Son Swapp Part 1


Son Swapp Part 1On the outside, Nancy seemed like your typical Midwestern wife and mother. She was 48, worked as a hospital nurse and had almost completed her task of raising two boys. Nancy was a very attractive mature lady who took care of herself. She was 5’7, weighed 135 pounds with brown eyes and short auburn tinted brunette hair. She kept her figure looking great because of her love for exercise. There was rarely a day that passed where she wasn’t bicycling or at the gym working on the machines or in yoga. Because of her health consciousness, her body was tight and her clothing tighter as men from the town loved to stare at her long legs, toned ass and 36C boobs. Nancy was also happily married for all those years and her family meant everything to her. James was 25 and the oldest son who was then in medical school while Greg was her youngest and at 18 was still at home, in the midst of his senior year in high school. Even though the two boys shared their shy personalities and athletic abilities, they were a stark contrast in looks. Greg was younger but he was much bigger than his older brother. Greg stood 6’3, weighted 225 pounds of young muscle and was considered good looking by the girls at his small school. His hair was dark brown which was the color of his eyes and even though he had a couple of serious girlfriends in the past, he was then single and when not playing football or wrestling, spent most of his time hunting and fishing with his good friend Ben.Ben also played football and that is how he and Greg became such good friends. He was also 18, just shy of six foot tall and weighed a lean but toned 145 pounds. With his boyish good looks, blonde hair and blue eyes, he never had much trouble getting girls to become interested in him. The two boys were together most of the time and developed a strong bond. Because of the teens’ friendship, their mothers also became good friends. Ben’s mom Claudia was a petite, 46 year old mature hottie who was 5’4, and weighed 115 pounds. She was a green eyed natural blond and wore it longer than her shoulders who was on her second marriage to a man who happened to be the assistant coach on the football team the boys had played for. With Ben at defensive back and Greg at lineman, the team had advanced to the state playoffs while the parents in the booster club, including Claudia and Nancy, grilled out for the boys before the games. The tailgating, the camaraderie, and the atmosphere was not only fun but everyone seemed like one happy family. Of course the season had ended and winter had also come and gone. It was now spring and the amazing school year for both families was nearing an end. What had made Nancy so unique was that she was a secret hotwife and always with her husband’s permission, had begun taking on lovers since her mid-thirties. She was very sexual, classy and loved young businessman but considered her husband a stag rather than a cuckold because he maintained his masculinity in allowing her to be pleasured. She had even participated in a few gangbangs. After her many evenings of sex, she not only gave her husband all the details but she was also able to keep her lifestyle from her two sons so that they would be raised as quality gentlemen. Along with sharing activities involving their sons, Claudia and Nancy also became workout buddies as well as lunch friends. Even though their husbands were cordial with each other, the men never developed any type of friendship but were glad the two ladies had found each other. Phone conversations were also very common between the women and sometimes Claudia would contact Nancy when she had a rough day teaching her middle school class and Nancy would confide in Claudia when she had a rough day nursing. They were quite simply, good friends. One day during spring break, the boys met a set of twin girls while swimming. They were from a rival school but had come to the pool through a mutual friend. The girls were identical and gorgeous. They both had dark red hair, green eyes, slender bodies, cute bubble butts with long legs. It was really difficult to tell them apart. The boys kept up and communicated with the girls on their phones but never dated in real life. However, it did reach a point to where they asked the girls to the Prom and they accepted. If nothing else, they would be the envy of all their friends when they walked in with those gorgeous twins. All four were excited and as the day drew closer, even the usual shy Greg talked about it at home with his mom. After school on the Thursday before the Saturday of Prom, Greg and Ben picked up their tuxedos at the shop. While bringing them home in Greg’s black lifted truck, the phone rang and it was Jill, the twin he was taking, on the caller ID. When he answered, she was apologetic but told him that her grandfather had a heart attack and they had to fly to see him. Neither girl could go to the Prom but she apologized Fındıkzade Escort