Sex in an Unusual Location Ch. 02


All characters are 18 or older.

This is chapter 2 of Sex in an Unusual Place, as was requested of me. This is a long, slow burn, unlike chapter 1. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. If you enjoy it, please leave me feedback to let me know. I would love to hear the thoughts of any of you ladies, especially.

Chapter 2

There’s an old adage I learned in the Navy: In order to lead, you have to know how to follow. I’ve found this pertains to almost every facet of life.

Take Marie. When we’d gone to the cemetary for our photo shoot, she had taken charge, and I let her lead for the most part. Even when I led, I still took cues from what she wanted.

When we left the wedding and went to her loft above her boutique, I took charge. She liked that. We fucked hard and soft, fast and slow until we both had expended all energy a few hours later.

The next morning, we parted ways. She had her business to run, and it was nothing serious between us. Although, she did give me her number and told me to call her any time. I gave her my number, and that was that.

Or so I thought.

One week later, Kathy had gone to the boutique to check out her wedding photos. As she was now Marie’s sister in law, she was allowed up in the loft, giddy with excitement, as almost everybody had shown up in costume, and Marie had done a wonderful job capturing the day. There were color prints and black and whites. Marie clearly knew what she was doing with a camera.

There were the photos of her and her new husband, Glenn. He was dressed as an elf lord, And she had worn the cutest little fairy outfit. He was wiry, but handsome. Not tall, she was 5’8 and stood 3 inches higher than him, her fiery red hair standing in stark contrast to his black hair. Her outfit had been tight enough to show off her 36C breasts and her slender but firm butt. The green matched her eyes and seemed to highlight the freckles she had everywhere. They both looked excited as high schoolers in all the photos.

She sighed, then flipped to other pictures. There were pictures of the identical twins, Christie and Chrystal, done up as matching victorian era maids with red contact lenses, matching some girl from an Anime, Kathy couldn’t remember which. God they were so hot. They each stood 5’1, weighed in at 95 lbs, with jet black hair, flawless porcelain white skin, the perkiest little A cup breasts, and butts that popped out, not that the costumes showed those.

Kathy had always thought of herself as perfectly straight, but she’d found herself wanting to devour the two 18 year olds. Sigh.

There was dufus Tom, who showed up dressed as a 6’4 Dr Frank N Furter. She giggled at him striking poses whenever he’d seen the camera.

Not to be outdone, Tom’s boyfriend Marcel had come dressed as Rocky Horror, complete with blond wig, hilarious seeing as he was a short black man, but he and Tom were cute together.

There was the other married couple from her circle of friends, the couple who bore the brunt of every dad joke because of their names, Jack and Jill, who had come dressed as knights in matching armor, his with sculpted abs, hers with a sculpted busom, handsome and pretty in one picture.

There were about 10 Vampire Lords and a matching number of Vampire Ladies, some classy, some slutty. 3 Frankenstein’s Monsters. And more.

But, aside from seeing him in the background of most of the pictures, visible as a bright splash of color amongst a sea of black and dark costumes, she wasn’t seeing the photos she had asked Marie to take of Max in his jester”s outfit.

Max had been amazing. Who knew he could juggle? And all the pirate and princess children had loved him, doing slapstick routines and playing chase games.

Kathy wanted to ask Marie about the other photos, but she was talking with another customer downstairs, and would be a little while. She was scheduling another wedding.

While waiting for Marie to finish with her business, Kathy looked around and spied another album on the bottom of the coffee table she next to the loveseat she was sitting on. It had the same pattern on the album as the one she was looking in, so she picked it up and opened it.

There he was! She had never told anyone, but she had always had the hots for him. He was goofy but sweet before he left. She had always thought his pecs were kind of sexy poking out from his shirts, but never got to see him without a shirt. Before the Navy, Max had always been self conscious about his body, always seemed to think he was scrawny. She would have said skinny, and perhaps wiry like her new husband. But still sexy.

Kathy had always wanted to grab him and jam his face into her breasts and take his virginity, but it just seemed it wasn’t meant to be. She had been sad to see him leave, and then life just moved on.

She flipped through the book. Max juggling for the kids. Max telling goofy jokes to groans of laughter. Max telling dirty jokes when the kids were elsewhere to raucous Niğde Escort laughter. Max dancing with Christie and Chrystal. She bet he didn’t pick up on the looks of pure hunger in their eyes as they fought to see who could grind closer to him in those maid outfits.

