Sometimes Things Work Out Too Well


“Okay I’m close!” Kyle said. Kyle was going out of his mind. He had never been so turned on in his entire life. Melissa took her hand away just in time. Smiling at her work as she watched his cock bobbing up and down.

“Wow, I’m getting really good at this aren’t I?” She asked rhetorically. Kyle’s only reply was long, low noise between a groan and a moan. “That’s all for now. ” Melissa said, as she untied his hands. “Put it away.”

Kyle knew better than to argue at this point. She was having way too much fun to be reasoned with now. “How could all of this have happened from one conversation…” Kyle thought in amazement while getting dressed. It all started last week.


Kyle and Melissa had been friends for many years. They got along quite well, and Kyle had always found her attractive. For all of that, they never seemed to be single at the same time. Two ships passing in the night or some bullshit. In spite of being in a long term relationship Kyle still found himself flirting with Melissa whenever they hung out. Tonight however, he may have gone too far.

He brought over a laptop with a lot of interesting pictures and movie clips. Pretty much all pornographic. He intended on having a talk with Melissa about her sexual history, figuring that if he wasn’t a part of it, it was still pretty hot to hear about. So, he had lined up a few clips to show her, as well as a few sexual questions. Upon his arrival to her place, Melissa greeted him with their standard friendly hug. Kyle was nervous about the evening and made they made small talk. After a few drinks, their conversation grew deeper and began to veer towards his relationship.

“So how is your girlfriend?” Melissa asked.

Kyle sighed inwardly and tried not to show disappointment. It seemed like a nice way of saying ‘I know it’s just us here, but don’t get any ideas.’ “Oh, you know, things are fine. What about you? How are you liking living alone for a change?”

“You know. I’m really getting used to it. At first, I didn’t think I would like it, but it’s pretty fantastic. No one to worry about, no fights over cleaning or dishes or decor. It’s the best.” They chuckled.

“So, Melissa…” He drew it out for a moment, unsure if he had the courage to even bring up the laptop.

“Sooooo what?”

“Hereitgoes” Kyle muttered under his breath. “Well, I thought of something that might be kinda fun…” He went on to explain that he was always curious about some things that never seemed to come up in their never-have-I-ever games and that a nice, less embarrassing way of bringing stuff up would be to show her some things and she could comment as she liked. Melissa was intrigued by the idea. She more or less lived as an open book to her close friends. Particularly Kyle, who was non-judgmental and supportive.

And so it began, he started with a few funny pictures and clips, and moved on to more racy things, asking questions and enjoying her stories. It wasn’t long before Kyle realized he was enjoying them a bit too much. He shifted the laptop to cover his growing erection.

“I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do something like that one..” Melissa was saying. They had just finished watching a clip of an 3d anime girl giving a guy a handjob, and as the guy got close, she stopped and shook her head ‘no’ while smiling.

Kyle knew he should keep his mouth shut, but who made good decisions when they were horny? By this time in the evening, they both had a few drinks and the fact that he was hard as they spoke, his logic was gone.

“Well…” Kyle said while looking away. “I kinda put that one in there because it’s one of my fetishes.”

“Whaaat?” Melissa said, incredulous. “Really? What do you like about it?”

“I don’t know exactly. I guess everything that goes with it. The power dynamic, the back and forth… it’s just extremely Zonguldak Escort sexy to me that someone would want to control your orgasm like that.”

Melissa was smiling at him, her eyes had a slight predatory gleam. “Oh really? Is that why you’ve been hiding your hard on with that laptop?”

“Wha?! I…” Kyle stammered.

“Relax.” she said, so full of mirth she was practically giggling at how flustered she made him. “Answer me this,” She said, scooting closer to him on the couch. “What’s stopping a guy who is in to this kinda thing, from just jerking off the second he’s alone?”

Kyle was floored by this whole conversation, he never anticipated getting this far into it, but his mind grasped onto the question as something he was able to answer. “Well it depends on the scenario. The why’s and whatnot. Usually just self-control. Sometimes depending on the story, some of the kinkier ones have coercion… I mean, I don’t like the evil ones, but there are some that are just naughty and fun kind of coercion. Sometimes there are great story lines where the guy is forced to.. ya know, finish, kinda against his will. Like a contest or bet or something. Those are great too.” Kyle trailed off, his mind no-doubt on some of these stories. Melissa was intrigued. Again. She moved over to put on one of the movies but slipped her hand under the laptop and grasped Kyle’s hard cock through his shorts. He immediately froze, like a deer in headlights. Paralyzed by sex.