several times and told Greg to let Ben know. After he explained what happened, Greg looked at Ben, “Well, I guess we aren’t going to the Prom after all. Fuck it, we’ll go fishing instead.” The guys acted like they were fine but inside they were both disappointed. Not really because they were going to miss out on the dance itself but because they were finally going to be with Jill and Jennifer. After Greg dropped Ben off at his house, he drove home. He walked into his house, slung his tux over the chair before venting to his mom who had just entered the room, “Well it looks like we aren’t going to the Prom after all.”Nancy asked sypathetically, “Why not? What is going on?”Greg sighed but tried to play it off, “The girls’ grandfather had a heart attack and they are going to see him. I understand and it isn’t their fault but I was actually looking forward to going. Oh well.”When Greg left the room, Nancy wondered if anything could be done to help like a good mom would. That is when she came up with a great idea. She immediately called Ben’s mother to see what she thought of it. Nancy proposed the idea to Claudia of the two of them going to the Prom with each other’s son. As another good concerned mother not wanting her c***d to be sad, Claudia thought it was an excellent solution. The big issue was how could they convince the boys to go with them without embarrassment?” “No way! Are you k**ding? There is no way I’m going to the prom with my mom,” Greg opposed. Nancy soothingly responded, “You wouldn’t be going with me, you would be going with Claudia. Ben would be my date. I think we would have a great time.”He continued his opposition, “I don’t think so. Even if we said yes, Mr. North the principal would never allow it. They do have an age limit. I appreciate you trying to help but I don’t think so.” Calling him by his first name, Nancy presented her solution, “Don’t you worry about Michael because I have already gotten permission. When I came up with the idea, I immediately called him and he agreed to allow us to go.” What Greg didn’t know was that the 37 year old Michael North and Nancy knew each other because she had went on a date with him eight years prior when he was a history teacher. They went out for a lovely dinner and had amazing sex in the hotel afterwards. His wife was out of town at the time and it only happened once. Even though James had Mr. North as a teacher and Greg as a principal, neither son suspected a thing. Ben took the same stance as Greg and was very adamant that there was no way he would be seen at the Prom with his mother even after all her attempts to reason with him failed. She gave up and called Nancy. The two women talked and schemed a plan to help convince their sons to reconsider. They would have to hurry because there was less than two days to convince them. The next morning as Greg was up getting ready for school and Nancy was getting ready for work, she invited him, “Baby Boy, come in here.” That was her pet name for him when he was a small c***d and that nickname had stuck. When he entered her bedroom, she offered, “Claudia and I were talking and since you guys aren’t going to the Prom, we wanted to treat the both of you to a hotel suite just to take your mind off it. It will be a mini weekend getaway. You guys can work out, swim, and just relax. What do you think?”That offer actually sounded appealing to Greg so he asked more questions, “What hotel? Is it for both days?””It is at the Ritz-Carlton in St. Louis,” Nancy smiled.Greg huffed because the ballroom at that upscale hotel was where the Prom was to be held, “Mom. What are you doing? I told you I wasn’t going. Is this a trick to get us there?” With a sheepish grin, she replied, “Not at all. It is a huge hotel. Saturday you guys can just stay away from that area and just enjoy yourselves. The suite has conjoining rooms. You and Ben will be in one and Claudia and I will be in the other. We decided we could use a little girl getaway ourselves.”Greg thought it might do them some good to do that so when he was on the phone with Ben to get his opinion, Nancy could be heard in the background saying, “And the best part is you boys won’t have to pay for a thing. Come on Ben, say yes. It will be fun.” Ben and Greg agreed to the two day hotel stay and were going to drive separate after school. Nancy told Greg that she and Claudia would check them in around 5pm and the boys could meet them any time after. The day seemed to drag but when it had ended, Nancy and Claudia checked into the hotel and unpacked their things. It was immaculate with gorgeous hanging, expensive art and floors so clean, you could eat off of them. Once in their luxurious room, both women kicked off their shoes and sat on the king sized bed, ordered room service and enjoyed a relaxing late afternoon snack and Fındıkzade escort Bayan drink. The boys showed up just after 7 pm and the women could hear them beeping into the conjoining room. Ben and Greg