Sexual Healing



I was surfing the internet, as I do only a daily basis since losing my job, searching the regular jobsites, when an ad popped up. Normally, I just hit the escape button, but for some reason that day I didn’t. It was a medical research company looking for subjects to participate in a new study. Curious to find out more, I pressed the website link and this ad came on the screen:

“Subjects needed for scientific study. Participants must be female, between the ages of 18 and 45, have some type of sexual dysfunction, and not on any kind of hormonal birth control. Participants must be willing to stay at facility for a minimum of 30 days and nights and will be compensated up to $3000.00 after completion of study.”

I nervously chewed on my lower lip, knowing I was interested in the money since my unemployment was about to run out, and also because I did have a sexual dysfunction. Did I take the next step and call? Suffer through the embarrassment of admitting to such a problem? Well I did need the money, and if it did help me overcome my problem it would be worth the initial embarrassment, I told myself. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number from the ad before I lost my nerve.


After pages of embarrassing questions about my sexual activities, my emotional state, and a physical, it was determined that my sexual problem was a product of my mind and not a physical problem. I was told, I would not be considered for the study I had called about. However, they did have a study to do with the kind of sexual dysfunction I did have, and it did require staying at the clinic for at least six weeks, but there would be no monetary compensation for this study. Of course, I thought, just my luck. Since I was here, I decided to go ahead. They would at least be paying for my room and board during my stay, and most importantly, I was so tired and frustrated at not being able to be satisfied sexually that I was ready to try almost anything.

I was lead to a pretty bedroom, decorated in soft pastel blues and white. I smiled thinking this must be some kind of sign, since these were my favorite colors. There were beautiful fresh white and pink roses on the bedside table. They made the whole room smell heavenly. I felt some of my nervousness start slipping away. Everything will be just fine, I told myself. The room itself, was more like a hotel suite. There was a couch decorated in a blue and white check with flowered pillows on each end. I sat down and placed my feet on the pine coffee table in front of me. I was relaxing quite nicely, and spotted the remote control for the rather large television screen facing the couch, thinking I would check and see what stations were available. I hit the “on” button, and a video started.

“Welcome to the study for female sexual dysfunction. I am Doctor Smith and I will be in charge of this study. I hope that this study helps you as well as helps us to learn the best way to heal sexual emotional dysfunction for as ataşehir escort many women as we can.”

“You will actually be in charge of how much interaction you are willing to participate in and in fact we believe you can heal your own dysfunction with the power of your mind. If you are willing to be open and honest, and finally and most importantly, learn to love your body and its sexual functions, we believe this will be a successful study for all concerned.”

A mild mannered, grey haired gentleman was smiling at me from the screen. He wore the usual doctor’s uniform of dress pants, shoes, white shirt, tie, and of course, the white coat. He went on to inform me that at any time if I was not willing to continue “the sexual healing process”, as he called it, all I had to do was stop and I could go home. However, he insisted that if I was willing to put forth much effort, then I would gain so much more.

At this point, I admit, I was ready to get started. I pushed the button on the intercom and a pleasant male voice told me to try and relax and that someone would see me soon. I lay on my bed, then jumped up and decided I should probably sitting on the couch, and then thought no, oh what does it matter, when I heard a knock on my door.


A young man opened the door and poked his head through. “Hi,” he grinned, “My name is Ryan.” I couldn’t help but stare. He was absolutely beautiful with short brown hair and matching brown eyes. His shoulders were broad and tapered into a slim waistline. He looked to be a few inches taller than my five foot, six inches.

I didn’t know what to do, so I continued to stare at him. He laughed and walked up to me and enfolded me in his arms. He even smelled good! He gently kissed my cheek and led me to the couch.

“I know, you were expecting to fill out lots of paperwork about why you think you have a sexual dysfunction or expected to read or watch some videos of what might help you help yourself,” he continued to grin,” but Doctor Smith believes people who are willing to interact with other people will be able to face their sexual fears and be able to find a sexual solution faster and easier than reading about what to do or watching some video tapes.”

“So what did you have in mind?” I whispered, my body starting to tremble, thinking of this young man and his body. He held me even closer to his body and caressed my body, slowly sliding his hands up and down my arms, kissing the side of my neck. When I groaned he looked into my eyes, seeing my fear battling with my desire. He kissed my lips gently, just rubbing his lips back and forth across mine. His hands made their way down my back and slowly cupped my bottom.

“I, uh, I have to, uh please, um…, can you stop for a moment please?”

He smiled in agreement and led me to the couch. He held both my hands as I admitted to him how difficult this was for me. I had so many questions. Before I avcılar escort could ask, he took me into in arms and said,

“Yes, I am a sexual surrogate. I help women overcome their sexual hang-ups, and yes I do enjoy what I do. Now, I am sure you want to know if you turn me on, and the answer is yes you do. I have seen your profile and your pictures and I find you very attractive. In fact,” he whispered into my ear, “You can feel just how aroused you have already made me,” and he placed my hand on his rather large erection.

