Slow Dancer


Who is this persistent bastard dancing with her? He seems to be getting more and more bold, feeling the rhythm of the music. How will he fare? Will he make it through the song? He fears that at the music’s conclusion he will just retire back to nurse his beer wishing instead that he could come up behind her and wrap his arms tightly around her startling her with his boldness.

As the music winds down, he imagines how she would turn to find his deep kiss waiting to mingle with hers. He desperately wants to just caress the silky texture of her skin and trace her outline against his palms. His heart races as he imagines his hands cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples. He is transfixed by their shape and texture pressed against his chest as the final notes resonate in the room. And before he releases her and retires to his half empty long neck, he tries to imagine her reaction when she felt his growing hardness against her sex during the dance. Did she feel its erotic heat? Did it make her wet with excitement?

As he separates from her and his hand slips down the small of her back he imagines how much he would like for his fingers to continue their journey under her panties; to be able to hold her close to him as she turns back into him with her arms tightly around his neck and her mouth locked over his in a deep, deep lingering kiss.

Then he is broken from his reverie as the bartender calls out, “Last call!”

Taking Charge

When she sat back down after the dance, she was a little disappointed that he hadn’t made any attempt to engage her at all. She had to admit that she was interested, but at the music’s conclusion, he just smiled politely and wandered back to his table. Either she was losing her touch, or he was really shy. She still felt pretty confident. In fact, she was quite sure that she still had enough going for her for those times she chose not to spend an evening alone, and the way her dress revealed just enough to catch his appreciative eye tonight, she was sure he wasn’t gay. So she settled on really shy, unless there was some dark secret that made him nervous about where his stroll across the dance floor might lead.

It wasn’t like her to come on so strongly to a new unknown. Yet as soon as he entered the bar, he caught her attention with his natural dark looks, and although the gray was beginning to lay its claim, he still retained a mature youthfulness. Sitting there with her unknowing friends, she spent most the evening trying to make eye contact and get his attention. She would give an acknowledging smile when he looked over to more blatantly letting her skirt ride up her thigh, but he never seemed to notice her. She had just about given up and started to look around for new prey when he startled her by coming over and finally asking her to dance.

Initially, it was such a relief that she had decided to wait. It felt so natural in his arms. His breath against the side of her head was the perfect mixture of Dentine and whatever beer he was sharing the evening with. She especially liked the way her body molded to his, and the way his cock felt pushed up against her sex. Was she too obvious grinding up against it when she felt it stirring against her? She felt really nasty, but fuck it. She was feeling really horny tonight.

However, the bartender just made his last call as he left her on the floor and headed back to his table. Unless she took the initiative, the only company she would share tonight was with her 10″ toy with the two fresh batteries, and tonight she felt like having more intimacy. Tonight she wanted to feel the strength of two arms drawing her close to him as his lips searched hungrily for hers; she wanted to feel a full, hard cock pushing to enter between her open and welcoming thighs, filling her with a heat and satisfaction that her toy couldn’t.

Without further thought, and to the surprise of her friends as they were preparing to leave, she motioned to the bartender for another cool one and another refill for whatever the mysterious dancer was drinking. Then she just told her friends to go on, that she planned to stay a bit longer tonight. They chuckled unbelievably as they followed her gaze over to the where he was sitting, but then again, nothing was unbelievable with her of late. One friend just squeezed her shoulder as she left and reminded her to be safe.


He was about to leave when the fresh beer was delivered. He started to protest until the bartender motioned to her several tables over. Stunned! Simply stunned! Who was this attractive woman that had shared a dance and now wanted to share a beer? Taking the cold bottle by its long neck, he started the journey over to her, noticing her friends were leaving as he approached. He knew what this could mean and was torn by both the possibilities and consequences. Was he ready for this? Was she? Shit! Just go talk to her. Easy to say when he knew what he’d really like was to have sex with her.


