Sex teacher part 2 chapter seven


Sex teacher part 2

When most my friends had their drivers permit at sixteen year old and they have been enjoying that new found freedom that come be able to drive. Not being Shoferd around by your parents all the fucking time. Well I wasn’t like rest of the kid due my ADHD my parents made me wait until i was eighteen year old .my dad sweet the deal I waited until after I was eighteen to get my drivers permit he would buy me car .

So has i promised my parents I waited to get my drivers permit. So once I got it my dad made good on his end of the deal and bought me not new car like i was want but instead he bought this 1985 baby blue Chevrolet Cavalier station wagon fromOne of his friends and I fell in love with and freedom that came with it and word travel fast when you get car.

Well one day after getting off from work i decided I was going take soak in bath tub instead of my routine shower it had hard day at work all I want to do was sit down soak my soar and aching feet and back. On top of all that it had been since January since of that year since Christiane had took my virginity and been twice that long since Stephanie jack me off in back of movie theater.

Well usually after work I would relieve myself and today was no different that would come back to bite me. I laid back in water and me some hand lotion on my hands and start to relieve myself. It was only minutes before an Stream of cum burst forth from tip of my dick fall on my chest. With my hand I splashed some water up my chest to wash way any my semen that was left. I was growing tired of having to relieve myself. What I really want to do was unload it into Jackie Pussy or just about any pussy that came my way other than my Sister’s

Few minutes later my cordless phone started to ring the on bathroom sink counter. So I quickly dry off my arms and hand enough so I could answer the phone without getting the shit shocked out of me. I step out of bath tube and answer the phone call “ hello Jackie how it going you sweet sexy thing you” “ I’m not Jackie Scott it me Stephanie you dumb ass. But thank for the sweet sexy thing” she said over phone.

I hadn’t expected Stephanie to call me. I hadn’t heard from her in while “ oh I so sorry about that Stephanie what up haven’t heard from you in while.. what you been doing Where have you been hiding at?” “ I know it been while since I invite you to come that lame ass party with me, it really suck that those douchebag want to charge you to attend!” As began to dry myself from the bath once I had finished drying myself off and undid the tube letting water run out of it“Yeah only reason my parents wouldn’t let me go was because of that single fact and with that kind fee my stepdad knew it had have alcohol involved”

“Scott is that water I hear draining out over there you were busy were you?”she said over phone “ well I was just getting out bath tub washing off the Funk from work . I just got home from work just while ago .. but what you up to Stephanie ?I asked. “ oh nothing much here just chilling here at Libary checking my yahoo… so Scott I heard the news you got some wheel congratulations!” She said over phone “ sure did I have had my permit for oh about month now and I’m enjoying the new found freedom of having my own car. Why what up?” I said as I put on my clothes and head out of bath head down to my room “ well I thought maybe you could come meet me at brambleton rd branch Libary and once I’m done here (spoken In a seductive tone of voice ) we could go back to my grandma mother house chill for while because she going be leaving the house in about hour to go run some errands and she won’t back for at least three or four hours tops how that sound to you Scott?”

I thought to myself sound lot like I going to get laid today “ Sound like an Plan to me Stephanie, we have lot of catching up to do? I said to her “ We sure do Scott it been way to long !So what been going on with you?” “ Well I’m not an virgin anymore!” I said to her “ What…… So you finally tap that fine ass Fiancée of your?” She said kind of Excitedly I took an deep breath and let it out “No it wasn’t Jackie Stephanie … we still haven’t done it yet.” I said there was long awkward pauses then Stephanie asked “ Oh…. ok if it wasn’t Jackie than who?”

“ I’m kind I’m regret it now … but Christiane..” I said “ Christiane ? Christiane! What the hell was you thinking Scott ?” Stephanie said over phone “ To be honest Stephanie I was desperate to lose my virginity. I was getting sick and tired of being teased by the Kids at school for being a seventeen and still a Virgin and both time that I came close make love to Jackie fell though right at very last second fucking Condoms. I really didn’t see any other options on table.” I said to her

“How and when and where?” Stephanie asked “ Christine came over one night to sleep over with my sister in late January… it was literally three days before my birthday and how it happen promise me you won’t laugh at me when I tell you!” “ I promise Scott I won’t laugh.” She said with a slight giggle “ we ended up playing an game of truth or Dare and she keep telling over and over No matter the dare I all was do my dare.” “ OMG fell me you didn’t dare her to fuck you did you Scott?” “ Yes Stephanie I did! I said “ OMG and she did oh please tell me wore an condom with her Scott? “Yes I did Stephanie but i really finish tell you this when I get there I’m just about ready to leave the house.” “ You better your sweet ass you going finish tell me” she said

