She wants that College Wrestler Pt. 01


The college athletic programs are popular and big money is spent on those programs. A gym locker room was built to accommodate the male athletes. The wrestling team is popular as athletic scholarships are awarded each year.

Cassie (27 yrs.) had lived in an apartment just off campus for years. She is an athletic blonde (32-24-32) who just broke off a relationship with her boyfriend who is a former wrestler.

She’s looking forward to seeing the new freshman wrestlers. No one knows that there is a storage room above the men’s gym lockers. Anyone can walk in that room and look down toward those lockers. Cassie had found it while walking through doors in the gymnasium. The roof window can be dropped open with the movement of a latch.

It’s Saturday night. Cassie is bored who just finished a gym workout. She took a shower and her wet blonde hair, falls over her face. She decides to go into the roof above the men’s lockers. The place is empty because it’s near midnight. The lights below are turned on. Cassie moves the latch on the window and it drops open.

There is a college gym bag near a locker which is wide open. Street clothes lay on the bench. Socks and shoes are scattered on the floor.

A Latino male (25 yrs.) steps over to the locker carrying a towel. He has toned abs and cut shoulder muscles. He shakes his jet-black hair and loose bangs fall over his eyes. He also wears a thick chain with a bible “cross” hanging against his chest. He turns his brown body away from the locker and Cassie smiles. His thick Yalova Escort and long cock, flops, as he begins to wipe down his wet body. She never saw him before and hopes that he is a wrestler.

The summer training camp has started and it’s Monday afternoon. Cassie had been sitting in the gym bleachers along with other wrestling fans. She’s anxious because all she could think about is that hot Latino and his huge dick.

The team wrestlers are all on the gym mats who pair up with partners. They spar with each other as the coaches watch them. Cassie notices the Latino walking onto the gym floor and holding his baby daughter. She’s playing with a toy while his mouth holds a whistle. He starts walking back and forth speaking at the wrestlers. Cassie lifts up her small binoculars and focuses in on him. She then, looks around for his wife or girlfriend.

She whispers, “I don’t see no damn mother. I gotta get a hold of his dick.”

Her binoculars focus in on his dangling crotch area, under his college sweat bottoms.

The Latino walks over and sits his girl on a chair. He returns to talk with a few wrestlers. Cassie seizes her moment by standing up and running down to the girl. She picks her up in her arms. He glances over, smiles and jogs back to them.

He says, “Thanks for grabbing Selena. Her mom’s at work.”

Cassie smiles, “It’s okay, I can hold her until you finish. Are you a new coach? I haven’t seen you before.”

He answers, “My name’s Tomas and I’m just an assistant coach. Selena’s good with Yalova Escort Bayan everybody. I gotta get back.”

“Okay, I’ll be here. I’m Cassie” She replies.

He smiles, “Nice to meet you Cassie.”

Before he turns around. His eyes glance down at her athletic body.

The wrestling practice is finally over and the whole team jogs toward the gym lockers. Cassie holds Selena in her arms who has fallen asleep. Tomas jogs over and smiles.

He whispers, “Thanks Cassie. I’ll take her now.”

“Oh no, I can bring her to your car” she says.

“Okay, let me grab my stuff.” He quickly snaps up his gym bags and Cassie follow’s behind him toward the doors.

She says, “I need a ride to my apartment. It’s just off campus. Do you mind?”

“No, I don’t mind” he answers.

Tomas parks his family SUV inside the parking lot of Cassie’s apartment building. There is no one around as he leans backward to check on Selena. She’s asleep in her car seat which is turned around in the back seat.

Cassie stares down at his crotch inside his gym sweats. He isn’t wearing anything underneath. His thick cock, flops back and forth.

Without thinking. Cassie reaches over and places her hand on his crotch. Tomas flinches and his own hand covers hers as he sits back down.

“What are you doing? My-my wife” He says.

He tries to remove her hand, but Cassie begins rubbing his cock through his sweats. His hand grips hers.

“Oh, God” he moans.

Tomas quickly looks around to see if anyone is in the Escort Yalova parking lot. Cassie keeps rubbing his cock and he doesn’t fight it, as he pushes his hand down, upon hers.

“Oh, shit” he says.

She smiles, “You’re so big Tomas.”

“C-Come on. I can’t” he replies.

Her hand keeps rubbing his cock which begins to get harder. He turns to look back at Selena so his moans, won’t wake her up.

Tomas shakes his head “no.” Cassie lifts her hand off his thickness and both of her hands search for his sweat pant strings. Her fingers pull on those strings and his sweats fall loose.

“Goddammit. Please don’t” he pleads.

Cassie’s hand yanks down his sweat pants and his thick cock, pops free. Her hand wraps around his shaft as it continues to grow.

She smiles at him, “When was your last blow job Tomas?”

“S-S-Shit, too long” he answers.

Cassie bends her head over and her lips slide over his cock-head. Her tongue begins licking him hard and fast.

He responds, “Oh, God… It’s been so… Fucking long!”

His feet begin pressing down on the car brake. His left hand grips the steering wheel and his right hand pushes down on her blonde head.

Her hand grips his shaft and slides it down to his thick and black, pubic hair. Her lips continue to grip his cock-head. Tomas closes his eyes and throws his head back.

He moans, “Oh, yeah… Shit, my wife stopped… Doing this… Fuck!”

Both of Cassie’s hands wrap around his 10-inch shaft. She strokes, but her lips hold tightly around his cock-head. Her tongue keeps licking fast.

Tomas screams, “My Fucking God… Feels… So Good… Shit!”

His feet begin to kick hard on the car brake…

Cassie loves college wrestlers and now the coaches too.

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