Sorry, I Didn’t Catch Your Name…


I’ll take another crack now that I’m not crazy tired….

I saw her getting ready to leave as I was walking out of the bathroom. It was late, I’d had a few, by the looks of how she was walking, she had also. I’d been watching her much of the evening, but couldn’t approach. I was on a “blind date” ish kind of deal, my best friend Dan’s girlfriend Tracey’s bff kinda deal. Yeah, it was kinda complicated. We’d been hanging out much of the evening, but I could tell two things after the first 5 minutes. The first was that this girl was high ass maintenance and the second was that I wasn’t really interested. Thus my captivation with the girl across the bar.

I took a quick look to the table we’d all been at. There were new people there now, so either Dan, Tracy, and the HMG left or they were dancing. They said they were about to go, so I assume they left.

By the time I got to the door, she was half way down the block and, to my surprise, still alone. I was certain her friends would have joined her, but either she was pretty confident or they weren’t that good of friends. Despite the fact that almost all rapes happen between two people who know one another and “stranger” rapes are a rare occurrence, I tried to never let my female friends leave a bar alone. To many creeps. As I approached her, I was afraid that she might think I was one of those creeps. To be certain, I did have fucking on my mind, but hell, if it aint consensual, adana escort what’s the point? Sure, I like to get a little rough every so often, but only rarely.

With minimal effort, I was almost caught up to her when she turned suddenly.

“Oh shit, you scared me,” she said.

I looked around, “me?”

“Yeah, well, you. I didn’t hear you, I was lost in… shit. Thought. Alcohol. You name it,” she said. “Hey,” she stopped, leaning against the building, “aren’t you that guy who was watching me… smiling all the time?”

I laughed and grinned, “Yeah, I guess that was me…”

“Well, shit. I don’t think I should drive home… you want to give me a ride?” she asked.

“Your place or mine,” I responded, half jokingly.

“Doesn’t it really matter,” she responded, turning and looking up at me. It was then I realized how much I towered over her. And how much I liked her curves. And it was then that I leaned down and kissed her, slowly at first, but she slid her arms under mine and pulled me against her, meeting my kiss aggressively. As we made out for what seemed like forever, her back against the building and my hands exploring her curves, our tongues dancing together.

I don’t know how long we kissed, but my hand had already slid under her skirt, pushing her panties aside, and feeling between her folds, much to her approval. My fingers were sliding in and out of her ankara escort when she finally broke the kiss. “Are we going somewhere? Can we go somewhere?” she asked.

My fingers slid from her and I looked around. The street was empty. I took her hand and started in the direction of the parking lot where I left my truck, about half a block away, casually bringing my fingers to my nose to smell her juices, smiling at their intoxicating fragrance. I clicked the key, unlocking the doors, and walked her to the passenger side.

She didn’t seem nervous as I opened the door to my truck for her. Watching her climb up into the cab was a little funny. My truck is a Dodge Ram 1500, 4×4, with a 3 inch lift kit. She climbed it like a ladder, and I stood behind her in case she slipped. With on knee on the seat, however, she slipped a little and I caught her, my hands on the back of her thighs and her ass inches from my face. I steadied her and laughed, her skirt was half-way up her ass, her thong panties barely covering her mound and ass inches from my nose.

“Now this is pretty,” I said, “and a bit awkward.” She placed the other knee on the seat to steady herself, but didn’t move and didn’t respond.

I looked around to the left and right, there were a few folks walking on the sidewalk, but that was on the other side of the parking lot. I slid slide my hands up her thighs to her ass, her skirt antalya escort sliding further up with my hands, and she kneeled further down on the seat, intentionally aiming her pussy and ass at my face. She smelled wonderful and without a second thought, I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, put my mouth on her sweet mound, and pushed my tongue between her lips. My left hand slid over her ass and I pushed my index and middle finger inside her from behind as I licked around my fingers, seeking her clit with my tongue, then licked over her asshole, and licked back between her lips and clit. I almost stopped as I heard folks walking behind us, but said fuck it. If they wanted to watch, more power to em.

It took about 10 minutes for me to make her cum, which was quite the noisy event, after which che climbed the rest of the way into the trick and sat in the seat, waiting for me to get in. I climbed in the cab on my side, pulled the door shut, and started the truck. I looked out the window and saw a guy eyeing me enviously. When he noticed my gaze, he gave me the thumbs up and kept moving, the girl he was with looked at me with a mix of desire and disgust. I rolled down the window of my truck and reached for the side door, finding one of my business cards. As the dude turned away, I gave her a wink and purposely dropped one of my cards out of the window. As we drove off, I watched her break away from him as he walked towards the Blue Spark. She walked over, and pick the card up, and put it in her purse. I wondered if she’d call as we turned towards Washington.

By the time we got to I-90, I looked over, realizing something.

“Hey,” I said, getting her attention, “my name is Kyle… I don’t believe I got yours…”

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