Sharing is Caring Pt. 02


Thanks to Todger for editing this story. In the first part of our story a couple decided to add a beautiful young woman to their lovemaking but for Caitlyn there was an exacting price to pay. They get to know each other much better in this chapter. I love to hear from readers with ideas or comments. If you want a reply please leave me a method to do so. Please vote if you like the story.


The searing sex scene Sasha just witnessed and assisted in between Miles and Caitlyn left her in a state of sexual turmoil. The two lovers cleaned up in the shower before the trio headed down to discover the hedonistic Jamaican beach. They were the satisfied ones, Sasha was not.

Only a quick rinse for Sasha, not even needed except to wash the excitement from her lower lips that were so flagrantly aroused, yet totally ignored, and to lick away a few stray strands of cum on her lips and cheek. Before today she would never have believed she had cum on her face, much less actually licking it away, and enjoying it. She ran her tongue around her lips again and smiled at the memory.

Miles and Caitlyn however, actually needed a good scrubbing to rid them of each other’s fluids and smells. How she wished she was in need of a good scrubbing also.

She was so frustrated from watching and helping Miles and Caitlyn fuck up a storm she could scream, or cry, or maybe both. She loved being a willing enabler but also desperately wanted to be a participant. She needed loving too.

After all it had been almost two years since she had actually had sex with a live person. Her vibrator didn’t count, and come to think of it sex with her husband hardly counted either. It was more like he had sex and she was his receptacle. Those two years in her young life seemed like an eternity at times. This was one of those times.

And she had never in her life experienced the kind of sex she had just seen. She had a craving that was heavy and deep inside her for the explosive and satisfying loving Miles and Caitlyn shared. It seemed that in addition to being lovers, they were finely tuned to each other’s needs and strived to fulfill them.

Blistering hot embers of desire smoldered just below the surface of her libido and it seemed that a mere puff of attention would cause them to explode in hot flames of passion. She tried unsuccessfully to ignore her nagging needs as she dressed for the beach.

Miles and Caitlyn were still finishing their shower as Sasha sighed at the image in the mirror and frowned critically at her reflection. She had never actually worn a bathing suit this small outside of the store dressing room where Caitlyn had pestered her until she agreed to choose it, and was dreading leaving the sanctuary of the hotel room. She was relieved, however, that Miles had declared they were visiting the ‘prude side’ of the beach today. She had not even considered there would actually be a nude side.

She desperately tried to get the thong bottom to actually cover both her love lips at the same time but it seemed that the tiny piece of fabric only wanted to nestle between and not actually cover her newly shorn and very sensitive lips. Of course this left both sides entirely bare and in no doubt of a serious camel toe.

Scrutinizing her reflection she decided her body looked OK in the shrunken alibi of a suit but it was way beyond her comfort zone. Some people couldn’t even wear this suit she rationalized with some comfort. She also wondered if anyone else could tell she was in a state of sexual frenzy.

She knew that look on her face. It was her ‘take me, right now, right here’ look. And her perked up nipples were a giveaway as they almost shone through the top of the suit. She had seen it many times in the mirror before. She had never acted upon her pent up desire before. Would she now? Could she? No one would ever know except the three of them. She frowned at her own indecision.

It flashed through her mind that at this very moment she would gladly receive six stripes of the cane in return for the hot sex she had just witnessed. She remembered back on the stripes on Caitlyn’s pretty butt many weeks ago. Of course she had no idea what a stripe from a cane felt like. She had never even been spanked, as an adult or a child. She reflected on how protective her life had been, up until today at least.

Hell, in this state she would welcome sex with an entire football team. Looking deep in the eyes of the girl in the mirror she decided that maybe a rugby team would be better. They could take turns until everyone was satisfied.

Then she thought how she really didn’t know how many men there are on a rugby team? Maybe half a rugby team, or a lacrosse team, would be sufficient since it had been two long years since real life hard flesh had actually been a part of her sex life. “Or maybe a women’s soccer team?” she quickly smothered down that idea away and wondered where it came from.

The girl in the mirror frowned judgmentally back at her and she thought, “Oh, don’t tell beşiktaş escort me you wouldn’t do the same if you had the chance.” Then she had another thought, “She wouldn’t find out. I’m not telling her. Mother would never know.” Maybe the girl in the mirror was right, she was becoming a slut.

