Seven Deeds Ch. 06


The weekend seemed to pass rather quickly. Tonya spent Friday night with her dad in his swanky, uptown apartment. It was a far cry from the modest home he had shared with her and her mother. But, she was happy if her father was happy. Afterwards, she came home and spent the remainder of the weekend listening to her mother bitch and moan about how no good her father was. This was becoming a typical weekend for Tonya.

She would often escape up to her bedroom, put her headphones on and jam out to Nirvana or whoever happened to be in her cd player at the time. Usually, she would think about Lenny, wondering what she was doing right now, but this Sunday night, was so much different. Tonya closed her eyes and thought about David. She could feel his kisses and his hands covering every naked inch of her body. She began to get chills that made her nipples stand at attention.

Tonya got up from her bed and walked over to her door, “Mom, I’m going to bed,” she yelled down, quietly shutting and locking the door.

Every light in the small bedroom was off, except for the small desk lamp, across the room. Before she laid back down, Tonya walked over to her mirror and slowly began to strip, just like she always did for David. Her eyes sparkled as she admired her heavy tits and tight stomach. She took a few steps back so she could look at her pussy. The very pussy that had turned into David’s cum bucket.

This thought turned her on tremendously and she climbed back onto her bed, atop the covers. She turned her headphones off and leaned over, turning her radio on softly. She closed her eyes and brought her legs up, bending them at the knees. As the words of Madonna’s song, Justify My Love, crept from the speakers, Tonya slowly slid her hand down between her parted legs.

She moaned as the wetness and heat covered her fingertips. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was already aching for David’s cock. She dipped the tip of her middle finger inside her cunt, coating it with her juices. As the music danced inside her head, Tonya brought her wet finger to her right nipple, smearing the sticky juice over the tip, then to the left nipple. She purred as the cool air from her open window danced across her wet nipples.

**** SONG PLAYING **** “Poor is the man Whose pleasures depend On the permission of another Love me, that’s right, love me I wanna be your baby”

“Wanting, needing, waiting For you to justify my love I’m open and ready For you to justify my love” ********************* The words to the music were not only seductive, but were the perfect words for how Tonya was feeling at this very moment. She slid her fingertip back inside her sloppy wet cunt, again coating it, then bringing it up to her lips, slowly tracing her fingertip along the bottom lip, leaving a wet, sticky trail.

Tonya quickly sucked her bottom lip with her teeth, tasting her own juices made her extremely hot. She brought her hand up to her wet, cool nipples, pinching and rubbing them back and forth. With her other hand, she reached over to her nightstand, picking up the hairbrush that laid there.

Without another thought, she quickly rammed the handle into her cunt, slamming it as Niğde Escort far as she could get it to go. She bit her bottom lip to mask her loud moans as she slid the thick handle all the way in, then all the way out.

“David, Ooohhh, God, Daaaaavid,” she moaned, as the handle tip bumped her womb, sending shock waves thru her body.

Faster and deeper she fucked the hairbrush handle, finally getting up on her knees and driving it in so fucking deep, she was becoming dizzy, but she didn’t wanna stop. The song’s seductive beat and lyrics carried on, only egging Tonya on more and more.

Finally, when she was just about ready to cum, Tonya slipped the hairbrush from her cunt and rammed it into her asshole, just as David had done with his cock on Friday. She fell forward, one hand gripping her large headboard, while the other hand worked that wet handle into her asshole.

“Mmmmmm, God, Daaaaaaaaavid, I need you,” she moaned, fucking her ass faster and deeper.

She gripped the headboard like a vice as she rode her hairbrush, grinding it deep within her hot, nasty hole.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She ripped the handle from her ass and jammed it, bristles deep, into her sopping wet cunt, twisting it side to side deep within her. Still on her knees, she began rocking back and forth, riding that hairbrush like she rode David’s cock.

She closed her eyes again and imagined him calling her all those dirty names she loved so much ……… “You bitch, you slut, you whore, take my cock” ……….. Tonya couldn’t hold out any longer, she leaned down and buried her face in her pillow and screamed like a whore in heat as her climax rocked her young, teen body.

Tonya just laid there for a few minutes, trying to collect her thoughts. Her body still shuddering some as she slid the wet hairbrush handle from her cunt, and placed it back on the nightstand. She didn’t have enough energy to move, so she eventually fell asleep on top of her blankets, still in a fetal position on her knees …….


The next morning, Tonya was awakened by her mother screaming for her lazy ass to get up, “Come on, Ton Ton, you’re gonna be late for school and I can’t drive you today, i have a meeting!!”

She opened her eyes and looked at her alarm clock, it was already 7:45, school started in 15 minutes. She tried to jump up out of bed, but a sudden stomach cramp stopped her quickly.

“Tonya!!,” her mother screamed, banging on the locked door, “I said get your ass up, you’re gonna be late and I can’t drive you this morning.”

“I’m up, Mom, you can go on to work,” said Tonya, carefully rolling over onto her back.

“Ok then, I’ll be home around 7:30, we’ll order pizza,” said her mom. Tonya rolled her eyes and covered her face with her arm, listening to her mother leave the house.

Again, she tried to get up, and again, she was unsuccessful. The pain in her stomach was overwhelming. Finally, she was able to pull herself up, and to her surprise, her blankets were soaked in blood. She quickly looked over to the hairbrush, it too, was coated in dried blood.

Tonya took a deep breath, and carefully climbed Niğde Escort Bayan out of bed, opening her door and walking across the hall to the bathroom. She felt weak and dizzy as she sat down on the toilet. She had her morning pee and wiped, only to find the toilet paper saturated with blood, too.