“Before I go I bought these three playboy dvd girl on girl action would like me bring them with since your into that may set the mood if know I mean ? “ sure bring them with you we can watch them together” she said all excited “ Ok now Stephanie do you want me to bring something else along just in case?” I ask her “ do you mean condoms Scott ?” “‘Yes Stephanie just in case ?” “ sure it better be prepared because never know where this could lead to Scott ?” “ Ok I toss a few in the bag yet again maybe four or five they seem grow leg walk when I need them!” “ Ok I should be done when you get here ok see you few Scott .. your leave as soon as hang up with me right?” “ Yes Stephanie I’ll see you in few love you girl!” “ Love you to Scott” we both hang up the phone

As soon as hang up the phone with Stephanie I grabbed up all three of playboy girl on girl porn DVDs and them in Kroger bag and I also toss in about four different colored condoms that I had bought just a few day earlier and grabbed my key from the dresser and head out to my car. I had cell phone on so didn’t need really tell my mom I was leaving. Hell I’m not seventeen anymore I’m grown adult.

So the drive from my house to Brambleton branch Libary where I was to meeting Stephanie at took just about 20 minutes to drive give or taken five minutes for traffic. When I arrived at Libary I park my car when inside to find Stephanie and i around the corner Escort and found her sitting at one of many computers desk. She was still chatting away on yahoo message when I walk up. Damn she look fucking hot as hell. It had been while since last time we saw each other and she has changed slightly her tits had gotten bigger and she had fill out a little more and she has lost a few pounds.

When she saw me around that corn she jumped from her seat and give me big hug and kiss on lips before sitting back at computer “ omg Scott it so fucking good to see you” she said I look her up and now and said “ damn your looking fine Stephanie you about ready to roll ? I asked her she look down at her watch and said “Yes my grandma mother should have left by now her dr app was at three o clock just let log out the. We can go ok” she said “Sure thing Stephanie” I replied

Few minutes late we were leaving the Libary and walking over to my car. Stephanie poke fun at me when she saw my car “hey it car and get me from point A to B now”I said as we both got to the car and drove off. For some reason Stephanie was taking us the long rout to her house I guess to burn time a little to make sure her grandma was gone. Stephanie and I talk about all kind of stuff during that time. About five minutes from grandma house she ask “Scott did you bring them both with you ?” “ sure did the DVDs and condoms are in the bag in back seat … Stephanie the condom are for just in case if it happen it happens if not I’m ok with it to” I said “oh Scott i really don’t think you handle me I’m get pretty wild in sack” she said “ oh sweet Stephanie you won’t be able handle me sweet heart trust me I have many month of Pent up sexual frustration that will be unleashed” I said

Well moment later we pull into the her grandma drive away and it was good thing she took long way to her house because her grandma was just driving down the road going to the city. I turn off the car and reach over into back seat grab the Krogers bag and we both made our way into the house.once inside the house we when into their living room and popped it one of playboy DVDs I bought with me. I known she was into that kind of stuff and I could tell that she was getting turn on she lend in lay her on my shoulder and started to ask about what when on with Christine.

“ So Scott tell what happen with Christine?” “ what do you want to know Stephanie?” “ Well for it being you first time did she let you eat her out or give you blow Job?” She asked “I wish to be totally honest with you when we got done with game she tossed me condom and told me get ready while she when up stairs to get ready. Didn’t even tell how put bloody thing on or anything . Being Virgin I didn’t know if there was right and wrong way put it on I just put it on a hope for the best and when she came in she didn’t want have any forplay ..” I said “‘so you telling me your special night and she didn’t make it special for you damn Scott I’m sorry continue on” she said “ well you have understand what we were up against here my sister in other room my parents up stairs so we had cut corner with sucked because I want to do all those thing being first time I said

“So no blow job,no eating her out … damn was sex any good?” Stephanie asked I sighed -“ to be honest she came in drop her pants and panties and allow me to suck on her breast but other that she just wanted to hurry up so I enter her fuck her hard but for first time I want to make love not just have freaking quickly and hell she didn’t even make a sound other than a few moan here and there nothing Hell I even ask her if I was even in and she told me I was to be honest it was like I fucking a knot of an Log and that wasn’t the worse thing my sister walk in on us and I thought she said she would tell on us boy was I wrong”

“ what did she tell on you?” Stephanie ask as started rub my the Crotch of my shorts “ oh yes she did and my mom had the biggest bitch fit and we were in store when she told her and oh when we got home mom yelled at me for hour before grounding for month and now Christine can’t come back to house and I’m not allow to have girls in room anymore so that take care me getting any” i said

