So that what they do down on the farm?


So that what they do down on the farm?Life was going a bit badly for me for in the current economic depression, despite having a good degree I couldn’t get any work other than some zero hours stuff at a local bar. What is more I didn’t have a boyfriend or even the prospect of one.Not much could be done about the job prospects but I was determined not to spend all my time moping about my bed-sit. I decided to try on-line dating since I wasn’t meeting anyone remotely interesting in the flesh. Now I am not a bad looking girl, if no super model. Decent sized if not massive tits, long light brown hair and a half reasonable figure. I have been told that I am fairly pretty. That meant that I could afford to be reasonably picky. What is more after a couple of months I found a guy I liked and he seemed to like me.Now if I had an unappealing bed-sit in Croydon, then he had a very nice two bedroomed apartment in Barnes. It didn’t have views of the river but it was comfortable being the top two floors, of a lovely old house. After our third date he took me back there and didn’t really have much difficulty getting me to stay the night. I am not usually that easy, but as I said I really liked him and hadn’t had a boyfriend in months. A girl’s got needs as well and mind got very nicely satisfied. Julian was as much a gentleman under the covers as outside of them and Boy did he know how to eat pussy.I just hope my fellatio skill matched his labia nibbling because my climax was massive but I wasn’t that worried since he covered me in cum whilst I was still of on cloud nine, I think he must have been holding himself back. It was a bore that he had to get up early the next morning as I would have liked round two.We met a few times and it was all going well. Every time I met him was during the week as each Friday night he would go off to the country where his family lived. By all accounts they were quite comfortably off. Julian’s dad was a surgeon and his step-mum did something on the net, it was only later that I found out what.Anyway, whilst Julian worked in London during the week, at weekends he went home. Home being the former family farm but the family had sold off most of the land but still lived in the farmhouse Dad and his step-mum lived in the farmhouse whilst Julian and his two stepsisters had a farm workers cottage each. It all sounded very nice, particularly the bit about the family not exactly living together but close by. I have virtually no family being an only c***d of a single mum who had now moved to New Zealand. As a result, once we had been going out a few times I dropped some pretty unsubtle hints that I would like to go and meet his family.By this time, I was ending up at his place a couple of times a week, but it was always up early with no time for morning games, unless you were into pre-dawn pastimes. Though to be fair we did that on more than one occasionBut when I brought up visiting his family, Julian seemed a little reluctant and was cagey about his reasons. This seemed strange because he was clearly on good terms with them and was quite open about discussing them in other respects.I did wonder of it was his father that was the reason. Julian’s Dad, David went through partners at quite a rate. Currently he was with Clare who was termed Julian’s stepmother though the couple weren’t married and she wasn’t that much older than him, eleven years. Also, his two stepsisters were from previous relationships that had gone by the board but the girls remained with David not their respective mothers. A bit odd but at least he seemed to care for them. In fact, the only two who were related were Julian and David, but yet again his actual Mum was not on the scene. Apparently, he hadn’t seen her since he sixteen which was when his Dad had taken up with Kelly’s mother.A bit of pushing and Julian admitted that their lifestyle was a bit alternative but if I was prepared to be broad-minded then he would happily take me with him next weekend. It was clear that in his family wearing clothes at home was optional. Since at the time of this admission I was bouncing up and down on his cock which was up my arse again claiming to be shy was a bit improbable.The day we were due to go, I had the luxury of a lie in. I saw Julian off to work and went back to his bed. Actually, most of the day I got quite a bit of his housework done since whilst I am not house proud, I am also not a single bloke. It was a two and half hour drive from Barnes. It would have been more but we waited until after the rush hour had died down. This did mean that it was fairly late by the time we arrived. After about half an hour driving through country lanes, we entered a wooded area and turned off onto a farm track. Over a hill and the land opened up and we could see the lights of the farm at the bottom of the little valley. All very private and rural for a city girl like me.“Leave the bags in the car we will collect them when we go to the cottage. Come in and see Dad and Clare. Chances are that the girls will be up at the house as well.”The farmhouse was a substantial building I later found out that David when he sold the farm had used some of the profit to incorporate a stone barn that abutted the house into the main building and to provide a leisure area which included a large hot tub and sauna. To me it sounded awesome, this was a level of luxury that I had never previously experienced. We went in and through to the lounge at the back which was a causal family room as opposed to the more formal drawing room at the front where visitors were entertained. The lot of them were sitting on a couple of comfortable old sofa’s. they were all absolutely starkers not a stitch on, with the girls sitting on the bloke’s laps. I said hello to them all and we declined a cup of coffee and went out again to take things to Julian’s cottage. I just hope our exit hadn’t seemed to quick and thus rude or embarrassed.The next morning, we rose late partially because we had been enjoying the luxury of a morning fuck, something previously denied us. The phone rang, it was Clare asking if we wanted Küçükköy Escort a farm-house fry up. Now whilst I am reasonably carefully about my diet, it is in part so I can indulge myself on occasions and I enthusiastically said yes. Clare asked to speak to me.