Sex Club Stand In Pt. 02


Sex Club Stand In PT2: Turning the tables


Author’s Note: All characters in this story at are least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are “playing” characters at least 18 years of age.

I provide a brief recap of part 1, but obviously, nothing replaces actually reading it. Enjoy!


The arrangement was as simple as a complicated thing could be…

I had gone in place of my Dad, with my Mom, to a fetish and sex club. The deal was, that I would play her cuckold husband and let anyone who asked whisk her away so she could have her fun. Meanwhile, I’d get to spend the night at the club; so even if I didn’t get lucky, I’d see more than my buddies could ever hope to. At least, that was the idea.

But I’d screwed it up and in a variety of ways. First, instead of letting someone “whisk my Mom away”, I messed up my wording and accidently (I swear!) arranged for them to molest her, while she blew another guy, and all in my lap! My lap is a pretty far cry from, “away”.

Then, I’d fucked it up more, by freaking out and calling her ‘Mom’ in front of everyone, forcing Mom to pretend that it was a fetish/roleplay, and that it was our fantasy for me to have my Mother defiled in front of me.

And things just kept spiraling from there. I went from seeing one of my Mom’s boobs, to seeing her suck a guy off while another guy played with her tits, to getting ridden by her until I came inside my own Mother!

And that wasn’t even the end of it!

Mom and I, it turned out, had established our gimmick for the evening. So Mom milked it. She invited a bunch of guys to play at being my friends or my babysitter, and follow her into a room to gangbang my Mom while, “her Son slept down the hall”.

Then, because things weren’t crazy enough, this hot chick comes up to me, tells me she found the whole show to be a huge turn on, and basically asks if she can suck me off and then ride me! Which would be great, except that she had a few caveats to go along with it. First, she wanted to play my Aunt, since, in her eyes, my “wife” was already “pretending” to be my Mom. Second, she wanted to do it in a chair sitting directly outside the room (with an open door mind you), where everyone (or at least if sounded like everyone) was fucking my Mother. And third, she wanted to use that as a teasing catalyst.

So yeah… Then, I got a nice blowjob and all, but I got it while my “Aunt” was taunting me with the sounds we were hearing. Giving me a play by play of what was probably happening in the next room, and what it might look like, as I was forced to listen to it while she pleasured me.


That, and more, was what my “Aunt” was saying to me when she took me over the edge. I was screaming and cumming, but then… so were the people in the next room. And, as my Aunt kept reminding me, they were far from done. She ended up swallowing my whole load. She moaned, and coed, and stroked, and sucked, and swallowed, until I felt like I was completely spent.

But feeling completely spent and actually being completely spent are two totally different things when you are 18 going on 19. The fact that I was in a sex club, that there was a gangbang happening in earshot (with someone who was fast becoming my deepest sexual fantasy), that a sexy little blonde with shoulder length hair, a viciously sexy corset, and a fetish for ‘being my Aunt’ was actively begging to fuck me; helped things along nicely.

I didn’t even get fully soft before I, and my Aunt, could tell that I was getting hard again. She took off for a second, wandering off to some distant corner of the room, and honestly, for just a second I was relieved. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted to get laid (again). Fuck, getting laid was both more than I’d hoped for when coming here, and, in a way, the main reason I’d come. But my newfound Aunt was a bit… I don’t know, merciless.

I mean, I knew that I might have to hear, or even glimpse my Mom having sex while I was here. But my dear Aunt was getting off pretty fucking hard on making me, not only listen to my Mom having group sex, but also on forcing me to describe it to her, and listen to her descriptions of it, in exchange for continuously escalating sexual pleasures.

It was all incredibly hot! I’m not denying that. I just wish I could deny that, was the real issue. I wasn’t prepared for any of this! I can’t fucking stress that enough! This was a series of tragic fuck-ups and accidents that had somehow culminated in my listening to my Mother getting gangbanged while she, “pretended to be my Mother”. I mean, how fucked up is that?!?

But, my relief from my Aunt walking off was soon washed away and replaced by my excitement for having sex with the first person tonight that I could actually brag about, as she started excitedly walking back to me with a handful of condoms.

