Shower Service

Big Tits

Taking my shoes off outside your door

Opening the door quietly

Listening to hear where you are.

I hear the shower and smile.

Tip toeing to the bathroom…heart in my throat

Slowly opening the door … hot steamy air pours out.

Closing door quietly behind me … I can see your profile in the shower.

Smiling, I take off my clothes and let them drop to the floor at my feet.

Opening the curtain

Your back is to me.

Your cute ass is facing me … I take one hand and run my fingers up the back of

your thigh.

Startled … you turn around … and say …” Nadine … what the hell … how did you?”

Then you notice I’m not wearing anything … your eyes move from my face … down to my tits … linger there for a minute … and then downward

I can see the look in your eyes change … your body tense.

I step up to the edge and into the shower with you.

You look down at me and smile … leaning your face into mine … you kiss me … your lips are soft and wet … your tongue touches mine, and you own me with a deep … lust-filled kiss …

My body getting wet from the hot shower … hard nipples rubbing against your chest … my legs against yours, feeling your cock against my belly.

I can see you’ve just gotten in and haven’t yet washed … I step back and get the soap … lather up my hands … you look at me … wanting to continue where we were.

But instead, I put my soapy hands on your shoulders … run them down your arms and back up.

Sending shivers down your spine

More soap … my hands on your chest … washing you and getting your nipples hard.

I look up at you and see your eyes darken.

More soap … my open hands running down your belly … making circles of soap and reaching around to grab your ass.

Squeezing it … massaging each cheek … enjoying the slippery feeling Van Escort of the soap

More soap … kneeling in front of you … your hard cock in my face … I start to drool.

But not just yet

Starting my hands at the top of your left thigh … enclosing it with both hands … running my hands slowly down your thigh … your knee … and your calf

More soap … hands enclosing on your right thigh … slowly down your thigh … your knee and calf.

Looking up at you again … your eyes are half closed … just enjoying the hot water beating on your shoulders and my hands washing you.

Squirting shampoo in my hand I stand up … your hard cock is now poking me in the belly … I am so wet … but want to take care of you.

I reach my hands up to your head … rest my arms on your shoulders and put the shampoo in your hair … how soft and fine it is … rubbing your head on the top with my fingertips … to the sides just above your ears and reaching around back so my body is now completely pressed against yours

You moan and tilt your head back to rinse it off.

Our bodies are so wet and soapy … sliding against each other.


I grab more soap … both hands completely lathered … one hand closes around your balls … the other … your cock.

Slowly stroking your cock

Watching your face

Squeezing your balls gently

Stroking you a little faster … the soap starts to bubble up.

I hear you breathing harder and groaning.

I step closer so your cock head is against my belly as I continue to stroke you.

Reaching up I lick the water off of your neck and graze you with my teeth.

Running my teeth down your neck to the top of your shoulder and biting you

My hand still on your cock … I can feel you growing more.

Stepping away and cupping water in my hands I rinse you off … starting on your Van Escort Bayan shoulders … running the hot water down your chest.

More water … rinsing off your belly.

And your legs … one at a time

Finally … running water over your cock to wash away all the bubbles I’ve made while stroking you.

Again … kneeling in front of you … I look at you and ask … “Sir, may I please?”

“May you please what?” is your response.

“Sir, may I please lick the water off your beautiful cock?”

Hearing me say that again turns your eyes a few shades darker … “Yes, Nadine, you may.”

Smiling, I lick my lips like a kid in a candy store.

I take hold of your cock and let the water droplets drip from the tip of your cock onto my tongue before touching my tongue to the head and licking it ever so slightly.

This almost tickles, and I hear you gasp.

I wrap my lips around the head and kiss your beautiful hard cock.

Sucking the water off and then pushing you all the way into my mouth … tilting my head to the side and breathing deeply

Mmm … my favorite snack … you

Sucking a little harder, I wrap my tongue around your shaft.

You put your hand in my hair and groan out loud.

I slide my hands around to your ass and pull you into my mouth further.

Now you start to move faster … fucking my face.

I can hear you sighing and moaning, and I don’t move … my desire is your pleasure.

Faster and harder you plunge into my mouth.



You pull out and tell me to stand up and turn around.

You move my legs apart with your feet and tell me to put my hands on the wall.

Your hands run from my shoulders down my back and grab my ass cheeks to spread them apart.

Your hand reaches between my legs and you feel the silky wetness between my legs.

Leaning against me you whisper Escort Van to me … “Mmm…what’s got you so wet darling?”

To which I simply say … “You, Sir”

“Good girl”

I smile against the cold tile.

You stick a finger inside me and feel how hot and wet I am for you.

Putting your hand around my belly, you pull my ass out towards you.

I feel your hard cock pushing against my pussy.

As you slowly enter me, I gasp … omg … that feels so good.

You stop … sitting there for a moment … feeling my tight pussy spasm around you.

“Ah, yes” you say … your voice floating around in my head … making me feel the wave of an orgasm build up.

Recognizing how I am reacting to you … feeling my pussy start to clench harder and harder … you know I am so close to cumming.

You reach around and pinch my nipples … making the wave I’m riding more intense.

You start fucking me hard and fast.

The sound of our wet bodies colliding becoming louder.

Faster and harder … I start to cry out…




I hear you say 10 …

That’s when I realize I have to wait, so we can cum together.

9 …

And I’m not going to make it.

8 …

You count a little faster.

7 …

Slamming yourself into my pussy with each number

6 …


5 …


4 …


3 …

Biting my neck

2 …

My legs start to shake, and I yell … yes yes yes!!

1 …

You push so deep into me … I can feel your hot cum exploding in me … my eyes close, and I am seeing stars … legs shaking … panting.

OMG … I can’t stand … cumming so hard.

You wrap your arm around my waist feeling my legs start to give out as I sit up

against you.

My entire body is rocking and shaking from cumming so hard … I can feel our hot cum dripping down my leg.

You ask if I’m ok … and I laugh … catching my breath … “Yes, honey, I’m very good.”

“Yes … you are … such a good girl.”

You turn me around … holding me up … kiss me and turn off the water.

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