Skin in the Game


Author’s Note: The following story contains scenes of incest. All of the people involved are over the age of 18.


My name is Josh. I am 46 years old and married. I am 6’2″ tall, with short brown hair and brown eyes. I am physically fit and weigh around 220.

I am a musician and play guitar.

My BMF (Best Male Friend) Mario and I get together every Wednesday and play golf.

Mario is 20 years older than me and also married. We have a great friendship and live in the same subdivision together.

One day after playing golf he suggested that we go to this pub that he knows which is famous for having the best wings in the district. The name of the place is Vinnie’s.

We walk in Vinnie’s and the lighting is low and surrounded by big screen TV’s. The bar is a rectangle and 20 feet long by 8 feet wide. We grab a seat on the end of the bar and order a drink from the cute chunky blonde bartender.

Mario can really pound the beers and always orders Budweiser whereas I am more of a slow drinker and go for quality over quantity, so I drink Guinness if they have it on tap which they do. We order some wings and when they arrive they are piping hot and have great flavor too.

We eat and chat about life and the bartender’s shift ends and a new bartender comes on the scene. She is an older gal and we begin a nice rapport with her.

After a few hours, we pay our tab and tip really big and then we go home.

This becomes a regular thing for us every Wednesday.


After a month of doing this, we establish ourselves with these female bartenders to a point that they now know what we like to drink. We also are heavy tippers and being married we have established ourselves as being kind and friendly and not off-putting.

So one day, these 2 cute young women enter the bar. They are immediately carded by the bartender and the one gal needs to go home to get her id.

They sit a few chairs away from us and we don’t think much of it at the time.

Guys start hounding these young gals and they grow uncomfortable and end up moving beside my friend and I. I guess we looked safe to them?

Mario and I introduce ourselves to them and establish from the outset that we are married and not interested in anything more than a platonic friendship at best.

The brunette is fairly plain. She has brown eyes and is extremely petite at 52″ tall. She is pretty flat chested but has a good personality.

The other gal is this sassy, red headed blonde. She is in the military and works as an MP. Her rank is Sargent. She has blue eyes and is also very petite at 5’4″ tall. She has a very sexy body unlike her friend and a decent sized rack.

We get to talking with them and find out their names are Mackenzie and Jessie. Jessie is the sassy broad.

Mac’s boyfriend shows up a half hour later and we continue to drink with them. We offer to pay their tab for the night because that’s how we are, only to find out that they paid our tab instead.

It was very bizarre, and a first for us. But we took it in stride and said our goodbyes.

We both agreed that it was a fun evening and on the way home we conferred that even as cute as these gals were, it wouldn’t be worth the aggravation of jeopardizing our marriages with a roll in the hay with these gals. Not that it would happen anyway since they both had boyfriends and we were happily married men.


The following Wednesday, we went back to Vinnie’s and the place was dead. We ordered our beers and talked about the previous week’s encounter with those 2 cute females. We chalked it up to a one time thing.

The evening progressed and who comes walking in the door, but those two 23 year old females, only this time Jessie’s boyfriend was present and Mackenzie’s boyfriend was absent.

We established from the start that we were going to pay their tab. Jessie’s boyfriend was not happy about this until we established our intent. We got to know this young guy and by the end of the night, we had grandfathered him into our midst.

I was in the bathroom when Jessie and Mackenzie told my friend Mario, that we were the reason they decided to come back that evening.

We stayed longer than we usually do and left a huge tip and again went home and chalked up the night to another great outing, establishing that we had made some new friends.

And then things started to get interesting.


Mario and I went back to Vinnie’s the next Wednesday. We ordered some wings and had a few beers.

And who comes through the door an hour later?

You guessed it. Mackenzie and Jessie, only they were alone this time. Neither one had a boyfriend in tow.

They walked up to us all smiles and joined us at the bar and sat next to Mario. They ordered some drinks and a pizza and we had a great time together.

We chatted about life and Mario told stories that made us all laugh.

At one point, Jessie got up from her chair and moved to sit beside me which I thought was odd. The conversation continued and then I felt Jessie’s hand rest casually on my thigh.

I esat escort figured it was a friendly gesture and left it there. But after a few minutes, she sidled up closer to me. I bent my ear closer to her and she whispered, “I want to suck your dick.”

I looked at her and she raised her eyebrows and smiled at me.