I was really hoping that some 1 on 1 sex would mean that all the talking about my Mom was about to stop. In fact, I was about to ask her if we could just, reach İstanbul Escort over and close the door to the room that my Mom was in. The damn door was 3 feet away, and if I leaned my head back it would actually touch the wall that Mom was currently getting fucked on the other side of!

Yeah, I was about to ask that… But then I got my answer, when my Aunt tore the package to the condom open with her teeth and hit her knees in front of me again. And, just before she carefully placed the condom on her lips she asked me, “Hey, do you think your Mom put their condoms on like this?” And then she was pushing my cock into her mouth again, but this time, as she did it, she used her lips to unroll the condom, and slide it down my shaft.

One minute later she was crawling up into my lap, saying, “What, no answer for your Auntie?”. And as she grabbed my shaft and guided the head of my dick towards her entrance she said, “Ohhhhhh, I bet I know why…” and then I was bracing myself.

Because even after all the pleasure, and all the excitement, and all the friction that I’d endured already; a tight, warm pussy was still heaven. And I could feel that heaven swallowing me up on the other side of the condom while my Aunt moved her hips up and down in slow, controlled movements, as we adjusted to one another. And as her pussy squeezed, and slid, and was slowly forced open, she whispered in my ear.

“It’s because they’re your friends, huh?” And, I genuinely didn’t know what she was talking about, which, I had realized was something that she considered a goal. She delighted in shocking me, even just a little. Then she pushed down, all the way, and we both that gave little moan of pleasure and relief that comes when you finally hit that sweet spot. When everything is as wet, and stretched, and opened up as it needs to be. That point where being careful becomes optional, and there is that brief rush of excitement and physical connection.

Then she pushed herself up in my lap, sliding me back out of her slowly, until just the head was still warm inside of her. “That’s why your Mom didn’t put their condoms on the same way I put yours on. Isn’t that right…” and then she used my first name! It was a moment of straight panic! But, after a second, I recognized her as one of the girls who had signed us in. Of course, she knew the shared name that “my wife and I” had, and she knew our first names too. Mind you, you usually use whatever name is on a person’s profile, not their real name. But, in my millionth or so screw up of the evening, I realized I hadn’t created one yet.

My Aunt, for her part, thought that I was freaking about her words about the condom. But, that hadn’t even hit me yet. At least, not until she continued. She was already moving towards a steady, bouncing, rhythm as she talked. She was trying to fire me up, and turn me on, but she was blatantly turning herself on in the process.

Still, as she rode my cock in a steadily increasing pace, she definitely accomplished her goal of shocking me again. “I bet they said, oh come on..” and then she said, “Mrs.” followed by my Mom’s real last name. Then, using my real first name again, she said they probably said something along of the lines of, “We’re (my) best friends. You’ve known us forever! Can’t you make an exception?”

“And then before your sweet, loving Mommy can say no to her little boys buddies, they’ve got their tongues down her mouth. And as she’s moaning about that, they’ve got her top off! And then… Well, you tell me Nephew” she said, panting now, and finding it harder to play the game as she rolled her hips, and ground her clit against me on her upthrusts. “What does it sound like, huh? Tell me! Does that sound like your friends fucking your Mom with, or without condoms on?!”

And, as hot as her words were, she clearly couldn’t’ keep them up anymore, as she bit my shoulder with a little whimper, and then buried her face there. My Aunt’s breathing was all panting, moans, and whimpers of pleasure as she focused on building her orgasm and slamming her hips down. And I was torn between listening, as she’d requested, to the group sex happening in the next room… or to doing my best to focus on the woman in my lap, and use her to drown those sounds out.

I made my choice, and did my best to take control of the only situation I actually could. And it was my Aunt’s turn to moan out in surprise when I deepened my voice, and in as masculine a tone as I had in me, I commanded her to tell me how her Nephew’s cock felt, slamming up into her tight little pussy.

“Well?” I taunted. “Does your husband know that his wife’s pussy is getting drilled by a highschooler? Huh?” And as her fingernails sank into my back so hard I was pretty sure she was about to draw blood, I asked, “Does he know that your own nephew is about to bend you over like a whore and fuck you hard?!”

At that she screamed the word “Fuck!” so loud that it actually hurt a little, but the pain was quickly pushed down by the intense pleasure I felt, as Anadolu Yakası Escort she screamed, and came, and slammed her pussy down onto me as fast and as hard as she could. She rode me like a maniac for several minutes, and she came, at LEAST once. But by the time she was done the muscles in her thighs were visibly shaking.

