She’s My Best Friends Girl. pt 1, 2 and 3


Parts 1 and 2 are a re-post with slight revisions while part 3 is the newest. I did this because I was intent on publishing part 3 many months ago but I have been sidetracked.
I hope you enjoy this series, I left the end of part 3 with the intent on finishing up these stories in part 4.
Any comments are welcome.

She’s My Best Friends Girl, pt 1:

OK, a little background:
My name is David, I’m 27 yrs old single and I continue to play the field. My best friend is Brad he is also 27 yrs old and his wife is Cindy, she is 26.
Brad and I have known each other since high school so we go back at least 10 yrs and did the usual like hang out, drink, and chase girls. The girl chasing continued right on until about 5 yrs ago for Brad.
Brad was dating Cindy then he decided to make it permanent and they were married about 3 yrs ago. We both knew Cindy from high school when her and Brad dated off and on. They split a few times back in the day but kept in loose contact for a few years then it got cranked up again and led to marriage.
We all go back many years and know each other very well. I have went out with some of Cindy’s friends back in school and since then.
I had been dating Amy, a friend of Cindy’s, and we were serious until recently. We all get together at one house or the other or go out, etc but that has slowed down some especially since Cindy is pregnant.
Brad is a territorial manager and travels one week out of the month and Cindy works at a doctors office.
I do inside sales for an equipment and parts distributor.

I got a call Saturday around noon from Cindy. Brad is traveling and their air conditioner has quit and being July it didn’t take long to get miserable. They know my experience with these things and didn’t want to call just any repair contractor so she asked if I would mind checking it out.
We help each other all the time, that’s what friends are for so of course I head over there to see what I can do.

Let me describe Cindy, she is about 5’9″ and typically about 120 lbs with straight blond hair that reaches halfway down her back and she has crisp blue eyes and she has always been slender and lean. Oh yes, she is pretty. .
She is about 6 months pregnant now (and may be 130 lbs now) so her belly is rounded out, her breasts and ass have increased in size. Not in a bad way either because as far as I’m concerned she looks a bit better and more defined to me. She always kept in shape, not that she works out but she is just a naturally slender woman and she watches what she eats so it’s not like she has gained weight all over.
She is a slender woman with a rounded belly. She has fresh clear smooth skin and needs no make up.
Cindy answers the door and here she stands before me in her condition, drenched with sweat, a thin white top with small straps to hold it up and its clinging to her body, a pair of thin shorts and her long hair pulled back and fastened.

Given her features I don’t think a condition exists where she wouldn’t still look good.
“Thanks for coming”, she said.
“Not a problem”, I said .
I looked her up and down in a fashion like I was “checking her out” and I made sure she saw me doing it.
“I look a mess”, she said, putting one hand on her belly and the other wiping sweat from her brow.
“I think your HOT”, I said with a straight face.
“Your just being kind………. Oh DUH I got it”, she said rolling her eyes up and laughing.
We laughed then gave each other the obligatory hug.
“Please fix the air”, she said.

I went about diagnosing the problem, I was back and forth between the outside and inside unit. I traced the problem and began working when Cindy came around offering me something to drink. It was hot so it didn’t take long for me to be drenched in sweat and I was struggling to remove the motor given the tight conditions where it was placed.
She insisted I come to the kitchen and take a break.
She had a fan going so we sat at the table to cool off and I drank some tea. She expressed how much she appreciated me coming over and as her and I have done before when it comes to things lie this, she talked how Brad wasn’t very handy when it comes to things like this or even doing general things around the house when he was home.
It was true, he asked me to come over and fix a light, a switch, a door, or whatever.
As we sat at the table and talked she asked me if I could look at the ceiling fan in their bedroom because it was making a noise. Being the jokester I am I tried to lighten things up.

“Doesn’t the fan block the view from the mirrors you guys have on the ceiling”, I said with a smile.
“Well you would know since you would have been the one to install the mirrors”, she said.
“Nah, I put myself in a pinhole camera when I was in the attic a couple months back”, I said.
“Well you haven’t seen much action then”, she said.
“Don’t shit me, you don’t get pregnant by shaking hands”, I responded.
“Yeah, well maybe he doesn’t find me attractive anymore”, she said.
“Unless he turned gay and blind I don’t think so”, I said laughing.

She looked down and just shook her head slightly and my amusement stopped. Something was wrong and she had a hard time hiding it.
We all have always threw out the sexual inuendos and inquiries. I mean since we all have known each other there wasn’t a conversation that wasn’t laced with sexual overtures but I seemed to have hit a nerve but figured it was hormones or something, I know moods can change during pregnancy.
I asked if she was OK and I apologized if I crossed a line. She said it’s fine then simply said that her and Brad hadn’t been “close” lately. She still looked more away than at me as we continued to talk.
We finished our drinks and I went back to work on the air. Finally freeing the motor I took it to where I worked to find a replacement.
While I was on the way Brad called and I gave him the rundown of what happened and what I found and that I also found a small leak in their unit and I would fix that while I was there.
He expressed the usual gratitude and said he would be back tomorrow afternoon and we would get together at some point, etc.
I obtained what I needed and went back to their house to fix everything.
While I worked Cindy would come by with a drink for me and check how things were going. I certainly didn’t mind because I got to sneak in some looks at her. I’m the type that does plenty of looking, and wondering.
I mean if a woman is HOT she just is, doesn’t matter if she’s your friends wife, girlfriend or your own girlfriends sister or her friends or whatever.
I LOOK and wonder “what would it be like”, you know ?. Maybe your not supposed to look and think those things but I do and I suspect more do then don’t or they wouldn’t even admit it to themselves.
Cindy is very pretty and there is a hotness to SOME pregnant woman and she was one of them. Her pregnancy didn’t diminish her attractiveness and it even enhanced certain things.

I finished up the motor installation, repaired the leak and finally cranked it up and ran through the checks. I went to the kitchen to sit in front of the fan and let the unit run so I could make sure it would operate fine. Being evening and the work was done Cindy offered me a beer and after a little bit we could start to feel the house cooling down.
She was incredibly appreciative, saying I did a lot of work and she wanted to feed me so she ordered a pizza.
While waiting for the pizza we went into the bedroom to check out the ceiling fan and I found the blades were just a little loose.
While I was on the ladder tightening loose fan blades we began to joke around and the inuendos started up again.

“So where is the camera you installed”, she asked.
“Above your side of the bed”, I said.
“You wouldn’t want to look at me much lately”, she said.
I was finishing up the last of the blades and tightening a few other things and even replaced one of the light bulbs in the globe and I was about to come down the ladder.
“How much are we going to owe you”, she asked.
“Ah, we’ll just take it out in trade”, I said looking down at her while holding a laugh.
“Hell, I would be owing you”, she said. She feigned half a smile as she said that and looked straight out like she had something on her mind.

I have to admit, just the thought of it was getting me hard. I mean with all the inuendos thrown out among various people and groups there is always an element of want, need or desire in them. Hell, how naughty would that be anyway, your best friends wife, she’s pregnant and gorgeous, he is out of town…………… I mean they make movies on those woman’s channels about stuff like this.

The doorbell rang and we knew the pizza was here. She headed out to answer the door and I finished up, got my tools and put the ladder back in their garage and I cleaned up a bit in their washout sink since their laundry room is where you enter the garage.
I got back to the kitchen, she had the pizza on the table and another beer waiting for me.
“What were you doing out there”, she said.
“Oh, I was just changing the tape in the camera”, I said with a big smile.
She rolled her eyes and with a slight smile,
“you will be bored to tears”, she said.
“That’s what you think” I said.
We ate pizza and she seemed to be looking off in the distance and thinking. When she did start talking it was about her friend Amy, who I was in a relationship with until recently.
It had been a month since Amy and I split, well since Amy decided to split.
She said that her and Amy “talked” and she hoped I wouldn’t be mad about anything she shared and wondered if I was OK. I acknowledged that it was a tender subject for me but I told her I know woman talk and that since I treated Amy good and that she never had any complaints I knew about so whatever they shared it didn’t bother me.

“Well she isn’t going to make it long with the guy she’s with, but he’s “the bad boy”, said Cindy as she shook her head in wonder.
“I guess I’m just a nice guy, to nice huh”, I asked.
“There is nothing wrong with that, don’t change a thing, she knows what a wonderful guy your are”, she said.
“Yeah, a lot of good it’s done me, she still left me”, I said.

We talked about how all woman seem to want the bad boy then regret it afterwords and correlated that to how some men have strict criteria for the type of woman they want.
The conversation melded into how people are superficial and what is the basis for attraction and is love real………..the conversation became very philosophical.
Cindy said that Amy told her we had conversations like that but her and Brad didn’t and she wished they did. She also affirmed that Amy had NO complaints, in any department of our relationship.
I was washed with a flood of emotions as Cindy told me this. I sat there looking back on what once was along with the thought of rejection stemming from things that were just fine by most standards.
Cindy noticed the change in my face and tone, she could tell I was hurt and she apologized but she was actually hoping to make me feel better by telling me it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do, etc.

In an attempt to alleviate any guilt she may have for bringing up the subject I said, “It’s all right, I just think about it sometimes and I miss her and……things”. I glanced at her, figuring she would get what I was referring to.
It had been a month since I had sex so sitting here thinking of and talking about Amy made me long for “attention”.
The sexual inuendos can help confirm that you may still be wanted, needed, attractive, viril, sexy, etc.
I appreciated Cindy’s sensitivity and the confirmation that I did things right in my relationship with Amy.
These confirmations are not just a woman’s domain, we all need it.

Cindy looked at me, “I get what your saying, I understand BELIEVE ME”, she said.
“Things haven’t been good”, I asked.
“I don’t think he loves me anymore”, she said as her eyes watered.
I told her that was far from the truth and I assured her that Brad loves her and expressed how good of a person she is. I listed all her personality attributes.
She retorted that all those things are great and the way it should be but that it means nothing to Brad. She feels that the physical attributes seemed to be more important to him and that Brad hasn’t touched her since she just started to show and she feels he is repulsed by her.
I know how he is and I expect she certainly does as well since I know there is some validity to what she feels. Brad has always liked his woman slender from head to toe and he is very explicit in his criteria.
I wouldn’t admit it to Cindy rather I tried to allay her fears and talked about other aspects concerning Brad. She countered that she wouldn’t expect me to say anything different and that I was being a good friend by trying to back him up.
She laid out the list of girls and woman he dated and she was right, there was no variation in the type. He ALWAYS went with slender, blond, blue eyes and between 5’7″ and 5’9″.

On the other hand she listed all the girls and woman I went out with over the years and it was incredibly diverse in comparison. Be they tall, petite, blond, brunette, red head, slender, a little chunky, etc. She said either I was about the individual rather than hooked on one body type or I’m just not very discriminating and an opportunist.
I told her I find beauty in many female forms and my interest is in conjunction with their character. I am a typical red blooded guy as well but I’m not a hound dog either.
She said she knew that about me but had to throw jab at me but I did concede that opportunity is a somewhat of a factor but she knows I don’t just poke and run.

