Snowed In


I had been putting in a lot of hours the last couple of months and sorely needed a break. A friend of mine had told me about this lodge in Colorado that offered Winter Vacation packages. I looked into it. Five days in a secluded mountain lodge with cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoe hikes and good food and drink in an old mining lodge. The brochure they sent me showed the lodge and the mountains surrounding it in the summer time. It was a beautiful setting. The lodge faced a fairly large lake and had good fishing, boating and canoeing available, probably not in the winter though. It looked picturesque, and so I decided to make reservations for the first week in December, about a month off. I was really looking forward to a relaxing week.

About a week after I had made my reservations my friend Cynthia informed me that she was glad that I had decided to go and that she had also made reservations for the same week at the lodge. This came as a surprise. Cynthia and I were friends, co-workers, and as far as I was concerned not anything more. She wasn’t bad to look at, about 38 or 39 years old with a decent figure, about 15 pounds over weight. Nice large breasts, a nice ass and great legs. She had brunette hair that she kept cut fairly short and a pretty face. Not a knock out by any means, but not bad either. If she had a fault it was her mouth. She just couldn’t keep it shut. She talked continuously about every thing. She was kidded about being the office gossip. If she knew about something she told everyone. Cynthia was recently divorced, well maybe not recently, three years ago, and to anyone’s knowledge hadn’t hooked up with anyone since. She had suggested that we have a drink after work a few times, but I had declined, fainting work or other personal obligations so as not to have to go. I really wasn’t interested in hooking up with Cynthia. I wasn’t completely sure about her motives for booking into the same vacation lodge at the same time that I was, but I had my suspicions.

Thanksgiving passed fairly uneventful. Had to ward off Cynthia’s invitation to visit her and her family over Thanksgiving. Spent a pleasant holiday with my parents and close family, which was nice, as I hadn’t seen them for several months.

Finally my departure date for my winter vacation arrived and I headed to the airport bags in hand. The flight to Denver was uneventful which is a good thing. Upon arrival in Denver I had to take a 2-hour bus ride to a small town, and I do mean small, population 636, northwest of Denver. This was not your Vail or other mega ski areas. The bus was met by a Chevy 4-wheel drive suburban from the lodge. The drivers name was Mike, a rugged outdoor type about 60 years old. Seemed like a nice guy. We hit it off well from the beginning.

There were three other lodge guests on the bus beside myself. A family of three, Betty and Joe, and their daughter Anne. They seemed like nice people. Betty was about 49 or 50, brunette, average build maybe a little over weight, but just enough that it gave her some nice curves. Nice breasts and a great looking ass with a very pretty face. Her husband Joe was about ten years older than her and was pretty much an average looking guy of medium build. Then there was Anne, their daughter, maybe mid twenties, very slim and petite, small breasts, not more than 100 lbs. She came across with an effervescent, enthusiastic personality. There was one aspect of her body that I noticed immediately. She was wearing a turtleneck sweater under her parka, skintight jersey sweat pants and fur lined snow boots. It was the sweat pants that caught my attention. They were tight and the crotch area showed her protruding mound in exquisite detail. It was large; this young girl had a very large pussy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. The lips of her vagina were clearly outlined for all to see.

We loaded our luggage and got in the suburban and head out of town toward the lodge. The ride was about 45 minutes and the scenery was absolutely breath taking. The road was clear, but there was about 4-5 feet of snow on the ground and higher up in the mountains that surrounded us. Once at the lodge we gathered up our luggage and entered to check in. We were greeted by Karen, Mike’s wife and given our room keys. Karen was an attractive woman of 60, medium build but yet very firm and tight for her age, very friendly and outgoing. You just liked her immediately.

