Sexy Mom And Innocent Son – Part 2


Sexy Mom And Innocent Son – Part 2

“Sexy mom and innocent son” for which I got good response from you. Now I am gonna narrate the continuation of the story. If you miss part 1 please read, so that will be on track with this update.

About me, I am 40 aged mom having measurements of 36-28-36. I am short and milky white like Actress Thamanna in Bahubali. I am a blue eye lady. I lost my husband in car accident. I live with my son aged 21. He is tall and athlete body. We were financially sound. My face looks like very sensitive with no flaws. I would tell you, if some one fucks me, my face will turns into blood red. Now you can imagine.

After successfully executing my master plan of being naked with my son at home. I am in one step away to fulfill the thirst of my pussy i.e. getting fucked by my son.

That was Saturday night, we just now finished our dinner being naked. I suddenly got a call from my dad, saying that my younger sister Rita (20 years) has died in Car accident. She lives with my parents in village. Actually, my parents are filthy rich and well respected in village.

So, My son and me prepared to go village that night itself. The journey is nearly 6 hours by car but that time was winter and it was damn chill climate. Temperature was at teens. We reached there by morning. There her dead body was placed in coffin. All of our relatives were came and try to console us. I sat near the coffin. My son sat at some distance from us and he got bored and playing games in his mobile. I noticed that he caught cold because of journey last night. I searched for my hand-kerchief to give it to my son but I forgot it in car. So, I thought for a while and strikes an idea.

I moved from the place and went to wash room. Actually, that day I was wearing Dark green Saree. I rarely wear Saree, especially when I left for my home town. I then put my hands inside my Saree and removed my panty. That day I wore white panty with light pink color patterns on it. I took panty into my hands and i noticed that it got little wet with my pre cum because I felt little horny when I was stuck with the idea and also I noticed some of my cunt hair sticks to it. I usually trim my public hair frequently at outside parlor where many celebrities usually come to get their public hair shaved. But this time i am busy in seducing my son. So, I did not visited. I smelled my own panty once and it feels like aroma. I wonder with the fragrance of my pussy. I justified myself because as I was born in rich family, I was brought up with out knowing the smell of sweat on my body. Such a sensitive skin I have. I felt myself proud of having skin as sensitive as rose flower.

Then I moved from there holding panty in my fist and went near my son. I asked him, Son , You seems like caught with cold. He replied Yes mom. I then gave my panty to him and asked to use it. He asked why panty mom. I then replied-“It is not just panty. I also applied some medicine (My pre cum). Sniff it deeply and lick the hair attached to it. Do it repeatedly. It is the another natural way of dealing cold.” He accepted innocently. I smiled inside and left the place. After spending 10 days over there, we returned to our home and again we started being nude as usual.

After returning to home, I planned to make my son learn meditation and yoga to maintain him strong mentally and physically. Though he is having athlete body and 9 inches cock. I want him to maintain good health in long run too. So, I informed him that we are going to have meditation and Yoga classes from tomorrow. He accepted.

Next day morning, I woke up at 8 O clock and my son is still sleeping. Due to full air conditioner, his dick was erected. I could not control myself after seeing it. I just went near his massive dick and sucked it just for 40 seconds and left the room. After 30 minutes, I wake up my son and made him ready for the meditation.

I wore t- shirt on top and bottom was completely naked, So did my son .We took mat and sat on the floor facing each other with mat under us. I guided him in doing meditation. He is now doing with full concentration. I was sitting opposite to him and guiding to him.

Suddenly, bell rang. I was tensed bit. My son has focused fully on his meditation. He is totally in a different world. So, instead of disturbing him, I suddenly moved myself over him and sat on his lap to cover him and covered a towel on my lower part of my body I covered with towel over me. I then after adjusting myself, I asked them to come in. There was Sushmitha, my neighbor residing beside my bungalow came. I asked her to sit on sofa which is right in front of me, So that I can hide my son from front view.

She came our house to invite me for her daughter marriage. We keep on chatting for some time. As i was sitting on my son’s lap, his dick got bulging more and more due to friction between his dick and my butt. It is making some discomfort. So, I managed to hide that dick. So, I aligned my self in such a way that his dick falls into my pussy. I succeeded in doing it. It slides into my pussy. Now I feel comfortable.

While I was chatting with her, I made some gestures and i moved my hips during talk and while laughing, It made literally I was fucking by my son. I could not notice as I deeply having conversation with her. I finally came to know what was happened, Once i felt wet inside my pussy. I realized that my son has cummed inside my pussy as i was moving my waist in chat. I also had orgasm immediately. Wow, I feel exhausted. Later she left us, I successfully managed to hide my son dick but at the cost of fuck.

Surprising thing is that, he still continuing his meditation without opening eyes. I stood by separating his cock from my pussy and I feel like some oozing sounds of cum flowing outside of my pussy. I loved that sound. I then went near his face, and put my pussy near his mouth and opened his mouth with my hands and released our cum into his mouth. There is loads of sperm flowing into his mouth. I surprised, he still did not opened his eyes. Any way, I was fully satisfied my sex ride with him. That day ended with awesome sex like that.

Next day, I planned to make him learn naked yoga, because naked yoga is very good for health. So, We started naked yoga sessions.

I stood beside him and leaned my self down to touch my feet with my hands. I asked him to do the same just like I did. He tried but could not bend himself to touch feet. He felt disappointed, No Mom makes her son disappoint in front of her. So, I then told him do not worry, Mom is there to help you. Saying that, I went near him and asked to come back of me. He is now standing back of me, Now i leaned forward , not fully to touch my feet, Just horizontally I leaned like 45 degrees turn from straight.

Now, I asked him to come near to my back and make contact with my back completely, so that there should be no space between me and him. He came and contacted me tightly, In that process his dick has touched landed between my butts. I then asked him to lean over me just like how i did.

He then leaned over my shoulders tightly without any gap between us. After few seconds, he complained that his dick is interrupting the exercise that it is not allowing him to make tight contact with my body. So, he is not able to work perfectly.

Then I replied, “OK, do one thing, For the time being put your dick inside my asshole, and take it back once the exercise is completed, He accepted.

He slowly inserted his dick inside my asshole. I become horny and I was mourning in pleasure. I then asked him, now move back and forth as a part of exercise with his hands resting on my shoulders, which finally turns into ass fucking session.

After 5 minutes, He cummed inside my ass hole. This time, I had my orgasm at the same time. He felt exhausted and said sorry mom. I pissed inside your asshole, I could not resist it. He did not know that he cummed. I smiled for his innocence and said it is OK.

Later in the same way, this time I fucked by him through pussy hole and doggy style also as a part of exercise. This way I finally gets sexual pleasure with my son.

I will introduce my parents and my family in next part. Based on the feedback of readers.

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