Still criticizing herself in the mirror, Sasha discretely pulled aside the crotch of the tiny bathing suit and inspected her bare pussy. She hoped she didn’t look like a pubescent girl with her hairless slit. Definitely not she decided. Although she was as bare as a girl, her pussy lips were definitely all woman. Woman in need of some serious attention, wet and swollen and full.

In her mind she addressed her pussy, “Hey baby girl, do you need some attention? Want someone to hold and cuddle you?” There was no reply from her sodden lower lips. “No? Want someone to share your thoughts on how your day went?” Again not a peep from the lower half that was now ruling her life. “Well how about a pounding visit from a ruggedly hard cock to quench your hunger and leave you a creamy dessert?”

At this thought her inner muscles clenched tightly enough to almost buckle her knees. Sasha wondered if there was enough time to rush back in the bathroom and masturbate but didn’t know if that was allowed in her strange new relationship. She then reflected on how she had only been in Jamaica for a few hours and how dramatically her world had changed in that short time.

She was still trying to figure out Caitlyn and Miles’s arrangement and how she would fit in. She definitely wanted to be part of their life but it was still all too new. It would take a little while to sort it out. But she knew she couldn’t wait too long, she might explode.

The series of events that led her to this hotel on this beach were so bizarre she could barely fathom them. First it was Caitlyn’s admission she was attracted to Sasha, definitely a first for Sasha. Then it was Caitlyn’s spilling her secret submission to Miles and her need to be dominated and punished for not complying with rules. Then the affirmation of Caitlyn withholding her desire from Miles to have Sasha as her lady lover, the six bold stripes of the cane across Caitlyn’s beautiful ass.

Now these issues had been resolved and they were all three together on vacation in paradise. Sasha was granted time to search her soul and decide if, and how completely, she wanted to be part of their lifestyle. Her buttocks clenched at the thought of being spanked, or heaven forbid, caned!

But also her most intimate muscles clenched at the thought of the pleasure a relationship like that could bring. Her mind flashed again back to just a few minutes ago and to Mile’s hard cock and the pounding it had administered to Caitlyn. Did Sasha want that? Could she take that? Yes and yes, she decided.

Did she want to give up that much power to someone else? “Sometimes it would be nice to not have to make decisions,” she thought. She made a mental note to discuss all the ramifications with Caitlyn.

Sasha then noticed the blue velvet bag of sex toys was still sprawled on the bed amid the mussed up linens where Miles had recently so thoroughly fucked Caitlyn. She tried to ignore it but couldn’t. Her eyes kept flashing back to that bag, so innocent on the outside and so lascivious on the inside. She thought of hiding it in case the housekeepers came in but in the end just left it.

She accepted she could not change the crotch of her suit and was ready to also just give up on the back side. There was no way that small piece of string could offer any coverage at all, and the top was just as bad, it only served to accent her bust and put her charms, such as they were, on display.

Sasha turned around and bent over in front of the mirror and peered back between her legs to inspect the backside view that others would see. She frowned and squinted her eyes to see better, then her eyes popped open wide and she gasped. Was that a few tiny hairs sprouting around the string on the back of her thong?

She giggled to herself that she was expecting to see a bare ass view but not a bare ‘bear’ ass view. She grabbed her razor and shaving cream for a quick touch up. If she was going to bare her butt it was going to be a cute, smooth butt and not a furry one.

Live and learn, this was her first shaved bare experience and she had missed a few vital spots. It was also her first thong wearing experience. She again reflected on how sheltered her life was for a 29 year old woman.

Caitlyn called out to Sasha from the other room and broke her reverie, “Could you come here for a second?” Sasha’s first thought was, “What, so I can help you two have sex again, and make myself be more horny?” But she said nothing and the old phrase ‘Always a bride’s maid and never a bride’ flashed through her mind.

Caitlyn swirled in a circle trailing wisps of fabric in each hand, “I brought cover-ups for us. Which do you beşyol escort like?” Sasha beamed at the thought of new clothes and a chance at a modicum of modesty. Caitlyn held one out and wrapped Sasha in it’s luxurious folds.