“I think Brad loves me but not ME”, she said she said jabbing a finger at her heart.
“Cindy, there are plenty of woman who fit the “criteria” but he married YOU”, I said trying to make a point.
“I know and your right but on the physical part I don’t fit the mold anymore and so I feel he doesn’t love me inside”, she said.
She was getting emotional and I was somewhat uncomfortable with her confiding in me. I didn’t know if she was spilling her guts in an attempt to have me validate her concerns or convince her she was wrong about it all. I thought to myself that I need to inject some levity into the situation and try to sway the conversation elsewhere.
“Cindy, I’m not a woman or a licensed bartender, you sure you want to discuss this with me”, I said with a smile.
She smiled and reached over and grab my hand and gave it a squeeze,
“Your a friend and I know how easy you are to talk to”, she said.
I looked down as she withdrew her hand. It felt good, she had soft hands plus I haven’t talked to anyone since Amy and I split and Cindy understood.
She knows me and she knows Amy but there is something to sitting in front of and talking with a pretty woman that just warms things up. I was thinking crazy things in my head right now. I am hurt, lonely, and horny. I don’t need to be in this state in this situation, I didn’t need this aggravation.

“We’re kind of in the same boat”, she said.
I nodded my head slightly to affirm what she said.
“I know it was more than that with you and Amy but…’s been awhile huh”, she asked.
I drew in a breath,
“Yeah”, I said while breathing out and and looking down at the table.
“Maybe we can help each other out”, she said.
My eyes immediately went from the table to her. She didn’t have a smile on her face rather she looked at me and shrugged her shoulder as to express “why not”.

I didn’t need this, I figured she would bust out laughing at any time but the continued silence along with the straight look on her face and my cock began to harden.
I had thoughts racing through my head as I tried to interpret what she meant by that. Perhaps she means we can help by talking to each other about our issues or that she wants me to talk with Brad and she talk to Amy.
I’m sure she doesn’t mean her and I, me and her, that we should…………… NAHHHHH.
I decided it was time to lighten things up again so a little inuendo as a retort would be appropriate given my nature, that way I don’t look stupid and presumptuous. Then I can get through this, go home and clean up then pound one off to clear my mind.

“MMM baby, what did you have in mind”, I said with a smile.
“SEX”, she said, still keeping that straight face.
“Your not serious”, I said as I continued my smile.
She kept her straight face and didn’t flinch. Either she had restraint she never had before when we joked around like this or she was dead serious. I was resigned to give in because the frustration was just to much for me.
“Alright, what do you mean sex, sex with who”, I asked with a smirk on my face instead of a smile.
“Each other”, she said, still no smile.
I just looked at her with the same smirk as I explored her eyes, what I saw made the smirk disappear. Her eyes had the look of seriousness. I still thought that either she is throwing my inuendos back at me to teach me a lesson or something but either way I was ready to concede defeat. My need was desperate and this wasn’t funny to me anymore.
I drew in a breath, let it out and shook my head slightly as I spoke,
“Cindy, don’t play with me like that”, I said.
“Look, I need to have sex BAD. Brad hasn’t so much as touched me in 3 months and I doubt he is going without”, she said.

I wanted to argue with her about whatever Brad may or may not be doing while at the same time I had empathy for her. I know Brad has his strict criteria but this is his wife and even though she is not the slender woman she was a few months back she is still a pretty and sensuous woman.
I sat there amazed and thought how could he keep his hands off of her.
I had thoughts in my head which I knew were driven by the lack of sex, the fact I always thought Cindy was HOT, that he is gone, that she needs it and to top it off this would be sooooo naughty and wrong.
I wanted to have sex with her, I wanted it really bad and here is the opportunity. I knew I had to restrain myself but there is only so much a guy can take given certain situations.
I didn’t want to do the wrong thing but I was so weak and overcome with desire, I needed to have my cock buried in a warm wet pussy and I was willing to justify anything to satisfy that need.
Still trying to remain calm and restrained I intended to ask her a series of questions to interpret her full desire and be ahead of any resulting fallout afterwords.

“You really want to do this”, I asked.
“Yes. It doesn’t have to mean anything, it can just be sex”, she said.

Now I have never been the one to just bang a woman and go nor have I been with a woman that is like that. The female body is like a work of art to me. Each one is different but share common elements that come together in may different forms and can be appreciated individually. I derive pleasure from exploring their bodies and when sex is between two people that really know each other then it seems to be more than just sex and this is a case in point. We have known each other a long time and as woman talk to each other about their “experiences” they have more information.
Cindy has talked with Amy and I bet she has shared certain details plus Cindy seems to be a bit of an opportunist as well. I imagine she is justifying things in her mind being that she is blind with need just as I am…………here I am justifying a wrong in my mind as I stared at her.

“So what do you say, help each other out”, she said, her eye brows raised in question.
“One condition….No regrets”, I said.
I wanted it to be true and hoped it would be true but the potential for regret is obviously HUGE, we knew it. By satisfying a mutual need and not getting “attached” then perhaps regret can be averted but it’s amazing what can flood into ones mind the instant after gratification.
We figured if we can hold on to the appreciation of satisfying each other and kept as a secret between friends then we could have a fond memory for years to come.

Without a word we each pushed back our chairs and stood up. I followed her to their guest bedroom. I walked through the door and stepped to the side of the bed and turned, she stood at the door looking at me then slowly closed it.
There was still plenty of daylight outside and with the window blind down and closed the room was still bathed in light that filtered through the slats. She walked to the window and pulled the drapes closed in an attempt to darken the room some.
She turned to look at me and said, “I’m a little modest”, as she put a hand on her stomach.
“You don’t need to be”, I said.
She smiled and looked down then walked to the other side of the bed, turned and sat on the edge.
“David, I really appreciate this”, she said.

I didn’t know how to respond I mean what do you say “no problem, it’s OK, think nothing of it”, WHAT ?.

I continued to stand and began to take my shirt off while she pulled her top off and removed her bra. I kept an eye on her to watch her movements to spot any hesitation that wasn’t the result of modesty in lieu of a sudden change of mind. I removed my pants but kept my boxers on “just in case”.
As she remained seated she turned her head slightly to look in my direction then she removed her shorts and panties in one motion without standing up.
“I’m shy”, she said.
“You don’t need to be”, I said.
She kept her back to me then turned her head and body enough to look back at me. Her eyes went from mine to my boxers then back to my eyes.
“Your shy”, she said.
“Nope”, I said as I pulled down my boxers while I bent over then stood back up.
Her eyes went wide as she looked at my cock,
“Oh my god”, she said.
We looked at each other for several more seconds then I said,
“you still want to do this”.

She nodded her head yes and I crawled up onto the middle of the bed and rested on my knees. She scooted back then laid down and turned on her side facing me and began to lean her head in towards me while reaching to grab my cock with her hand.
“You don’t have to do that”, I said.
“I want to”, she said.
I leaned over, moving my cock closer to her mouth and she took me in. She didn’t just take me in she eagerly sucked me into her mouth trying to take as much as she could. I supported myself on one arm as I leaned over her head while I took my other hand and grabbed her hair.
This caused her to take me in even more. She wanted me to force my cock into her mouth so I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her head onto me as I thrust my hips forward. She loved the fact that I was “forcing her” onto me, she wanted and needed to know that she could please.
There was no doubt she was pleasing me as I let out an,
OHHHHHHHH CINDY, IT FEELS GOOD, SUCK MY DICK. She was pent up with need and desire and she made little,
“mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm,” noises as she worked hard to take my dick.

After a few minutes I just began to get that feeling and I didn’t want to come, not yet anyway. I wanted her pussy, her married pregnant pussy. I wanted to get as deep in her as I possibly could. I eased the grip on her hair as a signal that I was ready to proceed.
She didn’t stop at all, I was in heaven from the pleasure she was giving me as well as me looking down and seeing her pretty face as my dick stretched her sweet mouth. Her eyes were closed and she had no plan to stop.
The cum started to rise towards it’s exit and my breathing picked up.
My eyes closed as I tried to concentrate on not cumming but my minds eye only contained the last thing I saw which was Cindy’s mouth stretched around my cock. I imagined the cum spurting into her mouth.

“UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, CINDY YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM BABY. She increased the suction and began to let her tongue glide along the bottom of my shaft.
I was resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going to stop. I grabbed her hair again and now concentrated on relieving my own pent up need.
The cum had risen all the way up my shaft and I felt precum leak out as I squeezed my muscles closed.

I let the pressure build as she continued to work. The more pressure that built the tighter I gripped her hair, the tighter my eyes closed.
I was at the bursting point,
“OHHHHHH”, I moaned out as I began to lean my head back and I squeezed my muscles even tighter. I couldn’t contain it anymore, I had to cum, I was about to cum in my best friends wifes sweet mouth. Her expert sucking, her sweet face, the wrongness of it all was more than I could take,
“I GOTTA CUUUUUM”, I roared.
I relaxed my muscles and let out a loud,
“UH”, as a small squirt splashed into her mouth. Behind that initial spurt came a sudden torrent of cum shooting from my dick, “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I painfully shouted out. That huge flow of cum hurt just a little as it shot out.
Now my cock muscles began to convulse as I moaned painful and relieving,
“UHHH, UHHH, UHHH, UHHH as stream after stream of boiling hot pent up cum shot from my peehole and into Cindy’s mouth.

Each time I shot into her mouth she moaned,
“MMM, MMM, MMM, MMM as she worked to swallow it all. I was almost in a trance as I just kept my grip on her hair with my eyes closed tight as she worked my shaft with her mouth. I snapped back to and released my grip when she pulled back and tongued my sensitive head.
She pulled off and with her hand wrapped around my cock she applied pressure to her thumb and ran it under my shaft and worked her hand up my cock in an attempt to extract the remainder.
As she pulled my dick a glob of sticky cum bubbled up from my peehole. She place her mouth over my head and sucked. She liked what she tasted as she loudly went,
“MMMMMMM”, as she extracted what was left.
I was looking down at her and as she finished she pulled off of my dick and looked at me. I stroked her hair and looked at her while shaking my head, she spoke first.

“I needed to do that and when we do it I want it to last”, she said.
I looked up and down her body as she laid there.
“Your not turned off by my stomach”, she asked.
NO, your beautiful”, I said.
She smiled big, rolled over and oriented her body to the length of the bed. I moved over and laid down next to her. She truly did look beautiful. I laid on my side behind her but not scooting my body up to hers, there was a little bit of space between us.
Not able to curb my natural tendencies I reached out and put my hand on her shoulder and ran down her arm and onto her side following the curve of her waist, hip and butt.
I almost anticipated her to recoil as I did this because she may interpret my affection as attachment. She was my friend, she was my best friends wife and I was not going to get attached but I do appreciate a woman’s body and to ignore them after a session is just not in my nature.
As I ran my hand along her butt, side and back she seemed relaxed and almost purred with a barely audible,

She was receptive, I scooted up closer so I could feel her body against mine which allowed me to expand my reach. I wanted to feel her all over. I ran my hand over her waist then forward as I followed the curve of her pregnant belly.
I was a bit surprised as she relaxed even more by letting out a breath, pushing her back against me and stretching her arm out in front of her. I moved my hand up to her breasts taking one in my hand and gently squeezing then continued to let my hand roam all over her smooth body .
“oh my god this feels good………I never get this kind of attention”, she said.
Now I had a little worry about attachment from her. I don’t have a clue what kind of attention Brad gives her even when she wasn’t pregnant but I couldn’t help it, she has a terrific body and her pregnancy didn’t diminish a thing.
“You mean you don’t get this lately”, I asked.
“NO, I mean I have NEVER gotten this”, she said.
“WHAT, I can’t believe that”, I said.
“I’m telling you the truth”, she said.

