Shuffle Up and Strip


I reach out and feel wetness. I start to stir. How good that feels on my fingers. Where is it coming from? My eyes fly open. You’re not there. You were there when I went to sleep. Have you left? Remembering the wet, I bring my fingers to my nose. Still wet, mmm, heavenly. I close my eyes and get lost in your scent. I remember what got us here.

Last night we played poker and you were the last one here. I thought that was odd as you are normally one of the first to go, but I will not complain.

“One last game before you leave?” I asked, knowing that if you were the last one here you weren’t going home.

“OK, Miss Mary, you’re on.”

“House rule is that if there are only two players we don’t play for money, we play for clothes.” I look deep in your eyes and see the passion waiting there.

“I agree to your rules, you know you’re not as good as I am.” You state, trying to be cool, but I know why you stayed and you know I know.

“Five card draw, two’s are wild. And just so you know if I win I’m keeping those panties!” I advise with a grin. You laugh and sit at the table.

“Shuffle up and deal!” is all you say. I laugh and deal the card. You don’t know that I have stacked the deck so that I’ll win. mecidiyeköy eskort I don’t normally cheat for my own benefit, but I want those panties more than you can imagine.

I pick up my hand and I have a two and two kings, three of a kind. You take two cards and so do I. Another king and an ace. Full House, aces and kings. I can’t believe that I am actually going to have you. You have no idea how long I have waited for this.

I lay out my cards, so excited that I think I have won and you just look at me and laugh, laying your cards over mine. You have four queens! How the hell did you win? You continue to laugh as you get up and walk around the table to me.

Sitting on my lap and starting to undo my shirt, you say, “I saw you stack the deck and I’ll be damned if you were going to beat me cheating. You can still keep the panties.” I reach up and grab the back of your head and pull your lips to mine, kissing you until neither of us can breathe. I can’t believe I am actually going to get to touch you.

I pick you up and carry you into my room, throwing you on the bed and stripping you as quickly as possible. I plan to make you scream my name and if I’m lucky, you’ll get me to scream yours.

My lips are on yours, zeytinburnu escort across your jaw to your earlobe, down your neck to the pulse that beats in your throat, across your collarbone sliding my tongue in the dip there. I move down to your right nipple, sucking, biting and then pulling with my teeth, moving to your left to repeat the pleasured torture. My lips are on your hips and over them to your bare mound, sliding my tongue deep inside you.

I spread your lips and hold them apart; making my tongue as flat as I can I start to slowly lick you from your puckered little hole all the way up to your clit. Again and again I run my tongue over you, dipping it into all the nooks and crannies, tasting as much of you as I possibly can. You’re getting so wet and your clit is so hard. I know that you are getting close. You start to rock your hips against me and moan.

“Are you ready, Baby? Do you want to cum for me?” I ask you.

“God, yes!”

I slide your clit in my mouth and suck slowly, sliding my tongue around in a circle, pulling back and flicking the tip with my tongue. Quickly, I start to flick the tip of your clit with my tongue, lashing at it as it stiffens between my lips. Your body starts goes taut and sultangazi escort your breathing is very erratic. I know you’re about to cum, so I pull back.

Once again, I ask, “Are you ready, Baby? Do you want to cum for me?”

You look at me glaringly and say, “I said yes. I want you to make me cum. What else to you want me to say?”

“Well, as long as you asked, I want you to scream my name when you cum. I want to know how good you feel and I want you to know who it is that makes you feel this good.” I reply. You reach down and grab the back of my head and pull me to your face, kissing me deeply.

“I want you to fuck me and make me cum just like you’ve done in all of your stories, and I promise that if you do that I will know that it is you, and I promise that if you don’t leave me speechless I will scream your name.”

I stay on top of you reaching down between us and sliding my fingers deep inside you, leaning down I whisper in your ear, “I can’t believe how hot and wet you are.”

“Please, I need you to make me cum.” you gasp in my ear. I start to move in and out of you faster and harder, bending down to take your left nipple between my teeth I bite down as hard as I can without drawing blood. Your body stiffens, and you cum all over my hand and wrist. You’ve stopped breathing.

I pull out of you and gently start to rub your clit with my fingers, whispering in your ear, “I did take your breath away, maybe you can scream my name this time.”

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