“You can’t be serious.” I told her.

“I am.” She smiled sheepishly.

“But what about your boyfriend Daryl that we met last week? Won’t he be jealous?” I asked her.

“He doesn’t need to know. Nobody does.” She said casually.

“Have you sucked many dicks in your day?” I asked her.

“I have sucked a few.” She told me cheerfully.

“So, is this a fetish or something?” I asked.

“Kind of. I just really enjoy it.” She said excitedly.

“I told you that I’m married, right?” I replied.

“Uh-huh.” She smiled.

“So what do you get out of it if we do this?” I asked her.

“You mean besides a mouthful of your yummy cum?” She giggled.

“Yeah. Besides that.” I told her and starting to get aroused.

“The thrill of knowing that I could do it with a married guy.” She said excitedly.

“So the fact that I’m married excites you?” I asked.

“Very much so.” She told me.

“I tell you what, I’m intrigued so let’s go out to my car and talk about this some more.” I told her.

“Lead the way.” She said.

I leaned towards my friend Mario and said, “I’m going outside for a minute to talk with Jessie. I’ll be back shortly.”

I then got up and walked outside and Jessie joined me and followed me to my car. We got in the backseat together and the moment the doors closed she pounced on me.

I stopped her and held her at arms length.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” I told her.

She looked at me and cocked her head to the side, eying me in a questioning way.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked her.

“I think you are cute and the fact that you are married is such a turn on to me.” She said frankly.

“Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. But you know, I’ve never done anything like this before. And if I let your gorgeous self suck my 9 inch cock then I would be cheating on my wife.” I said.

Her mouth gaped open.

“You have a 9 inch dick?”

“Yeah, I do, but that’s beside the point.” I told her.

“Well what’s the point?” She asked smiling and began to remove her top followed by her bra revealing her large breasts and very erect and prominent nipples..

“Well the point is that, I am taking all the risk here. I will be cheating on my wife by letting you suck my cock and swallowing my cum. There’s no skin in the game for you.” I told her.

“I see, so what do you propose?” She asked sincerely.

“Well, for starters I’m going to video you. So put your bra and top back on. That’s it. I’m going to repeat my earlier questions and I want you to answer them again.” I told her.

“This won’t change anything Josh, but go ahead and do what you think you must.” She told me.

I took out my phone and selected the video function and hit the record button. I pointed my phone at her.

“So Jessie, why are we sitting in my car?” I asked her.

“I told you in the bar that I wanted to suck your dick.” She smiled.

“And why do you want to suck my dick?” I asked.

“I think you are cute. You are the strong silent type and I am really attracted to that quality in a guy.” She answered.

“Is your friend Mackenzie aware of what your intentions are with me?” I asked her.

“She is. I told her tonight before we got here that I was planning to get you to come out here and suck your dick.” She giggled.

“So what do you get out of this?” I asked her.

“You mean besides a mouthful of your yummy cum?” She asked smiling.

“Yeah, besides that.” I replied.

“I get to make a married guy compromise his morals and cheat on his wife. It’s thrilling for me and I am incredibly horny.” She told me.

“Does your boyfriend know that you want to suck my dick?” I asked her.

“No. He doesn’t.” She told me seriously.

“How do you think he would react if he found out that you did this with me?” I asked her.

“He would flip out. He’d be really pissed off at me. He might even break up with me.” She answered.

“By doing this video with me, you are running the risk of him finding out about this. You are adding some skin to the game. Is it worth the risk?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I think it is.” She replied.

“Why do you think that?” I asked her.

“Well for starters, I’m really horny.” She said.

“Show me. Take off your top and bra and show me your breasts.” I told her.

Jamie removed her shirt and bra and her large breasts spilled out. Her nipples were erect and pointing up.

“Play with your nipples. That’s it. Pluck them with your fingers. Does that make you wet?” I asked her.

“Uh-huh.” She answered.

“Show me. Take off your pants and panties and show me your pussy.” I told her.

“No Josh. That’s going a little too far.” She replied.

“I knew you etimesgut escort were full of shit. You have no skin in the game.” I told her.

She bit her lip and and said, “Fuck it.” And removed her pants and then her panties.

“Now lay back and pull your knees up and spread open your legs. That’s it. Now open your pussy lips with your fingers. Oh yeah, that’s hot. You have a really pretty looking pussy. A nice elongated clitoris and thick meaty lips and it’s pink inside. You like showing yourself to me don’t you?” I asked.