I laid there thinking what the fuck is wrong with Brad, his wife Escort is blazing hot and she has an all around pleasant personality. We laid there and talked and I could tell she didn’t want to go on and on harping about her husband so I didn’t inquire anymore but she talked about some things that Amy had told her and she acknowledged that she is experiencing things that Amy told her about me, everything from aggression to the size of my cock to the affection.
I knew woman talked but Amy contributed more detail than what I thought but still wasn’t sure how much.
The talk of Amy, plus Cindy’s hot body in front of me, the terrible wrong and secrecy of this whole thing plus what we had yet to do was getting me excited, again.
As I laid there snugged up to Cindy my cock grew and it was applying pressure against her butt.
With all my rubbing of her body I hadn’t even touched her pussy. I ran my hand over her belly and down to her snatch. I couldn’t get access like that so I ran my hand over her butt and into her crack. I followed it to her pussy and ran a finger in her slit.

She was moist, but not enough. She pulled her legs up a little as I rubbed her slit and alternated by running a finger into her hole. She was TIGHT. I wanted my cock in that tight hole of hers so bad but I had to work it a little more. She leaned her back towards me and her breathing picked as I continued to work. She let out a soft,
“uhhhhhh” as her warm fluid finally greased my finger.
I pushed myself up to my knees as she rolled over and got onto her knees and I positioned myself behind her.
“Take your pick”, she said. That let me know for sure that Amy told her everything.
“How about some of each”, I responded.
“OH YESSSS”, She said.
I was really worked up now. As wrong as this whole thing is I figured we can’t compound a wrong and if we’re going to do it then let’s really do it.
With one hand holding my tool and the other on her hip I began to aimed my throbbing meat at her wet pregnant pussy.
“Easy, it’s been awhile and your huge”, she said.
The excitement of it had increased my heart rate and blurred my mind. All I wanted to do was shove it in and fuck her sweet little snatch but I had to control myself.
I gently guided myself to her hole, my soft squishy head deformed as I applied a little pressure. She picked her head up and held a breath as her cunt lips parted with a creamy smacking sound and the flare of my head brushed past and was squeezed by the tightness of her neglected hole, I was IN and it was exquisite.
“Oh My God, Your So Tight”, I moaned.
I wanted to continue but as I pushed she tensed up, “EASY”, she grunted.
“Sorry”, I said.
“It’s OK, it’s been a while”, she said.

I pulled out slightly and started to gently go in and out to make sure her entry and my cock was being coated with her jizz then I pushed in to half my length causing her to let out a loud,
“UH, UH, OHHHH”, as I continued to saw in and out.
After a few more strokes I pushed in some more which cause her to moan,
I pulled back then pushed my entire length into her that caused her to let out a loud grunting
“UHHHH” from Cindy.
I had a grip on her slender hips and began to really fuck her pregnant pussy, her married pregnant pussy, my best friends wifes pregnant pussy, a hot tight pussy he has been neglecting.
She moved with me and rocked her hips as I fucked into her as she moved while making grunting noises, she did need this, she wanted this, she loved this
I pounded into her without any other thought than how dam hot and passionate she was being. I was going to satisfy her and myself. I was giving her what he should have been getting, what she needed and at this point I didn’t feel the least bit bad about it.

She was on all fours now with her head back and her belly hanging,
“OH DAVID, THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD. I was fully enjoying this, her pussy was wet and tight and she had a need that I was going to satisfy.
I had plenty of energy and thanks to her sucking the cum from my dick I wasn’t going to blow anytime to soon. I ran a hand up and down her arched back as she breathed then panted as her cum flooded my hardened steel cock. It was like a piston going in and out of her dripping hot cunt.
I was fucking her hard and the muscles in my back and upper legs burned with fatigue. I wasn’t about to quit or slow down, the burning in my muscles couldn’t over come the pleasure my dick had from Cindy’s hot, tight, married pussy nor could it stop the sudden advance of the cum boiling out of my balls and rising like mercury up my shaft.

I felt myself building to an eruption already,
“OH, OH, OH, OH, OH”, I moaned loudly.
Cindy started to grunt as she pushed back at me and rocked herself back and forth, she knew I was getting really close.
I was there but holding it, I intended to shoot hard and deep inside her. I was pounding away, my face was contorted with pleasure and pain, pain from holding back so much pressure, pain from my burning muscles and pleasure from the feel of her cunt gripping my shaft.
It felt like my cock was swelling and if I didn’t release soon it would bust wide open.
With a final push I held deep inside her,
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M CUMMING INSIDE YOUUUUUUU”, I roared as a blast of molten white hot lava coated her insides

“I HAVE TO CUM, UH, UH, UH……..OW !”, she screamed out.
With my initial pressure released I pumped into her and felt my cock being washed in her scorching hot liquid. I shoved in deep, “AHHHHHHHHH”, I yelled out, as another wave of boiling semen left my peehole drenching her cunt.
I was breathing heavily now from all the fucking and the climax as well as the tension of from every muscle in my body.
I fucked in and out a few more strokes and pushed with an,
“UHHHHHHHHHH”, as another blast rocketed out of my dick, shooting deep inside her precious body
I felt the pressure of our cum build inside her and it began to leak back out from around my cock. I pumped in and out a few strokes and my cum soaked cock made squishy noises as I worked.
I was squeezing my muscles to expel any cum I had left.
“OH CINDY, OH MY GOD, YOUR SO HOT, I NEVER CUM SO MUCH IN MY LIFE”, I said as I huffed and puffed while trying catch my breath.
I pulled out of her cum filled cunt and collapsed onto the bed. She slowly lowered herself down and onto her side facing me. We laid there in silence for a couple minutes breathing in the nice cool air.

“That was amazing David, Amy didn’t exaggerate”, she said.
I looked over at her, smiled then turned my head to look back up.
“You two talked plenty I take it”, I said.
“OH YEAH we did. .
I looked over at her and our eyes met.
“David, I needed this, I really did. I thought I would go crazy without getting any, I was afraid of what I would do”, she said
I know the urge for sex can be very powerful and in pregnancy perhaps the urge increases, I don’t know, but either way just doing without and/or being ignored can make people do things they normally wouldn’t ?.
“No regrets”, I asked.
I expected her to think about it but her response was immediate.
“NONE….and you”, she asked, looking at me with raised eye brows.
“NOPE, I should feel bad…………I feel bad for NOT feeling bad”, I said with a smile on my face.
We laughed then she looked away and I did as well.

We laid there in silence for a little bit as our thoughts caught up then Cindy started to talk about Amy. She told me some of the details she divulged and various other things they discussed.
I was somewhat annoyed at the level of detail that Amy conveyed. No that any of it was bad actually it was all positive but just the thought she may blab her mouth to someone else, I guess it was just the principle of the thing.
I didn’t mind she was so detailed with Cindy but hoped she is a bit more discreet going forward.
Cindy asked if the things Amy told her plus what we have done (and still yet to do) would change things between all of us.

I felt it was time for some more levity so told her I’ve been removing her clothes with my eyes for years anyway so I won’t look at her any differently plus I had wondered what it would be like to have sex with her and now my curiosity is filled.
We laughed but of course there was some seriousness to her question and there was complete truth to my statement.
I told her that I won’t be able to help but think back on this and plan to have fond memories. When we are around each other it will be like it always has been.
I told her she is my best friends wife and we needed each other and this is strictly between her and me forever, PERIOD !.
I looked directly in her eyes for confirmation, worried she may feel compelled to use this has an axe on Brad sometime in the future.
She promised that it would remain our secret to infinity and planned to think back on this in a positive fashion and that her curiosities are now satisfied as well, we both laughed.
We both agreed there are no attachments but of course there is an attraction, hell there always has been but of course you don’t normally do anything about it.

“Listen, we can’t right a wrong that has been done so there is no harm in…………. expanding on it a little more, is there”, she asked.
“What do you have in mind”, I asked.
“Something that Amy told me about”, she said.
I laid there thinking for a minute. Amy told her so many things then it hit me.
“OHHHH, you mean……..”, I said as I picked my head up with raised eyes brows as I looked over her hip to her butt.
“Uh Huh, I love it “back there” but hardly ever get it”, she said.
She was right, we can’t undo a wrong already committed and this was “just sex” for both of us. We wanted and needed satisfaction and we were prepared to get it. I think both of us could justify about anything in our minds right now. I was getting ready to speak but she beat me to it,
“David, we’re way past the point of return, I want to experience………..EVERYTHING”, she said.
“You and me both”, I said

We laid there for few minutes and I was wondering how she may “want it”, given her condition. As tight as her pussy is as compared to the size of my cock she was going to have a hard time taking it in her ass.
I have been in a situations where one woman really wanted to and others who “allowed” it. Cindy was willing, very willing in fact, and that helps a lot. This was going to be good, I wanted to fuck her tight ass as much as I did her pregnant pussy, her married pregnant pussy.
She rolled over with her back to me and I instantly scooted up behind her.

“It’s easier for me when I lay on my side, as big as you are I’ll need everything easy I can get”, she said.
We laid snuggled up for several minutes as I explored her body. I squeezed her tits, ran my hand over her belly, over her hip and squeezed her butt. I wanted to relax her, which it did but I also wanted to feel her precious body. She raised a leg up as I rubbed down her butt and began to finger her cunt.
“Put it in my pussy first, OK”, she said quietly.

I guided my cock to her waiting cunt and slid in, she was very wet with jizz and goo from our previous session. She was tight and my large cock was stretching her causing her to catch a breath as I buried myself inside her.
After a couple minutes of fucking her cunt I pulled out. I fingered her a butt then rubbed some of our mixture onto her to lube things up as best as possible. I grabbed my shaft and positioned myself.
“Cindy, you ready”, I asked.
“YES”, she said.
She didn’t seem nervous. I held my cock firm in my hand and pressed into her little puckered brown hole, she instinctively tensed up. With my tool firmly in my grip and my other hand on her shoulder I pushed the head in and stopped as her anus snapped tight.

After a few seconds I pushed and her reflex held me out, I wasn’t making any ground and I desperately wanted as much cock in her as fast as I could get.
I hadn’t worked any at all but the excitement and anticipation caused my breathing to be labored.
I gripped her shoulder tighter and held my shaft as I applied more pressure. My cock began to spread her tight hole open, making sticky smacking type noises as it pushed it’s way through.
She really tensed up from the intrusion, she arched her back out and pulled her hips in a little and she moved her arm back and put a hand on my hip pushing against me.
I let go of my cock since I was in and I put it on her hip to hold her in position and increased the force.

