Starfucker Ch. 03


(Suzi continues her education. The doorman is a little harder than Dexter.

(And more difficult to get past, too.)


“Okay, here’s the deal,” Frank said, as I walked toward the backstage entrance of the OmniTheatre. “You have to get past the doorman and probably at least one roadie before you get a shot at the band.”

“Do I handle them like I did Dexter?” I asked.

“Likely not; he was just a geek; these guys are pros, used to dealing with groupies. They’re gonna want more than just a feel. And each one you gotta get past is gonna want more… It’s sort of a ritual call-and-response thing, really; thousands of empty-headed hot-pantsed sluts just like you have been refining and polishing it since just about the beginning of rock’n’roll.”

“Okay, so what do I do?”

“Well, first you give the traditional opening gambit… there’s the doorman!”

And there was the doorman, indeed. Standing with his arms folded as he lounged against the doorframe, he was big, muscular and bored out of his tree, I could tell.

“Try to just waltz past him,” Frank hissed.

I trotted merrily up the steps, stilettos clicking on the sheet-metal treads, boobs threatening to bounce out at any second. I waved and grinned to the guy, and reached for the door handle, started to open the door, and…

“Not so fast, girlie,” he said, grabbing my wrist and yanking my hand away from the door. “And where do you think you’re going?”

“Hey — I’m with the band!” I said.

“Right. Where’s yer backstage pass?”

I made a show of searching the very few hiding places that my current costume offered.

Frank said “Don’t forget to check to make sure whether you’ve got it ’round your neck… , ” so I reached down between my boobs just in case it was somehow there and I just hadn’t noticed. He noticed kağıthane escort that, though, and his eyes sort of stuck there as I gave up checking and pouted in my best empty-headed slut fashion and whined cutely “Aw, shucks, I must’a left it home!” and stomped my foot (drawing attention to my Long Legs and Short Skirt). Then I put one finger in my mouth and sulked, sucking on my finger tip and occasionally licking at it with my tonguetip.

“Okay, you’re not gonna bluff him. Get closer.” Frank advised. I took a step closer. Unlike Dex in the parking lot, this one didn’t back off. In fact, he grinned kind of knowingly and renewed his attempt to look down my top, gaze past my tits and check out my pussy, all in one view.

Giving that poor finger a real workout, I looked up at him from under half-lowered eyelids, kind of like Bacall getting ready to tell Bogart to put his lips together and blow, and said, low and sultry — more a purr than words — “I could be nice if you’ll just look the other way ’till I’m inside…”

I took another step, bumping up against his leg as he lounged half-sitting on the step railing. Turning my hips a bit, I pressed my mound up against his thigh and used his denim-covered leg to stroke my cute little kitten.

“Really nice,” I said, taking my finger out of my mouth and stroking it along his lips, as I rubbed my crotch harder against his leg; I knew he could feel the moist heat I was generating. His tonguetip flicked out and touched my finger and he grinned.

With my other hand I reached down and stroked his crotch — he was even harder and bigger than Dexter had been.

“Oooo,” I squealed, “What’s this?” and I took a firmer grip and began really stroking it through the cloth.

Somehow, one of his hands had found my ass and was sarıyer escort massaging one cheek, pressing my pussy tighter against his leg, and the other was stroking a handy tit. Oh, my — that was nice. I could feel my nipple standing up like a little pebble, and the tingly sensation it caused was slipping down to my cunt and doing Interesting Things there. By now, I’m sure I was leaving a damp spot on his jeans.

I brought my other hand in between us, and found his zipper. Slowly, so as not to lose contact for a second, I slid it downward. He didn’t say anything, but the one hand slipped over to my other tit and the other was now slipping under my micro and investigating my ass a bit more intimately.

Reaching into his fly with both hands, I coaxed his big erection out of his boxers and carefully worked it past the zipper. (How can guys stand the thought of something like a zipper that close to It?)

As his hand fondled my ass and a fingertip tickled up and down along the crack, I took his cock in both hands, and began stroking it as if I knew what I was doing. Apparently, I was either faking it okay or my Fairy Godfather had implanted some skills he hadn’t mentioned, because he moaned and his hips began to move in rhythm with my hand motions.

As I stroked it, a part of me inside my head was watching myself wonderingly. Up till this instant, I had never even seen an erect male organ in person, as it were, much less touched one, and here I was, busily masturbating one. And a decent-sized one, too, judging by what I’d read and seen in porn tapes.

Fascinated by the sensations and the sight of my own hands Doing It, I was looking downward at his cock in my hands. He let go of my tit just long enough to grab the back of my head, and turned my face up to his so that he could sefaköy escort kiss me as I jerked his dick extra hard. As his hand went back to my boob, his tongue pressed against my lips and slipped into my mouth. (Not like I was trying to keep it out.)

For a few more seconds we stood that way, me stroking his big cock, him kissing me hard as he played with my boobs and my ass, his hips jerking in time to my hands, and my crotch moving on his thigh in the same rhythm. (I suppose technically, it could be said that I was giving him a hand-job, but let me tell you, more than one of us was looking likely to get off as a result of this little escapade.)

I was aal-m-o-s-t there when he grunted, grabbed me with new force, pressing me tightly against him and I felt his cock pulse in my hand — once, twice… and then he erupted.

Luckily, I had him aimed a bit to the side, so only a little bit splashed onto me, and that was mainly on the leather skirt, where it would clean up good. I was amazed both by how much he shot and by how far it splattered; I tried to imagine having that squirting up inside of me and the thought was enough to kick me over the edge into at least a small orgasm. I remember thinking that if that were a small one, I could hardly wait for A Real Big One (as opposed to a do-it-yourself one).

We stood there clutching each other for support, then we unwound. I stepped back, and amused myself by scooping up the blobs of semen from my skirt with a finger and then giving him the Bacall eye again as I raised it to my lips and carefully licked all of it into my mouth and swallowed. As he tucked himself back into his pants I discovered that he had popped one of my boobs completely out of my bra and shirt, so I made a little show of carefully tucking it back in, stroking the nipple a bit first.

“Okay,” he muttered. “I think I see something over that way I gotta look at for about five seconds.”

He ostentatiously turned his head directly away from me and the door, and began to count “One second… two seconds… “

I took the hint, grabbed the door handle, pulled it open and slipped past.

I was backstage at the OmniTheatre for a Larry and the Honkers show!

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