All I could do was nod. This experience was so foreign to anything I had experienced in my life. I wanted him, I realized. I wanted to touch him and hold him and kiss him until all my doubts and fears were gone and I could finally let go of all of inhibitions. I giggled. Whoa there, how about we just start with getting our clothes off? I said to myself.

I stood up and silently looked into his eyes. He raised my hands to his mouth and kissed them one at a time. I smiled and knelt in front of him. He nodded to let me know I was in charge. This was all for me. I leaned forward and just lay my hand against his erection still encased in his blue jeans. I chewed my lower lip thoughtfully as I pressed my hand slightly cupping his bulge. I heard a sigh, and I noticed he was leaning back on the couch with his eyes closed. I ran my fingers up and down, tracing as much of him as I could and I felt and saw his erection grow. I sighed, and unbuttoned his jeans. I felt a soft hand at the back of my head, caressing my hair as I started unzipping his jeans. I was a bit surprised to learn he had no underwear on, but that didn’t stop me from reaching inside and pulling out a very hard and long penis, the engorged head glistening with pre-cum.

I looked into his eyes and put my thumb on the head of his cock. I swirled the pre-cum all around his head, making it shiny. I stroked up and down his shaft and noticed that his balls were still in his jeans. When he felt me pull on his jeans, he lifted up off the couch just enough that I could pull his jeans down his legs. He kicked off his shoes and I quickly rid him of his jeans. His legs opened up a bit more and I could feel his hair tickle the sides of my breasts as I put my mouth on his cock head and started sucking.

I took my time, playing with his hanging balls, softly cupping them in my hand and squeezing, then licking up and down his shaft until I reached the head and popped it into my mouth. I had to see how far I could get him in my mouth. My pussy was getting so wet. I had no fear, my only objective was to make this young man cum for me, inside my mouth. I wanted to feel that shaft pulse and shoot his semen deep inside my throat where all I could do is swallow over and over again until he was soft and drained completely. He had other plans however. After stroking, licking, and sucking for just a few minutes he lifted me up until I was avrupa yakası escort standing before him. He stood up and led me to the bed.

“I know what that technique was,” he said. “You were avoiding the part where I pleasure you, because you are afraid you will not cum. You forget I am here for you.”

He told me to get on all fours and then to lay my face down on the pillows. I was curious. I wondered what he was going to do when, all of the sudden, he was there. Oh my, I thought, gasping for air. He is licking my pussy from behind. He had his hands on each of my ass cheeks spreading them apart. I wiggled a little trying to get away even though it felt so good. He continued gliding his tongue along my swollen lips, until they opened up, then dove inside.


I couldn’t even form the words. It felt so wonderful. His sweet teasing tongue, diving in and out of me. I wanted to scream, to shout, but only soft sounds passed through my lips. He continued on sliding in and out, like a small penis, penetrating and then withdrawing, and then he started rubbing my clit, very gently at first in circles. My legs were shaking, and I thought my world would explode. I tried closing my legs but he held them apart, my wetness covering his face. I finally started to feel a small vibration start, and it made my whole body start shaking. I was having an orgasm, but only a small one. He kept lapping in and out, until the last of my shaking was through and I collapsed on the bed.

He wiped his face off with the coverlet and put his arms around me. We snuggled until I fell asleep. I woke up in the darkness, feeling a warm body next to mine. I couldn’t help myself. I started learning my way around his body. He was so young, his skin was soft and supple. I ran my fingers over the small thin line of hair he had for a mustache and beard. I reached up and kissed his soft lips. So beautiful I thought. I sighed and traced my fingers down his shoulders and arms. I could feel his body shifting. I didn’t want to stop though. I wanted more of this young man. I pressed my lips to his nipple and tugged with my teeth. I heard a groan and could see the sheet tenting, his penis lengthening and hardening. Before he was fully awake, I crawled onto my knees and straddled him, sliding his hardening penis deep within me. I felt like sobbing, it stretched me so much, and felt like silk covered steel. It had been so long since I had felt so filled. I put my hands on his chest for support and started grinding against him, barely moving my hips back and forth, slowly, trying to empty my mind of everything except just feeling how wonderful he felt in me. I could feel my body responding, and I started moving faster.

I felt his strong hands lift me, and then start pushing deep into me. In and out, pumping back and forth. He started grunting and I matched my rhythm to his. Fast and hard, up and down, until suddenly, I heard him groan and felt his sticky warm essence fill my pussy. He slowly stopped pumping, and slid out with a plop. He gathered me close in his arms and kissed me deeply.

“Oh baby, “he said. “That felt wonderful.”

I don’t think he even realized I hadn’t come. That was okay. I was use to it. I sighed and drifted back to sleep with his arms around me, smiling to myself.

To be continued…

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