She kept giving these little grinds, and pushes, but she was shaking, and it was clear that her muscles didn’t have much more in them. Which, could have been the end of it. I mean, I’d already cum twice. But… no.

I was not about to let her get off that easily. I asked her if she wanted more, and when she only whimpered, I told her to say her name. Semi-exhausted, she asked me “what?” with some confusion. But a stinging slap on the ass followed my question a second time. And then another smack, and then another. Each time, followed by a firm but quiet demand that she name herself. And when, squirming in my lap, and obviously getting her second wind, she complied. I used her own trick against her. I said, “that’s right Auntie…”, followed by her first name. “Your Aunt (her name), aren’t you?!” I demanded, and she quivered as she whimpered out a little “yes”. She was pouting in a way that told me, without a doubt, that was very experienced at playing the submissive.

“Well Aunty,” I said. “Look around this room. Do you see all these people? Because your teenage nephew is about to bend you over in public, in front of all of these people, and show them what a slut you are. Would you like that Aunty? Would you?” Her breathing was picking up again, and so was her pace as she started trying to ride me again. But a hard slap on her ass followed by an order to “Say it then”, reminded her that she wasn’t in charge anymore.

She confessed that she wanted it. Then I made her say again, louder, and with more detail. I made her declare that she wanted everyone to see what a slut she was, and that she wanted her own nephew to fuck her in front of other people, and show them what a slut she was. Then I grabbed one of the kitchen style chairs that was in the same row as us, pointed to a spot out on the floor, and told her to put in there, and go stand in front of it.

When she hesitated, I brought another slap down on her reddening ass, and after she let out a loud moan, she slid off of me and got to work, as if she genuinely feared more “punishment”. She took the chair in question, looking to me for approval to make sure it was the correct one, and when I nodded, she brought it to the center of the room.

Not wanting to lose momentum, I quickly got up, and walked over to her. Then, coming up behind her (and there was a size difference that I hadn’t noticed before), I stood with my cock bobbing at a high enough place on her back that I was honestly wondering if we would need some kind of stool for her to stand on.

She wasn’t too short, but she was short enough that with my being tall, the size difference seemed larger. She had really nice breasts, and they looked even better in the tight corset she’d worn to accentuate them. That, however, was the only thing she was wearing, and it didn’t hinder access to the parts of her body I was about to use, in any way. As we stood there, I took a step closer and just waited, letting the anticipation build a bit as I towered over her from behind.

Then, with an evil grin of my own, I played out a little idea that hit me. And before we started, I gripped her shoulders, leaned down towards her ear, and whispered something. But not in the confident, commanding, and masculine tone I’d been using thus far. No. Instead, in my best, ‘unsure teen’, I asked her, “Gosh Auntie (her real name), are you sure you want me to do this? I mean, your own Nephew? And in front of all these people?”

And when I did, her breathing got heavier, her chest rising and falling faster as her face reddened slightly. “Well?” I asked, with less innocence, as I reached down with both hands firmly grabbed to large handfuls of her, rather lovely ass, and gave it a firm squeeze.

And, as if she was out of breath already, she panted, “Yes, yes. Please! Fuck me!” I followed it up with, “But won’t that make you look like a whore?”. But she was passed being able to play. Slowly, she bent forward, and gripped the chair with both hands. Then she looked back at me over her shoulder, a look of pure desperation on her face. And she pleaded. She whimpered out all should muster, two words that she begged and pleaded with. “Fuck me!”.

Now, I don’t know if there is a point in a man’s life where he can resist that kind of thing. But I do know that I wasn’t there. So I bent down enough so that I could get access to her pussy, worked it back inside of her, and started to find a rhythm, so I could give her the fucking that I felt she deserved. It took a moment to find a rhythm, especially since she was SO wet. Like, I’d been inside her already, and I knew she was turned on, but it was a totally different feeling now. It was like we’d both been slathered Kartal Escort in lube. She was so wet, and so warm. I’d never felt a woman so “flooded” before. It honestly took me a moment to get used to it. I felt like I could slide out, but, of course, she was still too tight, and I was still too deep for that. It just, it just really felt that way.

