Snowed In


It was a beautiful day, if you like snow, Snow was falling gently on the ground, lots of snow, more snow than I’d seen in 2 years. I sat at the computer working, just like I do every day; you come in, cold and wet from being out in the snow. From the corner of my eye I can see you stripping down and changing. I don’t look up from what I’m doing; I just keep on working. I feel a cold finger on the back of my neck and I shiver, my eyes closing. My fingers slipping from the keyboard, I feel your finger running down my neck and down my spine through my shirt and I shiver again. I feel your hands tug at the hem of my shirt and I lean up a bit to allow the shirt to come up, then I feel both your hands on my lower back, cold as ice but twice as erotic. I shiver a bit, not from the cold, but from the pure sensation. I feel you pushing my shirt up so I raise my arms, I feel you slide my shirt up and off. I feel the cold air from the room touch my skin and I moan very softly. I feel your hands on my back, rubbing the tense muscles. I reach up and take my glasses off and set them aside. I put my hands back down on my desk and lean into your hands. I feel your fingers brushing lightly against my skin, the cold arousing me more,

I feel your fingers on my sides, then around against my breasts. I feel the icy touch on my nipples, I gasp slightly and my nipples grow harder under your touch. I moan as you pinch my nipples, I lean back in my chair and close my eyes as you touch me. Your fingers starting to warm on my skin, you tug my nipples a bit harder and I moan again. I feel your fingers caressing my skin, Yozgat Escort up and down my breasts, then to my hands as you take my hands in yours, you tug me lightly. I stand up, I step out from my chair and turn to face you, and you stop me and make me face away from you. I oblige and stand there. You reach around me and tug my nipples again. I moan again and shudder where I stand. I feel your fingers gliding down my stomach, down to my waist, down to unbutton my skirt; my skirt falls to the floor. I stand there, shivering a bit, naked, you didn’t know I was naked beneath the silk of my skirt, the feel of the fabric on my thighs, on my mound, arousing me, and since I was working at home, wearing nothing under my skirt allows for easy access.

I feel your fingers light on my thigh. I moan again as you brush your hand down and squeeze my smoothly shaved mound. I feel your finger brushing lightly against my opening and I feel myself weaken. I feel your arm tighten around my waist as your finger slips inside me to press against my throbbing clit. I moan again and my legs give slightly as you tighten your hold on me. You pull me gently backwards, tugging me to the bed and I go with you willingly. You pull me back as you sit and I sit on your lap, thighs spread across yours. Leaving me wide open as you brush your fingers up and down my inner thigh with your free hand, I moan a bit as you stroke my hot flesh, I feel you draw your hand away and I whimper. I feel your hand strike my inner thigh hard but gentle and I moan again, louder. I feel the edge of your hand brush my wet Yozgat Escort Bayan slit. I shudder slightly and moan. You spread your legs some, pulling mine wider still. The spread pulling at the muscles of my thighs, an erotic pleasure runs through me. I feel your arm unwrap from around my stomach as you let me go.

I feel your hand on my inner thigh, stroking me. I feel your other hand on my back, pressing me to lean forward. I lean forward, increasing the erotic pressure on my widely spread thighs. I then feel you press me a bit harder, pressing me to lean down more. I lean down and brace myself with my hands on the floor. I moan a bit as I feel you rub my back gently. I groan softly and you release my thighs, allowing them to come back together some. I then feel your knees against the back of mine, pressing against them, urging me down to all fours on the floor. I gladly oblige and bring myself to my knees on the floor before you. I feel you behind me. One hand on my back, rubbing it gently as your other hand presses my thighs apart. I spread my thighs and feel your finger parting my wet throbbing slit. I moan and then feel your tongue against my clit. I shudder hard. I spread my thighs a bit more for you. I shudder as I feel your tongue brush lightly back and forth over my clit, licking with long slow strokes, I moan and my eyes flutter open a bit, just enough to see you laying naked underneath me, your perfect body exposed to me, I moan again and lean down.

I brush my tongue lightly against the tip of your throbbing cock. I’m rewarded with the sound of your Escort Yozgat moan. I take the tip of your cock in my lips. I feel your tongue pressing hard on my clit. I shudder hard and pull your cock deep into my mouth. I moan again, sucking hard on your throbbing cock. I feel your tongue gliding gently across my slit and deep into me. I shudder and suck harder on you. My tongue tracing tiny patterns along your cock. I’m again rewarded with your moans, the vibration against my pussy erotic. I shudder again, my throbbing pussy clenching at your tongue as you stroke it in and out of me. I nibble gently along your cock as I suck it in and out of my mouth, licking at you very gently; you moan and suck hard at my pussy. I shudder hard and moan, an orgasm close to breaking, you lick at me more as I suck on you harder, my body quivering as you suck, my mouth sucking on you harder. I moan again as you press hard at my clit. I moan loudly and shudder as I clamp down hard on your cock with my mouth, my body wracked with an orgasm, as I suck on your cock,

I feel you throb hard. I taste the saltiness in the back of my throat. I moan again and drink from you, taking your cum into my throat, swallowing every drop as I lick and suck at you, listening to the moans, listening to your orgasm as my body shudders, cumming into your mouth, my breathing slows, my shuddering stops. I stay braced there, my head resting on your thigh, your now soft cock against my cheek. I press a kiss to your thigh and stir a bit, your tongue still pressed against my clit, I moan again and lift away from your face. I turn and press a kiss against your warm, cum covered lips, I lay gently along your side and snuggle in close, and you lay and watch me as I curl up next to you. I look into your eyes and whisper. “You can be snowed in with me any day”, you just smile, and we drift off to sleep there on the floor.

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