This when Stephanie stop the porn movie we were watching and lead me by the hand to her room and I noticed she had bag with condom in it in her other hand she lead in to her bedroom and we sat on floor behind her door and she look at me and said “Christiane should have know better than to do that to you, I mean if guy want give you his Virginity then no matter what you make it special. It really piss me off knowing that you give that honor to her, Scott all you would have done is called and ask me and I would made it a night to remember!” “ I didn’t think you wanted to do it Stephanie since I with Jackie” I said

“ speaking of your girlfriend has she ever give you blow job?” She ask “ No I don’t think she like doing that now she has give plenty of hand jobs but I never had an girl go down on me yet” I said looking down at floor Stephanie lifted my head up and our lips lock for second “ so I take you girlfriend never has allow you to down on her either?” “No every time I ask she says no close I came is finger her Now we came close making love a few time but something alway get in way”I said once again looking at floor.

Stephanie stood up and said “Well you haven’t really experience the full scope of sex Scott christine may have took you cherry but you have experienced Sex” she stood me up and took off my shirt and she also removed her her and bar letting her big Beautiful tits spring free she took my hand place them on her Chest and told me to do as wish with them so that what I did.

I pull her back down on to carpet and took my time kiss and lick every inch of both of her breast and she was moaning loud. Most louder that Christine did and I soaked her both of breast with my Saliva. Soaking her nipples heavy as took one into my mouth than the other flickering my tongue of them. Once I finish with her breast Then I proceeded to kiss my way down her belly blowing my hot breath over her exposed skin make the flesh of her belly warm to touch this when she sat up in floor and undid the button to her pant and pull both her panties and pants off and toss them by the way said and lay back and spread her thighs nice wide and told me “‘Scott I want you eat my fucking pussy until you have had your fill now without using your teeth only your mouth and your tongue slide your head between my thighs have at her and don’t you fucking hold back damn it enjoy it”

So I nervously moved my head between her thighs kissing my way up her inner part of her thighs and She was moaning and pushing my head closer to her pussy. Damn I literally buried my face into her pussy sucking and licking every inch of it the very first time I flick my tongue over her G spot my face was covered her in sweet juices.I only stop long enough to get take in every bit of her juices that Escort Bayan hit my face then i was back at one again she wrap her thighs around my back pushing my face further into her pussy it seem every two minutes she was having an thunderous orgasm I drove my tongue deep in your her canal and started tongue fuck her and pushing my tongue in and out of her canal at rapid peace and she had an Numerous body quacking orgasms

After one of them she lend up and said “ are you sure you never ate woman out ?”she has let another moan “ yep first time way” Im said has plunged my tongue deep into her pussy and started tongue fucker her Again harder and faster than them first time and she scream out “ there no damn way this your first time the way your eating my pussy tell me you have done it before OH MY FUCKING GOD that feel GOOD don’t stop tongue fucking me baby OH MY GOD IM about Cum … CUMING” she said had Unleashed her 9th orgasm since I started and her pussy juice spew out from her canal once again covering my face once again.

I withdraw my tongue and start mouthing her lips of her pussy with my mouth and flicking my tongue over her G spot this when I near bite her clitoris off and she cry out in pain and said “damn it Scott that a part of me NO TEETH damn it OH HERE we Go again her body began to shake and she arched her back as the Tenth and final orgasm rock her body her body when limp and she look at me said “ I’m pretty sure you stay down all fucking damn eat could you?”’she said as lifted my head from between her thighs “ Yep if you let me i would” i said wiping her pussy juices my my face and running my tongue over my hand to get every last drop of it

This when Stephanie push me down flat on my back and undid the button to my shorts and quickly undid the zipper and didn’t waste seconds removing both my pant and boxer from my body. She straddled my body and she started to kiss my chest working her way slowly down my Torso kissing every inch of my body until she to my Crotch and slide herself down and took my testicles in her hand and rolled them around in her palm for moment and i throw back my head and moan thinking to myself finally I’m going to get head from an sexy ass woman who is starving with Hunger for my dick. She ran the full length of my penis with that long tongue of her and in thrust my hip a little “ Oh may God Stephanie your about to take my blow Job Virginity I been drying to have one of these”

Stephanie then rolled her lips and slipped the tip of my penis into her moist mouth sliding my penis deeper into her mouth and she began to slide up and down on my penis and i throw my head back and let loud moan of my own “ Oh my God Stephanie that feel so Fucking Good suck my cock and satisfy your hunger” I said as I moaned. I felt the tip of my penis hit the back of her throat and was Amazed that she was literally deep throating me.