“In theory Kyle…” She began to slowly stroke him through his shorts. “If, for example. I were to do this” She squeezed him and continued stroking. “You would be put in a tough spot. On one hand, you don’t want to cum in your pants. That would ruin them. But, you also don’t seem like you want me to stop.” She scooted closer and moved the laptop to the ground. Then immediately unzipped his pants, pulling him out. She felt his hard, warm cock and gave it a reassuring squeeze, then resumed stroking.

The effect was immediate. Kyle began to slightly move his hips in time with her and lean his head back. She sped up for a few good strokes and let go. “On the other hand. You can’t really cum at all… that would be cheating, right?” Kyle was beyond flustered. He couldn’t form a sentence. Caught between his lust, desires, bodily needs, and somewhere deep down, logic.

Melissa was beside herself. This was more excitement then she’s felt sexually in a long time. It was just so much fun making him squirm. She decided to go down the rabbit hole. She started stroking his cock in firm, short strokes, she wanted his mind cloudy for what was coming next.

Kyle closed his eyes and leaned back. His mind completely focused on something he had been fantasizing about for a long time. Melissa grinned as she jerked him off, she payed careful attention to his breathing and his movements. Just when he started breathing heavily and lifting his hips higher in rhythm to her hand, she let go. Kyle moaned and opened his eyes, unable to form words he pleaded with Melissa to continue.

“Hang on a second, I wanna get something.” Melissa said as she hopped up. She walked away from him towards the kitchen and as she did so, she took off her shirt. Showing her bare back to Kyle, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra. Melissa was loving this.

Kyle sat on the couch, completely entranced with Melissa. He had always thought she was hot, occasionally masturbating to her photos and fantasies about her, but the idea of actually doing something… and something related to one of his darkest fetishes… He didn’t know what to think. It was like a dream come true… and a nightmare! “Shit. What am I doing here? My girlfriend would kill me if she knew what was going on, the right thing to do is to get up, apologize, and leave. He heard Melissa come around the corner and looked up to see her standing there, Zonguldak Escort Bayan topless. He took in her body, her pale, perfect breasts, her smile, and a jar of coconut oil in her hands.

“Okay.” She walked quickly back to the couch, almost skipping and sat down next to him. She opened the jar of coconut oil, took out a healthy glob, and rubbed her hands together, then gestured at the jar. Unsure of what to do, Kyle followed suit, coating his hands in the oil. “Now, this stuff is good for your skin, but I’ve never really tried it out, would you mind?” She sat up straight and thrust her chest out. Kyle immediately, almost mechanically began to coat her chest and breasts with the oil. He was careful not to focus too much on the nipples in case they were sensitive, and he didn’t want this to end. He almost stopped when she began stroking his cock with her slick hands. Gently and softly, she coated him in the oil, sliding her hands up and down, then rubbing some oil on his balls. Kyle could barely think; it felt so amazing.

“So, the plan is, you get to continue to massage me, until you get close. When you do, you stop touching me and put your hands behind your head. Kyle listened to her, but his eyes were locked on her breasts. He had always loved the way they looked but he couldn’t get over how much he loved the way they feel. His hands gently massaging her breasts, rubbing his fingertips over her nipples. Melissa liked the way it felt, but she wanted to fuck with Kyle a little. It looked like he wasn’t listening to her, so she softly began encircling his balls with her other hand, then gently pulled on them while speeding up her strokes with her other hand. She smiled as his eyes widened. She jerked him off faster and in a few strokes, he groaned loudly and put his hands and put them behind his head. She immediately let go and started chuckling. “Oh, so you were listening?”

“Yesss, oh my god.” Kyle nodded his head, unable to form a proper sentence. She leaned forward and started slowly stroking him again. Kyle held his hands behind his head and moaned louder, “OhmygodI’mtoocloseforthis!” he was able to say in one jumbled sentence. Melissa knew what she was doing and had let go already.

She stood up, smiling, and said “Ok, I want you to take your shorts down, just a bit, down to your knees.” Kyle obeyed, completely focused on doing whatever Melissa told him to do. He looked up and saw Melissa, her back to him, was pulling her shorts and underwear down. He always thought she had an amazing ass, and he was right. He was totally transfixed. Melissa stood up after noticing him go completely quiet. She moved towards him and he instinctively lay back on the couch. Melissa hopped up, straddling his hips. She was much smaller than Kyle, but flexible enough for the job. His cock bobbed between them and she sat for a moment, letting it sink in. Kyle looked down at her beautiful, perfect pussy, then up into her eyes and moaned. Melissa grinned, then started moving her hips, rubbing his cock between her lips. “Remember, no cumming. Same rules apply, you can touch my breasts, but when you get close, hands behind your head.