“easy David, easy, easy”, she said in a breathless voice.
I stopped pushing for a few seconds then began a slight in and out motion. Every time I pushed in she tensed and pulled her hips forward. I was getting very excited and began to speed up a little.
I tightened the grip on her shoulder and hip again and began to fuck a little harder and push more cock into her tight brownie hole. I was breathing harder now from the stimulation and she grunted under her breath as I continued to assault her asshole.
As I worked in and out for a minute there was a rhythm and she relaxed. I was almost halfway in and she was enjoying it as she breathlessly kept going,
“oh, oh, oh, uh huh, uh huh.
I was getting crazy, as good as this felt I wanted to be balls deep into her. As I fucked in and out I heaved and pushed more cock into her,
“UHHHHHH, OH MY GOD”, she screamed as she tightened up.
“It’s alright, relax just relax”, I said as I rubbed her back.
“How much to you have in me”, she asked.
“Just half”, I said.
JESUS CHRIST THAT’S ALL”, she asked loudly.

I continued to fuck her incredibly tight brown hole while it was squeezing my dick so hard I thought she would choke off my blood supply. Our breathing was labored now, mine from working and stimulation and hers from tensed muscles and from her own excitement.
Things began to loosen up as I moved in and out of her and she relaxed some more and just when I thought this would be all there is I was surprised by what she said next.

“Give it to me David, give it all to me”, she said.
I increased the grip on her hip and ran my other hand back up to her shoulder and picked up the pace. After a few strokes I pushed and she let out a short scream.
I continued to fuck her hot little ass and again heaved in as I buried a little more cock into her butt.
With a final push from me,
“OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHH MYYY GODDDDDD”, she screamed.
I was in, I was finally in and I was in total heaven. I fucked her sweet tight little ass with the full length of my hardened cock. I was breathing heavily and she was moaning loudly then I felt her jizz gush from her pussy and run around her leg and onto mine. I wanted to keep fucking her ass however, I was already holding a load that was constantly trying to force it’s way out of the only opening it had.
I pounded into her to get all of her sweet ass.
“OHHHHH DAVID”, she moaned out. This just brought me on. I held deep in her butt as I let loose the muscles that held back a flood,
OH, OH, OH, AHHHHHHHH CINDYYYYYYY”, a powerful stream of sticky spunk shot deep into her guts.
All I could do was hold deep inside her and with an,
OH BABY, OH BABY, OHHHH, BABYYYYY”, another blast spewed from my peehole soaking her insides.
I breathed hard and held it in as I tensed for more eruptions,
“UHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH”, I moaned out as my cock convulsed and I expelled three more healthy squirts into her now quivering body.
Tired and completely spent I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her butt and rolled onto my back, out of breath. She stayed on her side and slumped causing my cum to squirt out of her hole and run over her butt cheek which puddled up on the bed.

After several minutes Cindy rolled back a little and I rolled onto my side and ran my hand up and down her side. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

“David, I never been fucked like this, oh my god I needed this, all of this so bad”, she said.
I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t sure what to say plus I didn’t feel like she was totally finished with everything she wanted to say then she continued.
“I want to thank you for this, I really didn’t know ALL this was going to happen. I needed to be fucked and we have known each other so long. When I saw your dick and everything Amy told me plus I haven’t had the opportunity to please a man in a few months…..I wanted to……be a woman, you did that for me”, she said.

I knew she was done, she needed me to understand her. This was out of desperation, hurt, loneliness and need.
We each knew it wasn’t an excuse nor would it justify what has been done here but we each had a reason, right or wrong, good or bad, it was the reason. It is what it is.

“Cindy, I understand and I needed to for all the same reasons, except the “to be a woman part”, I said.

We laughed and felt comfortable we were on the same page.

“You still feel alright about all this”, she asked
“OH YEAH”, I said.
I knew I would be pounding one off now and then while imagining I was fucking her. We had our time and I resigned myself to the fact that this was it.

“David ?”, she said.
“Yeah”, I responded.


We looked at each other and smiled.

She’s My Best Friends Girl, pt 2:

What a difference a couple months can make when it comes to marriage, pregnancy and infidelity. When you take a woman who is neglected and only viewed through the prism of a body type by her husband and on top of that the husband is even suspected of infidelity prior to the wife’s then one thing drives the other.
Neither is justified but people have the need to be loved, touched and desired while at the same time people want to love someone, they like to touch and they want to desire someone, it completes something inside of you and if the circle is complete then great however, if the circle is not complete then the desire to complete it takes over, fidelity and morality be damned.

I satisfied what Brad has neglected and I continue to do that to this day. Cindy and I have carried on our affair, an affair driven by need, lust, neglect and opportunity however, it grew into more.
I admit that I was growing somewhat attached to Cindy yet knowing that it was pointless. She is pregnant and married to my best friend and I know it could never be, no matter what happened.
Sure I ran through all the scenarios in my head like Brad cheating and getting caught or even falling in love with someone else and leaving Cindy or the other way around however, Cindy and I being together just wouldn’t work given the situation and relations, etc.
It’s not like she didn’t have regrets like marrying someone who loved her for her body and not what is inside but now she feels doubly trapped, by marriage and pregnancy.

Cindy is a wonderful woman, full of passion and desire plus she is generally a great person with a hell of a personality and on top of her being HOT what’s not to love, or be in love with………….her and I can’t go there.
As the next couple of months went on and her belly grew Brad became more distant.
She knew he would be all over her once it was over and she trimmed back down to her usual figure but it would be an empty existence and she expressed it.
We made time between Brad’s travel schedule and our times together consisted of sex and talk, sometimes just talk via phone calls or in person.
She was a very pleasant to talk with and she was able to open up. Having sex with someone is one thing but opening up and letting someone know you deep into the dark recesses of ones soul is, by definition, the most intimate act that people can have with one another, physical intimacy notwithstanding.
I would never betray her confidence and vice versa, we shared with each other and it was refreshing to be able to have that kind of connection.
Was all this just based on sex, this started as a mutual friendship then by circumstance it became a sexual relationship driven by loneliness and need.
We know sex was the primary motivator and need but it certainly allowed things to expand and know each other in a different way than likely would have happened in the normal course.
We talked about this as our feelings grew and it is a real struggle to deal with but so hard to stop. You know you have to stop it let alone the fact that it should have never started but it did and now how can you stop it and not be crushed, quite the dilemma.
I think I wanted to continue and justify a wrong using words like feelings, trust, neglect, fate and love, or lack thereof.
This thing gathered more momentum than what was intended from the start and it would have to slow to a stop, and abrupt halt would be to much to bare and to slow a stop may lead to trouble.
Like a loaded train up to speed you just can’t stop it fast, it takes a time to slow and come to a complete stop. I could use a hundred analogies but you get the picture.

Cindy was getting to the end of her pregnancy and as it neared Brad would be staying close to home beginning next month just in case the baby was early. We knew this may be our last time together while Brad was out of town and this potential made our time much more precious and passionate.
I always wondered how her mood or thought may change after the baby was born when she looked back on what her and I have done, I still feared there would be regret.
I would be crushed if she suddenly hated me and after her need had been met I would be tossed off, my services no longer required.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way and I understand about continued transparency and all that, maybe I just wanted it to go on forever just like this but of course that is impossible and not realistic and I was just scared because I feel we both kind of “fell in”.
As our thing progressed she became more passionate, having sex with her was exciting, naughty, nice and all that.
We got together and had great hot sex and we talked but as weird as it sounds, when we began to kiss and kiss deeply, it just felt like this was the most wrong thing we were doing.
We had sex a few times without so much as a kiss, it was just sex, but as the passions rose and I held her face in my hands and looked into her crisp blues eyes and saw the way she looked at me and we kissed it felt like kissing was THE mortal sin.
Sounds backwards to me to but maybe it is my heart talking and not just my little head doing the thinking for me.

Here we were in their house, her and I on the guest bed. She laid on her back and I was beside her on my knee’s leaning down as we kissed so passionately, like lovers would kiss, like we intended to be together forever.
She was all baby and it became easier for us to have sex standing up with her leaning over the bed supported by her hands while I got her from behind or with us laying on our sides.
The bigger she got the more sensuous and passionate I found her to be.
She really didn’t want me to eat her pussy because she was sopping wet all the time, like I would be turned off or something, she just felt bad that she would drowned my face and this occasion was no different.

When we broke for our kiss and embrace I told her I wanted to eat her. I finally coaxed her to the edge of the bed and I got on my knee’s. She had no problem holding up her legs and opening wide for me but her belly hung low and it made her pussy hard to get at like I wanted to but I worked at it and with my initial lick,
“OH DAVID, EAT ME LOVER”, she moaned in a breathy tone.
She liked her pussy shaved but couldn’t get to it the last couple months so I actually did it for her, I was glad to, more than glad to.
I licked at her shaved pussy like a dog lapping up water, she stayed wet it seemed and after I was done with her she would absolutely gushing, dripping, sopping wet.
We needed it, as her belly got larger her hole tightened up but she had gotten used to my girth but it still became a tight fit and that made it really good, for both of us.
I worked on her sweet snatch for several minutes and she was close. She wiggled and bucked a little then began to pant,
I licked up her slit and attacked her clit. She let go of her legs and grabbed a handful of bedsheets,
“AAAAHHHHHHH FUCK, I CAN’T TAKE IT”, she yelled. Her clit had become extra sensitive the last two months, even a breath across it sent her over the edge.
I slid a finger down her crack and into her butthole as I licked her clit hard,
She bucked wildly as the feeling of her jizz worked it’s way down, she was going to cum hard and if this was going to be it for us then I wanted it to be good for her.
“UH, UH, UH, UH, UH OWW !”, as she let out a painful sounding scream as creamy jizz gushed onto my face, there was no way I could keep up with it.
As the juice ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass I licked her slit and pushed my finger deeper into her tight little butthole.
We were going to do everything tonight, I wanted every hole she had and she wanted me to take what I needed and give her what she wanted.
She continued to breath erratically and shook as she came down from her orgasm, I eased my attack on her clit then let her settle but I kept my finger in her asshole and worked it just a little then as her breathing evened out I pulled my finger out.
She was breathing evenly but still had little jitters like aftershocks running through her body. I rubbed her swollen belly a little and she dropped her legs down.

I stood up and she stretched an arm out for me to grab and help her up. She stood and pulled the bed sheet with her and used it to wipe my face,
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to drowned you like that”, she said. I just smiled at her.
“Well if you didn’t mean to and I made you then I have accomplished my mission”, I said.
“I’ve never been eaten so good or cum like I have with you, EVER !”, she said.
I was rock hard from hearing her screams while I ate her wonderful cunt, knowing I satisfied her satisfied me. As she stood there she finished wiping my face then dropped the sheet and grabbed my cock,
“Time to return the favor”, she said with a grin on her face.
She lowered to her knee’s and looked up at me and our eyes stayed locked as she held my hardened tool and brought her face closer. With her lips only slightly open she pressed them against my cock head and let her luscious red lips follow the contour of my helmet as she took me into her mouth.
Never breaking eye contact I breathed in deeply, the sensation was incredible and the sight of looking down at Cindy with my cock in her mouth and her swollen belly was awesome. I wished that was our baby she was carrying and not her husbands, my best damn friend.
I just could not understand why in the world he didn’t pay attention to his gorgeous wife, the one knelt before me, the one who was absolutely making love to my cock with her mouth.
She was hot, passionate and eager to please and be pleased. Was Brad so shallow, even more than I ever realized, that he could neglect this beautiful woman because her belly was swollen with their child.
We looked deep into each others eyes as she sucked my head and worked her tongue underneath to give me as much pleasure as I could stand.
The feeling was becoming intense for me then she took me deeper into her mouth, I started to sway just slightly and tried to keep my eyes open but the feeling was such that I wanted to just concentrate on what she was giving me.
I put a hand on the top of her head to steady myself and with my head still dropped down I closed my eyes and breathed in as she took me even deeper.
My whole body was rocking back and forth Escort Bayan and if not for my hand on her head I think I would have fell.