The lodge was a large log structure with open ceilings and a very spacious interior. The front lobby entry area was a very large room that extended clear across the front of the structure. On one side was a living room like area with a huge fireplace in the sidewall and comfortable chairs and sofas around facing the fireplace and a buffalo rug in the center. On the right hand wall was a bar. There were about four round tables with four chairs each that appeared to be hand hewn from native Douglas fir. Back beyond the front living area were restrooms, kitchen, şerifali escort storage area room and the owner’s quarters. In the center was a wide stairway that led to the second floor. Right in the center of the front Den/lobby/bar area was a full size antique pool table made of carved walnut with leather pockets and blue felt. Up stairs there were guest rooms on each side of a wide hall that extended to the back of the building. We would be sharing two communal baths, one on each side of the hall, one for women and one for men. Each was large and would accommodate several people. The whole structure was log construction in a natural finish, it was breathtaking. The guest rooms were large and furnished in rustic natural finish furniture. Each had a breath taking view of the snow-covered mountains that surrounded the lodge. In back of the lodge was a covered hot tub. The front of the lodge incorporated a covered porch that extended clear across the front of the building. There were comfortable looking benches to sit on also, although I don’t know how much of that we would be doing as cold as it was. Out the front of the lodge was a beautiful view of the lake that was partially frozen over. I was going to enjoy a very relaxing stay here.

We retired to our rooms to unpack and freshen up before heading down for lunch. I followed Betty and her daughter up the stairs to our rooms. Couldn’t keep my eyes off of their luscious asses. Neither of which seemed to be wearing any underwear, no lines.

At lunch we met the rest of the staff. There was Monica, a friendly out going woman of 35 with a voluptuous figure who was the cook and bartender, and Elsie and woman of about 30 of medium average build, but yet attractive. She was the maid, housekeeper and part time barkeeper. We sat down to a meal of beef stew, salad and fresh baked rolls, very delicious. The conversation was light and entertaining as we got to know each other. Joe was a contractor, who according to his wife spent entirely too much time with his business. She had coerced him into coming on this vacation to get him away from his business so they could spend some time together and he could rest and relax. Joe didn’t seem at all happy about this, but was complying with his wife’s wishes. Anne was on break from school, she had only one year left to finish her master in education and was looking forward to finishing.

After lunch we retired to the living room area in front of the fireplace to relax and talk. Mike headed off to town to pick up the remainder of the guests for the week. He returned in a couple of hours with Ralph, Tom and Cynthia. Ralph was a young man about 25 years old with an arrogant, cocky attitude. He had an athlete’s body and was no doubt a jock. Tom was a slight skinny nerdy type guy of about 30 and obviously a computer programmer, typical stereotype. He was not very friendly and once settled in sat at one of the tables in the dining area with his laptop plugged in. Cynthia came on strong attempting to let every one know that we were an item and that maybe by the end of the week we would only need one room. I was not happy with that and told her so. She was a little rebuked, but seemed to get over it quickly. Betty just smiled at the exchange and gave me a wink that she understood the situation was not of my choosing.

As we set there in the lounge area, Mike and Karen went over the activities that were available and the amenities that the lodge contained. They mentioned that there was one not mentioned in the brochure. It had inadvertently been left out. We were told that about 50 yards behind the lodge there was an abandon gold mine. It had been cut through solid rock and was quite interesting inside and very safe. There were flashlights inside the entrance and we were welcome to explore it at our leisure.

By late afternoon it started to snow. Mike told us that the weather report said it was a mild snowstorm and would blow through by the next afternoon. It was beautiful to look out the front windows and watch the large flakes of snowfall. Ralf started bitching about not being able to do anything outside while it was snowing. Tom didn’t even notice, his nose stuck in his laptop. Joe was s preoccupied on his cell phone talking to his construction superintendent. Cynthia had retired to the bar and was having a drink, or maybe two. Betty, Anne and myself decided to put on our parkas and sit on the front veranda and watch the snowfall. You don’t see much snow fall like this in southern California where I am from or Florida where Betty and Anne lived, and we were going to enjoy watching it. The snow was falling heavily, and within two hours it had dropped about three inches. I was still watching Anne’s vagina through her skintight sweat pants every chance I got. At least I thought that I was being discrete. After about an hour we got up and went into the lodge to get some hot chocolate. Betty and silivri escort I returned to the veranda and Anne retired to the sofas in front of the fire. Betty and I sat on the front veranda outside and talked about how beautiful the snowfall was and how serene and relaxing it made us feel. She was very easy to talk to. She was a very outgoing and sincere person. I was becoming very attracted to her.

