Shifting Gears Ch. 29-30


Chapter 29 — Margo’s Surprise

Deke and I were talking on the patio just before the caterers were going to start dinner. People were scattered around in clusters. I looked over at Margo wearing my dress. I liked the effect it had on her.

Margo dropped a cocktail napkin and then slowly bent over straight-legged to pick it up. As she bent, the back of the dress rose up over her cute butt, displaying her two cheeks, as well as her pussy. She finally caught the napkin in two fingers and slowly stood up again, allowing the back of the dress to drop so that only the bottoms of her two cheeks were exposed.

Deke fanned his face. “Holy shit. That’s my boss’s wife. I just saw all there was to see of her, or most of it.”

I laughed and poked at him. I did mention to her that there’d be a lot of nudity after dinner with attendant sexual couplings. You might want to get a piece of that.

Deke shook his head. “Stan is my boss. He has to sign-off on my flight proficiency and also any future upgrades plus salary increases. I think that if I tapped Margaret, I’d be shooting myself in the foot.”

“I’ll ask him… and her about that. Maybe the opposite is true; if you don’t make love to her, they’ll think you don’t like either of them and that puts your job in jeopardy.”

“Shit, Brie. You just made this a lose-lose situation for me.”

“I’m sure that it’s a win-win. Come on, let’s have dinner with them. They need to be included in this group more so they feel welcome.”

We sat at one of the outside tables that had been set up on the patio. There were eight people to a table and there were five tables. Even looking around, I saw a few other faces I didn’t recognize.

Our table consisted of Stan, Margo, Deke, Tara, little Allie — who’d dressed like a parochial schoolgirl, Todd, Kevin, and me — four women and four men. I made sure to sit next to Margo. Behind us at the next table were Sheri and Maryann.

We were promptly served some small salads by the caterers.

Margo asked, “Is it always a sit-down dinner like this?”

“No, this is new. I think this is Maryann’s touch to add some civilization to Jake’s sex parties. Many of them were bathing suit cookouts. I’m sure we’ll do that again, too. Monokinis to start with, but lots of those disappear shortly after arrival.”

Margo ruminated, “Sex parties. That just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Just what will happen? What should I expect? I’ve finally worked up the courage to ask you.”

“We’re well behaved. No one jumps you or violates whatever you think is proper etiquette about getting started. You’ll need to tell anybody that asks whether you accept their invitation to be together, and then whether you have any limits. The guys will ask if they want to do anal, or anything equivalently kinky. Mostly, it’s just sex with a new partner in various positions. Frequently, you’ll be asked if you want to swap partners with whomever is nearby. That’s fun to do, I might add.”

“And it’s just straight sex?”

I chuckled, “Depends on the man and your definition of ‘straight’. If you find yourself with our neighbor Brent or young Derek, Allie’s boyfriend, they just keep fucking and fucking and fucking, right through orgasm after orgasm, until you want to stop. You’ll be full of cum by then. They’re great. I don’t know how they can do what they do, but they can.

“Some of the other men are really into oral sex — before, during, and after your session with them. They love to eat pussy and are really good at it, and by good, I mean that they deliver you lots of orgasms. A few of the men will ask that you blow them. Everyone swallows, so if you don’t you might want to tell them up front so they know what to expect.”

The entrée got served — individual servings of beef wellington. The meat was so tender you could cut it with your fork. Later, I learned that Jake had the meat flown in from Argentina.

Margo asked, “After dinner, do people just stand up here and strip and then start fucking or whatever?”

I laughed. “I think we’re a little more subtle than that, especially tonight. We’ll give the caterers time to clear the tables and then a few will probably shed their clothing and go swimming. That will signal the others that it’s time to be clothing optional. After that, you’ll see couples and an occasional threesome form around the patio. If it’s too humid or hot outside for you, just ask your partner to take you to the living area and use a sofa.

“Margo, you can stay close to me all night if you wish. I won’t mind. I’m pretty slutty, so I’ll end up fucking five or six men. Things will usually slow to a stop when the guys run out of stamina or semen or whatever.”

“I forgot to ask, do the women do anything together?”

I grinned. “Sometimes — between rounds or on cleanup. Nothing is forced.”

