Shaving Linda


Linda and I had become friends the first day we moved into the neighborhood. She announced herself as the self proclaimed welcome lady and brought us a cake and sandwiches the day we moved in. A friendship quickly formed between the two of us. It was especially helpful that two of her daughters were the same age as my daughters.

Nearly every morning after the kids were off to school Linda would go for a walk and pass by our house. Occasionally she’d stop by for a cup of coffee and some conversation along the way, so it wasn’t a huge surprise one morning when I answered the door to find Linda on the doorstep.

I could tell as soon as she came in the house that something was on her mind, but didn’t think much of it. We went into the sunroom and I poured us each a cup of coffee as we sat and enjoyed the spring sunshine.

Our conversation centered on the kids, the rough winter we’d had and plans for the upcoming weekend. However, throughout the whole time we were talking Linda seemed distracted. Finally, I got up the courage to ask her if there was anything bothering her.

Linda put her cup down and leaned toward me. Her voice lowered and she had a hard time looking at me, which wasn’t like her at all.

“Well, I have a question I want to ask you but I’m afraid to ask…..It’s very difficult…..”

Fearing the worst I put my hand on her arm and assured her that she could ask anything and it would be okay. “Is it about the kids? Is something wrong?”

“No, no. It’s nothing like that…” She assured me, “it’s about….well…sex.”

I was really taken back by that! Throughout our friendship Linda was a very modest and conservative person. Discussing anything about sex was the last thing I expected. But I encouraged her to go on. “Nothing you can ask will be too embarrassing for me. I promise.” I said sitting back somewhat relieved.

“Well, Ron and I…it’s our anniversary this weekend and…well the kids are going to be gone Saturday night. We’re going out to eat and then going to a hotel with a Jacuzzi.”

“That’s great! Do you need us to watch the girls or anything? Anything we can do…” I had no idea what this had to do with sex, but offered any way I could help.

“Well, no…Thank you, we have that covered but…well. Ron and I we…well we fantasize about things and…well…”

“Linda,” I encouraged, “What do you need? Tell me. It’s okay.” Funny how just this silly discussion was having an effect on me. Something about the idea of her and Ron even having fantasies was arousing.

“Well,” Linda let out a huge sigh, “It’s like Ankara bayan escort this. Ron has always wanted me to shave my…uh, well my…”

“Your pussy?” I blurted out. I didn’t mean to and it took Linda back. “Sorry”

“No! I mean its okay and y-yes. He wants to see me shaved. But I’ve never done it and it may sound stupid but I’m not sure exactly what to do.”

“Do you want me to help you shave your pussy?” I’d shaved for years but the thought of shaving another woman was really arousing me.

Linda looked at me shyly. “Would you mind?”

“Not at all. We can do it now if you want. I have some time.”

Linda agreed and I led her into the bathroom off or our master bedroom. I was still in my robe but gave her another one I had hanging on the door. It was a silky, short robe that Ben, my husband, really liked. Linda took the robe and began to take her clothes off while I got things together. I watched her undress in the mirror and have to admit I liked what I saw.

She had larger tits than I realized, a bit saggy from bearing children and getting older, but her nipples were huge. She slipped her sweats off to reveal a nice hairy mound hidden beneath white lace thongs. She turned to take them off and I got a look at her firm, round ass.

I spread some towels on the floor. “I think it might work best of you lay here on the towels so I can show you want to do. If you lay this way (I showed her how) you’ll be able to see what I’m doing in the full length mirror in case you want to do this on your own sometime.”

Linda lay down on the floor. Her ass towards the mirror and her short robe barely covering her pussy. I took a warm damp washcloth and washed her pubic mound gently. I was still very aroused. I’d often fantasized about being with another woman. Never did I dream it would be like this. I spent a little more time than I needed washing her and watching us in the mirror. I noticed Linda watching as well and after a few minutes she raised her hips to meet my touch.

“So, do you and Ron fantasize a lot when you are having sex?” I asked as I massaged her pussy.

“Mmmm, sometimes.” She was relaxing more, “Ron really would like to see me involved with another woman sometime, but I’m not sure.”

I got up to get a towel and my razor. As I did so I let my robe slide open a bit, making sure that my boobs were partially exposed. I knelt down and began to shave away her pubic hair as I talked.

“So, being with a woman offends you?”

“No, not that. Just that I have never done it before. Never touched another woman or been touched…until Escort bayan Ankara now of course.”