As he headed to her table, there were so many conflicting emotions crashing Yozgat Escort about his head, not the least of which was that he was married. Sure the romance and passion between he and his wife had long since vanished, but their relationship was, for the most part, platonic and respectful. Actually, they had been celibate for more years than either could recall or would be willing to admit. Their interests just seemed to go in two completely different and incompatible directions, and eroticism and being sexy evaporated over time. But the fact remained that he was married, and he wasn’t about to be dishonest with anyone who showed interest in more than a simple drink and conversation. He wouldn’t keep that information from her and decided to be forthright with her.

Lately he found that he was so preoccupied with thoughts of passionate and uninhibited sex that he felt more like a sex crazed teenager than the successful professional he had become. There were many fantasies of indiscretion over the years, and even some very tempting offers. It’s just that the timing never seemed appropriate or that it was always too risky, but even during this sexual drought, his craving for romance, sex, and passion had never diminished. In fact, it was probably more pronounced now.

To date he had not swayed from his wedding vows, well at least physically. Besides, the guilt-meter would always soar into the red zone whenever there were opportunities. Mostly the guilt was with regard for his daughter who meant so much to him. He never wanted to do anything that would jeopardize all the trust they had built together. However, she was out of college and married now, and more than ever, he felt the emptiness and craving flooding back over him.

Work projects frequently took him to where evenings were spent in lonely motels. So on this warm and muggy summer evening, it was just another night on the road when he decided to stop in for a beer and listen to the music. It was a place he had heard his younger employees discuss together – nice atmosphere, good music (actually mature rock), low-key dancing, and plenty of variety at the bar – plus they said the food was pretty good as well. It all sounded nice, and since he was in the neighborhood, he thought he’d check it out. He really didn’t plan for anything to happen. Those fantasies were a thing of the past. Although he still held out hope, he had long since given up on such a serendipitous occurrence. He didn’t even plan to dance. He would just nurse a beer and enjoy the music.

He found the place easily enough, and it was actually quite nice. The lighting wasn’t too bright or flashy, nor was it too dark. He glanced around, and after finding a table and letting the music and beer wash over him, he was suddenly struck by the sexy, mature looking woman several tables away. She also seemed to be enjoying the music sitting there with some friends.

He told himself that he really must be feeling horny tonight because it almost appeared as if she were flirting a bit with him. It was embarrassing, and he shook his head and smiled at his imagination. He must be reading far too many erotic fuck stories these days. He couldn’t imagine this woman coming on to him. She appeared far too classy. However, as much as he tried to ignore the impulse to look, he was transfixed with her and just found himself stealing little glances of her – especially when her dress would run a bit up her shapely thigh. In fact, he was totally consumed with her image there across the room. It was getting to the point where he found that he just couldn’t shake the urge to go ask her to dance. When he realized he was no longer paying any attention to the music he had come to hear, he knew he would have to sate his curiosity. He also knew that it was getting late and that he’d either have to shit or get off the pot.

It seemed like such a long walk over to her table. It was probably because he had hesitated on his journey so many times. Yet, even though she seemed surprised when he had asked her to dance, there appeared to be a twinkle in her eye as she readily emerged from her chair and accepted. It was so natural the way she took him by the hand and led him out on the floor. Just this little gesture caused him to feel a little excitement stir down in his pants. He angrily shook it off and decided to follow her lead.

She had this sexy little black dress that was cut in a way that gave a wonderful view of her cleavage and black bra. He could only imagine how her breasts would feel cupped in his palms (stirring in his pants again). He had already admired how the dress really showed off her lovely thigh when she turned, as she did earlier, a certain way in her chair. Her look was a simple elegance to him.

As they reached the dance floor, he realized he had been so consumed with the act of asking her to dance that he didn’t even know what music was playing. Thankfully, it was an old Jackson Brown song that was sort of slow, but there were also some couples dancing apart to the more rhythmic beat underneath. Yozgat Escort Bayan He assumed they would dance apart but would leave the choice to her. He was very pleasantly surprised when she turned into him and wrapped her arms around him.

