Seven Deeds Ch. 01


Seven Deeds Ch. 01: The First Deed

Tonya stood naked in front of her mirror, her young body tan and tight, her tits perfectly round like they had been molded by the Porn Gods. Her crystal blue eyes traced the small blue veins that ran from the top of her tits to her nipples. Her long, blonde hair, tight with curls, rested on her creamy tan shoulders. She couldn’t believe how much her body had changed in just a year. She was 18 now, a senior in high school and seemed to get the attention of every male with a pulse, even the school principal, Mr. Sharp.

Senior year had begun a bit bumpy for Tonya, her parents had seperated over the summer. Her best friend, Lenny, had moved to Kansas and, much to Tonya’s dismay, she had been enrolled in all advanced classes. She knew she was smart, but these classes were a bit overwhelming.

Tonya found herself falling behind and lost in daydreams in most of her classes. Her thoughts drifted to her parents and Lenny, and how much her life had changed in just 3 short months. Occasionally, Mrs. Drisden, Tonya’s teacher for most of her classes, would rip Tonya from her daydreams to ask her a question about the current lesson.

Tonya would reply with her usual stock answer, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Drisden, what was the question?”

Her teacher would merely shake her head and move on to the next student. Tonya didn’t care though, she didn’t even ask for these nerd classes, how did they expect her to go through 9 months of this? You’d have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the math alone. Tonya would often curse herself for doing so well on her SAT’s. Finally, the bell would ring and allow the students to unwind for 3 short minutes before heading back into the trenches.

But, Tonya always looked forward to that last bell. It meant she was free for the day, free to think for herself and to go wherever her thoughts would take her. She would often spend her afternoons upstairs in her bedroom, most times with her headphones on jamming to some loud, screaming voice mixed in with drums and bass.

It was those times that she missed Lenny the most. They would often run to her house after school, turn the stereo up really loud and smoke a joint that Lenny had been able to steal from her older brother’s bedroom. The two girls would get high and laugh about the nerds in school, or talk about the snobby girls that seemed to think the sun rose and set in their underwear. Those were the good times. Tonya began to think she’d never know that kind of enjoyment again.

The next day, Tonya entered the same dull, off-white classroom with the same dull people and the same dull teacher. She took her seat and slumped down in the chair, not wishing to speak to anyone at this point.

As usual, Mrs. Drisden would call on Tonya, hoping today would be the day she would have an answer for a question, any question. And, as usual, Tonya replied with, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Drisden, what was the question?”

“Tonya, I’d like to see you before you go to lunch,” said the teacher smugly, as she turned to write the day’s assignments on the chalkboard.

*Fuck, Tonya thought to herself, now what?*

The first half of the day seemed to pass like a year, but finally the lunch bell rang and Tonya made her way up to Mrs. Drisden’s desk, “You wanted to see me?”

“Yes, I did, Tonya,” said the old woman, looking up from her grade book, “Dear, is everything alright? You seem to be having a very hard time adjusting to these advanced classes.”

“Yeah, everything’s cool,” said Tonya, looking out the window.

“Well, all the same, I’d like for you to go down to Mr. Sharp’s office, maybe he can work with you and get you into some classes that are more your speed,” said Mrs. Drisden.

“Well, if you think that’s best,” said Tonya, walking out of the classroom cevizli escort and making her way to the principal’s office.

“Go on in, Tonya, Mr. Sharp is expecting you,” said the secretary.

Tonya managed to smile and made her way down the hall to Mr. Sharp’s office, “Come on in, Tonya, close the door behind you and have a seat,” he said, smiling.

Tonya closed the heavy door and took a seat across from the principal’s desk, “Is something wrong, Mr. Sharp?”

He took a long look at the young girl, his eyes sparkling. He took in the beauty of her long, blonde hair, her deep, mysterious eyes, her tight, clinging blouse and her short, plaid skirt. He felt a stir in his pants, as he shifted in his large, leather chair.

“Mr. Sharp?” she asked again, nervously crossing her legs.

“Oh, I’m sorry, uhhhh, let’s see,” he said, taking out a piece of paper from his top desk drawer, “Ahhh, yes, here it is, I’ve had a complaint from Mrs. Drisden that you are struggling with your classes, is that correct?” he asked, trying to focus on the matter at hand.

“Well, Mr. Sharp, I know that I did rather well on my SAT’s, but honestly these classes are beyond my knowledge, I can’t even seem to concentrate, it’s all Greek to me,” she said, twirling a small curl of her blonde hair in her left hand.

“Well, give me a couple days and I’ll see what I can do about placing you in some classes that aren’t so Greek to you,” he said smiling and placing the paper back in his desk drawer.

