Sondra at the Restaurant


Sondra at the RestaurantSondra had never really confronted her exhibitionist inclinations. Once a friend had told her that she really knew how to “dress for men”, but she had shrugged that off. She never thought that she dressed for anyone other than for herself. She did, however, enjoy the looks she got when she showed a little more leg than usual or “inadvertently” let her blouse fall open. “Why not?”, she thought. She’d never had any complaints from men or women for that matter. The men were more apt to stare, but the women would steal glances and later confess, “You look great!”Sondra knew when she was being watched, and when the admirer was a stranger in a safe setting, the whole thing took on the quality of a game, an exciting game. Once she had aroused an athletic-looking waiter to more than a casual interest. It was a late dinner for Sondra. She had had a long day, and was visiting a new city. The prospect of hurrying back to a hotel room for an in-house movie didn’t Etiler Escort seem nearly as exciting as enticing a willing young man.She looked very professional in her navy suit with a short straight skirt and high heels for the leggy-look that she enjoyed. The hostess showed Sondra to her seat in the non-smoking area. Sondra showed a lot of thigh as she slid into the corner booth in the darkened restaurant. The waiter must have seen it, because he was right there to take her drink order before she could even straighten her disheveled jacket. “He’s all eyes”, thought Sondra as she noticed his gaze slide down the line of her lapels to where the smooth flesh of her soft breasts disappeared beneath her lace bra. She could see all this in the smoked-glass walls of the cubicle. She also saw him take half a step back to improve his line of sight as she squared her shoulders.“I’ll have a glass of Riesling,” she said coolly as he placed a small napkin on the table Etiler Escort Bayan in front of her. She watched his reflection as he moved toward the bar with the drink order. He turned and stared back in her direction as the bartender went to work. The mirrored walls gave him a perfect view of her reflection from the bar area, but screened her from all the other tables. “Show time!”, she mused when she saw his reflection returning, balancing a long-stemmed glass on a small tray. When he was close enough to see a near life size image, Sondra unbuttoned her jacket and slid it off her shoulders. He stopped in his tracks. She had only worn a filmy bra beneath her blazer, and the sight of her near naked torso made his heart race. She had him in her peripheral vision, and she took care not to make direct eye-contact which would give her away. As far as he was concerned, she wanted him to think that he had stumbled on a moment of privacy. Her deft fingers released Escort Etiler the front closure of her undergarment, freeing her pliant breasts. Sondra could feel her nipples hardening in the open air as she stuffed the limp lace into her handbag. She brought her hands upward cupping her dusky tipped mounds as if reviving them after a period of uncomfortable confinement. She slid her jacket back on without buttoning it, and a moment later, her drink arrived.“Thank you,” she said automatically.“May I get you anything else?”, came the response. Sondra’s eyes went to the hard lump that protruded beneath his brown apron. Then looking him in the eyes she said, “Not right now, thanks.” With that, she slid back straightening herself in the booth, and letting her jacket fall open briefly. He caught a flash of a roseate nipple, and then she pulled the material shut.All evening he, watched her, and her body warmed, though not from the wine. She had gotten away with her little performance, and she gave him no cause to think anything except that the whole episode was nothing but his own good fortune. As a final gesture, Sondra retrieved her bra from her purse and left in on the table with the tip.“Why not?” she thought, “He gave very good service.”

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