This was totally new experience for me. For I never before had woman give me blow Job not Diana nor Jackie or Christiane. I watched her every movement how she took pride in giving me best blow job she could. I may have lost my virginity to Christiane. But Stephanie was acting like she was taking my virginity. Hell I was kicking myself in ass for giving Christiane my cherry now and I was was really wishing I hadn’t relieve myself earlier because if I hadn’t I would have surely shoot that load in her mouth.but I was hoping there was more in tank

All suddenly I felted this overwhelming urge to start thrusting my hip but wasn’t sure if that what I was supposed to do. “ umm Stephanie this maybe stupid question but am I supposed thrust my hips I mean I don’t want hurt you since you have so far in mouth?” She pull my penis from her mouth and look at and said “ Scott that normal reaction a man when their getting an blow Job from girl. If girl giving blow Job doing it right their mouth muscles are supposes to mimic the feeling I guy has when their inside the woman pussy. So thrust away” then she rolled her lips and slipped my penis back into her mouth and returned to slide her mouth up and down my rock hard penis and this when urge to thrust my hips came I when with it.

After about twenty minutes Stephanie pull up from my penis and look at me with this weird look on her face and she said “ Scott I been blowing you for almost thirty minutes straight.Most guy I have blown had all really blow at least one or more shoots in my mouth, Does It usually take you this long to cum when jack off ?” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I had already relieve myself earlier in day. So I had think of something quick. So I decided to tell her little white lie “ I’m sorry Stephanie it most be me being all nervous. I might do better when I’m inside of you!” I said to her. I didn’t want her think she was doing it right because damn for first ever blow job I was given it was out of this world experience for me.

Thousand of thing when rushing though my mind. I know i couldn’t tell that I had already relieve myself before she called. So I told her small white lie “ No it doesn’t usually take this long for me to cum. I might do better once I’m inside of you.”I said I believe those were the words she had been waiting for because her face lite up “ well then Scott why didn’t you just say so” she said as she when grab an condom from the Kroger’s bag that was laying beside us in the floor. As she pull a condom pack from the Kroger’s bag I felt I need to tell her about the issue I had with the condom with Christine definitely didn’t want an repeat of that happening.

“ Stephanie I need to tell you something? I nervously said Stephanie place unopened condom pack on ground between us and look up at me “ Yes Scott what is it?” “ One Thing I didn’t about last time with Christine..But I’m kind of ashamed of it please don’t laugh.” I said nervously “ Scott i promise not to laugh just tell me.” “ Ok I when to put the condom on last time I kind of put the fucker on the wrong way and after I nutted and when was pulling out of her it came off inside of her” I said to her “ OH ok that why you mom made go get check out now it make total senses. Need not to be worried about that I’m going show you the proper way of putting one on” she said as grabbed ahold of condom

Make quick story this part. She open the pack and show me every condom come with small white instruction sheet and told me basically if you feel wetness when roll on your doing it right and dry you screwed up and if you happen to screw up toss the condom get another one. Don’t change it . When saw the color of this of I was thank God it green and not bright neon pink .So a few seconds later Stephanie had roll condom on me and we were ready to rumble.

So I thought we going do it on her bed. But instead she surprised me but laying down in floor in front of her door. “ um Stephanie wouldn’t it be better if we did this on you bed”

I said to her . “ Yes it would but if we did it on bed and grandma would come Bayan Escort home and catch us we would be screwed so this way we blocking the door. So she won’t be able walk in on us .so come here you. You have not idea how long I have been waiting to get an opportunity to fuck You Scott !” “ How exactly long have you been wanting to fuck me Stephanie?” Stephanie reach up to ahold of my hand and pulled me into floor beside her.

She looked me straight in eyes and she said “ since moment I first laid eyes on you Scott. I have many dreams about you screwed the hell out of me and finally my dreams are coming true. You have no idea how much I wanted to undo you pant and suck you off those time we were in movies.But I thought you would freak out so i didn’t. I only wish you would told me that you felt same way.”she said as she ran her hand over my dick. “ So Scott how long have you wanted to screw me?”

