Snow White and The Seven Dwarves Ch. 02


All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Chapter 2

The Huntswoman knelt before the Queen in the spacious throne room. The Queen sat regally upon her throne, wearing her flowing, low cut, black and purple gown. It was all that the Huntswoman could do to keep her eyes from staring at the Queen’s cleavage, and the Queen knew it, amused at how turned on she made everyone who looked upon her.

The Huntswoman was strikingly beautiful, strong and tall, but still feminine and beautiful. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and she was clothed in leather hunting attire, carrying a large knife, a bow, and a quiver of arrows. She had been asked many times to run errands for the Queen, usually her tasks were to find rare animals that the Queen could use to have new clothes made. This task was different.

“Do you understand your assignment, Huntswoman?” the Queen asked smugly. The Huntswoman knew what the Queen wanted, but did not understand why.

“Y… your majesty, I…” the Huntswoman hesitated.

“Look at me, Huntswoman,” said the Queen. The Huntswoman looked up as the Queen uncrossed her legs, a long slit in her gown exposing her glistening smooth pussy to the Huntswoman, who immediately felt her own panties dampen.

“This,”said the Queen, motioning to her sex, “will be yours to enjoy for one night if you do what I ask. Just take Snow White deep into the woods, and kill her.”

The Huntswoman had often fantasized of fucking the Queen, but did not want to kill an innocent girl.

“You can touch it,” the Queen said, moistening a finger with her pussy lips, “you can taste it,” the Queen said, licking her own juices off her finger, “you can do whatever you want to it…”

The Huntswoman could feel lust taking over. She spent so many days and nights in the woods alone, rarely meeting women to satisfy her and certainly none with even a portion of the Queen’s beauty. She had to have her.

“Yes, your majesty,” the Huntswoman said sadly, “I will kill Snow White.”

“See that you do,” the Queen said through a wicked smile as she covered herself Fikirtepe Escort and crossed her legs, “and be quick, because now I’m very horny.”


“Thank you Huntswoman, for taking me on this nature hike,” Snow White said cheerfully as she walked ahead of the Huntswoman, who admired her every curve bouncing as she trotted along. “I’ve always wanted to venture into the woods and see the animals and the trees. Oh, and look ahead, a waterfall, absolutely gorgeous!”

“Yes, princess,” the Huntswoman replied, “your stepmother insisted that I, that…” Snow White paused and looked at the Huntswoman.

“Are you alright?” Snow White asked with a concerned look.

“Yes, I’m fine, princess,” she said sadly, “just enjoy all of this wonderful nature.”

Snow White smiled and walked towards the Huntswoman.

“You know what I’d really like to enjoy…” Snow White said flirtatiously, as she ran her hand along the Huntswoman’s arm, sending shivers down her spine.

“Princess, I…”

“Shh,” Snow White said, interrupting the Huntswoman with a deep kiss. The tall Huntswoman melted beneath Snow White’s dainty touch as their tongues met passionately, eagerly tasting each other. The Huntswoman’s kisses increased in fervor as she easily lifted Snow White in the air, who wrapped her legs around the strong woman.

“Wow,” Snow White said, breaking their kiss, “I’ve never been tossed around like this before.”

“Would you like it rough, milady?” The Huntswoman asked hungrily as she trailed kisses along Snow White’s neck.

“Oh yeah,” Snow White gasped as the Huntswoman’s firm kisses trailed down the creamy white skin of her neck. The Huntswoman practically threw Snow White to the ground, the princess looking up at her with wicked desire in her eyes, her gaze sending a clear invitation to the Huntswoman to keep going. The Huntswoman straddles Snow White tearing open her tight blue blouse, exposing her perfectly round tits. The Huntswoman locked eyes with Snow White before taking both of her tits in her hands and burying her face between them, sucking and biting her nipples Fikirtepe Escort Bayan and running her firm tongue all over Snow White’s soft pale tits.