Margo blushed, “I’m open to that idea — very open, and even hopeful.”

I gave Margo a broad smile.

Deke Escort got up to go to the bar and get refills for some of us. I quickly turned to Stan. “Deke is very worried about whether or not to make love to your wife. He believes if he does, his career is dead; and that if he doesn’t, you’d consider it a snub, and his career would be dead.”

Stan laughed. “I have one mission on the visit, and that is to fuck Skye. She’s been under my nose for almost a year, and I’m infatuated with her. Margaret knows. What Margaret wants to do — or Deke — is of no concern to me. Whether he does or doesn’t do anything with her doesn’t influence me one way or the other. What happens here, stays here in social terms.”

Stan thought for a moment and then said, “I hadn’t thought of the influence my position has on either Deke or Skye. I would guess she has similar thoughts and concerns. I don’t know what I can say to either of them that wouldn’t be seen as self-serving.”

I nodded. “Let me be your intermediary.”

Deke came back with a bar tray full of wine glasses and distributed them around the table. We went back to the earlier conversation about Caribbean resorts.

Immediately after dinner as the tables were cleared by the catering staff, I spoke to Skye and told her about Stan’s desires. She gave me a devilish grin and said, “At least we’re of the same mind about wanting to get together. I’ll take care of him.” She headed off in his direction.

Next, I caught Deke when he wasn’t near anybody and filled him in on my brief discussion with Stan — his boss. He seemed happy that his actions would have no bearing on his job and career success. Deke immediately headed back to Margo.

I liked playing the role of cupid and looked around to see how Tara was doing. She was talking with Todd, who she’d already hooked-up with in Denver, and with our friend Cord. I knew that either man would give her a great experience for part of the evening.

I joined Tara, figuring I’d take whichever man was ‘leftover’ from her selection. We could always swap midway through our round of lovemaking.

Tara gravitated towards Cord, a new man that she hadn’t yet been with. I took that as a cue to coyly start my seduction of Todd. He responded well to my overtures, and almost immediately I led the four of us to a couple of chaises.

Maryann came by us and told us that the caterers were ‘out of the way’ for the night. That was the ‘Go’ phrase that everyone needed. As she wended her way through the group and dinner tables, there was a flurry of activity as clothes were removed and some serious PDAs started.

Todd and I were naked in seconds, and I had his prong in my mouth. He was one of the men that relished my relatively new ability to deep throat someone, providing they weren’t the width of a beer can. I brought him to the edge, and then we traded places.

As Todd went down on me, I scanned the surrounding area. I spied Margo on another chaise not too far away with Deke ensconced between her legs with his tongue as deep in her middle-age pussy as he could get it. She was holding and guiding his head with a lustful look on her face. She obviously liked what was happening. My dress was draped over a nearby chair.

Margo rated the ‘cute’ label from me despite her age. It was just the expression on her face, the way her legs were poised, and the action of her hands. She was an innocent, and I had great sympathy for her. I could occasionally hear her moans or part of a remark made in passion to Deke.

Not too far away, but in view, Skye already had Stan’s cock inside her adorable little pussy. From my angle it was obvious that the carpet didn’t match the drapes; her blonde hair was swishing from side to side, and her nearly black pubic hair, carefully manicured into a heart, was twerking nicely or rising and sliding down Stan’s hard cock. He had a look of lust and love on his face. I trusted that nothing from the evening would adversely affect Stan’s marriage. From the look on both Stan and Margo’s faces, I thought there might be some enhancement to their relationship when all was said and done.

I peaked into a lovely orgasm, but because of the intensity I squirted somewhat unpredictably and drenched Todd with my female juices. He chuckled and then buried his cock in my sweet pussy. As he came closer so we could kiss, I licked as much of my juice from his face and neck as I could. He wasn’t at all that concerned, and told me that he rather liked the enhancement to our sex act. We both smelled like me in heat.

Todd finished with a grand flourish and I was very satisfied. We snuggled and kissed for a bit and then I saw that Deke and Margo were finishing up. I could tell that he wanted to move on, but didn’t want to leave her unattended. I kissed Todd good night, and went over.

“I’ll take over from here, Deke,” I told him. He looked relieved.

