Special Birthday Present


Bruce Davids entered his apartment will the usual feeling of sadness and depression. He had been celebrating his fortieth birthday with friends but all he could think about was his ex-wife Paula. He had been married to Paula for fifteen years until he found her having a threesome with his friend and his wife a year ago. Even after that he did not wanted to divorce her but she did. The divorce was settled six months ago, she got the house, most of the accounts and custody of their ten-year-old son. The only thing he got was this apartment block he owned which now was his only place to live.

Bruce dumped himself onto the sofa thinking what had happen to his life. His was drifting into sleep then there was a knock on the door. Hoping it was Paula even though he knew that she would never come to him, he opened the door. It was Trish the hooker, who lived above him. She was about five foot something, long legged, and shoulder length blonde hair. Her bust was big but probably fake; Bruce thought that her bra sized was about double D if she ever wore a bra. She was about 25 had probably been fucking since puberty. Bruce could always her moaning on Saturday nights, he would wank himself thinking her – this was his only sexual thing he did nowadays. He even sometimes use to give her lifts to sexy places.

“Hi, Bruce. Happy birthday.” congratulated Trish.

“Thanks. Do you want to come in?” asked Bruce

“Yeah okay. So want are you doing for your birthday then.”

“I am not doing anything really” muttered Bruce with depression.

“How about if give a birthday present. One of my clients cancelled. So how about Bruce then.” Trish reached down, patted Bruce’s crotch, and smiled.

Bruce ardahan escort was in total shock, a gorgeous girl had offered him sex, and he thought there would be no luck in his life. He always dreamt of doing her from the back.

“Uh…yeah I’m would like that yeah sure.” Bruce mumbled through his words. “Do you want to do it here or in the bedroom.” Trish knelled on the floor and unzipped him. “Here fine then” Bruce said with an astonished look on his face.

Trish pulled out his already erected cock, it was about six inches long which was longer then Trish thought it will be. She licked the head couple of times before deep throating it. Bruce moaned in pleasure. Trish slide the dick out and lick the head couple of times then pushing it back into her hot mouth. Bruce grabbed the back of her head and fucking her experienced mouth. Trish could taste the pre-cum forming on the tip. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and stood up.

“Get on the couch – I want you to cum in my pussy.” demanded Trish.

Bruce sat down on the couch with his dick sticking out. Trish ripped off her blouse to release her new tits and slide her skirt down to reveal her cleaned shaved vagina. She climbed up on Bruce’s lap and straddled on his cock. Bruce thrust his manhood in and out of Trish’s pussy and placed his big hands on Trish busty breasts. Trish shoved her tongue into Bruce’s horny mouth.

“Oh fuck! Come on Bruce baby fuck me harder you harder you bastard. Pull me my nipples! Shit suck on them” screamed Trish

“Shit! I am about to fucking cum!” replied Bruce.

“Don’t you fucking prick. I am nearly there. Shit! Harder. OH YES. SHIT adıyaman escort YES. ARGHHHHHHHH. YEAH FUCK THAT WAS GOOD. Shit you ain’t fucking cumed yet.” Trish shouted. Bruce kept on thrusting his cock in and out. He knew he was going explode soon.

“Trish here it is. Awww!” Bruce shout another load of jism in to her. Trish rolled off Bruce and collapse onto the sofa. She was impressed by the amount Bruce shot into, she dipped in her finger in to her dripping pussy and tasted the cum.

“So how to do like your present so far baby?” Trish asked.

“What there’s more?” Bruce responded.

“Yeah. I know that you want to do him up the back. I see you when we are in the car and you are staring at my cheeks when you I am not looking.”

“Shit. I would love to do you but you gonna have to wait for while.”

“Trust me I am gonna have fucking my ass soon.” Trish said as she placed head between Bruce’s legs. Using her tongue she wiped all the cum around and then started to suck it dry. Bruce let out a low moan thinking that he was finally has had payback from the world after having a year misery.

Trish pulled his prick out and started on sucking on of the balls while giving him a hand job. The cock was starting to get harder by the minute, Trish realised this and stopped to make sure Bruce won’t come so soon.

“Come on baby your ready. So come with me” Trish led Bruce into his bedroom. It had been a long time since Bruce had a woman in his bedroom.

“Come on baby let see that body of yours then” Bruce started by taking off his jeans, socks and then his shirt. Trish though that his body was nice, she looked at this chest karabük escort which the remains of a six-pack and got bit turned on that if he would went to a gym he would have a good looking body.

“Just before you do me, if you ever want more of this its yours. But I will use will have to pay, about half price. Sorry but I need the money unless you got something to give me?”

“I would love to fuck at least once a week. I can give you free rent here forever. How about that then?” Bruce proposed. Trish replied by sticking her tongue in to the tongue into Bruce. After kissing for a few seconds, Trish broke off the kiss and lied down on the bed, she turned to Bruce smiled at him with look saying Fuck Me Now!

Trish position herself on the edge of the bed with her ass pointing up. She told Bruce that it had been some time since last had anal so he should finger her anus first. Bruce listened to and slid a finger in her. Trish let out a long moan as the finger went in.

Bruce pulled out his finger then inserted three in. This made Trish pussy wetter at the minute. Bruce then put his whole hand and causing Trish to scream.

“Shit! My ass is ready. Now fuck me you CUNT” Trish screamed at the top of her voice. Bruce lined up his cock to Trish’s asshole and plunged it in. He grabbed hold her ass to give more leverage and started to build speed.

“Are that so fucking great” moan Trish. Bruce took his hands off her ass and reached down her body to play with her tits. Trish used on of her free hands to stick it up her pussy.


“SHIT HERE IT IS.” Bruce blew his load over her ass. Then another and another. When he finished, Trish’s ass was completely covered in cum. Both of them collapsed onto the bed. Bruce was thinking that did he ever had a better birthday than this and could not wait until when Trish will pay the rent.

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