It felt wonderful to be in a woman’s embrace again that was more than a polite greeting. He inhaled the fragrance of her perfume and hair and was dizzy with its intoxicating allure. Now he really felt his cock begin to stir, and it almost felt as if she were encouraging him. He was embarrassed, but it sure felt nice.

He knew he must be reading too much into this and that she was probably disgusted with his blatant horniness so close to the surface and up against her. He even felt himself blushing a bit and stirring even more as he let a little fantasy unfold in his mind as he let the slow dance embrace consume him. Lost in his thoughts at music’s end, his palm just naturally slid from that wonderful area in the small of her back and settled to where he could feel the elastic of her panties and to where he imagined his finger tips sliding beneath to explore the wetness of her sex.

He was getting so obviously hard that he realize he should just thank her and duck away and get the hell out of here before he became the laughing stock of her and her friends. Besides, the bartender’s last call reminded him that it was getting late, and he had a big presentation tomorrow. Yet as things turned out, he was now crossing the room to meet her with a beer in his hand that she had just bought for him. It was all too much to comprehend, and he was sure after she found out his marital status, they would each finish their beers and head their separate directions.


Here he came across the room. She congratulated herself on her quick thinking. She was very excited about the possibilities and could feel the moist excitement in her panties as she thought of all the possibilities. However, now that rubber was about to hit the proverbial road, she knew that there was more to share with him than just the cold beer and perhaps (wishful thinking) some hot and passionate lovemaking.


She was about to abandon any thought of him coming over when she spotted him beginning to venture over in their direction. She couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a little tentative as he journeyed over. In fact, he looked like she did six months ago when her friends took her here for the very first time. God she was scared that night. She was scared but also curious and aroused. She convinced herself that she would have a drink or two and enjoy the company of her friends. Then someone asked her to dance for the first time, and it was a slow dance. Her friends urged her out, and emboldened by her drinks, she accepted.

It felt very nice in his arms. It had been so long since a man held her like that — like she was special. Still, it was all so overwhelming — so long and the whole dilemma of what about after the dance and after the small talk. What could actually happen tonight if she let it? What did she want to happen tonight? Could she even be with another man any longer? Did she want to go be with another man tonight? She wasn’t sure if the nervous sweat or the wetness between her legs was more embarrassing right now, so she simply wrapped herself more tightly into this strangers embrace and whispered to him how nice this felt.

Although nothing extraordinary, it just felt so great to have a man’s cock inside her again, but after that first night with her lucky dancer (and much to his disappointment), she knew there were no seconds for him. More than that (and the real stroke of luck for this unwitting partner), she realized that she was a still great lay and could really please her partner, but from now on, she was going be more selective. She was not going to ever be that easy again. She knew she wanted more…………….well, at least until this evening when her path crossed that of this new and mysterious slow dancer. But would she come clean with him?

Even now, she hated that part of flirting game — the part where she knew she should fess up. But how could someone who hadn’t experienced her loneliness know what it was like to live without passion; without romance; without intimacy; without getting laid? How could anyone have prevailed as long as she had? Yeah, there was the investment of all that time, but before any more elapsed, it was going to be her time. She was going to rediscover passion before age completely caught up with her and she lost her allure. That was just six months ago. That was when she decided to move out on her own. With no idea of where to begin, she just did it (so unlike her). She just left a long and unsatisfying marriage and all that “security” that goes with it.


“Thanks for the beer. I didn’t think my dancing would rate any prizes.” (Mmmmm, nice voice.)

“It wasn’t your dancing.” Sometimes she surprised even herself with what would pop out of her mouth, and Escort Yozgat she saw him blush realizing they were both thinking of the hard on she’d given him.

“It was for record time getting off the dance floor,” she smiled, recovering slightly.

She listened as he started to stammer some excuse and considered letting him sweat a bit. In the end, she smiled and brushed aside his nervousness by simply cutting him off with a motion to sit and join her.


“So who are you mystery man?”

“Just a lonely guy looking for a place to have a beer and listen to some music.”

“Anything else?”