immediately flopped their things down on the floor like teenage boys usually do, changed into their workout clothes and headed down to the hotel weight room. Claudia and Nancy had been talking about their persuasion tactics to get the boys to go to the Prom with them. Once the door closed, Claudia sat her drink down on the nightstand and asked Nancy, “There they go. You ready?”A devious chuckle escaped Nancy’s lips before she went over and pulled her workout clothing out of her drawer. Claudia did the same. Nancy put on a pair of tight black yoga pants, and a black sports bra trimmed in pink. While putting on her tennis shoes, she looked at Claudia who was wearing basically the same thing only different accent colors. Nancy thought Claudia’s body looked very sexy and her boobs were amazing. She also found herself getting aroused but had to refocus on the task at hand. The women walked into the workout room and in the corner, the two boys were doing squats. Nancy nudged Claudia, “They are over there. Let’s bike first then we will happen to find our way over.” The women were spinning like they were trying to get away from someone. Twenty five minutes later, Claudia was sweating inside her cleavage and the fringes of her hair were sticking to her face. The back of Nancy’s hair was wet and her nipples were starting to show through her sweat soaked sports bra. There were only a couple of people besides the boys working out but they were taking notice. The women took their yoga mats and moved closer to the boys. They were stretching each other. Claudia was on her back with one leg up. In the scissors position, Nancy was so far up against her, their cameltoe crotches were touching as she pushed Claudia’s leg back to stretch her hamstring. The friction felt great and at that moment, it was Claudia’s turn to be aroused. Looking hot in their tight fitting clothing and providing the dry hump tribbing visual, Ben whispered to Greg, “Dude look at that. Your mom is pretty fucking hot.”Ben shot back, “Uh, look at yours. Damn!”With all the stretching and yoga exercises, the women kept noticing the boys looking their way and that fueled them to sex it up even more. They would bend to show their asses toward them or happen to spread their legs in their direction. It was all strategic and it seemed to be working. The boys were the first ones to leave so they could change and go swimming in the indoor pool. Claudia and Nancy were not far behind while changing into very skimpy bikinis if you could call them that. They were basically three triangles held together with string. They were barely legal to be worn in public. Nancy laughed as Claudia was tying Nancy’s top, “Now we go in for the kill. This will get them to want to take us to the Prom.”The women wrapped towels around themselves and walked into the pool area. The boys were jumping off the diving board and having a great time. After having lifted weights and those young tight bodies showing off their cut muscles, it was the ladies turn to ogle them. Ben’s body was nearly hairless and smooth while Greg was very hairy. Keeping their towels on, they sat in the lawn chairs and chatted. The boys didn’t pay much attention until Claudia yelled their way, “Hey guys. Let’s go into the sauna and sweat awhile.”The guys agreed and all four entered the steamy sauna. When the towels dropped, both boys’ jaws dropped along with them. Seeing each other’s mom wearing almost nothing was too much as each had stirring in their swimming trunks. Neither said a word but everyone was starting to work up a sweat. It was time to put the plan in motion as Nancy was the first to break the silence, “So guys, what do you think of us? Maybe we will look pretty good as your Prom dates, huh? I think both of you will have a lot of fun with us. It will be classy and we will pay for everything.”That time the boys didn’t say no but they still hadn’t said yes. Claudia put her hand on Nancy’s right breast and leaned in for a kiss. Nancy met her half way and with tilted heads, their lips locked for several seconds. Ben’s cock was at full attention inside his trunks and Greg had to manually move his so that it had room to expand. The petite Claudia then stood up and sat down on Nancy’s lap with her legs spread around Nancy’s waste. They continued to make out while the boys remained speechless. Tasting each other’s wine on their lips, the women disregarded how hot it was in the sauna because at that moment they were making their own heat. Claudia pulled Nancy’s bikini top up and kissed her gumdrop nipples while massaging her breasts. It was the first time the two women had done something like that with each other and they temporarily Escort Fındıkzade forgot their objective. They were two girls involved in erotic foreplay until Nancy remembered why they took the boys in there to begin with. Holding onto Claudia’s cheeks, she broke their kiss and asked the boys, “What do you say guys? Do you want to miss out on