“Wow, Huntswoman,” Snow White moaned, “you’re devouring me like you haven’t had a good fuck in days.”

“Months, princess,” the Huntswoman mumbled, never taking her tongue off Snow White’s tits. Snow White began pawing at the Huntswoman’s clothes trying to take them off, but they were so stiff and firm that she couldn’t get a grip on anything.

“If you want it so bad,” Snow White demanded, “then take off this fucking leather and get naked already.”

The Huntswoman let go of Snow White and began stripping layer after layer of clothing before she stood in front of Snow White, her brown hair cascading down her rippled shoulders. Snow White’s gaze was locked in on the Huntswoman’s chiseled frame. She was muscular, but still slender, with a very feminine waist and a firm round ass. Her brown nipples stood erect atop two muscly globes, demanding to be suckled. Snow White sat up and knelt in front of the Huntswoman, whose inner thighs were already coated in her own juices.

“Ooh,” moaned Snow White, her breath cooling the Huntswoman’s burning pussy, “you’re so wet, Hunstwoman.” Snow White kissed just to the side of the Huntswoman’s swollen vulva. “And you smell so good. Holy shit I want to devour this pussy.” Snow White wasted no time as she latched on to the Huntswoman’s ass with both hands and pulled her mouth towards the aching pussy in front of her, covering it entirely with her mouth and sticking her tongue as far inside the Huntswoman as she could. The Huntswoman knees buckled and it was all she could do not to fall over right then and there as Snow White’s tongue expertly massaged the Huntswoman’s hard clit.

“That’s it princess,” the Huntswoman moaned, “it’s been so long, I’m already cumming, OHHHH…”

The Huntswoman came hard and shook violently, but she did not relent, grabbing Snow White with ease and flipping her over with her face in the dirt, immediately shoving a strong finger into Snow White’s eager pussy.

“Oh, Huntswoman,” Snow Escort Fikirtepe White groaned into the soft grass, “fuck that pussy, you horny bitch, fuck it hard!”

The Huntswoman obeyed, furiously thrusting her finger in and out of Snow White while rubbing her own clit with her free hand.

“Princess,” the Huntswoman said in lustful surprise, “you have the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt, I can only imagine if I had a cock how amazing that would feel.” The Huntswoman groaned as she made herself cum a second time, never slowing down fucking the princess.

“Mm, yeah,” Snow White begged, “now taste that clit. It’s the sweetest I’ve ever known.”

The Huntswoman removed her finger from Snow White, and with the princess still face down in the meadow began to lick her pussy from behind, letting her tongue linger on the Princess’s throbbing clit. The Huntswoman groaned in ecstasy, realizing the princess was not wrong when she said her pussy was sweet, and ate fervently.

“Yes, oh yes, Huntswoman!” Snow White screamed into the ground, “lick that clit, lick it just like that, oh I love it from behind so much!” Snow White shook violently as the Huntswoman gave herself another orgasm and they fell down in the grass. Snow White rolled over on top of the Huntswoman, kissing her gratefully.

“Is that good enough to end your dry spell?” Snow White asked the Huntswoman, who, now coming down from her orgasmic high, realized what she still had left to do.

“Snow White, I mean, princess, uh,” the Huntswoman stammered.

“What is it?” Snow White asked with concern.

The Huntswoman leapt to her feet and handed Snow White her clothes.

“Here,” she said, helping Snow White get dressed, “you must go. Your stepmother told me to take you out here to kill you, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why, but she is crazy and you must run and hide somewhere safe.”

Snow White looked terrified and didn’t understand what was happening but knew that the urgency in the Huntswoman’s voice meant that she was telling the horrible truth. She started to run, but turned back.

“But what about you, Huntswoman?” she cried. “If she wants me dead, then surely something terrible awaits you if you don’t complete your task.”

The Huntswoman was touched by Snow White’s compassion.

“Don’t worry about me princess, just be safe,” the Huntswoman said, putting on her clothes, “now run!”

And Snow White departed into the woods.

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