stopped stroking David’s dick, just squeezing it hard as she came.

David winced a little in pain, as Stacy squeezed his dick. He remained silent, watching the older woman cum in front of him. He was a little surprised that his dick got hard again, but it wasn’t the first time it got hard again that quick.

Stacy fell forward onto David, as her orgasm waned, her whole body tingling all over. She had thought her husband would have came when she did, but he was still throbbing inside of her. She laid there, trying to recover, when a thought crossed her mind. She slowly lifted her head and looked back at her husband, “I wanna ride your dick now,” she said, and then looked at David and winked.

David noticed the wink, wondering what the older woman had planned now. He watched her give the head of his dick a quick kiss, and then kneel up in front of him.

James had pulled his dick out of her pussy and laid down on his back, next to her. He knew he was going to able to keep from cumming for a while, since he had cum so much earlier, so he was up for any position she wanted.

Stacy moved over her husband, straddling his body and her pussy hovering over his dick. She reached down and grabbed it, while lower her pussy down onto it. Once his dick entered her, she let go of it and sank fully onto it. She then laid across James’ body, reaching back with her hands to grab her ass cheeks. She pulled her cheeks apart, and moaned, “ok David your turn, get your dick in there.”

David looked at Stacy for a moment, wondering if he had heard her right. ‘She wants me to put my dick in her at the same time,’ he thought to himself, slowly getting off of the couch, and moving behind her ass. He looked at her puckered hole, knowing he had already fucked her ass once, but it was just him, and there wasn’t anything in her pussy.

When James heard his wife, he didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, his view being blocked from what was going on. What did she mean, “get your dick in there? Does she mean put his thicker dick in her pussy as well, or what?”

David moved to his knees behind her, straddling James legs, keeping his eyes locked on her asshole. He leaned forward and spit onto her dry hole, knowing there needed to be some kind of lube. He rubbed his spit into her sphincter, using his thumb to push some into her hole.

James knew David was doing something back there, but couldn’t figure out what yet. He could the boy’s finger pushing into his wife’s ass, through the thin membrane separating her rectum and pussy, but didn’t think much about it. He started moving his hips under Stacy, wanting her to ride him already.

“Stop moving honey,” Stacy whispered, concentrating on David playing with her butthole. Her body was beginning to tingle again, as he rubbed her sphincter harder.

David then moved his hand up to her lower back, and kneeled up, ready to penetrate her now. He spit on his hand, and rubbed it onto the head of his dick. He then held his dick steady, guiding it the puckered hole. When the head of his dick pressed against it, he applied constant pressure, feeling her sphincter slowly beginning to open around it, and allow him in.

Stacy’s breathing hastened, feeling the fat head of David’s dick penetrating her backdoor. She remembered last time when she pushed out, like she was taking a shit, it made it easier. So she pushed out, feeling his dick sink further into her ass. “Oh my fucking God,” she moaned loudly, almost crying out, in pleasure. She had never felt so full before in her life, feeling David’s stretch her ass wide open again, and her husband’s dick filling her pussy, feeling an orgasm already growing quickly inside of her.

James groaned loudly, feeling David’s dick run along his, through the thin membrane. James was beside himself, feeling the teenager’s dick throb against his, buried in his wife’s ass, and thinking her pussy got tighter. ‘I didn’t know she liked anal sex,’ James said to himself, making his dick throb against David’s.

Stacy was in pure heaven, feeling both of the hard dicks throbbing in her holes, hitting all of sensitive spots. “Ok guys, now fuck me,” she moaned loudly.

Neither one of them had any idea of how to start this. But David slowly began withdrawing his dick from her rectum, feeling his dick rub against James’.

James remained still underneath of his wife, trying to get used to the feeling of David’s dick moving against his dick. It didn’t feel that bad to him, just different. He felt his wife move her hips forward a little, exposing his dick to the air.

Stacy arched her back a little, moving her hips forward, as David pulled back. When she felt just the head of David’s dick in her asshole, she stopped there. When David started pushing back into her, she moved her hips back, feeling the dicks fill her holes again.

James lifted his hips up into his wife, trying get his dick deeper in her collapsing vaginal canal. He groaned loudly, feeling David’s balls brush up against his. He thought he was going to be able to keep from cumming for quite a while. But with her pussy being made tighter by David’s dick in her ass, and David’s dick throbbing against his, he didn’t know anymore.

David felt the older man’s cock push against his, heightening his pleasure from this. He felt Stacy’s sphincter relax and squeeze at his dick as he pushed into her, sending pleasure throughout his body.

The three of them started moving in a slow rhythm, Stacy moving her hips forward, as James and David withdrew their dick’s. With each stroke they moved a little faster, skin slapping together as David slammed into Stacy’s ass, and James slamming up into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck,” Stacy moaned over and over, in complete euphoria, and having the feeling that she had to pee and poop at the same time. On her next downward thrust her orgasm hit her hard. She threw her head back, yelling out in pleasure, “ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuck!”

