Shared Wife’s Hottest Moments Ch. 01


I am a shared wife who has stories to tell, mostly 100% true. My husband Phil is an alpha. He shares me in threesomes with an alpha named Mike. They sometimes take turns fucking me. Sometimes it’s four hands and two dicks making me crazy. Sometimes it’s in our bedroom, sometimes a motel, sometimes our lake cabin and sometimes outdoors. I’m excited about sharing my sharing experiences. Here’s my favorite fantasy roleplay with real characters (Mike is a tennis playing buddy of Phil’s. He’s lean, muscled and strikingly handsome, a very bright guy, who is very black.)


My husband and I are in our bed, beginning a process I love.. I start in a light blue sheer babydoll nightie with matching panties, basically transparent. I’m on my back. My husband is on his side, lying beside me, one arm holding me, the other hand is caressing me from my waist to my breasts as he slowly pushes the nightie up. He pauses to cup my right breast then nipple tease me and pinch me… then he shifts to my left breast, then back and forth with his mouth and swirling tongue adding to the finger play.

Phil knows that there’s a hotline between my breasts and pussy. He knows I will melt like I always do. “Oh God,” I gasp, “you better stop, you’re going to make me cum already.” He laughs, “That’s okay, you always have plenty more where that comes from.” He pulls the nightie over my head while continuing the delicious torture of my breasts. My back is arched, I’m thrusting my breasts upward toward his hands and mouth. Then I hear my husband say, “Hey, what the hell…” And I see a large black hand on his shoulder, pulling him away from me.

A threatening voice says, “You’re going to that chair over there, now” and the man has my husband in some kind of choke hold while pulling him toward our reading chair. He has a thick rope that he wraps three times around my husband’s bare chest, lashing him to the chair.

My husband says, “What the fuck is this all about, you can’t do this…” But the guy just says, “Shut the fuck up.” Then he looks toward me, sitting upright, eyes wide, my arms crossed over my breasts. “I’m about to show you what it’s all about.” The guy starts walking toward me. I see Phil straining hard against the ropes. I know he is trying to help me. But he can’t free himself. The guy looks down at me; he’s a huge guy, as big as Phil. He says, “I’m not here to hurt you, as long as you behave. I want you flat on Ataşehir Escort your back, arms above your head. Understand?”

I sit there, staring at him in amazement and fear, almost paralyzed. His expression turns menacing, “Listen little lady, you are not behaving. Tell me you’re sorry and follow orders.”

I gulp, feeling overwhelmed by fear, but also the strength in his voice. “I’m sorry,” I whimper. I lie back, stretching my arms over my head. My nipples are fully erect. I can see the guy smiling but it’s almost a gloating smile. I know that as soon as he sees my panties up close, he’ll know that I am completely soaked. He takes care of that right away. He moves to the side of our bed and picks up one of our oversized pillows. “Lift your hips.” I obey. He folds the pillow in half and shoves it under me. I meet his eyes, trying not to feel so vulnerable. Instead I see eyes that clearly tell me he will soon own me. “Spread your legs.” I open my legs for him. He pats me on the pussy. I can actually hear the sound of his touch. “Well look at this.” I feel him push the thin fabric of my panties aside. A huge finger is suddenly in me. “Are we a little turned on, little lady?”

I am powerless against the invading finger or against the piercing brown eyes. My pussy is beginning to throb, “Yes,” I say hoarsely,” I was, I mean my husband and I were…”

“I know what you were doing, little lady. It amused me to let you get warmed up.”

I try to find some strength, try to at least frown at him. “You can’t do this…you can’t just come into our home and think you can…” But suddenly there are two fingers in me, probing, thrusting hard. “Oh God, stop, please.” His other hand is all over my breasts, but not gently, I try to resist, somehow, but I know he is going to finish me off. “No, please,” I beg, “you can’t do this to me in front of my husband,”

He just laughs, “This ain’t the half of what’s gonna happen in front of your husband.” His fingers drive into me, harder, faster, deeper. My hips are bucking against him. My breasts are on fire. I’m gasping and moaning, “Oh God, Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” I scream, then my orgasm sweeps over me and through me and consumes me. I’m gasping, barely able to breathe, hips still moving on their own while my thighs quiver.

He sits down beside me, his fingers still in me. I meet his eyes, but now I fear that I’m telling him he owns me. “Are you starting to like Ataşehir Escort Bayan me better?” And his fingers tease me while he waits for my reply.

