Should’ve Known

Big Tits

Intros: I’m Ed Harriman, Sp5 married to Carol. We’re quartered in Enlisted Housing at Ft. Campbell, Ky. and its March of 1966. Officially known as Lee Village and more commonly referred to by residents, as Peyton Place, the reasons for which will become apparent as the story progresses.

We had just moved in following my having spent a wonderful 13 months in Southeast Asia. If there were such a thing as a “cushy” job in VietNam I guess I had one of them. Intel Analyst receiving all of those important tidbits coming in from the bush. We all know how well intel analysis went in Nam.

Back to the story. Carol and I were both 22 and due to Uncle Sam’s choice of duty assignments for me we, as yet, had no children. I still had 2 years left on my second enlistment so, this would be our final post.

We were in the midst of first day unpacking when there was a knock at our back door. “I’ll get it”, Carol yelled. When she opened the door, she was greeted by a woman holding a cup of sugar. I know, corny but that’s what she had!

“Hi, my name is Gwen. My husband Carl and I have the quarters across from you. I just wanted an excuse to meet our new neighbors and came up with this cup of sugar. Well, you might of needed one”, she laughed.

“Well, I just might need a cup! Please, come in. I’m Carol Harriman and my husband is Ed.”. As if on cue, around the corner I came. “Ed, this is our neighbor Gwen who was nice enough to bring over a cup of sugar.”

“Gwen, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too Ed. I was telling Carol that my husband Carl and I were your next door neighbors.”

Gwen was kind enough to invite us to dinner on the weedend which, being starved for friends, we gladly accepted. In the ensuing couple of days I met Carl and discovered to both of our delights that were we not only sports fans but also enjoyed a beer occasionally.

Friday night beşevler escort finally rolled around. Carl and I both got off duty at 1600 hrs so dinner was decided on for 6:00. It went well, a couple hours of small talk and a few brews, the girls went the wine route, ladies that they were. Regular GI talk, previous duty assignments etc. Carl and Gwen didn’t have kids either. About 10:30 we called it a night.

Over the next few weeks the friendship developed and we became closer and much more open with each other. The girls doing girl things while Carl and I spent our time watching sports on the tube and, of course, drinking. It was during one such evening that Carl broached a subject that would change all of our lives. We both had a few more brews than usual when he asked. “Ed, have you ever thought about doing another woman than Carol?”

“What? Of course not. Why, have you thought about someone besides Gwen”?

“Oh come on Ed, never thought about it? Never?”

“Ok, ok. Sure I have. I guess everyone does, human nature. What brings this up?”

“Tell me, what do you think of Gwen?”

“Gwen? Christ, Carl, what do you expect me to say?”

“You know, do you find her attractive?”

“Well, sure. I mean of course she is.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard was it?”

“No but I still don’t get it. Why ask?”

“Just curious. I think Carol’s kind of cute too.”

There I sat not knowing what the fuck to say. Talk about human nature, I immediately had a picture in my mind of Gwen spread out naked in front of me. A quick look at Carl and the smirk on his kisser told me he could tell just what I was thinking and was probably imagining Carol in a very similar position.

Upon finally recovering my wits and my voice, I smoothly stammered, “Fine, Gary, so, we’ve agreed on the fact that we find each büyükesat escort other’s wife attractive. Now what?”

There we sat, staring at each other like a matched set of morons. By then we both knew where we were headed but neither of us had the will nor the backbone to stop it. Our imaginations took off at a full gallop. The following is how the story, fueled by our sick fantasy progressed.

Well, here came along the following Saturday night and after the usual afternoon and early evening of TV, sports, drinking, dinner, drinking and then some added drinking. We all gathered in Carl and Gwen’s living room. unknown to me or my loving wife, Carl had already told Gwen about our sleazy discussion earlier in the week. The following my friends is what you’ve been waiting for low these many boring paragraphs.

We are had a pretty good buzz on and weren’t feeling much in the way of pain or discretion. As Carol and I looked on, Carl casually started to tenderly fondle Gwen’s large tits through her blouse. Carol’s mouth literally dropped open and I felt her tense up against me. I then slipped my arm across her shoulder.

“Hey guys, let’s all relax a little. We’re just friends here”. Carl offered.

“That’s right, friends”, I weakly added while subtly resting my hand on one oh Carol’s equally full tits. At this, she, of course, froze solid.

Carl now started to unbutton Gwen’s blouse revealing her lucious bra encased boobs. Carol hadn’t budged but her breathing had become much more noticeable. It helped her not one bit as I started to likewise unveil her treasures. This caused her to cover my uncovering with her hands. We were now at a serious point in the program. Carl had removed Gwen’s blouse and bra. Amazing! She looked so hot. I couldn’t help myself and began to get a hardon a fact not missed by çankaya escort Carol. Carl had a reaction of his own to all of this which Gwen was giving some attention to.

I, in the meantime, was attempting to complete the baring of my innocent wife’s tits. She was putting up much less of a fight by now as her attention was centered on the show across from us. The show now was centered on Gwen’s hands which had pulled Carl’s rather impressive cock from his pants and was massaging it lovingly while staring directly into Carol’s eyes. I wasted no time in taking advantage of her lack of attention to what I was doing and finished removing blouse and bra leaving her, as was Gwen, naked from the waist up.

To my pleasant surprise, Carol had begun to massage my large, but not as large as Carl’s cock. She proceeded to pull it out and stroke it as she watched Gwen’s loving ministrations to her husband. We all new where this was going and could hardly wait to get there. Gwen stood up, crossed over to us, took Carol by the hand and walked her back to Carl. When they got in front of him he stood and began stripping off in front of her. After he was naked he began to take off Carol’ slacks and panties to reveal her trimmed cunt. When he had them off, he gently pushed down on her shoulders. She resisted at first but slowly went to her knees. I was stunned. Sucking my cock was a rare treat but apparently Carl was about to be “treated”. I watched in amazement as he slowly slid his rigid cock into her open lips. There was my wife sucking hotly on another man’s cock and apparently enjoying it.

Needless to say, I was in a terrible state myself. Not to be outdone by Carol, Gwen approached me with a sexy smile on her pretty face. As she came closer she dropped her pants and undies revealing a nicely trimmed pussy. She drew close and kissed me wetly on the lips followed by a wonderful tongue dance. What was a poor boy to do?! I got out of my clothes as fast as I could. Before I knew it, I was receiving the best head, sorry Carol, that I had ever gotten. Carl and I had both left sizable deposits in our respective spouses mouths.

As wonderful as the evening had progressed, it left more to be done. The next chapter will even the score.

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