“I got my beer, thank you. I think I may have also found a bit more than I was anticipating.”

“I’m hoping that I may be getting more than I’m anticipating as well.” (leaving him really blushing now)

“Well there’s no more dancing tonight. Our options here are limited once we finish these drinks,” he offered. “Any suggestions?”

“Yes. I don’t live far from here, and if you don’t think I’m sounding too forward, we could go have a drink at my place. Who knows what we might learn about one another.”

(Tentative nervousness) “Look……ummmmm…………….Hey, I don’t even know your name.”


“Hi, Eve. I’m Craig, and I have to say that there’s nothing more I’d love than to go back to your place and have a drink. I find you very attractive and fascinating. I would love to get to know you better. I just have to tell you though before we go too far with this that I’m married.”

(Surprised but still intrigued by this guy) “And how far is ‘too far?’ Are you’re asking if that’s a problem for me? Will coming over to my place be a problem for you?”

“Yes. I don’t want you to feel that I’ve not been up front with you. As I said, I’m just a lonely guy looking for a place to have a beer.”

“And now that you have your beer?”

“I’m still lonely.”

(Impressed with his honesty) “Tell you what, Craig. Let’s go have that drink, and maybe I’ll share a few dark secrets with you as well. Anyway, as John Lennon said to Cynthia after they first met when she questioned his intentions, ‘I just asked if you for a date. I didn’t ask you to marry me.’ Well, Craig. I just asked you for a drink. I didn’t offer to have sex with you” (wicked smile and exit to parking lot).

(Sigh, and to himself after downing his beer and following her out the door) “Great. Let’s go have that drink.”

No Doubts

The muggy Northwest night smacked her square in the face as she walked outside, and it appeared to be on the verge of rain. Fuck! What was she doing? She scolded herself for doing exactly what she said she would never do again. Admittedly, the pickings had been really thin. Yes, she was feeling really horny, but still, she had been so careful after that first time — even exchanging business cards to leave for someone to find in case there was any foul play. She had gotten very selective. There was only one other since that first night, and that too was short-lived.

She was really pissed at herself for leading this guy on. Sure, there was something attractive and mysterious about him, but that didn’t mean she had to take him to her place. Shit! Worse still, he’s married! I’m still married! He may be some kind of serial killer. God! How did she always let herself get into these positions?

Perhaps he’ll just hang back at the bar and decide not to follow. No. Here he comes up behind. Shit! OK. One drink, and he’s out — at least for tonight.

“Eve. Hold up a minute.”

God, she liked his voice. No! Be resolute!

“Look, this is moving pretty fast, and I’m not very good at this sort of thing. In fact, it is all brand new for me. I’m scared shitless.”

“Are you saying that you would you rather not come back to my place?”

“Yes……….No. There is nothing more I want than to go back with you. I just don’t trust myself right now. I could just lose myself in your wonderful smile and probing eyes. I am not sure where this may lead, and I don’t know what I have, if anything, to offer in return.”

“What do you want right now, Craig?”

“I would love to kiss you, Eve.”

It was starting to drizzle, but she completely melted. Who is this slow dancing man so forthright and honest with her? She looked deeply into his intense eyes and smiled. Then reaching up behind his neck, she guided his lips to hers. They were full and soft and met hers with a gentle and searching intimacy. There was no sense of urgency to his kiss as much as tenderness. She opened her mouth slightly to let his tongue find hers, and as they connected, he instinctively drew her closer to him. She wrapped her other arm around his shoulder and let her breasts slide up his firmly against his chest. She ran the fingers of her other hand along his neck and through his hair.

She was lost in this tender moment and no longer was second-guessing herself. She wanted this man to make love to her tonight. She wanted to feel his fingers and tongue explore her whole naked body. She wanted him to suck and nibble at her breasts. She would anticipate him tasting her wet sex and sending her over the edge. She wanted to take him between her thighs and feel his cock fully inside her. She wanted to feel him cum with her as she wrapped her legs tightly about him.

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