Still, after a minute, I actually slowed down, I slowed down to a snail’s pace, and very slowly, and very gently, I eased in and out of her. Until I heard what I’d been waiting for. Until I heard my Aunt beg one more time. “Fuck me!! Please! PLEASE!!”

And then I did. I slammed into her with a thrust that was meant to knock her tits out of her corset. And when it didn’t, I slammed into her again, and then again. Harder, and harder, and harder. After only a short period of time, she was screaming out her “yes”‘s and declaring that she was cumming. But I was just getting started. And the harder I went, the more she seemed to love it.

I fucked her like I could punish her with my cock. Like I could get her back for all the stuff she’d said before, and for all the teasing, and for all of my own fuck-ups from the night. But even though it felt like an anger fueled punishment fuck, it also felt amazing. It felt like power, and control, and hot, god-damn public sex (even though we were inside). I fucked her through several of her own orgasms, and, already having to build to my third orgasm of the night, I had quite a bit of stamina as I ‘punished my naughty Aunt’ (as far from the room my Mom was in as I could get).

We fucked like that until my stomach hurt like I’d done a hundred sit-up, and my hips burned with friction of the hot and rough fucking I was giving to her. Until her hair clung to her forehead, and she’d gone from gripping the chair, to turning it around, and practically laying on it. Her face was pressed down and her eyes were half rolled back into her head as I finally declared that I was cumming. I’m sure she said something, or tried to, but she was too out of it for me to hear her.

So, once again, I came with a roar, and doubled down, fucking her harder and faster than ever. And while that perked her up for a minute, by the time it was down, we were both, obviously, exhausted. Delighted! Screwed silly! But exhausted.

I’d read up on what ‘aftercare’ was before coming that night, on Mom’s instance. And so, when we were both done, I took her hand, and led her bright red ass over to a couch, where I plopped down. I guided her to a spot beside me, gently moved her head into my lap, and did my best to touch her hair in a nurturing way as I threw my own sweat drenched head back, and did my best to catch my breath. Though, even in my completely drained state, I had enough sense to pick a couch that was, literally, as far from the room my Mom was in, as was possible.

I don’t know how long I sat there, just panting, and wiping sweat away, and trying to feel my legs. But I think it was at least a half-hour before my Aunt stirred enough to give my cock a lick. It was, weirdly not sexual. Like, it was sexual, but it wasn’t that feeling you get during foreplay. It was, I don’t know… after play. It was different somehow. More like a kiss on the cheek between lovers and less of a “hey, who wants a blowjob”.

I looked down at her and with a voice that sounded like I’d eaten gravel recently I said, “Yes Aunty?” She laughed at that. Then she laid her head back down on my lap and said, “I don’t know who you two are, but you definitely need to visit our neck of the woods more often”. And that was kind of it for that first night. I did my best to enjoy the throbbing and the exhaustion. I mean, it’s different when it’s, “job well down”, throbbing and exhaustion. Like, I mean it, I really enjoyed just, sitting there, feeling it, and kind of reveling in it.

I have no idea how much time passed, but I eventually learned that while my Aunt was being honest about there being no showers in the back bedrooms, there were plenty of paper towels, baby wipes, and other cleaning supplies. So when my Mom eventually did come out, her hair was in a loose ponytail, she looked “cleanish”, and her clothes were back on and back where they were meant to be worn.

She gave me a Mother’s knowing smile when she found me with a naked woman resting with my cock an inch from her face, and said, “you about ready to head out kiddo?” before giving a little nod towards the door.

I nodded, said my farewells, got a very inappropriate kiss (from an Aunt at least), and ended up walking to the car a little punch-drunk with how potent it had been. And as Mom just kept looking at me like, like… Like she knew I’d asked a girl out, and she’d said yes; I guess would be a good way to to describe it. Anyways, as she was grinning at me, and glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, she started the car. Then, just a little bit later, she blew my mind again.

Because, as we started to pull out of the parking lot of the nowhereish, nearly unmarked little warehouse that was the sex club, Mom made a comment. She said, “Well, that was a whole lot of unexpected huh?” She said it with a smile. And her comment made us both laugh. But then she added, “And to think that was just the first night! I can’t even imagine how tomorrow’s going to go!”

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