It was beautiful but didn’t actually cover much up, but was better than the alternative. Red faced, Sasha decided she would just not remove her cover up. Caitlyn didn’t seem to share any reservations about the near nude suits. She donned her suit and spun around for inspection, confident in the flimsy thread-like back of the thong, emphasizing and framing, more than covering her near naked bottom, and the barely-there covering of her sex and the top which was almost a joke.

Miles wore his Speedo with confidence. She was very impressed with the nice man-ass she saw, muscular and sexy. She couldn’t believe how handsome he looked and how prominent and proud his package was. Didn’t this man just have mind blowing, fantastic, ball draining sex? No wonder Caitlyn was always happy and in a good mood. Sasha wondered if she would ever be as sexually content.

It was evident Miles and Caitlyn were used to wearing skimpy suits. They both had deep tans and not a sign of tan lines. Obviously that meant many days of nude lounging outside. Sasha wondered if that was in store for her.

The trio created quite a spectacle strutting through the hotel lobby to the beach. Two gorgeous, sexy, barely clad ladies and one handsome stud turned many heads, both male and female. Sasha felt appraising eyes follow her every move but neither acknowledged the stares nor returned their glances. Caitlyn seemed to relish the attention while Sasha seemed to barely endure it. Miles knew he was the envy of all their spectators.

Sasha was glad for the little protection from her cover up but she was definitely in a state of turmoil beneath it. Her newly shaven mound was so very sensitive and had been aroused for so very long. The damn small gusset of the bottoms softly caressed her lower lips with just enough friction every step she took that she couldn’t get it off her mind. Still she pulled the cover-up tight around her to protect what modesty she could.

Sasha loved the color of her suit but the top didn’t really cover her perfectly pert B cup breasts as much as it presented them for inspection. The fabric seemed to caress her nipples as it softly moved over them and added to her state of sexual frustration.

Their spot on the beach was beautiful and their cabana was a well stocked oasis indeed. Nothing was left to want or need. Tan in the sun or relax in the shade. There were no bad choices in this group. Miles chose the sun first and invited the women to join him. They had a group sun block application party that drew envious stares from others on the beach. No first day sun burns wanted here.

Both Caitlyn and Sasha rubbed sun protection on Miles first, then he did Sasha while Sasha did Caitlyn. It was a sun block daisy chain. Miles and Caitlyn were both very thorough applying sunblock to every exposed inch of skin and even venturing to the unexposed on occasion.

Sasha was not so brave and shied away from getting to close to the ‘nethers’. Caitlyn mockingly scorned her and said, “You don’t want Miles to burn there, do you?” She gently guided Sasha nervous hand to his more intimate areas and later to hers also.

For once Sasha was glad she had no existing tan lines. Winters in a cold clime and working all the time finally had some advantage. Of course that also meant she would burn easily and had to reapply sunblock frequently. Caitlyn and Miles did not seem to mind.

Caitlyn pulled out reading material from her beach bag and handed it to Sasha as the ladies settled in the sun. Sasha had never heard of ‘Story of O’ before but was somewhat familiar with ’50 Shades of Grey’. Sasha at first shyly glanced around and turned both books over face down in fear someone on the beach would see.

Sasha selected ‘Story of O’ and covered the title with her towel to hide it from view before beginning to read. After only a few minutes of reading about O, Sasha was lying on her towel relishing the comfort of the warm sand and absent mindedly rocking ever so gently, slightly grinding her desire-inflamed crotch on the warm and satisfying firmness of the sand.

She hid behind her sunglasses and read on as O found herself bent over a hassock, totally naked in a roomful of men who had only one thing on their mind, satisfying their most deviant sexual desires at the expense of O. Sasha groaned aloud at the libidinous scenes as she flipped pages at a furious pace.

Caitlyn smiled as she looked down the beach past Sasha and said, “Pretty girl, I think you have an admirer or two behind you.” Sasha slyly and slowly turned to peek behind her at two youngish men desperately trying to attract her attention the way young men do.

They were kicking a soccer ball and performing feats of heroics hoping she would beykent escort notice. “If only they had feathers and plumage to parade about,” Sasha thought with a smile. They were flexing and puffing up in full male regalia.

Indeed they were very handsome specimens of young men with buff bodies and tiny package hugging bathing suits, well filled out by their manhood. But also a little too young for her. She was secretly pleased at the attention but suddenly felt shy under their gaze. She realized her near bare ass and embarrassing bump and grind against the sand probably unduly influenced their judgment.

