Step Daughter #2 – Part 1



I have a wife with a step daughter who is currently an addict on the street. It was my task to fly to Montreal and meet with her to see how we could help. It has been years since I have seen her and not sure what I was to expect. She was a brunette, perfect body, with a taller stature, so I just didn’t know what to expect.

I arranged for her to meet me in the lobby of my hotel and I waited in the lounge. We were supposed to meet at 8PM and it was already 9PM. She arrived, in a red mini skirt, white fake fur coat, and her hair was blonde, a bit too much make up but she looked really good. She had some parfum on, cheap but she made an effort to get ready. At first I thought she was a hooker, but she alleged she is in school now and was trying to make a go.

You could see the rough street in her. She was now 38 years old.

She needed help with her resume so I offered her help and we went to the room.

She had water and I had some Coors and got her resume in order. I had a nice suite and was in the living room working with her.

She left for the bathroom, and when she got back, she got drowsier and drowsier. And eventually slurring and incoherent. I asked what the hell was going on and she said she took a slide of XANAX and needed to sleep. I was annoyed as this was not what I wanted or agreed.

She lay out on the couch and was snoring, gone to la la land. I had emailed her resume and called my wife telling her how upset I was. She said just let her sleep it off and she would leave in the morning.

I had more beer in the fridge and I drank and watched TV from my chair, and looked over at her on the couch snoring away. I never seen anyone completely comatose before, and I looked in her purse. XANAX 2MG. I googled and looks like most people take .25, she took the full 2MG and had more.

I was feeling pretty good from my drinks and looked over at her again, staring this time. Her furry boots still on, Anadolu Yakası Escort her fake leather red mini skirt rode high on her thigh, and her jacket still on, but open.

Her black top, loose, hid some nice sized breasts and her legs were in great shape.

I went over to try to wake her, realistically, I was testing the boundaries. I put my hand on her leg, inner thigh. Smooth cool leg, and I shook her and called her name. She was completely gone.

I did not see any harm playing a bit because it seems memory was one of the side effects here if she did wake. I pulled one leg opwn, and onto the floor so she was sitting open and exposed. She had matching red panties, and I could not help but shove my face in and take a good sniff. She smelled clean and just good pussy.

My beer courage, and the fact she was completely in a XANAX coma, it was arousing to know I was in this room with a perfect shaped woman. I did not think of her as my step daughter, I thought of her as a street junkie, and I was going to do whatever I wanted. Fuck her, fuck it.

I pulled her panties off, over her boots and I put my face into her middle, sucking on her clit and shoving two fingers into her tight wet pussy.

She tasted and smelled great, did not move and I knew she was mine. All night, she was mine.

I lifted her blouse and played with her breasts, and I kissed her non responsive mouth. I got up, took my hard cock to her face rubbing it across her face and mouth.

I opened her mannequin mouth and slipped my cock in, face fucking her motionless body.

Just knowing I was fucking her face made me feel good.

There was no going back from my heighetened point of arousal and I knew it was minutes before I was going to fuck her.

I got up, pulled her body over the arm of the couch, and from the side of the couch, I was looking at two feet covered in fur boots, her perfect ass faceing me with her skirt riding on Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan her lower back. I spit on my cock and lined up close to her, making contact with her swollen wet pussy.

I slid in with ease and with excitement, making my in and out motion in a rhythmic, steady pace. Her hair and back in front of me, I grabbed her hair into my fist and pulled on her while I rammed into her with haste.

I was wet from her, and slippery, so I slid out, and figured since she was still in her drug induced coma, why not, so I slid my tip into her anus, letting the sphincter do the driving.

Her anus slowly sucked me in with mild pressure, and I was eventually 7” inside her, sitting there feeling me pulse.

I went in and out for some time and I eventually let myself go wild, pulling her hair, violently fucking her ass and grabbing her smooth thighs switching between hair and legs. I was overwhelmed by bliss and came hard in her ass.

I cleaned her up, me up, put her back on the couch, left her panties off so they did not get any cum or messy.

I put her panties by her so she would think she did it somehow if she woke.

I worked for a bit watched more tv and put a water by her table on the couch.

She woke, oblivious to not having panties on, got her water, and took another XANAX bar from her purse. In front of me, still incoherent trying to talk to me.

She sat on the couch bobbing, and eventually her eyes rolled into her head and she was out again.

It was only 9:30PM and I was no where near done, with new refound courage of yet another XANAX coursing through her. She would be out until noon the next day. I was still drinking, even more aroused now at this goddess body like putty in an artists hand.

I went onto Locanto, a local app for personals, and hunted down some Male Seeking Females, picking out 2 self-proclaimed 12” in size BBC. I immediately emailed both of them with a photo Escort Anadolu Yakası I took of her, and told them my hotel.

They both agreed and in 20 minutes I was in the lobby waiting for these two black titans.

They arrived and we went up to my room. I told them she was fucked on XANAX, and protection a must. When we got into the room, they both looked hungrily at this motionless sexy thing.

The taller of the two, Alpha, lifted her and took her to the bed, and Beta, the second one, turned on some music and they both stripped. It was amazing seeing these two massive hunks of meat, hard and ready to fuck every aspect of this street meat.

Alpha lay on the bed and positioned her atop of him, with his rock hard cock, covered in a magnum, he stroked some oil onto his cock and all over her inner thighs, and placed this impossible member against her ass. I was going to bet it would never go in, and after work and patience, he was half way in her tight ass. This was an amazing sight. This black bull burying his 12” cock into the ass of my step daughter, amazing. Beta, stroked up and got into position over Alpha, and started burying his cock into her oiled pussy.

I sat back here watching these two bulls fucking her and she is none the wiser.

The spit roast continued and after position swapping, they both got to each side of the bed over her and rubbed their cocks, throwing condoms on her and rubbing quarts of their cum all over her face.

They got up and dressed and left, and I cleaned her up, carried her back to the couch.

I bent her over the arm of the couch again, fucking her looser ass and cumming inside her.

I knew I would have time for her to drain and clean her up.

I continued some antics throughout the night and finally went to bed.

I woke in the morning to her making coffee. She took a shower, and seemed none the wiser to her night of sodomy and rape.

She asked for a day or two to stay in the hotel with me while she waited to move in to her new place, and after calling my wife, she insist I stay with her.

I had an amusement park of thoughts thinking of what would happen over the next two days.

Stay tuned…………..

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