“Look dear, we are starkers as usual but you wear what you want. The whole point of this nudity thing was to be about freedom. Not much point if it’s compulsory is their?”I thought about it looked at my bag things which was downstairs and just pulled in some socks, wellies and a coat. They were delighted when I took of my coat to show I was as nude like the rest of them. That was the most I wore all weekend and I found I really liked it. Even when Julian took me out for a walk it the land, they had retained which was mostly a fairly large wood all I wore was my warm coat and those same wellington boots. I felt a right kinky cow and thoroughly got a kick out of it wandering around the countryside with only a coat on though I was glad it was a long one.Dinner was eaten in the buff and then we sat around in the lounge as four couples. That wasn’t that innocent, all of us girls got our tits and muffs felt, On Sunday, we all eight of us went in the hot tub together and there was a fair amount of horse play. Never would I have thought that I would be starkers having my tits played with as his father and step mother and his sisters did similar.The weekend was certainly a bit odd but I found that I had enjoyed myself and really liked Julian’s family. I had agreed to be broad-minded but, in the end, I had found it was not as difficult as I would have expected. On the way back Julian asked me if I would like to come with him next weekend and I said that I would.“Wow you actually sound enthusiastic about the idea despite the obvious.”“Well your family are nice and it is really nice there. Once I got over being shy and embarrassed the hot tub was really pleasant.”“As we well know it’s not for everyone my mother started it as a way of being daring and to spice up her sex life. Then after a while decided she didn’t like it and when Dad didn’t want to give it left in a huff. Something similar with the girl’s mothers. The thing is we young people did enjoy the freedom. Of course, once we got older and my tart of a current step-mother came along it got a lot naughtier. The girls found convivial other half’s but I never have. Well not possibly until up now?”There was a distinct element of a question in that last statement. I now understood all his nervousness and went out of way to reassure. After all I wasn’t any shrinking violet. If I behaved it was because that is what was expected of me not my own nature.The next weekend went equally well and David thought that the eight of us should go out for a meal on Saturday night. I hadn’t brought anything suitable with me having worked on the principal that jeans. a couple of tops, wellies and trainers would be all that was required. The solution to this was that Clare announced that us girls were going shopping. I loved it that I was included in ‘the girls’I was in heaven because the feeling of being included was fantastic. Whilst I had friends none of them were close and it was rare, I went shopping with them. Apart from anything else I didn’t have the money. This was the one thing that worried me but when I bought it up with Clare, she said don’t worry her treat. I found out that all three women only worked to provide what was effectively pocket money. All the bills were paid for by David who between his private medical practice and the income from investments was seriously rich. Some of the farmland he sold had been with planning permission.“Clever old stick is David. Instead of selling to one of the large development companies he did a deal with a local firm that was a bit short on the readies. Now David was the opposite having flogged off the arable land and was looking to invest it. The net result was he financed it all and they split the profit which was considerable. Also, David was able to ensure that it was a nice development of comfortable houses with gardens and ensured that they got a massive premium to boot. Wealthy people don’t want postage stamp sized gardens. That was what got us the planning permission”“Yuh and he has worked with the same developer elsewhere. That is how Kevin and I got together he is the sales manager and between them they ensure that wealthy people can get a really nice well-built home that meets their requirements. A lot of the time, they are sold up-front and built part bespoke even to the gardens being planted the moment the main structure is up.” added NinaI hadn’t until this point realised this connection. I also discovered that Suki’s, Troy was the solicitor doing all the legal work connected with the work. All in all, a nice family business particularly when you knew that Julian worked for the investment bankers that David used,We had arrived at the shopping centre and set about some serious shopping. Firstly, my towny wellies were deemed inadequate. “If you do any serious walking in those you will get sore feet, there is a reason why these costs more. Whilst we are at it do you have a good waterproof jacket?”So, I was inducted into the green welly brigade with clothing suitable for the countryside. Then we went on to the pretty stuff I ended up with a really nice dress and some oh some sexy boots. I found out that all the other three and the menfolk liked tall boots. Since the others all planned to wear boots that evening, I was happy not to be the odd one out. Clare decided that I also needed designer jeans.Now don’t get me wrong the other bought things as well which amused me considering their normal dress at home. Suki bought a pretty blue corset then decided I would look good in one. Well actually we all ended up with one. Eight of us went out to dinner with all of us ladies wearing adventurous dresses which were just about appropriate for a restaurant but probably better suited to an up market but adventurous club. Add to that very tall stiletto heeled boots and I suspect some Escort Küçükköy of the customers thought we were hookers. I didn’t care none of them knew me, so whatever. Our rather adventurous dress at dinner had got me feeling pretty horny and I had also put away a fair amount of wine. Not really pissed but sufficient to be merry and relaxed and as it turned out adventurous. Now I knew that Julian was into anal, I had seen his collection of porn videos and buggery featured prominently. In my aroused state I offered to try it out.