She had thought Max would fill out more since joining the Navy, but in his costume, it seemed like it wasn’t all that different than before.

Then she saw the pictures Marie had taken in the cemetary. Black and white, hauntingly gorgeous in the poses Marie had him take. Kathy felt her face flush. She loved the pictures of him on the mausoleum. She took her time and drank in every photo. She had butterflies in her stomach looking at him. His face HAD gotten more rugged. His now darkly tanned skin looked magical. THAT was a big change.

Max had always been rather pale before he left. He used to joke that he was moon burned, Kathy giggled to herself at that. He had said he now spent every day outside in the caribbean sun as part of his duties on the base.

She turned the page, and for a moment, her mind blanked. Who was this? The next photos were in the same poses, but this man was bare chested. A small tuft of hair between rock hard pecks, leading to smooth tan skin over abs of steel. Arms muscular in a well defined toned way as opposed to bulky weightlifter arms. She could see every different muscle. This man was gorgeous.

Kathy gasped as she looked to his face. Max? How had he kept this unnoticed? The shirt!

Kathy had thought the previous pictures were beautiful. These were…magical. she drank in every picture like a finely aged wine. She felt a stirring below, and her nipples were starting to stiffen. Max was a hunk!

She kept slowly turning pages, her mind inserting herself into the pictures with him, a harlequin to match the jester with the body of a knight. Her arousal amplifying with each new photo. Then, she came to a blank page.

No! There had to be more. She NEEDED there to be more! She glanced around frantically, spying a manilla envelope under the spot this album had been. Could it be?

She opened the envelope, and a stack of glossy photos fell into her hand. Max. Without his pants, in all his glory.

The photos were tasteful. Exquisite. Marie hadn’t just taken nude dick shots. She had done a budoir session in the cemetary! With someone Kathy was now thinking might be the sexiest man she knew.

Her eyes were drawn to his nipples, his bare muscular ass, his abs, those oh so gloriously toned quads and calves. His glorious cock.

Kathy felt her nipples harden like diamonds, obvious even through her bra and blouse. What had been a kindling warmth in her panties was now a raging inferno beneath her skirt. She knew she was damp.

The next series of photos showed a dainty hand on that rock hard cock, Max’s had thrown back. Then, Marie’s face, licking and biting Max’s nipples. Like Kathy wanted to. Max lost in pleasure was burned into her mind. Kathy wanted to make him give that look.

Marie with his big thick cock in her mouth. Max with his face buried in Marie’s groin, fingers and tongue looking like they were magical if Marie’s face were any indication.

Max with that rod buried into Marie. Kathy was starting to hunger for Marie almost as much as Max, if only because she had experienced this first hand and Kathy most certainly felt a pang of jealousy.

A photo of Marie on hands and knees, naked, on the same mausoleum Max had occupied, with two cherub statues perfectly framing her glorious nakedness.

Max taking Marie from behind, a look of pure ecstacy on her face.

That was all of them. She was aflame with arousal. Her panties were dripping.

“Ahem,” she heard, and turning her head, saw that Marie had finished with her client and returned upstairs. With a shock, Kathy realized she had been stroking herself through her panties, and jerked her hand away, her face flushed and breathing heavily.

“I see you found my personal photos,” Marie said. “I take it you liked the subject material?” She gave a sultry smile as she asked.

“If I stand up right now, I’m afraid there’s going to be a very noticable wet spot under me” Kathy replied.

“Mmmm, is that so?” Marie asked, as she slowly sat next to Kathy on the loveseat, facing her. She slid her face next to Kathy’s and slowly inhaled through her nose.

“I can smell how turned on you are. I take it you like Max?” She breathed into Kathy’s ear.

“Yes,” Kathy whispered almost too softly to hear.

“You wish it was you Max had driven that hard cock into?” A breathe in Kathy’s ear.

“God, yes,” Kathy moaned.

The kissing nibble on Kathy’s neck just below her ear was enough to send her over the edge into an orgasm. Kathy shuddered in Marie’s arms, her fiery tufted pussy flooding through her panties

“You want Max to fuck you?” Marie asked softly into Kathy’s ear as she continued to tremble.

“I WANT MAX TO FUCK ME!” Kathy cried through Niğde Escort Bayan the last of her orgasm.