” I noticed you looking at my daughter, did you like what you saw?” Her question surprised me.

I wasn’t sure how to answer. I should say something, but did not want to offend her or embarrass myself.

“She attracts a lot of attention, don’t feel ashamed for looking, she does it on purpose,” she continued.

I decided to try digging myself out of this minor hole. “I can see where she gets her good looks and the source is very appealing,” was the best I could come up with.

She laughed and blushed slightly and put her hand on my arm and said “That’s ok you needn’t pay me false compliments.”

“No, I mean it, you are a very attractive woman and I meant no offense.”

Thank you then, I’m flattered that you find this older woman attractive.”

” Pardon me for being forward, but I find you very attractive. I’d better stop with that as I wouldn’t want to offend you or your husband.”

“That’s ok, Joe would never notice and probably wouldn’t care, as for me I do thank you, you are a sweet man and I like it.”

With that we went back inside. Betty went up to her room to take a nap before dinner and I sat down in the den area in front of the fire to warm up. I noticed that Ralph was hitting on Anne big time and she was trying as politely as she could to ward off his verbal advances. All I could think of was how immature and juvenile he sounded. Anne must have thought the same, as she seemed not interested in him at all.

Dinner call was sounded and we all entered the dining area and took seats. Anne went up stairs to wake her mother. Ralph, and Cynthia sat down with Tom, Joe sat with me and Karen. Mike, Monica and Elsie took another table. When Anne and Betty came down they sat with Joe and I. The meals were served buffet style. The evening dinner was pork chops, potatoes, gravy, green salad and string beans and hot apple pie for desert. Simple fare, but well prepared and very good. There was not a lot of dinner conversation we were enjoying the meal too much to talk. About the time dinner was almost over Joe’s cell phone rang. He left the table to take the call. Betty just rolled her eyes and shrugged. Anne giggled and I could tell she kicked her mother under the table. Joe returned to the table as we were finishing desert. He told Betty that some emergency had come up and it was necessary for him to return home to handle it. She was noticeably upset with this news, but told him that she and Anne were staying and if he had to go then go. Joe went over to Mike to arrange transportation back to town. I could tell that Mike wasn’t happy about this turn of events, but would accommodate his guest. Mike went out to warm up the suburban while Joe went up to pack his bag. He returned very quickly, I would guess that he had never unpacked. He said his goodbyes to Anne and Betty and left.

Every one retired to the lounge den area in front of the fire except Tom, who was still at his computer. Ralph, having been thourghly rebuked by Anne turned his attention toward Cynthia, I liked that idea, and it took her pressure off of me. She seemed to revel in the attentions of the young man, giggling and cooing at his every remark. Karen, Monica and Elsie asked if any of us needed anything and if not they were going to retire and would see us at breakfast. Tom folded up his computer and retired also. Anne said that she was tired from the trip and also went to her room. Shortly Cynthia decided to go to her room and said good night also. Ralph also retired, that left just Betty and I in front of the fire.

“To bad your husband had to leave,” I mentioned.

“It’s ok, I really didn’t expect him to stay the whole week, but I didn’t expect him to leave this soon. His emergency is probably his secretary needs some attention to her overheated parts. Nothing new, it’s been going on for a long time, “she remarked sadly.

“Sorry to hear that, you don’t seem to upset about it.”

“No, I’m just to the point that I really don’t care anymore. Just so he doesn’t wave a flag in front of me about what he is doing I don’t care,” she lamented. “I shouldn’t be burdening you with my personal problems anyway. This is your vacation and I don’t want to bring unpleasant things into it for you.”

“I don’t mind, it’s no burden at all.” I reassured her.

We made small talk for a little while longer then she rose and excused herself to go up to her room. I rose and walked her to the foot of the stairs. She turned to say goodnight. I did what seemed like a natural thing to şirinevler escort do and embraced her and kissed her. At first she was surprised, the embraced me and returned the kiss with warmth and passion. We held each other for a minute or too and then parted. She smiled and said goodnight and turned and went up the stairs to her room. In a few minutes I also went up to my room.

