sex in the office


sex in the officeI was in one of those dreadful meetings that come about every month at the office, but this time it was the best meeting ever. I had gone without sex for about two months and had just come off being sick, so I was ready to go, but I did not know I was this ready! We have a glass table in our conference room and the beautiful new woman Heather sat across from me. She had beautiful light red hair with and an absolutely perfect body. Her Escort shirt was semi-low-cut and she had tits you could stare at forever. During the meeting I got aroused looking across at her, more than normal and it just seemed to elevate. Then, as if she could read my mind, she would move her legs, but in doing so, she would pull up her skirt just an inch or so to give me a better view. She was wearing thigh-high nylons that ran into Escort Bayan her creamy thighs. I really started to get to me! I could feel the tremendous throbbing and pre-cum starting to make its way out of my cock. We made eye contact a few times, I heard nothing in the meeting, and knew that she new exactly what she was doing.She pulled back one side of her jacket to show that her nipples were so hard, then looked at me and Bayan Escort raised an eyebrow. The combo took me to a place I had never been. To make it worse, she reached into her jacket as if she was looking for a pen, but I know she was touching one of her nipples. Between that and seeing her rock ever so slightly back and forth on the chair, it was over. I actually started to ejaculate and it was the best one ever! Especially since I had to hide it from everyone in the room. I had never had such an intense orgasm! The fight to keep myself from moaning and twitching made it even worse, but it was well worth it! I had to sit there in the meeting with cum in my pants for about another 20 min.

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