the Prom and maybe getting lucky with us?” Ben whispered in Greg’s ear, “Maybe we should just go. Dude, your mom is fuckin hot and we do already have the tuxes.”Claudia got off Nancy’s lap, scooted over to Greg and sat down on the step below him between his legs. She rubbed his erect penis through his trunks while teasing, “What do we have here? Nancy, I think your son liked what he saw. And judging by the tent in my son’s pants, I would have to say he did too.” Nancy stepped over and locked the sauna door before she came back and sat down right next to Claudia between Ben’s legs. Nancy squeezed his engorged member though his trunks before agreeing, “I think you are right Claudia. Our boys seem to have a problem and I believe we should take care of it for them.” Claudia deviously chuckled, “You read my mind,” right before she untied Greg’s swimming trunks and yanked them down. His big cock flopped out up against his stomach. Both women did a second take when they saw that Greg was almost 9 inches long and very thick. Claudia grabbed it by the base and started licking the smeared precum off the head before cooing, “Mmmm. delicious. Nancy, you never told me how good your son tastes.” Her mouth then wrapped around the head and she started sucking his cock. After yanking Ben’s trunks down in the same manner, allowing his nearly 8 inch curved hard uncut cock to slap his belly button, Nancy murmured, “Oh my Claudia. I bet your son tastes just as good. Let me try it and see.” Nancy began sucking Ben. He was so fit and handsome that she didn’t mind all the sweating from the sauna heat. She loved the fact he was uncircumcised with smooth sliding foreskin and his balls were sagging and sweaty. Whether they agreed to go to the Prom or not, she wanted to please that young hard penis. For several minutes the only sound that could be heard in the confined space was the echoing of two mature mouths slurping and sucking two 18 year old cocks. Ben was the first to go when his left leg began to shake and he let out a thunderous grunt as he exploded in Nancy’s mouth. She ignored the fact his cum nearly choked her when it shot to the back of her throat and kept a smooth consistent rhythm until he finished. Nancy milked it until every drop had been released. She even squeezed the remaining globs out of the shaft before lifting her head from his lap and swallowing the thick warm mess. While Ben sat there panting trying to recover from her amazing blowjob, Nancy turned her attention to Greg as she teased her son while Claudia continued bobbing up and down on his cock, “Go on son, and let her taste all of you now. She wants it.” Gripping the edge of the bench, Greg’s forearms tightened revealing he was getting close. Claudia was jerking his big dong while sucking. He legs straightened, his eyes glazed over before announcing, “Here it comes!”Nancy placed her hand on her son’s leg for support when he erupted in Claudia’s mouth, “Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Mmmmm!” His entire body shook throughout his orgasm. When he finished, Claudia sat up with a mouth full of cum. Careful not to lose it, she swallowed with a resounding, “Ahhhhh” before licking her lips. The relaxed boys sat side by side very satisfied. Like they were leaving the scene of a crime, the two women got up snickering while putting their towels back on. Before they left the sauna, Claudia commented, “There is more where that came from. So we can assume you guys will be going to the Prom now?” Without waiting for an answer, she continued excitedly, “Good. We brought your tuxes hoping you would change your mind and be up by 9am in the morning because we have a full day planned.”After the women left, the two teens didn’t say a word for at least a minute. With bare asses on the bench and exposed cocks starting to deflate, they were pleasantly speechless from what had just happened. Eventually they pulled up their swimming trunks and headed back up to their room knowing they were now going to the Prom with each other’s mother. The evening continued with the boys in the next room playing video games and the women got ready for bed after nice hot showers in their own room. While Claudia was blow drying her hair, Nancy slipped into her bed. She usually slept in the nude but that evening she was wearing a sheer nightie with no panties or bra. She really disliked restrictive clothing while sleeping. Nancy sat on her bed watching TV when Claudia slipped under the covers of her own bed, “I really like that nightie you’re wearing. You look very sexy in it. Is it comfortable?”Nancy responded, “It is OK. My hubby really likes it but I prefer sleeping naked.”Claudia giggled, “You don’t have to change just for me. If you feel more comfortable, just take it off. You know what? Come over here and sleep in my bed with me.” Claudia flipped her blankets back and enticed, “Come on. We can keep each other warm.”

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