Sherri Ch. 3


Sherri’s visits and sexuality served to raise too many questions in my mind. After she left I kept chasing one question after another into one cul-de-sac after another. I didn’t sleep particularly well and the next morning I identified the main problem not as Sherri’s behavior, but as my own. I was fooling with a good friend’s wife and that was not something I relished. I knew, however, that I would keep my 4:00 p.m. appointment with Sherri, but that had to be the end of it. Whatever Sherri’s and Bill’s problems were, I wasn’t helping to solve them.

All the next day I was semi-hard. Sherri was exciting and contradictory. She was both shy and bold about her sexual needs. She was ashamed and eager at one and the same time. The day dragged on and finally, at 3:30 p.m., I departed and walked home briskly to be there at 4:00 p.m. I waked into my apartment a few minutes before 4:00 p.m. and the phone rang a few minutes later. It was Sherri checking to see if I was there. She said she would be there in a few minutes and she arrived some ten minutes later.

I answered her knock and she came wordlessly into the apartment. As always, she was dressed conservatively and expensively in a suit. But, again, no hose or pantyhose were evident today. I asked if she wanted to talk or retire to the bedroom for love-making and she stood still, blinking at me. I took her hand and walked her into the bedroom and turned to kiss her. Once again she melted into my arms and kissed me with surprising passion.

First I removed her suit jacket and hung it on the back of a chair. I turned to unbutton her blouse and as I did so it was apparent that she was braless. I removed her blouse and hung it and turned back to her and ran my finger lightly around her left nipple, taking care not to touch etiler escort her nipple. Even this gentle touch stiffened her body and caused her to inhale sharply. Her nipple began to stiffen so I switched to her right tit and caressed the bottom of it and bent towards her and put out my tongue. She thrust her tit into my tongue and I sucked her. She inhaled sharply again and her head tilted back and her eyes closed. Her hand came forward to grasp my cock still inside my pants. I released her tit and kissed her.

She squeezed my cock fiercely and returned my kiss hard. I asked her, “What do you want today?” As usual, she said nothing as she waited for me to discern her need. I asked again, “What do you want today?” She tugged my cock, still saying nothing. I said, “Sherri, say it.” She paused a long time and finally whispered, “I want your cock.” I said, “Ok, then take it out.” She undid my belt, unsnapped my waistband, and pulled down my zipper. and then slid down my pants and shorts. She moaned something and grasped my cock and looked at me.

I massaged her nipples as I asked, “Where do you want my cock?” Squirming she said, “You know.” I responded softly, “No, I’m tired of guessing what you want. Tell me.” I twisted her nipples as I said that and she moaned. She leaned up to me and whispered, “In my cunt.”

With that I unzipped her skirt and pushed it and her panties down to here thighs. I took her hand off my cock and knelt to pull her skirt and panties off. She stepped out of them While kneeling I slipped a finger into her already open slit and heard her exclaim, ‘Huhhhhhhhhhh!” Slowly finger-fucking her I asked, “Do you think I’ll fit in this tiny cunt?” Instead of answering me, she threw her head back eve gelen escort and an “Aggggggghhhhhhhh” escaped her lips. I wrapped my free arm around her ass and pulled her close and increased the pace of my finger-fuck. I looked up at her grimacing face and said, “Baby…you haven’t been fucked in a long time have you?” That statement opened the gates and she screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Her hips went into overdrive and she impaled her cunt on my finger and groaned as her cunt clamped down on my finger and she came and her legs buckled as she fell against me.

I eased her to the floor and held her as she gasped for breath. We lay together for a long while as I held her and kissed her. Finally I said, “C’mon. Let’s get on the bed.” I pulled her up and eased her onto the bed and on her back. She opened her legs for me and I knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of my very hard cock up and down her wetness. She moaned and humped trying to get me inside. I continued my torture of her until she begged, “Don’t tease.” With that I pushed and I knew this was not going to be easy. She was not only small, she was tight. I pushed hard and got the head of my cock inside her and she bucked trying to get it deeper. That hurt her so she slowed. As soaked as she was it hurt me too and I knew I’d have to go slowly, stretching her open slowly.

I asked, ‘Are you a virgin?” She shook her head ‘no.’ I thanked the heavens for that bit of news and began a slow advance and retreat into her cunt. With every few pushes I gained a few millimeters and her legs began to come up higher and higher. When I was one-half into her, she slammed her feet down on the bed and kicked her hips into high fatih escort gear again and began the now familiar HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH I knew so well. She went faster and I thought I heard her HUH turn to HUK HUK HUK HUK! I held my ground as she fucked harder and I heard clearly that she was chanting, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK as she humped herself silly. I thought she had ball-bearings where most women had hip joints given the power and speed of her humping. She stiffened and her eyes rolled back and she came even more explosively than any of her previous orgasms.

Sherri was utterly limp and I used her condition to work my cock in deeper until I was fully inside here. She was as wet and hot and tight as I’d ever experienced. I was so hot I had to clamp down and start doing the multiplication tables not to blow my load in her. I couldn’t imagine the temperature inside her…she was burning me up! Eventually she opened her eyes and kissed me and whispered, “Thank you…that was wonderful.” I smiled and said “There’s more” and began pumping her. We were off to the races and soon she was panting HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH, but it was over too quickly as she had her orgasm. I continued to pump until I was about to shoot my load and I pulled out and let fly ropes of cum all over her stomach and chest.

I rolled off her and we lay together for a long time and then I asked her what was going on and why she was seeing me to satisfy her sexual needs. Out came a long story that can be summarized as “Bill had been ejaculating prematurely since their marriage and he was so frustrated with his condition that he had backed away from satisfying Sherri with his mouth or fingers and she was going out of her mind with sexual frustration.”

I explained that we could not continue to use each other as we had the last three days because I would not be a party to betraying Bill’s friendship. Sherri was furious and upset and eventually called me a lot of names and stormed out of my apartment one-half dressed. A month later Sherri skipped town with Bill’s best friend who left his wife when he accepted a position with another firm across the country.

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