“Mmmm,” Marie hummed, as she ran a finger across Kathy’s soaked panties, right up her slit and tapping her clit, then bringing her finger to her lips. “Then I think I’ll help you. Lucky for you, you married my brother, so it won’t be an issue.”

“But first, let’s get these drenched panties off you and get you cleaned up, ok?” Marie asked. “then I’ll tell you my plan!”

Kathy could only nod. Her body was putty, she didn’t know if she could walk right now. She moaned when Marie lightly slipped her fingers under the waistband of her satin panties, and pulled them from under her skirt. Then she gasped as Marie started to unexpectedly clean her thoroughly soaked pussy and clit with her fingers and tongue.


I was sitting on the couch in my mom’s house hoping someone would call, since my mom was out of town, and I only had 20 days of leave left before I had to go back.

“Thank you for calling Navsta Gitmo…err…hello?” Damn. I don’t think I was ever going to break that habit. The only phone calls I usually get are while I’m at the department.

“Max?” The voice asked. Kathy? I think so.

“Yes ma’am! To whom, may I ask, do I have the pleasure of speaking?” I asked, maybe emphasizing my southern drawl a bit. If it wasn’t Kathy, it was someone else with a sweet and sexy voice.

“It’s Kathy,” she confirmed my suspicions, “and I have an important question for you.”

“Fire away, ma’am!” I replied.

“Don’t give me that ma’am crap! Tell me why you fucked my sister in law!” She demanded.

My brain…you know the sound effect of the needle sliding across a record? It’s much louder when it happens in your head.

“Your who? Kathy, the only person I’ve been with since getting home is…no! Kathy, I didn’t know, I swear!” I said, wondering if I had somehow screwed something up.

“You fucked my husband’s little sister!” She accused.

Wondering A: how was I supposed to know, B: how was it my fault if SHE made the first move, and C: Why was Kathy so upset over it if she just got married and her and I had never been involved, I decided to play it safe.

“Kathy, I’m sorry. I truly didn’t know. The last thing I’d ever do is something to upset you. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” I asked, wondering what the hell anybody could do to make up for fucking a friend’s sister when you didn’t know you weren’t supposed to fuck them because you didn’t know they were your friend’s sister.

My head was starting to hurt.

“Hmp!” She responded. “You’re gonna make this right, Max! Get a pen and take down this address. Be there tomorrow morning at 9 am sharp!”

I scrambled to find a pen and take down the address, “alright, I’ve got it,” and repeated it back to make sure I had it correctly.

“9 am, Max! Don’t be late! You promise me you’ll do what I ask? No questions?” She again demanded.

“Kathy, I promise.” I assured her. She was a good friend, and I didn’t want her upset with me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Mapquest that address, it can be hard to find. Good night, Max.” And she hung up the phone.

“Good night to you, too.” I said to the empty room.

Mapquest showed a drive time of an hour and a half, so in the morning, I left 2 hours before the meeting, because in the military the number one rule is: “if you ain’t early, you’re late!”

An hour and a half later, I was looking for the driveway I was supposed to turn in to. I was out in BFE, the last gas station had been 45 minutes previous. I was glad I’d stopped and topped off the tank to my old gas guzzler of a pickup.

Just as I was about to give up hope, I saw Marie’s car pull up. Marie and Kathy were in it. Marie pulled up beside me and Kathy got out of the passenger side with a duffel bag.

“Here, take this. Follow us, and when we get there, go upstairs and put this on! No questions. Remember, you promised me!” She stated, with a look that brooked no disobedience.

“Yes ma’am!” I snapped to attention.

“And I told you to knock it off with that ma’am crap!” She tried to look stern, but there was something else in her eyes, too. Or was that my imagination?

I hopped my ass back in the truck, and followed them into what appeared to just be a cleared thicket off the side of the road into the woods. I realized it was an old grown over driveway. About 1/4 mile long. It came to an old dilapidated 2 story house that had to have been over a hundred years old.

I was going to ask if this was safe, but upon closer inspection, the house, while deteriorated, seemed to have been somewhat taken care of. In fact, much of the dilapidation seemed to be cosmetic. Inside, the house was beautiful, fully historically refurbished, looking like old photos from the insides of houses in the 1800’s.

To quote a man, curiouser and curiouser. I parked, grabbed the duffel, and made my Escort Niğde way inside and upstairs after Marie unlocked the door.

