Side Jobs – Maria and the Permit Problem


Many jobs, particularly renovations, require permits from the city or municipality and inspections at different stages of the job. As the contractor, I deal with the permits and inspectors to ensure everything is in order and up to code. On occasion there can be a problem, such as a delay, an incorrect permit, or a change in the code that creates an issue with an inspector. Sometimes an inspector is just being difficult.This was one of those times…*****The basement renovation had been going well, the walls moved and the new suite with a washroom attached ready for drywall and finishing. I had been waiting for the inspector to confirm all was good and, after numerous delays and phone calls, I finally was able to confirm a meeting. I took the day off and arrived at the customer’s house at eleven, letting myself in with the key they provided, and waited. And waited. Just before one I got the call that the inspector was on the way and decided to sit on the steps outside and wait.The sun was hot and bearing down as the city-decaled SUV pulled up and parked on the street, the driver looking to confirm the address as I waved. After a few minutes, she finally came up the steps, dressed in jeans and a grey shirt with a safety vest and yellow hard hat. She was attractive, even in her work garb, with a curvy mom bod and a pretty face. My dick twitched with approval as I watched her walk up.”You look a little over-dressed for a quick basement inspection,” I commented.”Yeah, well, I was at a condo construction site,” she replied with a frown. “Now I had to come all the way over here instead of having lunch.””Let’s go inside,” I suggested. “A quick confirmation and then you can carry on with your day.”She paused and looked at the front window of the house, making a little note on her clipboard.”I don’t see the permit on the window,” she stated. “It has to be posted visibly.””I have it posted downstairs at the site of the work,” I replied. “For interior renovation.””Well, technically it should be on the window,” she snapped. “Interior or exterior.””All right, my bad,” I shrugged. “Would you like me to move it to the window?””Yes.””Okay, just give me a Ankara bayan escort minute,” I replied with a smile. “I want to make sure I comply.”I quickly went downstairs and retrieved the permit, put it on the window and taped it in place so it was clearly visible.”That good?” I asked as I returned outside.”Yes,” she answered as she put a check on her clipboard. “Now let’s go look inside.”I stopped her at the door and asked her to remove her boots. She frowned in response.”It’s the customer’s house, not a big construction site,” I pointed out. “Please take them off or put covers over them.”She rolled her eyes and sighed as she handed me the clipboard, kneeled down and untied her laces. As she looked up at me her eyes stopped at my crotch for a moment before rising up and meeting mine. My cock stirred slightly at the attention, as usual, and her glance told me she noticed. When she stood up she gave me a fake smile.”There, I took my boots off. Happy?””Yes, thank you,” I said with a smile. “I appreciate it.”Her fake smile eased into a real one as she reached for the clipboard back. I held the corner so that it took a few tugs for her to take it back, getting another sigh and eye-roll in reply.”Lighten up a little,” I said with a smile as I inspected her ID badge. “Maria. I’m J.”I put my hand out and after a moment she put hers in mine and shook it firmly. I lightened my grip first and slowly dragged my fingers over hers while holding eye contact. I watched her eyes soften slightly and one corner of her mouth lift slightly in a slight grin.”Sorry,” she apologized. “It’s been a very busy and stressful week so far. Between work, my kids, and my asshole husband I’m a little frazzled.””I get it,” I said with a nod. “Not easy to deal with all that.”I led her down the stairs to the basement, listening to her vent as I showed her around.”Yeah, always jumping from job to job, they never set up a good schedule in the same area, you know? My kids… they’re twelve and nine, both girls… well, they have school stuff and soccer, and that keeps me hopping… and since my lazy ass husband won’t do much all I do is Escort bayan Ankara run, run, run.””He doesn’t like to help out?” I asked.”Phft,” she grunted. “No, he was an ass before, even worse since we split up.””Oh, so you’re divorced?””Not yet. He’s still in the house for another month,” she replied with a sigh. “He was running around with a girl he works with, so we split up for a bit but then he moved back in. Guess she didn’t want his lazy ass after all and I was dumb enough to think things could work out.”I gave her a smile and looked her up and down as she stood in front of me.”Well, you won’t have a problem replacing him,” I said with a wink. “You’re a very attractive lady, and obviously smart and hard-working.”She smiled slightly, tucked some loose hair behind her ear and shuffled her feet slightly.”Thanks,” she said quietly. “It’s nice to be somewhat appreciated.””He should appreciate you, especially since you took him back in.””Yeah,” she shrugged. “I mean, it was just a quick fling and I didn’t really mind, to be honest. If he had talked to me about it we could have made an arrangement. It’s not like I haven’t thought about being with someone else and trying something different.””Maybe you should try someone new,” I suggested with a smile. “Show him that you can play that game better than he can. He must realize that you could have a man any day you want?”She giggled and shook her head.”Oh, I don’t know about that,” she said shyly. “I’m not exactly young anymore.””You look great,” I teased. “I think you’re very appealing, even while you’re wearing that hat.”She looked up at the brim of the hard hat and laughed.”Thanks.”We gazed at each other for a moment, the attraction building as we smiled at each other in silence. She dropped her head down and looked at the clipboard as she let out a little sigh.”Uh, now, what was I checking on?””The electrical has been passed, there’s the inspection sheet. You need to verify the plumbing and whatever else you look at to pass it so I can keep working.”She looked at the sheet, signed it and put some notes on her clipboard. As she moved around and checked Bayan escort Ankara the plumbing and walls she kept glancing at me, a small smile on her face each time our eyes met, and making sure to bend over instead of kneeling. The sight of her plump ass and teasing glances got my blood flowing to the awakened trouser snake in my jeans and I shifted slightly to give myself a little space as it began to grow.”Well,” she announced with a smile. “Everything I see looks goo…”Her eyes dropped to my crotch as she noticed the swelling bulge along my right thigh and she stood quietly with her pen in her mouth. A look of desire began to cross her face, adding to the sudden air of sexual energy filling the space around us and making me swell even more. The outline of my cock in my jeans expanded as she stared intently and I could see the flush at the base of her throat appear as she slipped the pen between her lips. I decided to take a chance and let my dick do the talking, so I reached down, undid the button on my jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper while her eyes stayed focused on my hands. My swelling cock popped out, suspended in mid-air as it continued to harden from her lusty gaze. Her eyes jumped to mine for a moment.”Would you like try someone new?” I asked as I stroked myself and smiled.”I… I think so,” she replied as she dropped the pen and clipboard to the floor and reached out with her hands.Her fingers grasped me gently and began moving along the thickening shaft as I stepped next to her, put my left arm around her waist and pulled her hip against my hip. I reached my right hand down and cupped her pussy, massaging my fingers into the denim as my other hand slipped under her arm and cupped her breast. She leaned her back against the wall, her shoulders pressing into the bare studs as my hand pressed and rubbed between her legs. Shallow breaths and light moans passed her pursed lips as her hand slowly stroked my fully erect cock, her eyes closed as her head lay back against the stud, and the hard hat dropped to the floor with a thud.I moved my middle finger up and rubbed around the top of her pussy, finding and stimulating her pleasure button through her jeans as she began bucking her hips. She shivered and let out a long moan as the orgasm crested, grabbing and holding my hand in place as she trembled. Her grip relaxed and I moved my hand away. She turned her face towards mine, opened her eyes and let out a deep sigh as she smiled.

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