I slid free hand up her leg and pulled her legs further apart. Partially to make sure I didn’t knick her, but also to get a better look at her crotch. Her pussy lips were somewhat large. I gently pulled them to one side as I shaved. I loved the way they felt, smooth, warm and I think she was getting a little wet as well. She shifted a bit and in the process her robe fell open exposing her breasts to me once more. I looked at them with admiration. “Ben would love to have tits like that to hold” I caught myself saying. It wasn’t supposed to be out loud and I stopped short. The look on my face must have been classic because Linda chuckled.

“Yeah, Ron says they are a redeeming quality I have.” She smiled and pulled her robe apart more.

“Redeeming quality? Why would you need a redeeming quality?” That confused me. She had a great body. I couldn’t imagine what would need redeeming. I got up and grabbed the shaving cream and blade.

“He says my lips ‘down there’ are too big,” Linda said as she lay there naked on the floor.”

“Really? I think they look good.” I said as I knelt once more beside her. I put some shaving cream on my hand and began to rub her pubs. I made sure to cover her well since this was the first shaving and because it gave me more opportunity to touch those great lips of hers.

“MMM. That really feels good Nancy.” Linda said as she raised her hips to press against my hand. I pushed back and pressed my finger ever so slightly into her crack, feeling her wetness against my finger.

“I like it too. So being touched by a woman may not be so bad?”

Linda smiled and chuckled again. “Not today, that’s for sure. Do you and Ben ever fantasize?”

“Yeah, we do. We fantasize a lot. He wants to see me with another man, but I’ve always wondered about being with a woman too. And I like this.” I said as I gently shaved the remaining hair from her. I was very careful around her lips and taking every opportunity to touch them whenever I could. Occasionally I noticed Linda reach up and touch her nipples. I felt myself get wetter.

Once finished I got up and grabbed a warm cloth again to clean her up. As I did so my robe fell the rest of the way open, exposing my tits and my own cleanly shaved pussy.

“I see you have done this before. You are nicely shaved. Looks nice. Would you mind if I got a closer look?” Linda’s question really got me going. As I gently cleaned the shaving cream from her pussy I swung my ass toward her. I Bayan escort Ankara felt her hand moving my robe to the side for a better look and spread my legs for her. I felt her hand gingerly touch my ass and then move cautiously down my crack and in between my legs.

Looking in the mirror I could see in Linda’s eyes the excitement and curiosity growing. I was done cleaning her now. I put the rag aside and began to feel the smooth skin of her pubic mound. “This looks good Linda. Ron is going to like this. And I think your lips look good too.

I licked my fingers and gently began to caresses her pussy lips. I heard her moan softly. I knelt down and moved my lips to her pussy watching to see if I’d be invited or not. She raised her hips to meet my lips and I tasted first hand her juices.

Linda reached up and pulled my ass towards her as well. I invited her to my crotch and soon felt her tongue licking my crotch. I gently stuck a finger into her vagina and heard her moan. “OH, yes. Do that more. It feels so incredibly good.

She was getting wetter so I pushed two fingers inside and felt her pulsing hips. I finger fucked her like Ben did to me and felt her g-spot getting harder. With my thumb I gently worked her clit until she screamed and orgasmed really hard on my hand, pushing her hips harder against me as her orgasm subsided.

Once she had slowed down I put my head between her legs to taste her cum. It was sweet and warm and I stuck my tongue as far inside of her as I could hoping to get every last drop. While I was doing that I felt Linda’s mouth and tongue on my clit and soon felt my own orgasm coming. I pushed against her mouth and felt her hands pulling my ass harder against her until I came.

I lay on top of Linda in the 6-9 position for awhile smelling the sweet aroma of her pubs. Then I turned around and lay beside her on the towel.

“So, I’m thinking we both found out women can be good too, right?” I smiled. Linda smiled back and grabbed her tit.

“You said Ben would like these. Do you?” She held it out to me and I gladly moved to suck on her nipple. I moved inside of her legs and we began to press our hips together feeling the smoothness of our pubs. We pushed against each other feeling each other’s wetness until we came again and collapsed on the floor.

After a few minutes we smiled at each other and took a shower together. We took turns washing each others’ tits and privates, taking a little more time than usual under the hot water. Then we got dressed and headed downstairs.

Linda gave me a huge hug and thanked me. I told her there was no need to thank me. The experience was thanks enough. As Linda turned to go she looked back. Speaking of experiences, I’ll be sure to tell you how the weekend went. She winked at me and headed home.

I couldn’t wait to hear how things went.

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