I slipped my hand between her leg and slide two fingers into her pussy and started sliding in and out of her pussy and she started to moaning “Stephanie first of all I never want just to screw you but I want to make love to you since Vicki told me that you like me. Stephanie would you like to make

hot passion love to me?” I asked her as I could tell she was about have orgasm “ Yes Scott I been waiting for you ask me

That for longest time ahhhhhhhhhhhh” her body Tension up and she arched her back as the wave of her orgasm rippled thought her body she grab a hold of me and pulled me farther in floor now we were laying side by side our lips locked and both of our tongues invaded each other mouths as she spread her legs wide and motion for me move in between her legs

I took my time as made my way in between her thighs wanting to kiss every inch of her thighs which drove her wild. I specialty took extra time running my tongue over her G Spot I enjoyed watching her buck her hips. Then I grab ahold of my dick and place it just at very entrance off her pussy rubbing my rock hard dick over her G spot watching her body Reaction “ Stephanie I wish this was me me giving you my cherry because what we have done here today feel more like what I should gotten from Christine. May I enter you Stephanie?” “ Oh Dear God Yes Scott you may this dream

Come true” she said

Without another one I press the tip my dick into her pussy. And she let out a massive moan and arch her back. I felt the tightness of her muscles of her canal drawing me in deeper and deeper in her pussy. Damn it had been so long since I last felted this. “ oh god Scott your so damn Big your filling my whole canal oh God I been wanting this for so long Fuck me like your life The Depended on it Oooooooohhhhhhahhhhh. Fuck me hard treat me like a dirty slut that I am”’she demanded as she wrap her leg tight against my body pushing me even farther into her canal.

“Stephanie I’m going to make love you and make this a day you never forget” I said as I started to pound in to her with all my might. Stephanie began to match every one of my thrust with one of her own . Stephanie started to yell “ that right treat me like slut I am . Harder harder harder Scott that fucking feel good.” We when at this pace for about fifteen minutes and I felt the muscles in her pussy tighten against my dick and then I felt the rush over her vaginal juices rush over dick more than once. I was really starting to kick my self for reliving myself earlier. Here I was get fucked twice as good as Christine and I couldn’t perform.

I couldn’t fake an orgasm because I had condom on so I was hoping and praying I would cum. How I regret blowing my load earlier in day when this sexy woman laying under me want to feel my seaman rush it condom after about ten minutes she want me to do her doggie stole so I pull out and she got up on hand and knee and wiggle that ass of her in front of me I quickly mounted her from back slamming with all my might into her pussy her double D tits bouncing in air she lend backward and our lips connected and our tongues with wild in each other mouth. I retched around a hold of one of her tits rubbing my hand firmly over her nipples and once again I felt the wave of her vaginal fluid rush over my dick as she had another massive orgasm.

Still I was no where near blow my load. I really felt bad at this point we had been hardcore fucking going twenty minutes still nothing. She much be think to her self I couldn’t Perform. I pull out of her pussy and she said “ stick in my ass!” “In your ass?”I said “ yes i my ass I want you fuck all my holes”she said “Ok” I said so I line up my dick with her ass and slowly push it in allowing her muscles in her ass you expand around my dick moments later I was fully in side her ass pounding away as she want me to and she had multiple orgasms and still I have came yet .

After trade out for new condom we when back to the first position and I bang her hell out of her for another fifteen minutes and she had multiple orgasms by now she was getting tired so i we had been fucking hard for the last 45 minutes and I still hadn’t came “ Scott we need Stop I can’t go anymore my pussy started to burn from being Raw. So I stopped and withdraw from her pussy and started to cry a little and Stephanie came up beside of and through her arms around me “ Scott wrong please tell me I won’t be mad I promise!” “ Yes you will!” I said “Scott tell me please!” She Pleaded

“ The reason I didn’t cum was because before you called I had relieve myself already and I was trying my best to cum again I’m sorry if I let you down I most be world worse lover” I said as bury my head in her chest soaking them in my tears she retch up with her hand ran through my hair she lifted my head up and looked me in eyes “ Scott your not the worse lover in world ok so what if you didn’t get off as long as you enjoyed it didn’t you baby?” “ yes it was hell of a lot better than Christine. But you came at twenty time and I didn’t once .” I said to her Stephanie look me in eyes and said “ as long as you enjoyed it that all matter hell look at this carpet burn you give me”she said I had to bust out laughing at that one. “ So I guess we found out who couldn’t handle who” I said laugh my ass off “ smart ass” she said as she push me and I topped off on the floor “ I look like you could handle me Stephanie” I joked as I took off condom and throw in trash .

We both got dress and once we were dressed and I noticed Stephanie walking a little odd “‘damn didn’t come but I must have done something right your walk crooked. “ Asshole! I got rug burn down there think you . This shit hurts like hell damn I feel bad for your girlfriend when you finally take her cherry.” She said as toss a pillow at me hit me face with it “ hey am the one that said we should took the bed your the one who want the floor !” I said toss the pillow back at her “Yeah yeah this shit going burn” she said

Stephanie taught me a great deal about how to please a woman and little did I know that just week later Jackie and I would finally become love which won’t be beginning of end of our relationship but your have read next chapter to find out Exactly how that when down.

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