Katie slammed the car door behind her as she stepped out into the dark cool air. It was autumn and the air had the smell of winter lingering in it. She felt a brisk breeze brush against her stockings and slide seductively up the inside of her legs. She let herself pause for a moment to enjoy the feeling and try to calm the nerves in her stomach. Her stomach was in knots, in fact, her stomach had been in knots for days. She hadn’t seen Patrick since the stockroom episode, but that didn’t stop her mind from re-playing the moments in that room step by step. She didn’t think a day had actually gone by in the last two weeks that the image of his head bending to suck on her nipple didn’t flash through her mind at some random moment. Sitting in the bathroom, getting ready to walk out the door at 5pm, standing in line for coffee, it didn’t matter what she was doing when it happened but it made her stop and catch her breath. She would feel her body instantly react to the image, her skin warming to the touch, her breath growing deep and then she swore she could almost feel his teeth actually graze over her nipple.

“Mmmm” she groaned out loud, her pussy starting to salivate as the image flashed again through her head. It made her pause right in her tracks and her nipples begin to tighten.

“Get control of your self girl!” she chided herself as she started walking again briskly towards the restaurant.

She was on her way to a ‘business dinner’, which translated meant that for the company’s dime her small team of twenty got to eat, drink and be merry for a few hours. They had all worked their asses off the last two months to complete a very tough deadline. It was a hard task, but they had accomplished it and it was time to be rewarded. The spirits were high, the booze was flowing and HR wasn’t invited. She knew that not only would she have to face him, to look into those amazing eyes, but she would have to speak to him as well, publicly and the thought was terrifying her. As well, there was alcohol involved, which made everyone more comfortable, more familiar than they actually were; suddenly everyone was your best friend.

She had taken her time dressing for the evening, going through different outfits, critiquing herself in the mirror. Everyone came right from work, so that didn’t give her opportunity to change into her favorite skin tight jeans and low cut blouse like she would have wanted to. She had still managed to make sure her work attire was sexy, she had left her jacket on most of the day – but she was taking it off when she got to the restaurant. Earlier that morning, as she was sliding her block stockings over the legs, she thought of his hot breath on her and started shivering as she pictured him licking her where she was touching – over her ankle, up the back of her thigh and up the curve of her round ass. She barely got the stockings on before she had her hand under them between her legs touching herself. The release came hard and fast, his name once again on her lips, but left her feeling unsatisfied afterward.

Walking Yalova Escort through the restaurant doors she caught a glimpse of her reflection. She had chosen a black suit. The skirt was short enough to notice and the slip went a little too deep, therefore revealing a pretty expansive area of her upper back thigh. Her shapely legs covered in stockings carried nicely down to a pair of 3 inch heels. The heels did their job and pushed her ass up high under her skirt. She removed her jacket and adjusted her black lace camisole that she had worn underneath, it fit her breasts like a glove, but was rough against her skin and seemed to tickle her nipples when she wore it, keeping them hard and alert.

When the waiter walked her into the room, she saw a group of twenty co-workers all mingling happily. Out of the side of her eye she caught sight of him, but did not turn to face him. Her breathing seemed to slow down and she felt her heart beating in her chest. It took all her concentration to not face him and keep her eyes in front of her. One of her friends spotted her and came over to say hello. As she made small talk, she could feel his eyes watching her, surely roaming over her body and taking in her attire.

“Wait for it …” she said to herself as she sat there making small talk and then slowly she allowed herself a brief glance to the left, their eyes met immediately. As they stared at each other, she instantly felt her body’s reaction begin. She couldn’t stop it and started wondering if he let off a chemical or something. Her nipples started to throb, wanting to feel his mouth on them again and she suddenly realized she had no control over her body when it came to Patrick. Her body had decided what it wanted way before her mind could grasp what was happening. Perhaps it was chemical, perhaps there was some Pheromone that his body omitted that made her skin tingle and her temperature rise whenever she saw him. It seemed possible to her, since her reaction felt so out of control. She just ached for him. All her pressure points started beating harder, she felt her blood pumping, her nipples were rock hard, her pussy was wet, she wondered if she could cum by just having him watch her.

“He wouldn’t even have to touch me” she realized shaking her head a little in disbelief.

The night progressed on and everyone enjoyed themselves eating and drinking socially. They had sat at different ends of the table, but their eyes kept finding their way back to each other. To calm her nerves, she found herself having more drinks than she normally would have. That combined with the four or five bites of food she had eaten, started warming her belly nicely and loosening her inhibitions. She saw him go outside to smoke with a small group of men and decided that a cigarette was exactly what she needed at that moment. As she joined them, she still stayed on the other side of the group from him, not trusting her body to be too close. She felt wanton and dirty, as her eyes kept falling to his crotch. She imagined his cock underneath Yalova Escort Bayan his pants. She wanted to put it in her mouth and taste it, she imagined drawing it deep into her throat and running her tongue along the bottom of it while she grasped the shaft and started sucking rhythmically. She almost let out a moan right then and there, luckily remembering quickly where she was, she stopped herself. She glanced up to his eyes and saw him watching her. They were filled with lust and humor and she was positive he could read her thoughts. She quickly extinguished the cigarette and turn around to flee inside.