James felt her pussy squeeze his dick hard when she yelled, realizing she was cumming. He looked up at her, feeling a wetness suddenly covering his lower abdomen. “Oh yeah, that’s it, cum all over my dick,” he groaned, roughly squeezing her tits.

David felt her ass trying to push his dick out as she came, but he held it deep inside of her, enjoying the feeling of her anal muscles contracting around his dick. He could feel James’ dick pressing hard against his, thinking the old man was cumming as well. He didn’t feel the urge to cum, even though the contractions of Stacy’s ass was sending pleasure throughout his body.

Stacy finally collapsed on top of James, her incredible orgasm slowly fading. “Holy fucking shit,” she gasped breathlessly, having cum even harder than she did with David a few days ago. She could feel the warm wetness on her husband’s stomach, wondering what it was from.

James chuckled at her comment, “it was that good huh?” He laid there for a bit, feeling her pussy continuing to squeeze at his dick, and listening to her heavy breathing. “It’s my turn in your ass,” he finally said, breaking the silence.

Stacy slowly pushed herself up, smiling at her husband, “ok, with me on top still?”

James shrugged his shoulders, “I guess so.”

David heard them talking, and was already withdrawing his dick from Stacy’s ass. He looked at Stacy as she turned her to look at him, “does that mean I get your pussy?”

Stacy nodded at the teenager, and then lifted her pussy off of James’ dick, and turned around on top of him. She slowly squatted down, feeling the head of her husband’s dick pushing against her backdoor, moaning softly.

James held his dick in place, watching his wife lower her puckered hole towards it. When the head of his dick pushed against her asshole, his excitement grew with anticipation. He let out a long groan as his dick began to enter her asshole, “ohhh yeahhhhhh.”

Stacy slowly lowered herself down, her ass easily accepting the smaller dick, until her ass rested on James’ stomach. She then put her hands on the floor behind her, and next to James’ shoulders. She put her feet out in front of her, her legs spread wide, ready to get double penetrated again. She looked at David with a smile, “ok big boy, bring it on.”

David excitedly moved to his knees, between James’ legs, holding onto his dick. He moved forward, guiding his dick to the woman’s pussy. When the head of his dick entered her, he didn’t take it slowly, quickly slamming his dick into her. He put his hands on the floor, not thinking about anything but cumming again, quickly moving his dick in and out of her.

James felt the teenager’s dick slide along the underside of his dick again, enjoying the feeling of that and his wife’s tight rectum. He started moving his hips under her, not wanting to just lay there, and hoped it would make him cum.

Stacy was grunting as the guys moved in and out of her holes, enjoying the feeling of being so full down there. “That’s it fuck me,make me cum again,” she said through gritted teeth, trying to move her hips in time with them.

David was grunting loudly, slamming into the older woman as hard as he could. He felt his balls beginning to churn and tighten up, focusing only on ejaculating now. “O… Oh f… fuck, I… I’m gonna cum,” he groaned loudly.

Stacy didn’t care at that point, just enjoying the feeling of having two dicks in her. “Do it, cum in me, let me feel that hot load in there,” she moaned, feeling another orgasm coming on.

David slammed into her pussy one last time, throwing his head back, and let out a loud, guttural groan, “ohhhhh fuckkkkk.”

Stacy felt David’s dick spasm inside of her, and then the sudden rush of warmth filling her pussy. She threw her head back, as it triggered her orgasm as well, “ohhhhh yesssss.”

James felt David’s dick throbbing in his wife’s pussy, and his wife’s ass tighten around his dick. He started moving his hips again, wanting to join them in their mutual orgasms. He started grunting, feeling his cum rushing up his dick and spilling into Stacy’s bowells. He kept forcefully slamming into her ass, his body jerking with each shot of cum.

David slowly moved his dick in and out of Stacy’s sucking pussy, as her orgasm seemed to go on and on, his dick slowly beginning to soften. He watched her body jerk in front of him, and then her pussy forced his softened member out,as her pussy sprayed juices out and onto him. He watched in awe as even more came out of her, and his cum being pushed out by her contracting hole.

Stacy felt her husband filling her ass with his cum, and it just kept her orgasm going, even making it stronger. Finally her orgasm waned and she fell back on James, feeling David’s cum oozing out of her and running down her ass crack.

James had already finished cumming when his wife fell on top of him, his softened dick slipping out of her backdoor. He laid there, completely exhausted, but feeling pure pleasure.

Stacy slowly rolled off of her husband, feeling her holes continuing to leak cum. She was spent, not sure if she could even get up.

David laid down behind Stacy, completely exhausted as well, but euphoric. He finally got up and got dressed, knowing he needed to get home.

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