I leaned in a kissed Margo. She kissed back and even moaned into our Escort Bayan second kiss when I lengthened our romantic touch.

I bent down and sucked on each of Margo’s sweet tits, making her nipples electric and erect. She stroked my body encouragingly. I kissed further down her body until I was at her drippy quim. Deke’s mess was just starting to reveal its full extent.

I settled in between Margo’s side-spread legs, putting one over my shoulder, and went to town with my mouth and tongue. I lapped up the leaking semen, but then got into tasting and pleasuring the older woman.

Margo started to come unglued. Symbolically, parts of her flew off in different directions far into outer space. She really liked what I was doing, especially after I added two fingers and started using my thumb on her clit.

Margo came, and I was sure everyone at the party knew that, including her husband who was watching attentively from two chaises over with Skye under him in the missionary position. Since they were still going at it, I assumed that Stan was taking steps to lengthen their romantic encounter.

Margo followed my gaze to her husband. “I think Stan has wanted to fuck Skye since he met her over a year ago. I can see that the feeling is somewhat mutual.”

“Are you worried?”

Margo snickered. “Not a bit. If anything happens, it’ll be that we take Skye home with us and she becomes a family member. I want to see whether she and I have a resonance later. You’re teaching me a lot about how to make love to another woman. Maybe she and I… you know. Tonight is like a revolution inside me; everything is topsy-turvy. I know that a new ‘me’ is emerging from this.”

I thought back to the day before. I had seen Skye and Tara making love, and that surprised me. I thought that each of them hadn’t been approached by any males for a few minutes and had resorted to the nearest sex object, but maybe there was something deeper there for both of them. Tara and I had made love, why not a bisexual Skye and a bisexual Margo.

We watched Stan speed up as Skye wrapped her arms and legs around him and urged him to go deeper and faster with her body. Suddenly, they both froze in the paroxysms of their simultaneous orgasms. We could hear her moan in majestic joy.

I whispered to Margo. “Do you have the spunk to go over there and clean her up like I just did to you? Make love to her breasts, her lips and her pussy. Don’t leave a drop of your husband’s cum in her.”

Margo said, “I’ve never done anything with a woman until you just now.”

“Do to her what you’d want to have happen to you. Tell her you love her, too.”

Margo swung her legs off the chaise and studied Stan and Skye as they cuddled and kissed, and floated down from the skyrockets of their orgasms.

Margo shuffled over the ten or so feet to their chaise, and then lay down and wrapped her arms around her husband and Skye, with Skye sandwiched between them. I watched. Skye liked being wrapped. Margo kissed her shoulders and cheeks, and then as Skye turned, their lips met. The kisses got very hot, very rapidly.

Stan was surprised, but pleased with his wife’s behavior. He was right in there, also kissing Skye, but very aware of what Margo was doing.

Skye rolled over into Margo’s arms. Margo slid down so she could romance the younger woman’s breasts, and then did what I’d done and kissed down her body until she could nestle between her legs. She apparently was a fast study.

I watched as she inserted two fingers in Skye’s sodden vagina, and then she started licking, lapping, and sucking in all the fluids she could find. I saw her focus on Skye’s clitoris, too. Skye threw her head back in reaction to Margo touching just the right place in just the right way. Stan held her.

There were whispered words, but I couldn’t really tell what they were saying. Stan was contributing to whatever was said. I left them rather than gawk at what was happening.

Later, I saw Stan with Allie, fucking the ‘high school girl’ like crazy; Margo was with Owen — a union I’d suggested to Owen since I knew he’d treat her right; and Skye was fucking Luke. They were all on adjacent chaises on the patio, drawing arousal from each other. I even saw a few short swaps occur. Margo looked enthralled.

When that round had ended, I wasn’t that surprised to see Skye between Margo’s legs eating up Owen’s spend, and then even snowballing the sperm with her boss’s wife. Margo was taking to the wanton sex like a duck to water.

I thought about how I might have turned out like Margo if I hadn’t decided early in my life to pattern myself after Sheri and Maryann, and even enlisted their help. I’d have gotten into my late forties or fifties, like Margo, and then woken up to my need for lots of sex, romance, and relationships. Her good fortune was that Stan was right in there with her.

