Solomon and I


The young woman looked at King Solomon in his palace. “Kiss me a hundred times, for your love is sweeter than honey. Your cologne smells of wonder, and your name is great. I know why all women love you! Let me go with you! Let’s go!

“You’ve brought me into your palace and I’m happy! I’m black but beautiful, more black than the dark clouds in the sky.”

“You’re more beautiful than the silk robe you’re wearing,” Solomon said.

“Don’t look down on me, just because I’m black,” she said. “I pick grapes in the vineyard in the sun, which makes me even darker.

“Tell me where you’ll be today, so I can join you.”

“Follow the trail of my heard, most beautiful woman in the world. What a lovely young woman you are. How lovely your cheeks are, with your hair falling over them. How majestic your neck is with those string of jewels around them. The golden earrings and silver beads.”

Later on, King Solomon lies on his bed, smelling her perfume.

“You’re like Myrrh, lying between my breasts,” she said.

“You’re more beautiful than the flowers in the Garden of Eden. How beautiful you are, my love. How beautiful. Your eyes are like doves. What a lovely thing you are, lying here beside me. You’re like the best rose, the lilly of the valley. No other woman compares to you.”

“You’re like maltepe escort the best apple tree in the orchard, she said. “You brought me to your banquet, showing everyone how much you love me. Feed me your love, I’m lovesick.”

“He placed his hand under her head, embracing her with the other.

That night, she woke up and Solomon wasn’t there. She looked all over for him.

The next day, they were married. That night, Solomon said to her, “Your lips are made of honey and cream is under your tongue. Your like a private garden, a spring that no one else can have, a fountain of my own.”

“The other night, I dreamed you were at the door. I woke, my hand between my legs, yearning for you. You’re so tanned and handsome, better than millions of others. Your head is like gold. Your body is like beautiful jewels. Your legs are like marbles set in gold.”

“Your teeth are so white,” Solomon said. “I have sixty other wives, eighty concubines and hundreds of virgins to choose from, but you’re the chosen one. They all praise you. Your thighs are like jewels. Your navel is like a glass of wine. Your waist is like a heap of wheat. Your breasts are as big as two clusters of grapes..”

She got up seductively, removing her robe. She was nude except pendik escort for two clusters of grapes against her breasts. When she laid back down, they took turns eating the grapes, until they were gone. Solomon stared at her huge breasts, then sucked her three inch nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned. They kissed. Their tongues connecting, bringing a sensation to their stomachs, as he stroked her smooth, dark thighs.

“I don’t want to get pregnant yet. Is this OK?”

Solomon removed his robe, his hard manhood rubbed against her right thigh. She thought the answer was no, so she spread her legs, waiting for him to enter her. Solomon began kissing her breasts, stomach, sticking his tongue in her naval. He moved down and kissed her vagina. She moaned louder as his breath landed there. Solomon laid on his back, showing her what he wanted. At first, she thought he wanted her on top, but she knew better. She spread her legs over his face and ever so slightly placed her vagina against his mouth. She sat there, moving back and forth on his face as he sucked and jammed his tongue in her vagina. She tilted her head back, moaning louder as he grabbed her butt and pressed her farther inside her mouth. She’d never experienced anything like this as multiple kaynarca escort orgasms came. She came inside his mouth as she shuddered violently, but he didn’t care. Pleasing his lover was more important.

As they laid there, stroking each others bodies, she said, “My sister is eighteen, and has very small breasts. Who will marry her?”

“I will, and I’ll take good care of her.”

After Solomon married the sister, she looked at Solomon nervously, shaking all over. Make love to the King! She removed her robe, showing off her nude eighteen year old body. She was afraid he would reject her, and she’d stay a virgin for eternity. He stared at her small breasts and one inch nipples, sticking out and bumpy, waiting to be sucked.

As her heart beat faster, she laid on the bed and spread her legs. Solomon removed his robe. She stared at his hard manhood, pleased she was turning him on. He got on top of her, skin against skin. His large body engulfing hers. Solomon’s muscular, hairy chest rubbed against her small breasts and nipples. Their lips connected as he entered her. She grimaced in pain and moaned at the same time, then awesome pleasure when she grew wetter. He wrapped her legs around him, rubbing the back of her thighs. When he was all the way in her, he asked her if she was OK. She nodded, moaning and grimacing. He cares about my well-being? She thought. He started moving faster and faster inside her. When they came, he moaned as the orgasm grew. She grimaced in pleasure.

After it was over, he again asked her if she was OK. She was flattered. He could have treated her like trash.

“The next time will be a lot better, Solomon whispered.

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