Melissa was already pretty wet by this point, but the oil still felt nice against her lips. Kyle wasn’t huge, but it felt so good to have his warm, hard cock against her clit. She started rocking her hips, grinding into his cock. She continued this for a few minutes, and was surprised that Kyle was lasting this long. She began to lose herself in the sensations of his strong hands on her breasts. His fingertips gliding over and around her breasts and nipples.

Then, as she began to feel the sensations of an orgasm building, he snatched his hands away and put them behind his head. She snapped her eyes open and propped herself up on her knees. “That was a close one.” She said, her breathing had gone Escort Zonguldak a little ragged. His cock was bobbing on its own and dripping, both with precum, and her own juices. “That’s it. Lay down.” She said, a little sternly.

He did as she asked, and she crawled over him and turned around. Once in position, she put a knee on either side of his head. “Just because you can’t cum doesn’t mean I can’t.” With that, she lowered herself down to his face.

He immediately started licking her. Using wide, flat licks, he ran his tongue over every inch of her lips. She absolutely radiated heat and sexuality and he was loving it. He moved his arms around and grabbed high on the back of her thighs, cupping her ass and moved his thumbs inward. He spread her and began slowly licking her clit. Melissa was already well worked up and ready for more. She ground herself into his tongue, moving her hips back and forth, feeling his tongue, his lips, his chin, and back up, relishing the feeling. Kyle continued to lick her as best he knew how.

She seemed to be enjoying it and concentrating on this he was able to ignore the throbbing in his balls. Just as his mind drifted from his situation, she grasped his cock and stroked it back to life. She was letting out little moans, enjoying herself. ‘Maybe… Maybe if he could help her cum, she would do the same for him.’ He thought.

He doubled his efforts, gripping her thighs and ass. His tongue licking hard over her clit, faster and faster. She began to squeeze his cock rhythmically, feeling how hard she made him seemed to turn her on. It was frustrating. It felt good but he wasn’t getting closer.

Suddenly, right as she was nearing her own orgasm, she said “Ok, enough of that.” She let go of him and stood next to the couch. She straddled him again, this time further down, making sure she wasn’t close to his cock. She leaned back and began fingering herself. Occasionally her other hand would drift up to her breast, or blessedly down to stroke him a few times, but she was extremely focused. It was one of the most erotic scenes Kyle had ever seen. After what to Kyle, seemed like a very short and very long time, Melissa squeezed her knees together and began to shake as she came hard. She let out little, high pitched moans. She scooted forward and ground against him a bit, enjoying rubbing together in the afterglow. Melissa lay her head down on his stomach, resting.

Kyle was surprised. As badly as he still wanted to finish, he felt really good being able to help her feel so good. Kyle lay there, tired, a little sweaty, and smiling and closed his eyes, enjoying the closeness.

The next thing he knew, Kyle could feel Melissa’s hand on his cock. She began gently stroking, getting him hard again. Melissa was laying on his side, resting her head on his chest, but she got back up and straddled his head and all he could see was her beautiful ass and pussy. By now he was extremely hard and getting close. She moved her hand up and down, barely touching him, hands still slick with oil.

“Mmmm” Kyle said. It was all he could do to hold back and enjoy. Melissa took a firm grip on his cock and began stroking in earnest. Kyle knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Just when he began to struggle, Melissa switched to using just her finger and thumb in an OK symbol. Then sat back down on him, muffling Kyle’s voice. Kyle was shaking. Somehow Melissa kept him right on the edge, stroking up over the head and brushing the sensitive spot just below on the underside of his hard cock. He was throbbing, bucking his hips, he mumbled something against her “Just say when you’re going to cum alright?” Melissa grinned and continued her painfully slow stroking teetering him on the edge.


Kyle stood just outside her door, laptop bag slung over his shoulder. “That was…. amazing. I never would have thought in a million years tha-“

“Uh huh” Melissa cut him off with a smirk. She hugged him. “Remember what I said. Hands off until we hang out next week.” Kyle flushed a light red in his cheeks and nodded.

“See ya.” He smiled once more at her, and drove home.

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