The rest of the evening progressed smoothly, everyone laughing and growing more raucous as the booze flowed freely. Even though hours had passed, it seemed like time has flown when suddenly the restaurant staff starting sweeping and turning the chairs over around them. Most of their party had already excused themselves for the evening, and as they walked outside to enjoy the cold night air and another cigarette, only three of them remained. The outside air was colder than Katie had expected and the thin silk jacket of her suit barely could stop the shivers from coursing through her body. He noticed her shaking and slowly moved closer to her.

“Sorry” she laughed to the small group, her teeth chattering “I just can’t seem to warm up, anyone willing to share some body heat?” and she looked directly into his eyes. Patrick was immediately at her side and she eagerly pressed her body into his, standing at an angle to be able to talk to the other two people in their group. This setup allowed them the advantage of having one free arm that remained invisible to the people around them. Within seconds she felt his hand through his pants pocket start to stroke her leg. He then removed it and wrapped it along her lower back, slowly caressing her. She slowly traced a finger along his arm through his work shirt. She loved his arms, they were sturdy and strong, but she especially loved the area on the inside of his inner wrists. Perhaps because in their meetings at work, it was the only visible skin and she found herself sitting there staring at it intently so often. Right now she was lightly running her finger on that very spot, feeling the warmth of his skin and the roughness of his hair. It brought more shivers to her body.

“Damn, I’m cold” she said again. Then she felt his hand lightly touching the small of her back and slowing slipping under her shirt. He was very careful not to draw any attention to them, managing to keep up the small talk in the group while driving her crazy running his hand over her skin. She was so aroused her mind felt fuzzy, as if she was watching the scene from afar.

After the cigarette was over the other two members of their group said goodnight and they all started walking towards their cars. She had parked in the very back of the parking lot upon arriving. At the time she didn’t think much of it, but now she realized she had held out the hope that perhaps he would walk her to her car Escort Yalova later.

“Wow, you parked all the way back there” Patrick stated out loud, as their co-workers started to enter their cars.

“I’ll have to walk you to your car” he stated “it’s pretty dark out here” and they bid their co-workers goodnight and started walking slowly across the parking lot. They walked towards her car with a foot of space between them, waiting for the sound of car engines to start and then glancing over their shoulders as the last car pulled out.

Suddenly, they were alone. She reached over and grabbed his arm while walking the last few steps to her car with him and then turned to face him.

“Goodnight” she whispered as she looked up his eyes.

“Goodnight” he responded giving her a look that blew her away. They were alone, slightly buzzed; late at night in a dark parking lot, how did this happen? She said to herself as she looked up into his eyes … she shouldn’t. That was her last thought right before she reached for him, reached to kiss him, reached to touch him and as he reached for her. She couldn’t have stopped herself; it wasn’t possible to stop herself.

They gave themselves to a moment of freedom, both knowing that they were going their separate ways that night.

As their kisses deepened, they began to explore each other bodies and her own body reacted explosively. Her blood was pumping, her pussy on fire and her nipples so hard they hurt a little when he reached under her shirt to pinch them, which made a tremor run through her body. She loved the feeling of his hands, he had great hands and they felt rough against her skin. Passion built quickly and her pussy was quivering as she rubbed his cock through his pants and crushed her tits onto his chest.

“We’re giving a show to the cook staff” he joked as they saw a few cars from the back of the restaurant pull out. She knew it was time to go. She smiled slowly and turned around to open her car door, purposely allowing her round ass to come into direct contact with his rock hard cock that was pulling at his pants. As she backed up to open the door, she started to rub her ass back and forth over his cock. He moaned lightly in her ear as his arms wrapped around her and they started to sway back and forth together. She was on fire, but forced herself to walk towards her open car.

“Where you going?” he whispered hoarsely, reaching around to grab her under her shirt and pull her body back to his. She allowed herself a moment to relax and just feel, giving her body a little win; as she started to rock back onto his cock again she felt her clit contract and suddenly realized she was very close to cumming. That thought made her breath catch in her throat and she pulled away from him once more.

“Go” she thought to herself “go now!”

She kissed him one more time and then didn’t say another word as she quickly jumped into her car. He smiled at her knowingly and turned around and began to walk away. She sat there with the door open letting herself cool down. She took some deep calming breaths and then she glanced in the car’s rearview mirror. She saw she still wore a big stupid smile smeared across her face.

“You’ve got it bad” she said to herself, shaking her head, as she stopped smiling and grabbed for the door handle.


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