Great, she thought to herself, perfect fucking timing to get my period.

She got up, flushed the toilet and began running a warm shower. As she stood under the warm water, letting it dance over her face, her thoughts again turned to David. What would he think of her being absent today? He would, undoubtedly, be very angry, since she was so close to completing her 7 Deeds.

Tonya closed her eyes and poured the apple scented shampoo over her wet hair, gently massaging it in, when suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“OH MY GOD,” she screamed, turning around to find David standing naked, behind her, “How the fuck did you get in here??”

“Relax, baby, I met your mother as she was leaving and I told her I was your ride for school, she told me to come on in,” he said, grabbing the soap and lathering her creamy tan shoulders up.

“But, how did you know I wasn’t already at school?” she asked, continuing to massage the shampoo into her hair.

“Because I know what time you get there, baby,” he said, smiling, “You’re never later then 7:15, I figured when you didn’t show up, something was wrong, so I came over.”

Tonya smiled, she liked knowing that he knew her schedule. She liked knowing that he was watching her. She leaned in and kissed him as his hands dropped to her perfectly small hips.

As they stood under the warm jets of water, David kissed and sucked his young whore’s neck, bringing his hands up to her heavy tits, “I fucking missed you bad this weekend,” he said.

“Mmmm, I missed you too, David,” she said, “But, I’m afraid I have some bad news, I started my period so we won’t be able to finish my deeds until later this week.”

David could only smile, “You think a little bit of blood is enough to stop me?”

Tonya got a puzzled look on her face. Her period had always stopped her boyfriends in the past. As she leaned her head back to rinse her hair, she felt David sliding down her body. He had knelt down in the shower and placed his large hands on her perfectly rounded ass.

“Oh, God, David, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Shhh, baby, just enjoy it, I know I will,” he said as he leaned forward, placing his warm mouth on her bald cunt.

Tonya continued rinsing her hair as her eyes slowly began to haze over. She felt David’s tongue flick across her engorged, bloody clit. His fingertips slid up and down her ass crack, teasing her even further. After her hair was completely rinsed, Tonya slid her hands down to David’s thick, wet brown hair.

She ran her fingers thru the soaked strands, gently pushing his mouth into her cunt. He moaned and hummed into her clit, flicking it with his tongue and letting his front teeth graze and nibble. Tonya’s knees became weak when David slid 2 fingers inside her asshole, and slowly began pumping them in and out.

“Ooooh, God, Daaaaaavid,” she Escort Niğde moaned, gently rocking her hips, riding his fingers as if they were his cock.

He began pumping his fingers in and out faster, finger banging her young asshole as his teeth bit into her clit, sending shock waves thru her body.

“Oooooh, fuuuuuuuck, Daaaaaaaavid, mmmmmmm God yesssss, suck my clit, mmmm finger my young asshole,” she purred, pushing his mouth closer and twisting his wet hair with her fingers.

David could feel his cock rising and his desire was beginning to overflow, but he continued to lick and bite Tonya’s clit while his fingers massaged her asshole.

She began bucking her hips wildly, throwing her head back and screaming obscenities into the water as it danced over her face, she was close and David wanted that sweet slut juice that only Tonya could give him.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, GOD, DAAAAAAAAAAVID,” she screamed as her pussy released the sweetest cum David had ever tasted.

He continued pumping her asshole with his thick fingers as her climax rocked her young body. The taste of her cum and blood mixed together sent David into a tailspin. He quickly ripped his fingers from her asshole and stood up, backing her into the bathroom wall. He kissed her hard as steam filled the small room.

“Turn around, baby,” he demanded, his eyes, again dark with lust. Tonya nodded her head and turned around, placing her hands on the wall. David bit her back as he guided his aching cock, “Lean forward, slut,” he said.

Tonya leaned forward, placing her hands on the hot and cold water valves, spreading her long, tan legs just a bit.

“Mmmm, baby, yeah, that’s it,” David hissed, as he stepped up behind her, wasting no time ramming his throbbing thick cock into her bloody pussy.

“Ooooh fuuuuuck, David,” Tonya moaned as the warm water danced down her back.

He placed his hands firmly on her hips and began fucking her like a man possessed, “Oohhh, fuck, Tonya, you sexy fucking slut, I was going crazy this weekend without your pussy, mmmmm I can’t fucking be away from you like that anymore.”

Tonya smiled and licked her lips, knowing David was all hers now. She looked over her right shoulder and slid her slutty red tongue across her top lip, teasing David as his cock shredded her pussy, “Mmmm, yeahhhhh, David, that’s it you hot son of a bitch, rip my slutty cunt, fuck me like the nasty little whore I am!!”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOD, MMMMMMMMMM YOU FUCKING WHORE!!” he screamed, throwing his head back and hammering away at Tonya’s bloody cunt like a jackhammer, “YOU WANT MY CUM, BITCH? HUH? YOU FUCKING WANT IT, SLUT??”


David lost all control and released his hot seed into Tonya’s bloody cunt. His legs shaking and his breaths heavy and ragged, he held onto her wet hips as his cock finished unloading.

“OOOOhhhh, God, baby,” he moaned, as his cock twitched inside her, “I fucking missed you so bad.”

Tonya looked over her shoulder and whispered, “I missed you just as much, David.”

He slowly slid his spent, bloody cock from her cunt and turned her around, placing a hot steamy kiss on her pouty lips. He pulled her young, naked wet body to his and held her under the shower.

“One more deed, baby,” he whispered, “It will be a special one, I promise.”

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