Son-In-Law From Heaven


Mr. Strait was a big man with a powerful body. This is one reason he wasn’t too happy with his daughter’s choice of a fiancé. Joey was a short kid. His father had died when he was eight and his mother had spoiled him. He was a sports nut, and played a wide variety of sports. He was too short to be good at basketball, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He didn’t play tennis or golf, and though he played baseball it wasn’t one of his favorite games. He liked the rougher contact sports, like football, soccer, rugby and even Lacrosse. In the winter he played hockey and in the summer he swam and surfed. All of this had compensated for his short stature by giving him a thick muscular body. Mr. Strait came to appreciate his determination to overcome obstacles. However, he still wasn’t happy when they decided to get married when Joey was only twenty-one and Greta was nineteen. Something that bothered him was that Joey didn’t seem his age. He didn’t act like a teenager, but he seemed naïve and innocent, making him appear three to five years younger than he was. Joey had gone to the local college for two years and then dropped out to start his own business. He had a group of young guys his age, some in college and some Escort Akbatı not, working for him. They supplied a service to customers who had projects that were too hard for them or too distasteful for them to do. They did yard work, power washed houses, cleaned out gutters, stripped old finish off floors and hand applied wax, cleaned out junk-filled garages and other such jobs. The good thing was, he had been successful, and after three years of marriage, he had won a place in Mr. Strait’s heart. He had asked Joey not to call him Mr. anymore, but Joey couldn’t bring himself to call him Charles, so he called him Dad, which pleased Mr. Strait immensely. He now had the son he had always wanted. But still and all, Mr. Strait felt there was something missing from Joey’s life, something he lacked and needed. And there was also something Mr. Strait wanted. He began to make physical contact with Joey, placing a hand on Joey’s shoulder, a pat on his back, a slap on his butt, an arm around his shoulders. Slowly the pat became a rub, the slap a squeeze, the arm a hug, the hand on shoulder a hand on the chest. And then the hug became a lasting embrace, with a kiss on the cheek, a lick Aksaray escort on the ear, a bite on the neck, his hard cock pressed against Joey’s ass, a hand slipped up under the sweatshirt, then down over the stomach and groping Joey’s erection. Joey never resisted, and with the first embrace melted into Mr. Strait’s arms. And here they were a year later, in bed together again. When the situation arose so that the house was going to be empty, and Greta was away, and Mr. Strait was at home alone he’d call Joey and he’d mange to free himself from work and they would get together for the release they needed. Mr. Strait found out things about himself that had been deeply hidden. When he was in bed with Joey he felt an overwhelming passion he had never felt before. When having sex with Joey he talked dirty-talk continuously, and what he said caused Joey’s blood to course through his veins and send his desires soaring. Mr. Strait was lying on the bed dressed in his jogging pants. Joey was in his skimpy briefs and lying back against his father-in-law’s chest. Mr. Strait ran his hand over Joey’s smooth chest and stomach and Joey turned his head and licked his father-in-law’s chest, Ankara escort bayan sucking on his nipple. This is what had been missing in Joey’s life: a strong male presence. Mr. Strait was squeezing his erect cock and quietly said, “Oh yeah, beautiful. Love my body, son. That’s nice. Love me all night. You’ve made my cock hard. You’re making it harder. Feel my hard cock, play with it, stroke it, kiss it, baby.” Joey had never realized he wanted a man’s cock, but right now there was nothing he wanted more than his farther-in-law’s cock. He moved down and rubbed his face over the rod that was pushing Mr. Strait’s pants up. He gently bit it and moved back up and licked Mr. Strait’s stomach, sticking the tip of his tongue in his navel. Mr. Strait said, “That’s it, show me how much you love my stomach. Show me you love my cock, too. Suck it. Take care of Daddy. Lick it nice and slow.” He pulled his pants down and Joey took his big cock in his mouth and made love to it with his mouth, sucking it easily, savoring the head, licking the piss slit, sliding back down to the base. Mr. Strait said, “Oh, that’s my boy. Suck that cock like you love it. I know you love it. You know you love it. Suck it son. That’s sweet. Devour my big cock. God, fuck it deep down your throat. Outrageous.” He wanted more of the young man. He pulled him up and Joey returned to licking his chest and kissing and biting his neck. Mr. Strait grabbed joey’s head and ran his hands over his head and through his hair and over his back.

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