Just at that time Caitlyn decided Sasha needed a reapplication of sunblock. She grabbed the bottle, now nicely warmed by the sun and sand and knee-walked beside the prone Sasha. She lightly caressed her lower back, signaling her approach, as she slowly dripped the warm liquid on the rise of Sasha ass cheeks and watched as it languidly flowed down, around, and through those beautiful cheeks.

Caitlyn was not the only one watching the scintillating scene. The two young male admirers stopped dead in their tracks and slack jawed watched the sexy scenario, the soccer ball now forgotten and rolling dejectedly toward the surf.

Caitlyn slowly dripped more of the warm, slick sun protection on Sasha and teasingly said, “I wonder what their names are. Maybe we should call the one in the blue bathing suit ‘Blue Balls’ because that’s what he going to have if you don’t pay him some attention, and the the one in red we’ll call ‘Reddy’ because by the size of his package he is very ready for you. Oops, now Blue Balls looks just as hard and ready, got to love those young men. Think you can handle both of them? God, they look huge!”

“Oh stop already, Cait. They’re just boys,” she pouted. “Maybe,” Caitlyn teasingly whispered to Sasha, “but I’ve never seen boys as well endowed as that!” Sasha began to reply just as Caitlyn captured the hot stream of the dripping sunblock and massaged it way longer than necessary into both cheeks and even adventured under the thong.

All Sasha could do was murmur her contentment. She couldn’t think in words at the moment, only sounds. Caitlyn’s slippery fingers moved ever so slowly over and between her cheeks, but didn’t stop there. She ventured further down into the valley between Sasha’s legs, allowing the warm liquid to slither down and pool up between Sasha’s lower lips.

It was like warm melted butter softly kissing and caressing first her center and then her prominent clit as it slowly slid over her sensitive parts like a silent lover. Then it seemed to collect just at the entrance of her core and bathe her in warm love. Or maybe it was her own lubrication as her body screamed that she was so ready for sex.

Whatever it was it was very intense and only added to the near desperate need boiling up within her. Her body being on the edge of relief so long was actually wearing on her stamina. She wanted nothing more than to give in to her desire and impale herself on Caitlyn’s probing fingers.

Between the anticipation of the trip and watching the sex in the room and the teasing by Caitlyn, Sasha was a hot mess. Thanks to Caitlyn’s tease she could almost imagine herself being shared by Blue Balls and Reddy. Passed around until everyone was fucked out and satisfied. A fantasy scenario so unlike her real life, short pathetic marriage when it was slam, bam, thank you m’am, and off to sleep, or the golf course.

“Ahh” Sasha gasped, then added, “No Cait, they’ll see. We can’t!” as Caitlyn ran one slippery finger covered in hot oil up each side of Sash’s outer lips, narrowly avoiding the part that needed touching in the worst way. Sasha wasn’t denying she desperately craved her touch, just that she needed more privacy.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t,” and slowly withdrew the nearly invading digits from beneath the narrow slip of fabric and popped Sasha smartly on her oil slick butt. “Bitch” Sasha muttered, but she smiled saying it.

Miles was rummaging in the cabana and missed the display from Sasha’s admirers and Caitlyn’s tease. The girls heard the pop of a champagne cork and Miles called, “OK my beauties, time for some refreshment.” Caitlyn and Sasha sashayed into the cool dark interior of the cabana and Miles held out flutes of the cool bubbly liquid for them.

“First a toast,” he said and all three raised their glasses. “To new friendship and good times. May they be long lasting and frequent.” Everyone clinked glasses, sipped the bubbly treat and smiled at each other. Some of the smiles were because they were nervous and unsure of what was to come, some were happy smiles from what had already occurred, but they were all genuine.

The trio was sitting cross legged on the floor of the cabana in a circle so small and intimate that their knees were touching. Everyone noticed but no one remarked how the openness of their sitting offered a very intimate view of, and nearly beneath, the tiny bottoms of the thongs and Miles’s prominent pouch.

Sasha’s shiny lust inflamed outer lips peeked out and gleamed in the dim light, Caitlyn’s fuller lips were visible almost to her entrance where her suit was pulled to the side and Miles’s swim trunks were so thin and form fitting Sasha thought she could see every veiny detail of his cock, and it was expanding as she watched.

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