“I do. It’s a turn on.” She smiled.

“You are straight right?” I said.

“Yep.” She replied.

“Have you ever tasted your pussy before?” I told her.

“Hell no! That’s just gross!” She said peevishly.

“Okay, so in order for you to have some skin in the game too this is what I propose. I suggest that you suck my dick, but only after it has first been inside your pussy.” I smiled.

“What? That’s preposterous! I have never tasted myself before and you want me to suck your dick after it has been inside my pussy? Why do you want me to suck you after your dick after it is all slimy with my juices?” She said angrily.

“You need to do something that goes against your normal morals to convince me that you understand where I am coming from. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s your pussy. It’s not like I’m asking you to suck me after my dick has been inside another woman’s pussy.” I told the naked cutie.

“Hand me to camera. It’s my turn now.” She said.

I did as she asked.

“So do you really have a 9 inch dick?” She asked skeptically.

“Yeah, I do.” I told her.

“Well, can I see it?” She asked.

“What, you don’t believe me? Why would I tell you that I have a 9 inch dick and then not show it to you. You’re going to eventually see it anyway.” I told her.

“Good point. But show it to me anyway. It will be good incentive for me to do this crazy thing you asked.” She said coyly.

So I opened up my pants and pulled out my dick.

“Play with your nipples for me while I stroke my dick hard.” I told her.

She began to pluck her erect nipples while I stroked my dick and within 20 seconds, it was hard.

Jessie looked at my long thick dick. Her mouth opened in shock.

“Can I touch it?” She asked.

“You may.” I told her.

She reached over and wrapped her hand around my shaft.

Jessie began to stroke it up and down.

“I-I can’t believe it. It’s fucking HUGE! I can barely get my hand around it.” She blurted.

She moved in to lick it and I stopped her.

“You can only lick it if it has been inside your pussy first.” I told her.

“But then it will be wet with my slimy juices.” She groaned uneasily.

“Exactly.” I smiled.

“Please! Please let me suck it! Just a little bit. It’ll make me so fucking wet.” She begged.

I took the phone back and pointed it at her again.

“Why will it make you wet? Is your clit in your throat or something?” I asked her.

I reached in and tugged on her long thick nipples.

“Stop that, you’re turning me on.” She told me.

“I love your nipples Jessie and I love making you wet. My wife doesn’t allow me to play with her tits anymore and since she is in menopause, she doesn’t get wet anymore either.” I told her easily.

“Let me suck on your huge fucking prick Josh. Please!” She asked desperately.

“First you need to let me hold and play with your tits and nipples.” I told her.

“Okay.” She agreed and I gave her the phone again.

Jessie held the phone in front of her as I cupped her tits in my hands and played with her long nipples.

“Mmmm, that feels really good Josh.” She moaned.

“Yeah? Is it making you wet?” I asked.

“It is, dripping. My turn now. I want to suck your dick.” She told me desperately.

“Alright but just a little taste.” I told the cute woman and took the phone back and pointed it at her.

She attacked my cock and began to lick the shaft, making it wet with her mouth. She stroked my dick with 2 hands vigorously and looked up at it and saw a drop of precum spill out the hole on top. She quickly licked it off with her tongue tip and moaned, “Mmmm.”

Jessie had lust in her eyes as she sucked on my shaft.

“How much comes out when you orgasm?” She asked.

“A lot. Most guys only shoot about a tablespoon when they orgasm, but when I cum it is usually enough to fill a Dixie cup.” I told the woman with a delicious look on her face.

“No way! A Dixie cup? You measure it?” She asked curiously.

“I don’t, but if I had to guess it’s about 6 ounces of semen that spurts out.” I told her.

“I love that. I love eating the sperm from a guy. My boyfriend’s cum is thin and watery and he barely spurts 3 times before the rest dribbles out. I can’t wait to see your dick shoot. Tell me more.” She said in a sultry voice as she continued to stroke my cock and begin to take it in her mouth.

“Oh that feels good Jessie. I will begin to produce a lot of precum before the etlik escort real thing happens. Most women give up sucking me after a few minutes or get grossed out by the amount of slippery precum that my dick produces and stop, but I can see that that only makes you want to suck me more. Oh fuck that feels incredible.” I groan out loud.