When she took in all she was able she would pull off then started again by letting her lips follow from the tip of my cock head then traveled down towards the base of my shaft, at that point my head went back,
She increased her efforts and began to slurp as she bobbed and sucked,
“UHHHHHHHHHH”, was all I could manage to groan out at that point.

I had reached down with my other hand now and placed them on each side of her head to keep myself steady and pull her to me as I heaved.
I wanted my cock in her throat and she wished she could do it, we talked about it before but she said she couldn’t control the gag reflex. I wanted so bad to grip her head and then just thrust in and let her throat close around my shaft.
That was my lust talking but I couldn’t do that to this precious woman but what I was doing caused her to let out muffled gulping sounds.
I was almost forcing her but she wasn’t resisting or trying to pull away rather she was working with me and trying to take as much as I wanted to force in.
I swear I felt the tip of my cock in her throat with each descent, I was close now and losing control as I fucked into her mouth. I lowered my head and opened my eyes, my state of bliss was transformed into pure desire to have my cock down her throat when I unloaded.
I struggled to maintain control and not hurt or scare her but when you get to this point you lose sensibilities and are only driven to use what you have to get relief,
“OH CINDY BABY, I HAVE TO………”, my voice drifted off.
As the cum filled my shaft and pressure built my entire body tingled and I closed my eyes again. It felt like when you have to piss really bad and you almost can’t wait and then,
“OHHHHHHHHH”, I moaned loudly as I let let my cum flow into her mouth, splashing the back of her throat. It was sweet relief and it felt so good to relieve that pressure, it sent a slight shiver through my body as I kept my cock muscles loose and poured into her.

She pulled back and sucked hard on my head like she was trying to drink from a straw.
With my eyes still closed I let my head go back again as the pressure in my cock abated, she brushed her tongue across my head and I caught a breath.
I stood there still steadying myself until she was done and just like she started she pulled off of my cock while letting her lips follow all the way back to the tip of my head.
I took a couple of breaths then looked down and saw she was looking up at me, I must have looked like I had a buzz, and I felt like it and she was smiling up at me. She pleased me like no woman has and she was so pleased that she could do it and bring someone off like that.

With my cock relieved I felt a tinge of guilt the way I tried to force my cock into her mouth,
“I’m really sorry honey, I got a little crazy there”, I said.
“I love it when you take advantage of me like that”, she said with a devilish grin.
“Beautiful, sexy and a deep caring soul, you are a wonderful woman”, I said.

She held her arms up so I could help her stand and when she did she threw her arms around my neck and leaned in, her belly pushing into mine. I put my arms around her back then brought them around and onto her belly and rubbed just as she eased her hug.
She looked at me then my eyes dropped to her tits and I leaned down and took one into my mouth and my hands instantly went to each one and I squeezed while I sucked, not wanting to neglect anything I switched and took her other nipple into my mouth and made sure each got equal treatment,
“uhhh, they never get proper attention”, she said in a distant voice.
I picked my head up and looked at her, well more into her than at her, then she leaned in and we kissed then she ran her tongue into my mouth and we embraced.
I wanted to get closer but her stomach made it impossible so we leaned in as best we could and continued to kiss and hold each other then we pulled apart, she had tears welled up in her eyes.
I looked at her with concern,
“What’s the matter”, I asked.
She just shook her head and tightened her face to keep from busting out. She took my hand then turned to get onto the bed and I followed her as she crawled to the middle then laid down.
I laid down and pulled myself to her and pressed my body to hers then put my arm over her trying to pull us together as tight as possible while she quietly wept. I feared her weeping may be a manifestation of her infidelity surfacing but also kept in mind that she may be sad that time was drawing near and she was just reflecting on a shallow existence.

I asked if she was ok and she whispered she was sorry then asked why her and I didn’t get together back in the day. She started to lament even marrying Brad and chastised herself for not seeing his shallow nature before committing herself by marriage, then by pregnancy, to a man that only wanted a model, a facade and not caring or even interested in what was under the surface.
She talked as she sniffled and I just listened, chimed in when needed, all the while I soothed her by stroking her hair then running my hand down her body following every curve and bulge but this was two pronged. It soothed her plus I derived great enjoyment from letting my hand explore her body.
“Oh my god, you are sooo affectionate”, she said.
“It’s not hard I mean your are so luscious and sensual plus it’s in my nature”, I said.
You also listen, and you talk to me, you opened up to me”, she said.
“I feel I can trust you”, I said.
She reached her hand back behind her and patted me then grabbed my arm and pulled it over her, guiding my hand to her tit’s. I began to massage and squeeze them while I kissed her back and shoulder.
It was late evening now, we had ALL NIGHT LONG and right now we were simply enjoying the togetherness and tenderness we were sharing.

We laid there in complete relaxation and satisfaction and even began to nod off then suddenly Cindy spoke up,
“DAVID, lets take a shower together”, she said in an excited voice as she moved to the edge of the bed and sat up.
I propped my head on my hand and looked at her as she turned and smiled at me,
“Come On, Come On”, she urged, and stood there until I started to move then she walked out of the room, I got up and followed her to the master bathroom.
She started the shower and while the water warmed up she bunched up her long blond hair and fastened it on top of her head. Her neck being fully exposed like that looked even longer and more kissable so I walked up behind her and with a hand on each of her shoulders I munched the back of her neck then she leaned her head to one side and I went to work,
“OHHHHH, you are driving me crazy”, she said.

I stopped and she headed into the shower, I followed. She squeezed some body wash onto my hands and turned her back and I began to work it into a lather as I rubbed up and down her back and across her shoulders. I took the bottle and squeezed more out and worked on her butt and each leg as I lathered her up, I also ran my hand in her butt crack and between her legs and washed her inner thighs all the while she stood there and moaned,
“mmmmmmmmmmmm”, as I worked her up and down from neck to ankles. She turned around and with more soap I started at her neck then worked over, under and around her titties then over her huge belly. As my hand ran over then under her stomach I went right to her pussy, which caused her to raise her eyebrows and flash a smile at me.
I worked down each leg then let her rinse off.
I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it more to that point but now it was my turn, she soaped me up and worked my front down to my waist then had me turn around and she repeated the same procedure except she knelt down and washed my legs from back to front then I turned around, my cock was at her eye level. She smiled and plunged down onto my cock taking me in DEEP, what was once semi-hard cock to action and was quickly swollen to the bursting point.
She didn’t intend to bring me off rather she just wanted to give me something back that I gave her and after a couple of minutes she pulled off and I helped her stand up and she turned off the shower then we dried each other off.

She put on a bathrobe then asked me to go lay down, while I headed back to the bedroom she headed off towards the kitchen so I stood there and listened to her as she was busy doing whatever it was she was doing.
I went to the bedroom and straightened out the covers and got in about the time she came back, she had us something to drink.
She slipped off her robe and got under the covers with me, it was amazing how immodest she became in a short time. It was natural at the beginning to be shy about being naked in front of someone new and she didn’t feel pretty because she was pregnant but what a transformation from then through now.
She wasn’t shy at all around me, she opened up and as she had told me before she reiterated again that she felt a little more “free”, that is free to be HER rather than feeling she had to conform to a specific look and say or not say certain things or express herself as needed.
She was partially liberated, with me she could be the nasty girl in bed when she desired, she could talk and ask me things, she could cry without made to feel bad about it and she knew I appreciated her for what she had inside still knowing full well I also thought her outsides were absolutely scrumptious.
The more we talked the closer we became and the harder is was to even think about it ending, you are not supposed to have sex with your best friends wife let alone fall in love with her.
As many years as I have known Brad I was becoming pissed at him but then again nobody put a gun to Cindy’s head and made her marry him. I now she had to see all the signs during their relationship but likely ignored them due to being young and stupid and woman also have the inherent idea that we will change or even that all they need to do is work on us to affect change.

It made me think of the old saying: A woman marries a man hoping he will change and a man marries a woman hoping she won’t change.
Really makes you think ahead or reflect back on times when those arguments come up and one say’s to the other “I want the person I fell in love with”.
Then when you look back, really look back objectively, you find that this is the person you married or even got into a committed relationship with then you chide yourself for not paying attention to all the warning signs.

We were finally laying there in silence,

“David, I want us to make love, I mean really make passionate love to each other”, Cindy said.
My heart throbbed with excitement and fear. I knew I was falling in love and I suspected she was to and we both knew we couldn’t be together.
After all this time, all these years of dating and carrying on with some relationships being very intense, I find myself falling in love with my best friends wife, his pregnant wife. I was mixed with emotions while I knew what she meant about “making love”.
There are all kinds of way’s to do it. There is having sex, there is fucking, there is screwing and of course there is 69 or just eating pussy or just getting your dick sucked and then there is “Making Love”.
If you don’t know the difference then you need to think about it as a duality instead a singularity, it’s incredible what two people can do when they are in sync.
I wasn’t sure what to say but being able to take this angel and make sweet love to her, the way she meant, was only a thought to me because of her pregnancy but she answered that,
“We’ve had sex, we fucked, sucked, eaten and have been as passionate as the two of us could given my condition but I want us to make love, you know exactly what I mean, don’t you ?”, she asked as she looked over to me.
“YES, yes I do”, I said while looking back at her.
“I knew YOU would, that’s the difference”, she said.
A new spark was lit inside of me upon hearing her say that and I knew where she was going with it and was so happy to hear it, know it and feel it.
It was as exciting as it was frightening because the longer this went on the greater the chance of slipping up, getting caught, being transparent and also making it harder to stop. We were gathering momentum and were loaded heavy with feelings, this train would take a long time to stop.

We leaned in to kiss and I reached for her pussy as she reached for my cock. She parted her legs and let me rub her slit, it was moist but it needed more so I broke our kiss and sat up,
“Get on your knee’s” I said.
She rolled over and pulled her knee’s under her and lifted her butt in the air. I got in behind her, it wasn’t the best angle but I got my face down there and started to lick her pussy from behind.
She pulled the two pillows to her and shoved them under her chest to help prop herself up while I worked. I never touched her clit rather I licked her cunt lips and valley then rimmed her brownie hole,
“ahhhhhhhh”, she breathed out ever so lightly.
I went back at her slit and lapped at it then I would turn my head slightly and work my tongue into her cunt hole then back out to lick her entire snatch with the flat of my tongue.
Once her cunt was sufficiently wet I worked on her brownie hole some more. She really liked a good ass fucking, more than she initially realized, and I was going to take her ass tonight.
She did tell me before that she liked it when she could get it but worried about my size however, she said the way I did things to her and the way she felt it was much more comfortable and pleasurable then she would have imagined.