“Oh, that would be awesome, thanks alot, Mr. Sharp,” she said, standing up and walking towards the door.

“Uhhh, Tonya?” he said, standing up behind his desk, “Don’t go yet, there’s something I would like to discuss with you.”

Tonya got a puzzled look on her face, but took her seat anyway, again crossing her long, tan legs and twirling her tight blonde curls in her fingers.

“This is a bit awkward for me, Tonya, but I feel it needs to be said,” he began, taking his seat again, as well, “This is off the record, but you are a very pretty young lady.”

Tonya felt her cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment, “Mr. Sharp, I don’t understand what this has to do with my classes.”

“Ok, let me break this down for you,” he said, “Yes, I can get you in different classes …… eventually, but there is a way you can help the process go a bit faster.”

Tonya sat there for a moment, unsure of what Mr. Sharp was getting at, then it hit her like a ton of bricks, “Are you suggesting that I do something for you in return?”

He smiled wickedly and pushed his chair away from his desk, “Yes, you could say that, Tonya, because the way I see it, you are currently taking 7 classes with Mrs. Drisden, correct?”

Tonya nodded her head in agreement, both curious and fearful of what her principal was thinking.

“Ok,” he continued, “As I was saying, you are currently taking 7 classes, now, just as an example, let’s say you did 7 deeds for me and each time you passed, I would place you in a less difficult class, would you be up for the challenge?”

“Well, that would depend, how long would it take for me to be transferred without doing these 7 deeds?” she asked.

Mr. Sharp threw his head back and laughed loudly, “Tonya, honey, I’m the school principal, the janitor doesn’t take a shit without my approval, you get my drift?”

Tonya took a deep breath, she was beginning to see, first hand, just how the adult world worked, “Yes, I get your drift, you could make it so that I never get transferred, correct?”

“Now we’re understanding each other,” he answered, completely pulling his chair away from his desk.

“When would these 7 deeds begin?” she asked.

“Connie?” he said into his speaker phone.

“Yes, erenköy escort Mr. Sharp?” she asked.

“Hold all my calls for the next hour, please, I’m in a conference at the moment,” he said, smiling wickedly at Tonya.

“Yes, Sir,” Connie answered.

“Did you get your answer, Tonya?” he asked, standing and loosening his black necktie.

“Seven deeds begin now,” she answered.

“Smart girl,” he said, unbuttoning his shirt, “Go lock the door, I don’t wanna be disturbed.”

Tonya found it hard to stand and walk towards the door. Her knees felt like jelly and her heart was racing. Her first instinct was to run, run as fast as she could and tell Connie what Mr. Sharp was trying. But what if Connie was in on it? What if Mrs. Drisden was in on it, too? So, with shaky fingers, Tonya turned the small gold button, locking the door.

“Now, turn around and face me, Tonya, and remove your clothes slowly,” he said, tossing his shirt and tie across the room.

Tonya felt at any moment that she would puke, her mind was racing and she was beginning to get dizzy. How would she ever pull this off? Were the advanced classes really THAT bad? She took another deep breath and turned around to find Mr. Sharp standing only in his black silk boxers.

“Oh, God,” she whispered.

“Do as I say, Tonya,” he whispered, walking around to the front of his desk.

Tonya closed her eyes for a moment and slowly begin to unbutton her blouse, her fingers almost unable to release the small pink buttons. She was finding it hard to breathe, but somehow, she managed to release all 6 buttons, letting her blouse fall to the floor.

“Oh, God, your tits are so round, Tonya,” he whispered, eyeing her white lace bra, “Show me just how round they are.”

She slid her hands behind her back and quickly released the small silver clasp, immediately causing her bra to fall to the floor, as well. Her nipples instantly hardened as the cool air from the office hit her skin. She suddenly felt very vulnerable and very alone.

“Mmm, that’s a good girl,” he whispered, walking towards her and cupping her heaving tits in his large hands, “Don’t stop now, baby.”

Finally, she opened her eyes. A small tear ran down her creamy white cheek as she unzipped her skirt, feeling very uneasy as it slid effortlessly to her ankles.

“Don’t cry, baby,” he whispered, “Take those sexy lace panties off for me.”

With trembling fingers, Tonya slid her white lace panties down, stepping out of them, kicking them and her skirt over to the corner of the office.

Mr. Sharp took a step back, “Oh, God, you’re fucking gorgeous, baby,” he said, releasing her tits and moving his right hand down to the enormous bulge behind his boxers.

Tonya had never been completely naked in front of a man before, aside from her father, and that hadn’t been in years.

