Silent Love 2


Diane and Emma had spent the rest of the second day staring at each other and stealing touches when they could. But they had no real opportunity to be close until the afternoon of the third day. After lunch was their private time. Each person was to find a place on the island away from everyone else and spend the time in quiet reflection. Counselors would make rounds around the island checking on each one of the guests and would talk quietly if someone was troubled over something. As Diane made her way down a path with her mat tucked under her arm, she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around and saw Emma. Emma brought one finger up to her lips, telling Diane to keep quiet. She then shooed Diane on ahead of her. Diane smiled and turned back around to find a place along the trail. She saw a large spot ahead of her, a spot large enough for two mats. Diane knew that they were taking a risk, but she was willing to risk it if Emma was. Diane stepped off the path and laid her mat on the ground. Emma walked up to her, brought a finger up, and trailed it across Diane’s bottom lip. Diane let her tongue reach out and flick across the tip of Emma’s finger. “I’ll be right back. Don’t start without me,” Emma whispered to Diane. She stepped back Escort elvankent onto the path and found a spot further down the trail to leave her mat. She made her way back up the trail and found Diane lying on her side on her mat. Emma stepped closer and lay down beside Diane facing her. “No talking. We don’t want to get caught. Yesterday you got to watch. Today we get to touch.” Emma unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open just enough for Diane to see that she wore no bra. Emma reached out for Diane’s hand and pulled it up to her neck. She laid Diane’s palm against her skin and pulled her hand away to let Diane explore. Emma slid her hand up under Diane’s shirt and discovered she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Emma wrapped her hand around Diane’s ribs and lightly skimmed her fingers across her skin. Diane wiggled from Emma’s light touch but didn’t say a word. Emma slid her hands back down to the bottom of Diane’s shirt. She quickly released all of the buttons, exposing naked breasts to the cool air. Diane slid her hand down Emma’s neck and onto her chest. She laid one finger on a collarbone and ran her finger along its length. She moved to the other side but lowered her lips down and kissed along the collar bone. emek escort She let her tongue slide along the protruding bone until she reached Emma’s shoulder. Diane brought both hands up, laid them on Emma’s chest, and slid down slowly across her breasts. She stopped and used the palms of her hands and circled over the top of the hard nubs. She finally moved her hands down and caught both nipples between her fingers. She pinched her fingers together and rolled Emma’s nipples between them. She heard Emma’s quick breath and saw the desire rising in her eyes. Emma brought a finger up to Diane’s mouth and slipped it between her lips. Diane immediately started sucking, licking, and sliding up and down the length of Emma’s finger. Emma leaned forward and lowered her head down to Diane’s chest. She slowly let her tongue glide across one nipple, circling, teasing, and nipping at it until Diane’s breathing had increased. Emma finally wrapped her lips around Diane’s hard nipple and sucked it into her mouth. She kept sucking until her lips were wrapped around Diane’s areola. Emma pulled her head back and released her hold, letting all but the nipple slip from her mouth. Emma started sucking on Diane’s nipple like a baby, pulling eryaman escort bayan it between her lips over and over again. Diane managed to keep herself from moaning, but there was no controlling her ragged breathing. She kept Emma’s nipples trapped in between her fingers and pulled them away from Emma as she twisted them. She increased the pressure with her fingers and twisted them harder. She heard a small whimper from Emma, but the look on her face let Diane know it was a whimper of pleasure. When Emma pulled her head back away from Diane’s nipples, Diane used the opportunity to bend down and start tonguing one of Emma’s nipples. Diane’s tongue circled and flicked across the hard nub until it became even harder. Diane then wrapped her lips around it. She let her teeth bite down gently and started flicking back and forth across its tip. She heard a whispered curse word escape from Emma’s lips, but her hands were wrapped in Diane’s hair holding her close. Diane kissed across Emma’s chest and started lavishing her other nipple. Tongue, lips, and teeth, she used them all on Emma’s nipple until Emma was panting and squirming beneath her. Diane slid a hand down Emma’s stomach and pelvis and into the loose shorts that Emma was wearing. She slipped her hand underneath her panties and found a fountain of fluid between Emma’s shaking legs. Diane laid her hand flat against Emma’s mound and slid her entire hand down and through the wetness that leaked from Emma’s core. Diane took her time and explored all of Emma’s pussy with her fingers.

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