I had a short interlude with Jake, and also asked him about a threesome using one of his guest bedrooms. Bayan Escort I explained the details and he told me which room to put them in.

As Margo lay on another chaise recuperating from an energetic fuck with Sean, I went and sat with her. I motioned to Sean to get us some water, and he took the hint.

“Margo, I set it up with Jake for you, Stan, and Skye to spend the night in the first guest bedroom at the top of the stairs. What don’t the three of you disappear up there and make love again.”

Margo broke into a huge smile and then kissed me. “Brie, you are cupid personified. We will. I want to talk to you more and… sex. I want us to interact, too. I love everything that happened here. We’ll be back next month, for sure, but I want to talk to you tomorrow or soon.”

I told her that I’d eagerly await her call, and getting together with her, and anybody else she wanted to involve. I reminded her that I hadn’t gotten to fuck Stan yet, and wanted that honor sometime soon.

I watched Margo collect her threesome buddies, and off then went up the stairs. I went off in search of Tara. I didn’t want to lose my best client’s girlfriend.

Chapter 30 — Things Get Serious

I stood at the front of the posh conference room on the executive floor of PR Engineering Headquarters. Against one wall sat the rest of my ragtag consulting team: Sheri, Maryann, Todd, Kevin, Owen, and Dale. Tara was sitting with them taking notes for Tom, plus she’d also helped us put the presentation together.

Tom, the CEO, sat a few feet away in the nearest leather-bound barrel swivel chair. Across form him sat Herb Winters, the head of marketing, and probably the most important member of the executive team that we were trying to please. He was also the Number 2 man in the company to follow Tom.

We’d already screened the presentation with Herb, so nothing I’d said should have been a surprise. Tom had also helped put the presentation together, knowing his colleagues as he did. He wanted our recommendations to happen.

Our team of consultants, named Porter Consulting after my last name, had spent six months on the job and talked to the top four layers of management in the company, even going into the field to meet with some of their project leaders. PR had paid us over a million dollars to do this, although I hadn’t even had time to think about my relatively new riches. I just knew that I had a very large personal bank account as a result.

A thick notebook had been given to each of the ten executives with my presentation, an anonymized summary of the interviews, a benchmark study comparing PR Engineering with fourteen other worldwide engineering companies of comparable size, a statistical breakdown of the past twelve years of company business, and more. The final report was about two-hundred pages, plus the one-hundred annotated PowerPoint slides that were really dense in terms of content.

I looked out over the executive and said one word, “Questions?”

I had been talking at about the speed of machine gun for an hour. The men and women in the room had about two major ideas a minute dropped on them. Some were costly, but significant. They’d been prioritized. They’d also seen relevant samples of our recommendations where specific electronic, video, or print media was involved.

John Winston, the CFO of the company was sitting at the other end of the table from me and hence Tom and Herb. He stood up and started to applaud. Gradually, the other men at the table also stood and looked in my direction and then at my team, and applauded.

I thought, ‘Holy shit. They liked it.’ I gestured to my colleagues sitting against the wall.

Tom stood and wrapped his arm around me, and then invited the rest of Porter Consulting to come up to the front of the room. He got Tara to come up, too.

John spoke from the far end, “When this study started, I thought we might be throwing good money after a wild goose chase. I admit I was very wrong to think that. This is the best piece of outside help this firm has ever received. I congratulate all of you.”

The other managers nodded. I was blushing.

Herb said, “Much of this report falls in marketing’s lap. I plan to personally oversee the overhaul of our marketing efforts. Brie doesn’t know this yet, but she and her team are being asked right now to continue with us for at least the coming year to help bring their recommendations into fruition as rapidly as we can. I add my thanks to John’s and I know Tom is in agreement with this.”

Tom shook my hand. He said a few words of appreciation, and then the meeting adjourned. I was almost speechless.

Tom said, “I bet you didn’t expect that did you?”

I shook my head. “They bought all of it. I sure didn’t.”

“Yep. A small secret, not to take anything from your work, but Tara let it leak that I helped build the PowerPoint presentation. No one wanted to displease the boss, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t have voiced their concerns if they had any. Of course, I only did the two background slides on the company, but they don’t need to know that. Tara will correct any misconceptions in the coming week.” He laughed.

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