With her thoroughly stimulated, and myself as well, I backed away and she laid down on her side and I scooted back up behind her as she raised her leg.
We found it became easier for her if she laid like that and I got her from behind. I slid down a little and moved into position, placing my solid member at her entrance and pushed in,
“OH MY GOD BABY”, I moaned as my cock slid in to the halfway point. Her cunt was on fire, it was truly like putting my cock in an oven. I stopped to feel the pleasure of the heat and softness of her inner folds as it caressed my aching dick.
I eased out then pushed back in,
“UHHHH DAVID”, she said as I slid my full length inside her.
She felt amazing inside, I started fucking in and out of her and I was taking my sweet time as I worked slowly and methodically.
I took long slow strokes and rubbed up and down her back with one hand while I took my other hand and reached under her raised leg and fingered her clit,
We were making love the best way we could, the only way we could, right now.
We weren’t just having sex we were expressing something more than just satisfying a basic need. She was squeezing my dick with each stroke and I was feeling her body, there was no lust or overheated desire except for the desire to feel more than simple sexual satisfaction. Right now we were being one with each other and in a way I have almost never felt with any other woman, with the exception of her friend, my former girlfriend Amy.
I was falling in, deeper and deeper and no it wasn’t just the sex rather our actions at this moment was simply another way to express feelings for each other.
“IT’S JUST THE WAY I………FEEL”, I said as I searched for words, different words than what I was going to say. I/we were physically expressing it but the words haven’t been spoken. This was becoming dangerous.

We were becoming more attached as we talked to one another and the more we talked the more the feelings grew and as those feelings grew the sex was transformed into more, much more than it was initially intended.
We were transmitting feelings to each other and we were being gratified on a higher and much different level.
As I moved in and out of her I savored every second, every squeeze and every inner fold of her vagina. I was deep inside her with the bottom of each stroke, I was deep in her already pregnant belly, wishing I was the one who knocked her up.
The thought of being inside her married pregnant pussy felt so good, not only did we need each other and want each other, we had other feelings now and of course it was so wrong and nasty that we were having this affair.

I barely knew or heard her building to a climax and with an almost inaudible,
“ahhhhhh”, from Cindy, things suddenly became a bit more slippery. The fluid she secreted didn’t gush out like before rather it seemed to envelope my cock in a warm bath of her feelings for me.
As I continued my slow strokes she rocked her hips forward and moving her butt down, like she was trying to get me to pull out of her, this was a signal. Without needing to say a word I knew what she wanted, and I was more than happy to oblige.
After she had cum her entire crack was slippery wet because of our position and the amount she expelled it was perfect for what we both wanted to do now.
I pulled out of her warm sopping wet love tunnel and moved my pole to her her backdoor. She really liked it there and we rarely had a session that she didn’t want me to have my dick in her ass.
I let her control that though, when she wanted to do that she let me know. Having anal sex was going to be at her comfort level for all I was concerned and fortunately she liked it quite a bit.

With my cock in place I pushed and pierced her hole with the tip if my cock, it opened right up and I easily slid in just past the head. She reached back placing a hand against my hip, she knew I wasn’t going to ram into her but her move was instinctive, as was the tightening of her anus. Of course my instinct upon the resistance is to push harder, which I did then I stopped and she eased up, our moves were in sync.
I was gentle with her when she needed it and rough when she wanted it, we were in tune with each other and we shouldn’t be and at the same time it was nice to be that way with someone.
She went from pushing her hand against my hip to grabbing it and pulling me. It was ok too continue so I pushed in to the fattest part of my dick then stopped,
Her juice was incredibly slippery and it made things much less effortless, that plus our previous sessions have opened her up so I slid in a little more,
“UHHHHH, I LOVE BEING IN YOU BABY”, I groaned as my dick went on past the halfway point.
“I WANT ALL OF YOU IN MEEEEEE”, she said loudly. With that I pushed in, the feel of her hole wrapped around my shaft.

“OH CINDY BABYYYYYY”, I yelled as I bottomed out.
We were booth breathing hard from stimulation right now, you would of thought we just had an excessive workout and we have only gotten started. I moved in and out of her, our feelings for one another were still being transmitted but another fire was lit and now another need was already boiling while I increased my motion. It didn’t take long to go from making love to now just plain fucking her in the ass.
“I JUST CAN’T HOLD OUT BABY”, I yelled as I pumped her harder and faster.

My lust had taken over now and as I dug my fingers into the flesh of her slender hip. I was pulling her while I raised my leg up to not only keep her leg raised but to raise it higher as I attempted to bury as much dick inside her as I could.
I was thrusting, I was gasping for breath, I was at the bursting point. I blocked out anything and everything now and only concentrated on my need, I felt selfish but I didn’t care as I built to an explosion,
OH, OH, OH, OH, OH CINDYYYYY, UH, UH, UH, UH”, I CAN’T HOLD IT, I…I..I’M SHOOOOTTTTINNNGGGGG, I screamed out as the feelings I had for her blasted from my dick hole and shot deep into her guts.
I knew I had shot all I had in one huge stream but as my cock muscles involuntarily convulsed, like having dry heaves, the feelings and tingling in my dick caused me to groan,
“OH, OH, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH CINDY BABYYYYYYY”, I yelled as my cock spasmed. It felt like I continued to shoot but I couldn’t stop it, the feeling was to good and great then I began to come down from it,
OH, OH, OH, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh, that felt good, so goooood honey”, I began loudly then drifted into a whisper as the convulsions in my dick eased then,
“WHEW”, I expressed as I pulled my dick from her ass then slumped on my side as my now limp arm still rested on her hip, everything I had in me from energy to lust to “love” just exited through my peehole and into Cindy.

After a couple minutes of rest I moved up to cuddle with this sweet angel, I snugged up to her back and wrapped an arm around her again and pulled her close, she wrapped her arms around my arm. I moved her long blond hair from the nape of her neck and planted a few kisses there then nuzzled my head behind hers,
“That was amazing baby”, I said and with that she purred,
“mmmmmmm”, she breathed out.
I had thoughts and feelings running through my head and even opened my mouth to speak then stopped myself. I/we have said it in actions but stopped at expressing it in words other then subtle or round about ways.

I am the one that is single and currently uncommitted so it would be easy for me to say “I LOVE YOU” or “I WANT TO BE WITH YOU” but that wouldn’t be fair. Did I want that, YEAH but but who was I kidding. Along with being unfair I was afraid of rejection, rightful but reluctant rejection but rejection none the less.
She had a lot to loose and even though I knew she felt what I felt it wouldn’t be right if I expressed it and led her down a slippery slope, she would have to be the lead on things because of our differing situations.
I was unconsciously squeezing her tighter as I laid there snuggled up while having all these thoughts. I needed to let go but didn’t want to and then I snapped back to when she spoke,
“David, I don’t want this to end like this, not now, not…….”, her voice drifting off
“YET, you mean”, I asked.
There was a long pause then she quietly said, “yes”.

We both intended to delay the inevitable but neither wanted to actually say it. It was going to stop at some point but more importantly we both felt the same way.
We laid there again, talking about our situations and the attention I provide her that she didn’t get even when she wasn’t pregnant. She expressed that she has never received or had such passion before.
“David, I want to make love to you when I am not pregnant. I have to know what it’s like”, she said.
“Are you sure about that when we were only “helping each other out”, I said.
“Is that the way you feel !”, she asked. I felt her hurt pang radiate through her and into me.
“NO, I care about you and don’t want to mess anything up for you”, I said.
“You want to stop” ?, she asked.
“No, I don’t….I can’t,….I..I..just can’t”, I said. I wanted to say “I love you” not I just can’t. I wanted to say it so bad but didn’t, we didn’t.

We decided to keep on and even though we knew Brad would not be leaving town again until after the baby was born we discussed plans to get together again, we needed it.
She didn’t work anymore and I had time off I could use at work and this train rolled on…………………………

She’s My Best Friends Girl, pt 3:

It was hard for Cindy and I to get together since Brad was hanging closer to home in the days leading up to the impending birth and the last time her and I had sex was almost a month ago. I was hurting and needed some relief that masterbating alone couldn’t take care of.
I received a call from Brad that they were at the hospital and that Cindy was in labor.
I was spared the 2am call when she finally delivered, Brad called the next morning to give me the news that he was a father and mother and child were doing fine.

I did go to the hospital later that day to visit. I ran into Brad out in the hallway, he was on his cell conducting business as I walked up. He waved me on by and gestured for me to go on in and see Cindy.
It was a bit uncomfortable for me to see Brad, in fact we barely even saw each other over the last few months because of work and all that. It was disconcerting to talk to him via phone the last few months because hell, I was fucking his pregnant wife. I was also a bit apprehensive seeing Cindy as well.
I mean emotions and hormones were running high when we were having sex but after the birth and things “return to normal” and she gets her senses back then I feared the rejection and still regret she may have.
As I walked past Brad I stopped at the door, closed my eyes, took a breath then walked in.

Upon me entering the hospital room I saw mother and baby laying there in the bed. Cindy turned to me and smiled big and motioned me over, the baby was sleeping. I walked up and Cindy whispered,
“where is Brad”, she whispered.
I just held my hand to my ear indicating he was on the phone, she rolled her eyes in annoyance. I was feeling better now thinking she was very happy to see me so the fear I had melted away.
She raised an arm to open herself up for a hug.
I leaned down to give her a one arm hug and a kiss on the cheek then stood up.
“ahhhh, you can do better than that, she said with a devilish smile.
I cocked my head towards the door as to indicate that her husband was just outside.

We continued to talk in low tones.

“chicken”, she whispered.
“yup, Brad is bigger than me”, I said quietly.
“not where it counts”, she whispered as she looked towards my crotch then back to my eyes as she bit her lower lip.
My cock stirred and began to harden.
“you sure are naughty aren’t you”, I said.
“you made me this way”, she said.

I just shook my head and was about to smile when I heard the door open and Brad walked in with someone behind him. I turned to look when Brad spoke,
“Guess who’s here”, she said.
My face went flush as I turned and saw Amy, my former girlfriend. The one that just cut things off between us before Cindy and I started “filling each others needs”.
Our eyes met and I nervously looked down then I turned back to Cindy, forcing a smile I said,
I’ll let you all catch up on things”, then gave Cindy a wink before I turned and walked out.
“Later”, said Brad as I walked by him and Amy kept. I simply threw my hand up to indicate “bye” without looking back.

I arrived home after leaving the hospital, grabbed a beer and sat down to think. It had been a few months since Amy left me devastated, it was a rather intense relationship and her sudden departure hurt me.
I was uncomfortable being in Amy’s presence because I felt betrayed and I am not one to put on a happy face when I am sad or hurt just for the purpose of posturing.
To be caught in the sudden presence of Brad, Cindy and Amy (given what has been going on between Cindy and I the last few months) was overwhelming for me. I was actually over the hurt from Amy and I knew I was loosing my mind because I felt I may have actually been falling in love with Cindy.
This couldn’t happen because she was married to my best friend and I knew I would be setting myself up for another hurt with a relationship that is doomed from the start. There was no doubt on my end that Cindy had feelings for me as well and although her and I touched on such feelings during our “sessions” we barely broke the surface because of the situation.
As I sat there drinking my beer and thinking about my prior relationship with Amy and the mess Cindy and I were making and what the future would be like, the future I would make given my actions going forward. It seemed bleak.