“Are you sure it’s not every one’s cup of tea, its fun for the man and some women love it though I am not sure quite why. Actually, the other three girls are definitely into it.” I didn’t ask him how he knew but they were a pretty open bunch so they probably had chatted about it. Anyway, I assured him that if I didn’t try, I would never know. I was so randy I was quite willing to let him fuck me up the arse something I had never permitted any bloke to do before. Actually, I found I quite liked in when Julian was doing the buggering. Plenty of lube and a bit of consideration go a long way with sodomy. I found that it was so pleasurable, though I couldn’t put my finger on why but I really liked it.What got naughtier was that the next day everyone was nude as usual except that the girls were still wearing their boots. That was so kinky I had been warned of what they planned when Kelly called before we went up to breakfast wearing just the boots and wax jacket. I put mine on as well and grabbed my new jacket.That became a theme for me at Barstow the only people who ever knew who I was becoming a bad girl were the people who were encouraging me to be naughty. One Saturday morning all the men were off somewhere leaving just us four girls. Alone together we went and enjoyed the hot tub and the other three girls started kissing and it seemed quite natural to join in. Then someone’s hand found my crutch and started doing nice things to my pussy. I had tried a couple of experiments with girls but this went much further than I had done before.Going down to Barstow Farm every weekend became a habit and Julian and I were getting ever closer but then two things happened to precipitate a change. Firstly, Julian’s bank transferred him away from London to the administrative offices which were closer to the farm than London. Of course, this meant that living there full time made more sense and if it was not for me, he would have given up the London home.The second change in circumstance was that my landlord sold up and the new owner wanted to redevelop the property thus making me homeless. If I moved out without a fuss, they would give me a modest pay-out.Julian and I had a long chat about what we were going to do. To be honest I hoped that he was going to ask me to move in with him. That is indeed what he did, but first he dropped the bombshell as to the nature of Clare, Nina and Suki’s on-line business. They did on line sex shows including orgies that he had taken part in. They did striptease, pole dancing, you name it they were up for it. The men were not only happy with them being tarts but encouraged and took part.“Of course, you don’t have to take part in any of that.”That was one of the stupider things he said considering he was normally pretty sensible. If I was living at the farm where the other seven residents were broadcasting porn in a regular basis it would be difficult not to be involved.“Don’t be daft if I come to live with you and you’re all at it of course I will. Can I think it through a bit?“You mean your not rejecting it outright and telling me to stop seeing you.”“No, I like you and I like your family, it’s just they are a bit weirder than I thought.” As I was saying that I was rapidly thinking, particularly what would I be giving up. I had been happier the last couple of months than any time in my adult life. What would people say though? Well the answer to that was who would care? The only people who were actually bother were already doing it. In the end I decided I would have a talk with Clare and she explained how it was organised.The leisure area in the old barn is where it all takes place from. The whole area was covered in cams which can be moved and operated remotely. For instance, if you wore a bracelet with a sensor on then one could be programmed to follow and keep you in focus. This was done a lot live, where customers could flit from cam to cam at choice. A lot more was done by producing videos from the best of the cam footage.“Have they been on when I have been there?”“Good heaven no, we broadcast live at set advertised times. The rest of the time we play back a series of pre-recorded videos. We would not involve anyone without their permission.”What shocked me was the success of the whole thing. They sold a set number of minutes or individual videos but the most popular deal was a subscription that guaranteed fifteen hours live action a week and the ability of download the recorded videos at no extra charge. They currently had over twelve thousand subscribers paying twenty quid a month. Their costs were about two grand a month so that left a profit of twenty-two thousand pound to be shared between them. The wages of sin were clearly in this case pretty good.I thought if through a bit further. I didn’t actually have that objection to becoming a tart providing I could do so in comfort and at little risk. A well paid one with people I liked was definitely a plus point. Add to that my boyfriend wanted me to however I did have one concern,“The main problem is that my tits are too small.”