Opening the duffel and removing the clothes, while thinking to myself “please don’t let this be a gimp suit” and “I’ve seen horror movies that start in houses like this”, I was surprised to withdraw a plaid kilt. Having a shipmate who had immigrated from Scotland as a teenager, and who had gotten ME wearing kilts when I wasn’t in the southern US, I knew this to be a Scotland the Brave tartan pattern, with a black bouse with leather thong to tie at the collar, in the same fashion as my jester shirt. A soft brown fur sporran, and soft black leather boots that would come up to just over midcalf, again with leather laces.

What was their game?

I got dressed, ensuring everything was positioned correctly, and for those of you who know what it means, I was regimental. I know how to wear a kilt.

The boots weren’t traditional for the kilt, but I figured the ladies knew what they were about. There was even some patchouli oil for my personal bits to help prevent chafing.

I came downstairs looking for the ladies. I was struck again by how amazing this place looked. I was wandering around looking at photos on the walls, most of which I felt certain were Marie’s handiwork.

I heard voices outside, so I stepped out onto the covered porch and followed them around the back of the house. There, against the backdrop of a million shades of orange and red and brown of the autumn leaves, I spied the most beautiful sight of Cathy in her Forest Green Faerie wedding dress, with matching fishnets. Her fiery red hair in curls hanging down to her waist, with wings sticking out behind her. The freckles all over her body seemed to match the various shades of the surrounding leaves.

Standing beside her, setting up a several cameras, was Marie. She looked elfin even without any sort of an outfit. Today, she was in a black spaghetti strap dress that appeared to have been spray painted on and then vacuum sealed in. I could clearly see the dress tight on her ass and showcasing her small breasts, with no bra needed.

I was immediately at half staff, glad the sporran would at least temporarily cover my burgeoning bulge.

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat behind them. They turned, Marie raising one eyebrow in appreciation, and Kathy flushing as she gasped when she saw me.

I knew photography would be involved, but I had no idea what these ladies were planning.

“Alright, ladies. I came, I saw, I put the kilt on. What is it I have to do to make what I did with Marie here right? Are we gonna take snaps of Max in a kilt and let all the rednecks back home think I’m wearing a skirt?” I asked.

Kathy attempted a stern look, but again, there was something else there. Was she really checking me out?

“Maxwell Martin!” She snapped, “In all the years we’ve known each other, how often have you seen me do something that was that vindictive?”

“Never,” I admitted. “But you DID kick Chris Pullman’s nuts up into his nose that one time. I take it I’m not wearing this kilt for a repeat performance of that magic trick?”

“Chris Pullman tried to goose me, then punched my crotch when I yelled at him!” She said angrily. “Are you gonna try to punch my crotch?”

“No, ma’am…sorry, no, Kathy, I won’t, I said, blushing at the shame even the thought brought.

She laughed, a golden melody that could spark the stars to shine during the day, if she wanted them to. “No Max. I have something different in mind. See, you got a free budoir session with Marie here on MY wedding day, and I wasn’t invited,” she pouted.

Saints have mercy, even her pout had me stiffening. And confused.

“Excuse me? You’re mad…because you didn’t get to take risque pictures with me…on the day you married a man who is not me?” I asked.

“No! I’m mad I didn’t get to take risque photos with you in a session that ended with what Marie declares to have been mind numbing orgasms with you on my wedding day!” She clarified helpfully.

“Wait…what?”, I asked, truly stunned. “Kathy, you married another man! There are specific rules in the UCMJ about having relations with a woman who is married to someone who is not you. Plus, I’m pretty sure Glenn wouldn’t be too thrilled with the thought of another man giving his wife a mind numbing orgasm, let alone many of them!” I stated with the assurance of a man who wouldn’t appreciate HIS wife receiving that favor from another man.

“Max,” said Kathy, “you promised. No questions.”

“Kathy, that was before I knew you wanted me to…pleasure you. A. Week. After. Your. Wedding.” I held my ground.

“He doesn’t know,” gasped Marie, starting to laugh at my discomfort. “Kathy, he doesn’t know about your marriage!” Full belly laughs. Not as stunning as Kathy’s, but delightful nonetheless.

“Ok,” I started, “would one of you two start explaining? I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been suckered!”

Kathy and Marie looked at each other, smiling broadly, before turning to me and saying in unison “He’s gay, Max.”

Again with that skipping record sound. My brilliant mind put forth a genius bit of dialogue.


Way to go, brain. Eloquent at the greatest of times.

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