Three Weeks Later:

I actually didn’t hear to much from Brad the last few weeks however, Cindy and I did Bayan Escort talk by phone. She was still healing up from giving birth and Brad was hanging very close to home which didn’t give her and I a chance to have sex.
She again expressed her desire to have sex with me now that she wasn’t pregnant. I wanted her just as bad and on top of that it has been about two months now since I have had sex. Just thinking about having her was getting me hard, I pulled my cock from my pants and began to stroke it slowly while imagining I was inside of Cindy and…………then my phone rang.

The phone screen caller ID showed it was AMY. That reminded me that I needed to delete her number from my phone. With my concentration gone my cock deflated.
I hit the answer button on my phone,
“Yeah”, I answered in an annoying fashion.
“Hey, how you doing”, she said.
“What do you want”, I asked.
“Look I understand why you feel that way but I wanted to talk to you”, she said.
“Alright go ahead”, I said.
“Well I thought we could talk in person, have dinner with me” ?, she asked.
I let out a long low groaning breath.
“PLEEEAAASSSSE”, she asked.
Alright where”, I asked.
“My place, I’ll cook, come over about 7. What you say”, she asked. I sat silent for several seconds then finally,
“Alright”, I said. I pulled the phone from my ear and heard her continuing to talk as I ended the call. Whatever she had to say then I wasn’t interested.
So why am I going over to her place ?. I wondered that and had to be honest with myself.
Is it because I think there is a chance to get back where her and I were because I knew the end had to come between Cindy and I, am I a sap, am I horny, am I pathetic………….I sat there shaking my head and thought I must really be stupid, desperate, pathetic or all the above.

I wasn’t in the best of moods anyway and looking at the clock I had a couple hours before going to Amy’s place but I didn’t see my mood getting any better in fact I was only starting to boil with anger. Angry at Amy for even calling me and angry at myself for answering, let alone accepting the invite.
I had to calm down before going over there before I ended up saying or doing something to make myself look and feel even more stupid.

2 Hours Later:

Arriving at Amy’s I walked to the door and knocked.
“COME ON IN”, she said in a raised voice that I heard through the open front window.
I walked in and knew she was in the kitchen finishing up dinner. She walked around the corner and I almost started drooling.
Amy was HOT on any given day with any given attire on but when she walked around the corner with the cliched “little black dress” on………….well I almost lost my composure.
Amy stood about 5’7, 125lbs, rounded hips and ass, long straight dark hair, solid B cup titties, dark complexion (she had hispanic origins, full lips an almond shaped eyes. Without a doubt she was “my type”. I like ALL woman, shapes, types, etc but a woman with her look has always appealed to me more than any other.
I’m partial to long straight dark hair, Asian woman are attractive to me because of this.

She smiled big and and walked up hugging me hard, her body felt so damn good against me. I returned the hug using one arm across her back with only light pressure. She pulled away and I could see the quizzical look on her face, she was puzzled by my stoic demeanor and lack of enthusiasm.

“Dinner is almost done, go ahead and sit down”, she said. I simply nodded my head in response.
She walked away maintaining a smile. I wasn’t looking at her while while she walked away but out of my peripheral vision I could see her look back a couple times.
I was indifferent not because I was committed to Cindy but my mood wouldn’t let me do anything else. I knew I needed to drive the point home that her looks and charm were not enough to mesmerize and have every man at her feet.

As we started eating Amy took the lead and was making small talk. She was talking to me like were were simply long lost friends catching up on things. She didn’t seem to mind telling me about events the last few months and the issue leading to the demise of her most current relationship, etc, etc.
Like I really gave a shit hearing about that or pretty much anything she had to say but I let her drone on until she finally got that I was totally uninterested because my responses were limited.

“You are not even talking to me”, she asked.
“I don’t have anything to say, the premise of this get together was that you wanted to talk to ME”, I said.
She sat there looking at me and seemed hurt that I didn’t have much to do with her or say to her. I did not plan to share anything about myself or even the general minutia of the last few months.

“I’ll be honest with you, if the purpose of this was to act like everything is cool and chit chat or catch up with each other regarding the last few months then I don’t have much to share on my end and I am not interested in hearing about the issues with your current, former, whatever, love interest, I said to her in a matter of fact tone.

My anger didn’t totally go away from the time she called me rather I just stayed simmering but now I was getting mad because she was treating me like we had nothing between us for over a year then call me out of the blue for dinner then chit chat with me, among other bullshit, her failed relationship.
I felt stupid enough but don’t like to be treated like a total idiot.

I stood up pushing back my chair with obvious force,
“Thanks for the invite and dinner, I hate to be rude but I don’t appreciate this situation. You should pick one of your girlfriends if you feel the need to dump or confess”, I said.
She sat there with a pensive look on her face while I turned and walked towards the door. As I reached the door,

“I SCREWED UP, OK !”, she said. I could tell from her tone this was the last thing she wanted to say directly, nobody wants to admit anything but she knew me well enough that once I went out that door then we would never speak again.
I stopped at the door to think for a second. I wasn’t going to allow myself to soften because inside I could not allow myself to get close to her again, at least emotionally.
I put my hand on the door knob,

“DAVID, I’M SORRY”, she said as she got up and walked to me. I turned and she put her arms around me and looked right in my eyes. She had a mournful look on her face yet a desirous look in her eyes.
While my heart didn’t soften neither did my cock. I sensed she was likely as “in need” as I was. I was quickly running through various scenarios and ramifications in my head, I wanted to just plain fuck Amy without any strings attached, fuck her as a type of revenge.
At this point I knew I could simply do it, have my desires sated and go away without feeling anything but sexual gratification.
I knew she would try to use her looks, charm and incredible body to suck me in but perhaps she didn’t know me all that well. I was going to take full advantage and turn the tables on her.

We both leaned in and kissed, at first it was gentle then it became passionate and intense. I broke the kiss and went for her neck and worked on it with passion.
She reached down to undo my pants then pried out my now steel hard cock.
My cock was FULLY engorged, it had swelled to proportions beyond normal. She dropped to her knees and looked at my cock then looked back up at me with surprise then back at my cock like she was contemplating, she didn’t move.
I put my hand around the back of her head and forcefully pulled her to my cock. She did resist a little and I wasn’t sure if it was role play resistance or what but I didn’t care. It was out of ordinary for me but I was going to use her.

She struggled to stretch her mouth over my swollen cock and managed to get her lips over my helmet. I was trying to force more cock into her mouth while I held her head with both hands and rocked my hips to fuck her mouth.
This went on for several minutes and she was having such a hard time taking it that her teeth began to scrap against me while she struggled to do the best she could.
She was beginning to back away so I let her head go and she instantly stood up and turned leading me to the bedroom. When we got to the bed she pulled her dress off and I shed my clothes. She back onto the bed crossways and laid back,

“You Gonna Eat Me Baby ?”, she breathed out in a soft voice. Unlike my usual self I had no concern regarding her pleasure or desires. I stood at the edge then crawled up on the bed between her open legs and hovered over her as I guided my cock to her cunt.
She gave a frustrated grunt with me ignoring her wishes as I continued to mount her and sank my cock inside. She put her hands on my chest to push against me. I pressed against her and put more weight on her, as I pushed my cock in her arms buckled and she dropped them beside her head. I clasped her wrists in my hands pinning her arms over her head and held on as I began to fuck in and out of her.
She was helpless as this point (or feigned helplessness) as I had my way with her. At this point I truly didn’t care that this was Amy, I was detached and simply filling my need.

It has been quite awhile for me and didn’t take me long to get there. The cum was steadily rising up my shaft but I amazed myself with the control I had.
I was hammering into her while I squeezed my cock muscles and let the pressure rise. I felt my cock swelling has the cum backed up and my muscles clamped down harder.
I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and pumped a few more times then released my muscles and let out a long quiet
“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, as I let loose a torrent of pressurized cum that drilled right into her womb.
Amy caught a quick breath when I blasted inside of her.
I clamped down my cock muscles again and pumped, the pressure quickly peaked and I let out another quiet,
“ohhhhhhhhhhh”, as I let loose a creamy load of white hot lava into Amy’s cunt.

“Oh My God”, said Amy in a low voice.

I squeezed closed again as I pumped her several more times and held in deep as I grunted while my cock convulsed as I squirted the last remnants of my spunk inside of her.
I let loosed of her wrists and held myself up while I remained in her while it felt like cum continued to dribble from my peehole.

I finally pulled out, rolled to the side and dropped onto my back breathing hard. I felt light headed and shaky having finally relieved myself after two months without any pussy.
After several minutes of breathing I finally caught up, it was quiet and not one word was spoken between us. I wanted to get dressed and leave, like leaving the scene of a crime in a hurry.
Again, unlike my usual self, I didn’t feel the desire to hold her close to me and kiss or feel her. As far as I was concerned the deed was done.
I scooted off the bed, stood and reached for my pants.

“Whatcha doing ?”, asked Amy.

“I should probably go”, I said. I didn’t really want to be mean to her but I didn’t to talk much either but I did want to leave her, kind of like she did me.

“You gonna leave just like that, why don’t you stay the night”, she asked.

“Nah, I better not”, I said.

She sat up just staring at me with a dumbfounded and hurt look on her face,
“Come on, stay the night”, she said.

“WHY”, I said while I looked her in he eye. She saw the stern look on my face and dropped her head.

“Never mind”, she said in a sad tone while dropping her head down.

After I was dressed I walked to the door and Amy never looked up, I looked back and could see tears dripping from her down turned face.
I admit it tugged my heartstrings for just a second then I instantly felt vindicated. This again was not usually me but I knew what it was. I still had the ability to have feelings just not for her anymore, I had feelings for Cindy.

“BYE”, I said as I turned and walked out of the bedroom. At that point Amy began to sob out loud.
GOOD, now you know how it feels, I thought to myself as I went out the front door and headed home.

Three More Weeks Later:

Cindy and I had several phone conversations over the last few weeks, we talked about generalities, feelings, wants, wishes and all the usual things but we also talked dirty and were very explicit with each other as we built up the anticipation concerning our pending get together, or get together’s.
Our conversations revolved around the pending get together (singular) as I think both of use were going to try and limit this to a one time post pregnancy sex session and then figured or maybe even hoped it would be out of our system.
I think we were fooling ourselves because we had such a connection in our conversations, it was like her and I were the ones that were meant to be together. This was dangerous thinking but I couldn’t help it, her and I had real conversations with each other. How is it that her and I never got together back in the day. It was likely my propensity for girls with dark hair over blondes like Cindy.
Either way we finally were able to have our chance. Brad was leaving on a business trip tomorrow and would be gone for a couple days.
It’s a good thing as I was really horny and Amy had called me countless times over the last few weeks (which I ignored) and she also texted me many times begging for me to talk with her. I anticipated returning Amy’s calls which I knew would lead to another evening together.
I didn’t really want that to happen though, I felt I got a little revenge and had no desire to continue to use or hurt her. That is the thing about having a girlfriend that knew she was hot, the possibilities for woman like this are endless. She liked to exert the power she had so I knew that she would feel the need to use it for the next shmuck that drooled at her.