“Pardon, is that you only objection because you know the answer to that?”I did as well. Some of my stuff was moved to his flat, some of it was given to a charity shop mostly the cheap clothes and some came with me that weekend. Then on the Saturday morning David opened up his clinic for me. When he finished, we went back to the farm where everyone was just finishing lunch, naked as usual. I unzipped my jacket and removed it so they could all see my beautiful big new tits.The rest of my Küçükköy Escort Bayan clothes were removed very quickly by my new family as we had the first of many orgies I got fucked by everybody, the entire afternoon was a fuck fest and I felt sexy already with my lovely big new boobs and the fact that everyone was paying them so much attention was awesome.The nearest I had got to girl on girl had been that time in the hot tub where we had a bit of a kiss and fondle but this time in was unashamed lezzy sex. Clare lay me on my back and opened my legs as she munched my pussy. What could I do but reciprocate so I was soon eating her with as much enthusiasm as she was me. My legs were lifted in the air and spread, then a cock went into the pussy that was still being munched by Clare. The same was done to her and I too was lick and nibbling her whilst she was being crewed. It was only late that I found out that it was David doing me whilst Julian was inside Clare. The other four were doing the same as us side by side. After all of us had cum, we stopped for a while as David and I hadn’t eaten yet since he we had been busy installing my big new rack. Once we had eaten, we went back to fucking with the men this time as spectators, as of the other girls each put on a strap on and fucked me in turn. When all three had, had their way with me I announced that it was my turn and they were equally enthusiastic about that and helped me get the strap on in place. Then all three of them knelt down and I took them in turns.The men had enjoyed the show but made it clear that they now wanted some of the action. We got rid of the strap-ons and knelt to be taken doggy style by a rotating series of studs. Us girls, were all getting a bit sore by this time so it was time for a break. Apart from anything else they had a live show scheduled for that evening. We did the normal things that a family does. Julian and I went and finished unloading my stuff helped by David. The girls did the housework whilst Clare cooked dinner for us whilst the other two men made sure everything was ready in the barn for its alternative use as a video studio.As we sat down to dinner, I had it explained to me how things went for these video session. I was asked if I wanted to use a pseudonym, the men did as they had day jobs, whereas the women didn’t care. I was happy to go with that and kept my own name. The other thing was that the one time clothes were worn, was at the start of these sessions. Striptease was part of the fun of the thing. Tonight, was special as it was my first time and from the moment that I had agreed, they promoted it to their audience but gave me a chance to back out by making it a tease. Will she, won’t she? Well of course I was going to, if anything that afternoon had made me more enthusiastic. I knew full well that it was a run-through to make sure I was not going to lose my nerve.“Are you happy to go ahead with this then?”“Hell yes, this afternoon was a blast. I am looking forward to it.”“Well we like to have some semblance of a script and tonight is going to be easy as it will be your seduction. The three girls are going to corrupt and seduce you before we come in and give you all a good buggering. Three girls in a row taking it up the arse was popular so four should be even better.”That is how it went with the four of us women coming in having a bit of a chat and a drink. Then Clare started it kissing with Nina and getting her tit out. The dress had been chosen for ease of access in that respect. I was supposed to look on in surprise and to be a bit nervous. The last bit I didn’t have to act but not for the reasons the script said. Then Suki came on to me I resisted at first.The cams were set up that you had several aimed at Clare and Nina and some more at me and Suki. The other two quickly undressed each other and started making out. Suki pulled of her top but I was supposed to resist for a while before losing mine. I was the only one wearing a bra, one of Clare’s as it happened, since my own no longer fitted. It took the now nude Suki a bit of effort to get it off me. The other two then joined in stripping me. Then we had a nice little foursome together before Clara apparently wandered off with Nina and came back in kinky black PVC boots and gloves. Suki’s again quickly put them on but I was again supposed to show reluctance but after a while gave in. Then we had a nice little daisy chain in our kinky gear.After that was the piece de resistance the four men came in dressed normally. Us four tarts were all over them and stripped them before getting buggered as planned, All four of us in a long line on the huge sofa. Squatting on our partners so everyone could see that we were being buggered. Us girls kissed and fondled the girl next tot them. I was one of the two in the middle so had two women caressing me as well as Julian. I was in heaven, considering I had only recently tried being buggered I was now really into it. It made me feel so wonderfully full. I was quite disappointed when we started winding down just before the light went from red to green to show that the cams were no longer live. This became the pattern of my life. The eight of us having sex quite frequently us four women as the men had other jobs. The addition of me and the first few recordings where I was apparently corrupted added another couple of thousand to our subscription numbers. The cleaned-up video of that first session was the most popular video for moths on end as well as selling well to those who didn’t have a subscription. It was weird for me having more than sufficient money. As I previously mentioned David paid all the household bills, the only ones I had to contribute to were the small amount of food that Julian and I had for our own cottage.Considering the habit of nudity, I acquired quite a wardrobe. Us girls quite frequently went out for lunch together which did of course require us to be dressed. For me it was wonderful having a close family. Oh, and whilst we are on the subject of clothes, I did get quite a bit of kinky gear Clare was a kinky bitch and thoroughly corrupted the other three of us. It did make for some very good shows. Our subscription numbers were still creeping up. All in all, life had become pretty sweet as a porn video star but it does show that with on-line dating you never quite know where you are going to end up.

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