Sex in the mountains!


Sex in the mountains!(This story is a fantasy I shared with my wife and did not really happen, but I shall relate it as I whispered it to her as I fucked her slow and deep…)Imagine the two of us are on a hiking trail in the Drakensberg Mountains (South Africa). It is mid-week and out of holiday season so it appears we have the trail to ourselves. We are familiar with the trail and know that soon we will descend to a mountain stream which has a good swimming hole and are looking forward to cooling off after several hours of hiking. As the trail snakes down to the stream however, we hear voices and realize that someone else is already enjoying the pool. Peeking down through the trees we see what looks to be a father and son lazing in the water which is clear enough for us to see that they are skinny-dipping, wearing only caps against the sun. We get a bit of a thrill as we enjoy the voyeur moment and I put my arm around you and caress your breast, feeling your nipple hardening under my fingers. You put your hand on my crotch and smile when you feel my cock stiffening. “Why don’t you go on down there and surprise them?” I whisper in your ear.”Do you dare me to?” you ask. “How far should I take it?””Go for it, as far as you like!” I reply, giving you a kiss, “I’ll get a bit closer so that I can watch and get some pics!”You head off down the trail and I scramble quietly down to a closer vantage point from where I can watch and listen. Soon I see you rounding the final turn in the trail Tüyap Escort and I grin as the two men suddenly sit up in the water and cover their groins with their hands as they see you approach. You greet them and ask how the water is, to which the older man responds, saying that it is lovely and cool.”Think I’ll join you!” you say as you shrug off your backpack. You sit and take off your boots and socks and then stand and pull off your T-shirt and jeans as the two men gawk. Because we’re out hiking you are wearing grey sports type panties and bra which are more sensible than sexy but we can all see your nipples standing proud through the fabric. You step into the water, shivering at its cold touch, then bend forward, offering a great cleavage view to the guys, to splash water up onto your tummy. Then you squat down and finally sit waist deep in the water and stretch your legs out in front of you. The pool is only the size of a very small swimming pool so the three of you are almost touching, with the guys sitting at the head of the pool while you are at the tail where the water flows out.”Aaahh! This is awesome!” you sigh, leaning back on your elbows and arching your back slightly which makes your nipples stand out like bullets. The two guys are trying not to stare but can’t help but look at your breasts. You ask about their hike and strike up a bit of conversation with them.“God, this sun feels lovely now, do you mind if I go topless?” you ask with a smile.“Feel Tüyap Escort Bayan free!” the older man says, returning your smile, “We’re skinny-dipping!”“Are you really both naked?” you ask in mock surprise, “Then I’ll join you!” and you peel your bra off over your head and then reach down and strip off your panties, tossing them onto a rock at the stream-side.(At this stage I have to pull my cock out of my wife’s pussy as I am too close to cumming, so I kneel between her legs and caress her as I continue the fantasy.)The younger man is quite flustered and somehow dislodges his cap which falls into the water and is carried down towards you. You lift a foot above the water and guide the cap to you.“You’ll have to come and get your cap if you want it back.” you say with a cheeky grin.“Can’t you just toss it to me?” he asks, face flushing.“Nope!” you insist.“Go on Son!” the older man says and gives you a wink.The young man moves awkwardly towards you, trying to keep low in the water. As he reaches for his cap you laugh and put it on your head. He stretches out for it and you move your leg until you feel his erection against your thigh.“Mmmmmmm!” you smile as he presses his cock against your leg involuntarily. You sit up and slip an arm around him while reaching for his cock with the other hand. “Is this for me?”I am excitedly snapping photo after photo, pushing my cock against the tree I am hiding behind, as you move so that the young man ends up lying Escort Tüyap where you were. You straddle his hips and lower yourself onto him, guiding his stiff cock into your pussy as he stares into your eyes.“Oh my God! That feels so good!” you groan as you begin riding his cock.You hear splashing behind you and then you’re pushed down, breasts hard against the young man’s chest and you feel the older man’s cock between your butt-cheeks as he pushes forcefully against you.(I mount my wife again, pushing my cock into her and start fucking her slowly and rhythmically, hoping we’ll climax together.)“Ooohhh!” you gasp as you feel his cock find its own way into your ass and, overcoming all resistance, sliding balls deep into you.The young man is struggling to keep his face above the water so you lift yourself up off his chest, simultaneously pressing your butt against the older man’s thrusts. I can see your breasts swaying as you’re fucked vigorously, the older man’s hands gripping your shoulders as he drives his cock in and out of you. I flick the camera into video mode to capture every moment as I feel myself starting to cum, thrusting against the tree in my arousal.The young man’s head jerks back and I know that he has emptied his balls into you, even though he is unable to move under his father’s onslaught. I watch transfixed as you orgasm, wriggling your ass against the older man’s hips and he grunts and strains against you, pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum deep in your ass.(This is when my wife arches her head back and starts thrusting her hips against mine as she orgasms, her head filled with images of herself being screwed by a father and son duo under the wide open sky. I get my wish and we enjoy a rollicking good cum together!!)

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