“You see this bulge, baby?” he asked, continuing to rub.

Again, Tonya nodded her head, unable now to speak even the smallest words.

“You’re gonna suck it and make me feel good, you understand?” he asked, slowly sliding the black silk boxers down his firm, hairy legs, “Come here, baby, get on your knees and show me what those pouty, sexy red lips can do.”

Tonya was frozen momentarily, until Mr. Sharp reminded her, “Seven deeds, baby, that’s all it takes.”

She took a step forward and slowly lowered herself down to her knees. His cock was only a couple of inches from her mouth, she could already smell his desire.

“Don’t be shy, baby, I know you’re not a saint,” he whispered, gently placing his hands on her head, slowly pulling her mouth to his engorged cock.

Tonya closed her eyes and suddenly felt something warm pressing into her lips. She tasted esenyurt escort something warm and salty as Mr. Sharp’s cock began parting her lips.

“Open your mouth, now,” he whispered, pushing a couple inches of his meat into her young mouth.

Tonya took a deep breath and wrapped her lips around the thick, warm cock, feeling his already pushing her throat open.

“Mmmm, that’s it, baby, suck my cock, show me what a whore like you can do,” he moaned, slowly rocking his hips and fucking her mouth.

She brought her hands up to his hips, hoping, if nothing else, to help slide some of the girth from her throat, but to no avail. This only seemed to excite him more and he gripped her long, blonde hair tightly in his fingers, steadily increasing his pace.

“Ohhhh yeah, suck it just like that,” he moaned, looking down and watching his rod sliding in and out, becoming more and more shiny with each thrust, “Finger my ass, baby, put 2 fingers in my asshole.”

Tonya was so close to puking at that point. Was he kidding? Put her fingers in the hole that he shits from? She began to gag at just the thought, but he was not letting up. His cock kept creeping further down her throat, she was sure he’d split her tonsils in half.

“Oooohhhh, God, Tonya, you little slut, I always knew it, I knew you’d be good at sucking cock,” he groaned as her fingers slipped inside his warm, wet, tight asshole, immediately opening him up.

He began fucking her mouth faster now, gripping her hair and twisting it into his fist. His hips pistoned back and forth like a well oiled machine, he would groan each time his cock tip bumped the young girl’s tonsils.

Tonya was beginning to have a less harder time now taking Mr. Sharp’s thick cock all the way down. In fact, she swore her pussy was becoming wet, but nonetheless, this is not how she pictured spending her lunch break today.

“Oooooh, FUCK,” he yelled out as Tonya’s fingers probed his asshole, pumping in and out, matching his rhythm, “Mmmm, don’t stop now, baby, I’m ready to explode, mmmmmm keep fingering my ass, finger me while I’m cumming in your mouth.”

Tonya began sucking harder, bobbing her head up and down the saliva soaked shaft faster, her fingers matching the rhythm of her mouth.

“OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddd,” he screamed, suddenly stopping and holding his engorged cock in Tonya’s young mouth, pumping rope after rope of hot, salty seed into her throat, “Mmmmmmmm, drink me, slut, drink my nasty seed.”

Tonya kept on finger fucking her principal’s ass as she sucked the warm, salty cocktail. She hummed around the wet shaft as it unloaded, flooding her young mouth.

Finally, Mr. Sharp stopped rocking his hips back and forth, and his grip on her hair was released as he took a deep sigh, “Mmmmm, fuck, that was worth the wait,” he said, slowly sliding his cock from her mouth.”

Tonya swallowed the last of Mr. Sharp’s seed and slowly slid her fingers from his asshole.

“You may get dressed now, Tonya,” he said in a serious voice, as he began picking up his own clothes.

Tonya stood and began collecting her clothes, not really ashamed of what she had just done, but more disappointed that she had become her principal’s whore in just a matter of 45 minutes.

Mr. Sharp zipped up his pants and pulled his shirt on and sat down at his desk, again removing the piece of paper from his top desk drawer, “Well, Tonya, that was deed

, only 6 more to go and you’re home free.”

She smiled as she tucked her blouse back into her skirt, “May I go now, Mr. Sharp?” she asked.

“Yes, Tonya, you may, but you will return here every school day at lunch time to fulfill your obligations,” he answered, smiling.

“Mr. Sharp?” said Connie’s voice over the speaker phone, “I hate to interrupt, but your wife is on line 3.”

“Thanks, Connie, put her through,” he answered, motioning for Tonya to leave.

“Hi, baby, yeah I miss you too,” he said into the phone, as Tonya quietly slipped from his office.

She was careful not to make eye contact with anyone in the main office, she was positive they knew what she had done ……….

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