The next morning the place was busy, with every one rising early after a goodnights sleep, showering and getting ready for the day. I noticed out my bedroom window that it was still snowing, quite hard in fact. About three feet of snow had fallen overnight. When we all got down to breakfast Karen told us that it had taken Mike two hours to get to town and that there was at least a foot of snow on the ground by the time he got there. The road to Denver had been cleared and Joe had gotten out on the bus. There was too much snow on the road back to the lodge and it would be a couple of days before the road crews cleared the road to the lodge for him to get back, so he was going to stay in town. The road to the lodge was a low priority for the snowplow crews. Ralph seemed to panic at being “trapped” as he put it. Nobody else seemed concerned. We had shelter, heat, food and drink and some of us had some good company, what more could you ask. We had a good breakfast, and settled in for the day. I put on my parka and went out on to the front porch to sit and watch the snow. In a little while Betty came out to join me. She brought hot chocolate for both of us. We just set there watching the snowfall and drinking our hot chocolate. The wind wasn’t blowing, it was just snowing and it was really coming down. There must have been four feet that had fallen since it started the day before.

“I enjoyed how the evening ended last night. You are a good kisser, I’d like to try that again soon,” she remarked.

“I’m glad you liked it, I enjoyed it also.”

She just smiled and winked at me. I blushed in reply.

We went back inside to see if there was any thing that anyone wanted to do today. Anne came up with a pretty good idea; at least she thought it was. She wanted to explore the old mine. It was decided that Ralph, Tom and I would clear a path to the mine and we would all go and see what there was to see in it. The snow had started to lesson. Having deposited about five feet, that was enough. We started to clear a path, with Karen directing the way. Five hours later we had a path cleared. Well at least Ralph and I did, Tom had quit after an hour. Elsie and Monica served lunch and we feasted on hot chili and BLT sandwiches. God they were good, or maybe it was that I was famished after the snow-shoveling workout. Either way we all enjoyed lunch. When we finished lunch Anne, Betty, Cynthia and I decided to explore the mine, Tom and Ralph weren’t interested. We bundled up and head back to the mine entrance. Once inside we found the flashlights inside in a cabinet by the door. The shaft went straight back into the mountain about 25 to 30 yards and opened into a large cavern that was about 20 feet in diameter. There were three other shafts that took off from the main tunnel and also went back into the mountain. Each of these ended in a larger open area at their termination. In one there was a table and chairs. In another was some old mining equipment and in the third was a couple of old wooden cots, a chest of drawers and another table and some chairs. Mike and Karen had also stored some cases of canned goods and sodas there. Down the center of the main tunnel were tracks and the old ore carts were at the end of these tracks in the main cavern. In all pretty interesting, it had been cleaned up inside and was much warmer than it was outside. Warm enough so that once you got away from the entrance you didn’t need a coat. Anne and Betty lead our exploratory team with me behind them, shining my light on their round tight asses every time I got the chance and Cynthia bring up the rear. I should say my rear, because that was where she put herself, right against my ass. She was feeling my ass with her hand every chance she got and at times was rubbing her mound against me also. I wasn’t encouraging it, but wasn’t objecting either. I thought that if I got really horny that she could be a release. I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t object if it came to that. We looked around inside the cave for a couple of hours before returning to the lodge. By this time it had quit snowing.

Karen told us the phone and power lines were down. This last part distressed Tom, as he wouldn’t be able to use his computer. Again Ralph expressed dismay about being further stranded. No one else seemed overly distraught, and for my self I was kind of enjoying it. All these good-looking women, this wasn’t that bad at all. Think of your desert island fantasy and you can understand where I was coming from. We had propane to cook with, flashlights, lanterns, candles, food, shelter, water; we were ok for quite a while. The only real discomfort was the bedrooms had no heat. Karen broke out more blankets and Elsie distributed them to each of our rooms. Jokingly Karen suggested we might need to find a sleeping partner to keep warm with. This brought a round of laughter. But I did notice that everyone looked around sizing up his or her choices, myself included.

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