“Yes,” I whisper though knowing that my husband can hear me.

“Yes what?” Oh God I can’t let him make me cum again, but his left hand is under me, exploring the curves and crevices of my ass.

“Yes,” I gasp. “I like you better.”

Now his voice turns almost playful. “A lot better?” And I spread more for him while expert hands are teaching me things about my own body.”

“Oh God, Oh Fuck, YESSS at LOT BETTER. And I’m bucking and thrusting again and my juices are flowing all over his hand. This orgasm comes in waves, seeming to last forever, then I slump backward exhausted, thighs again quivering.

He finally takes his fingers out of me, almost seeming to let me rest. He even helps me close my legs. But almost casually he uses one hand to grasp the waistband of my panties and slide them over my hips down my legs and over my feet. He gets up while I watch wide-eyed. Even through his slacks, I can see that his cock is huge and hard. He walks to my husband who looks almost defeated by what he’s seen. “Here, asshole, you can keep these for her,” and he drapes my panties onto Phil’s bare shoulder. He walks back to me, standing near my feet, looking at my nakedness. He removes his slacks, his cock springs out. I gasp audibly. Phil is a big guy, but not this big.

“Spread.” I obey, opening for him.

“Ask me to fuck you.” Now I try once more for defiance or resistance, anything but being totally owned.

“No, I won’t.” I meant it when I said it. He gets onto the bed, knees first. His knees are touching my thighs, helping spread me. “Ask me to fuck you.”

Again, I say, “No, I won’t.” I sound a little stronger, I thought. But suddenly his head is between my legs, his mouth and tongue are teasing my clit, powerful hands are under my ass, lifting me, opening me.

“Ask me to fuck you!” I try to resist, to fight back, but a finger is teasing my ass and his tongue somehow goes deeper, I feel myself opening for him, even more.

“Oh God, oh no, no, I can’t…” And I was cumming, a long rippling orgasm that left my thighs quivering for what seemed like forever. I look at him, while I try to catch my breath, my eyes declaring defeat.

“Ask me too fuck you, little lady.”

“Please fuck me.”

Tell your husband that Escort Ataşehir you want me to fuck you… Use his name.”

“Phil, honey, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry but I can’t help it, I want him to fuck me.”

He prepares me by grabbing my ankles, spread-eagling me for a moment then lifting my feet clear to his shoulders. I can look through my own legs to see the black cock that is about to take me. Then it is rimming me, teasing me. “Please,” I beg, “please put it in me.” He smiles at me, then the cock invades me, opening me like a flower. I come almost instantly. He holds my legs against his chest for a moment, but barely slows down. Our eyes meet while he fucks me like a man who knows every secret of my mind and body. Then he stops. I look up at him, my expression pleading, “No… Don’t stop.”

He smiles at me, an expression that is confident but somehow kind, almost loving. “Don’t worry, little lady, I’ll take good care of you.” Tell your husband that you want me to fuck you from behind.”

So I whisper hoarsely, “Phil, he’s going to fuck me from behind.”

“Tell him you WANT me to fuck you from behind.”

“Phil, oh God, please don’t think I’m a slut, but I can’t help it, I WANT him to fuck me from behind.”

So he helps me turn over and get on all fours in front of him, and he pushes my head down, and raises my ass, and I feel the incredible cock teasing me, then pushing into me slowly, and soon filling me. I turn to look at him, the muscled arms and chest now glistening with perspiration. He smacks me hard on the ass, then again. He pushes my head back down on the mattress; lifts my hips higher, spreads me more as his cock drives deeper. Then our bodies find a perfect rhythm as I press backward, meeting each of his powerful thrusts. I can feel him growing inside me. He says, “Cum for me, baby.” He thrusts two more times, powerfully and he stops, letting me pussy-squeeze his cock while I make myself cum on his rigid shaft. Finally, I feel him go tense, push even deeper, stop for a few wonderful seconds then groan deeply… another thrust then two and I feel the hot gush of his cum, deep inside me.


When it’s over, Mike and I always cuddle and I kiss him on the lips and tell him what a sexy guy and great fuck-buddy he is — and we talk and kiss and cuddle like that while Phil is still tied up with a raging hard-on that I will take care of later.

Phil tells me it’s almost more exciting to see me kissing Mike tenderly and to hear me cooing and cuddling, than to watch me being owned and fucked.

Speaking of my hubby Phil, don’t worry about his weak performance in this scene. His alpha lion is and always will be my favorite fuck. Stay tuned.

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