“Wlech, lech, lech, lech.” She chokes on my big dick.

Her mouth comes off with a long strand of saliva that drips onto her big tits.

“I love this fucking dick. I could marry you just for this fucking cock alone. I love the taste of your precum and want to taste your sperm.” She groaned before taking my dick into her mouth again.

“Oh yeah baby. I’m gonna blast so much cum down your throat when I orgasm. My dick produces thick globs of sperm when it shoots. Most women are disgusted by its thickness and consistency and I wonder if you could be the one to embrace it and love it.” I tell her.

“I want it so bad. Feel how wet I am.” She says and slides my hand into her panties.

My fingers slide into her slit and between her wet folds. Her pussy is drenched in her juices. I remove my wet fingers and admire her glistening juices on my fingers.

“I love gloppy cum. I want to rub it all over my face and on my nipples.” She tells me and I push my wet fingers toward her mouth.

I begin to think that she might lick her juices from my wet fingers but then she turns away at the last second. She pushes my hand away.

“That’s enough for now Jessie. If we continued, I would be tempted to ejaculate a pint of my sperm down your throat. But we can’t do that until you take my hard cock inside your wet pussy first.” I told the disappointed young woman.

Tears dripped down her cheeks.

“I-I can’t believe you won’t let me suck you off. You don’t know what you’re missing Josh. Here I am worshipping your dick and you refuse me! Who does that?” She says sadly and puts panties and pants back on.

I stop the video and watch as she puts her bra back on and then her shirt.

We both get dressed and get out of my car and go back in the bar.

Jessie went up to Mackenzie and whispered something in her ear and they left without saying goodbye.

Mario’s eyes raised up and he asked what happened and I told him.

We paid our tab and left.

Back in the car, I show him the video and he just about loses his mind.

“I would not have been able to refuse that broad, McNuggets. You have some major self control.” Mario told me.

We talked on the drive back to our homes.

“She actually wanted to blow you in your car?” He asked incredulously.

“Yeah! Fucking wild right?” I told him.

“Hell yeah. But you probably did the right thing. Like you said she needed some skin in the game.” He told me.


The next two Wednesdays, we drank at Vinnie’s with no sign of either Mackenzie or Jessie. We thought that was the last we would see of them.

And then they showed up. Well Jessie did and handed me an envelope and then winked at me and smiled before she walked out.

I opened up the letter and read what it said.


Dear Josh,

I was pissed when you told me what I needed to do to get your cum in my mouth.

You have no idea how much I wanted to suck you off right then in the back seat of your car and drink your cum. You have the most beautiful dick that I have ever seen. It is perfectly thick and twice as long as any dick that I have ever held before. I love the veins as they pulsed in my mouth. I could just imagine the amount of cum that your dick would produce based on how much precum dribbled onto my tongue. I love your salty flavor and so looked forward to experiencing your orgasm. Thick globs of sperm shooting out. God that is so fucking hot to imagine!

You fucking videoed me. I have never been so turned on in my life.

I told Mackenzie what you wanted me to do and she was pissed. I told her that you videoed me and she blew a gasket too. I think she was even more mad than I was. I have never seen her so angry before.

You fucking men suck! I mean it. Here I was, horny, wet and sucking your dick and you turned me down? Who does that?

I spent the next week fuming about what you told me. I was pissed off the whole week. I couldn’t say a thing to Daryl about it either. Daryl and I had sex and I took control and fucked his dick off for 5 days straight. But it wasn’t enough!

I fucked him again and again and again. At first he was loving the attention I gave him but then he grew tired of it and even refused sex from me. So I masturbated instead.

I masturbated like crazy and made myself orgasm over and over and over again, until I passed out.

I was so fucking angry at you Josh.

And then…

I had a dream about you.

I was sucking your dick. I kept sucking it over and over and over again. Only when I awoke it was my boyfriend’s dick and not yours. I got on top of him and slid my wet pussy up and down his hard dick until it was good and wet. I then told him that I wanted to suck his wet dick and he grew angry with me.

“No Jess. No! That’s disgusting!” He told me.

But I persisted. I tried to do it anyway and he pushed me off of him.

“What the hell’s gotten into you? First you become this sex starved nymphomaniac and now you want to suck my dick after it’s been inside your wet pussy? This is some twisted shit.” He spat angrily.

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