The Next Day:

I arrived at Brad and Cindy’s house, I was tired because I barely got any sleep thinking about this moment. I was bursting last night and wanted to masterbate to relieve the pressure and get to sleep but I didn’t, I wanted to save it.
As I got to the door Cindy opened it before I could knock. I stood there looking at her. I haven’t seen her since visiting her in the hospital. She trimmed back down to her typical toned 115lbs.
“Come on in”, she said. As I walked in we went towards the kitchen. I stopped at the kitchen entry while she walked to the fridge and opened it and asked if I wanted something to drink.
I wasn’t feeling to comfortable and I sensed a deliberate coldness but then again I was trying to be a little detached myself. I realized that this was a form of self discipline, a way to hold back feelings and not respond to them.
One of use had to make a move of some kind or this wasn’t going to happen.

As Cindy was looking in the fridge I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me,
“David”, she said softly.
I pulled her long blonde hair away from her neck and leaned in, she let out a breath and cocked her head to the side as I planted soft kisses up and down her exposed neck.
She leaned back onto me while I worked on her neck and moved one hand down over the front of her dress and felt her mound while the other hand went up over her titties. She had on a thin cotton dress with nothing on underneath.
She practically melted against me, her breathing picked up as I continued to kiss her neck and feel her body. My cock sprang into action and she felt it press against her butt.
I stopped kissing her neck and pulled my arms away from her and she turned to me.
She had a dreamy look in her eyes with a hint of lust, I took a look down and back up her body and when our eyes met again we mashed our lips together with a long and deep passionate kiss and held each other tightly.

When the kiss broke we unwrapped our arms from around one another and I held her face in my hands,
“I know what you were going to say and I know what you are thinking”, I said.

I knew she was afraid, so was I. We were afraid of how we felt about each other now and that sex at this point would put us over the edge and into a place we couldn’t be.

“Cindy, we can’t help what we feel but we can help what we do. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen now my feelings won’t change”, I said.

With that we walked to the bedroom. When we got to the edge of the bed she turned to me and pulled off her dress and dropped it to the floor.
I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants and we got onto the bed. As she laid back I moved my head towards her pussy, she opened and raised her legs as I positioned myself.
I stopped for a few seconds to take in the sight before me, she was cleanly shaved. I breathed in the wonderful smell of her cunt and began with a long slow lick up her snatch with just the tip of my tongue.
She let out a stuttered breath when I tongued her and she opened her legs even wider as I began to tease her cunt lips ever so slightly with the tip of my tongue. Her breathing picked up but was even and smooth until I licked her clit which caused her to draw in a huge breath, raise her legs up higher.
I took this opportunity to rim her brownie hole for several seconds which made her clench up from the stimulation so I went back to licking her slit and alternately teasing her clit.
She began panting now and grabbed my hair with her hands while slightly rocking her hips to move with me,
‘ohhhhhhhh babyyyyyy”, she whispered in a light breath.

I wasn’t attacking her cunt rather I was being slow and deliberate, I was savoring this and taking my time. I was letting her know that I appreciate her beauty and the pleasure I derived from her wonderful tight snatch.
As I continued to work she panted harder and louder and her back was arching up as she tensed her body, I knew she was close then with a short squeal and an,
“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!”, she moaned out in sweet relief as I was rewarded with a gush of her jizz that flooded my mouth and face.
With that she let go of my hair, her back settled onto the bed and she breathed out a “WHEWWWWWWW” through pursed lips then opened her mouth and began to breath more evenly again. She lowered her legs down until her feet were planted on the bed but kept them wide open.
I wiped my jizz covered chin on the bed sheet then planted a kiss on the top of her mound first then kissed my way up her stomach while squeezing her titties.
I took a nipple into my mouth and began to suck and lightly bite them making sure each side received equal attention.

After a minute of sucking her titties she motioned for me to lay down beside her, when I did she got to her knees and moved to my waist. She grabbed my cock wrapping her slender fingers around it’s girth and pumped up and down a few times.
She leaned her head down slightly and cocked her head to line up then whipped her long blonde hair to one side the descended on my hardened tool.
Pursing her lips at the tip of my cock she moved down spreading her lips over my helmet. when she arapped her lips over the flare of my head she sucked hard,
“UUUUHHHHHHH”, I moaned loudly from the sensation. She plunged down and sucked me in deeper then began to slowly bobb up and down on me cock while sucking hard on each decent.
Each time she took me in deep I would catch a quick breath then let it out as she pulled back. She started to tickle my sack with one hand while she held the base of my fully engorged prick with the other hand.

I was in heaven while she pleasured me with her mouth. She was as slow and deliberate as I was with her, just as I was expressing reverence for her luscious cunt she was showing the same for my cock.
She pulled off of me and licked my cockhead with her tongue then would lick up and down my shaft then circle the flair of my head with her tongue before plunging back down to slowly work my throbbing tool.
My balls were beginning to boil and as I felt the rise I tightened my cock muscles and looked down my stomach at her. She was looking right at me and our eyes locked while she slowly work on me. I started drawing in huge breaths and shaking.
While she sucked and worked the cum was creeping up my shaft, my eyes opened wider and my jaw clenched tight as I strained to hold closed. She didn’t break eye contact as I got closer and closer.
With the pressure increasing and the tingling in my entire shaft I finally succumbed and closed my eyes then laid my head back,

UH, UHH, UHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY” I cried out as the floodgate opened and flooded her mouth with a hot stream of semen causing her to choke just a little to cope with the amount that filled her mouth. My cock convulsed,
“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I moaned as wave after wave exited my cock.
She struggled to keep up and cum started to leak from around her mouth while it was stretched over my cock. I kept squeezing my muscles even though I knew I had no more to expel but the sensation and instinct took over.
She continued to swallow while she held my convulsing cock in her mouth, then when that was done she began to lick the cum covering the lower part of my shaft shaft which had leaked out.
When that was accomplished she licked the cum from the hand she had around the base of my shaft.

Completely exhausted we laid there catching our breath then after a couple minutes we turned on our sides facing each other. We looked deep into each others eyes, without one word spoken we were communicating. I saw dreaminess, lust, helplessness, fear as I looked into her. I also saw s sparkle in what I interpreted as Love.
Just as I saw the Love in her eyes she immediately saw the fear in mine and her eyes changed to concern,

I opened my mouth to speak and only got out,
“Cindy”, when she suddenly leaned in and kissed me passionately.

Her lips seemed even softer than ever before. I put a hand to the side of her face and held it as we kissed so passionate and lovingly.
I was suddenly helpless and my true feeling were hard to suppress. The way she kissed me and made me melt, she broke the kiss pulled back and looked at me. My defenses were down and emotions stirred up I succumbed to a moment of weakness that I swore since Amy and I split that I would never do or say again EVER.

“I LOVE YOU”, we both said in unison. I was shocked and thought I was the only one who would say it. I just had to let her know how I felt.

I know it was a huge mistake because once each person lets that cat out of the bad then things change exponentially. Everyone knows that those words remove the armor which protects the heart. The heart is now exposed and can be manipulated, used and attacked for purpose. There are certain expectations, devotions and things to be proved and proven now.
Anyone who has been through it knows but in the early stages those words can inflate the ego’s and you ascend to a level outside of rational thought.

Now it was time to physically express what we just said in words. We once again began to kiss passionately wrapping our arms around each other and pulling close, trying the best we could to merge our bodies, become one.
I ran my hand down her side over her hip then over her sweet soft ass cheeks and squeezed then pulled her into me while I pushed my groin against her.
I was growing hard again and I wanted to be inside her, to truly merge with each other. She was turning her body and pulling me to get on top of her. I rolled with her while we continued to kiss and rub each others body.
As we rolled into position I had my forearm on the bed to to get my weight off of her and reach down with my other hand to guide my now rock hard cock to her entrance.
She raised her legs and gently placed her arms around my neck as we looked at each other. I ran the head of my cock up and down her slit then gently push into her soaked love tunnel.
She was incredibly tight and drew a quick breath as I sank my cock in to half it’s length. We did not break eye contact as I began to pulled back and gently begin the in and out motion.

With each decent I made she would move her head back slightly and open her mouth like in a silent moan then move her head back down and close her mouth each time I withdrew.
It was finally getting a little easier now so I pushed a little deeper inside of her, as the fattest part of my cock began to stretch open her luscious hole her eyes got weak and started to flutter and her mouth remained open.
As I pushed deeper inside the exquisite feeling of her inner folds caressing my throbbing cock was causing my own eyes to close.
I was descending into a dream state while I fucked in and out of her and no longer able to contain myself I pushed my entire shaft as deep inside of her as I could get.
As I bottomed out in her it caused me to let out an,

I continued to thrust with long deep slow movements as I made love to Cindy. She was gently moaning and grunting and suddenly her arms dropped from around my neck and fall onto the bed above her head.
I opened my eyes to look at her and noticed her eyes open slightly while she looked at me.
A look of bliss came across her face, the slight moans stopped and she breathed evenly while I heaved to work my rock hard member in and out of her.
After several minutes of this she raised her arms around my back and dug her fingernails in as her body tensed and I felt her squeeze my cock with her cunt muscles then,
“mmmmmmmmmmmm”, she breathed out in a moaning fashion as hot liquid soaked my cock and leaked out.

We were making slapping smacking noises from the wetness as my cock was like a piston moving in and out.
Cindy withdrew her nails from my back and she laid her hands flat on my back and pulled me down.
We gave each other kisses as I continued to heave in and out. Our lovemaking was already intense and as we kissed it began to instantly bring me on.
I only began to feel the cum boil up from my balls and my cock muscles were already convulsing. My usual instinct to clamp down and delay the inevitable was of no use, No matter how much I tried I had no control. In my mind I was already squirting my love into her.
I picked up the pace but was not fucking her, i pulled back and rocked my hips in a rolling fashion to raise up enough to let my cock shaft brush by her clit while our kiss became more passionate.

The cum sped straight up my shaft unimpeded, my cock was convulsing, I pumped faster and my breathing became erratic. I pulled my lips from hers and pulled back just far enough to have a clear view of each others eyes as my cock muscles pumped cum into her cunt while I still fucked in and out,
“uhhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I moaned in completely blissful tone.

After several strokes and with the flow of cum slowing I pushed in deep and held while I shook with weakness. We both kissed passionately again and I could feel her cunt milking me then our kiss broke and I hung my head beside hers and we breathed in relief.
I didn’t want to pull out of her even as my once hard dick was now deflating inside of her but I was weak as if all my life energy (and Love) had poured through my dick and into Cindy.
I did withdraw then raised my head and rolled to the side, she immediately rolled with me and we again embraced and continued to give each other quick smacking kisses then professed our love for each other.

It was tough for us to part but we knew I shouldn’t stay long plus her and I needed time to reflect and think in rational terms, away from each others presence, about the future and going forward.

Why is “Love” like this, why is it stupid, why is it so irrational and why does it always lead to heartbreak, confusion and an end. I thought about this as I was driving home then while I tried to sleep that night then the next day.
It was continually on my mind, My inner voice was telling me to stop this and that it would lead to disaster. My phone rang and it was Amy AGAIN.
She had been attempting to call me for a few weeks now and sent me countless texts all of which I ignored until now.
I answered the phone……………………… Is that stupid ?

(to be continued)

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