Servitude and Humiliation Ch. 02


I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror. The French maid outfit they insisted I wear looked ridiculous; it was so tightly pressed around my abdomen it felt like my tits were about to pop out. The skirt was incredibly short and just barely stretched over my waist, I couldn’t even pull them over my now-exposed panties. The first couple weeks seemed pretty ordinary to me, I kept the house clean and cooked for them; it wasn’t so bad.

I just finished cleaning the coffee table in the living room when I saw Miss Lisa and Miss Anna walk in and sat on the couch to watch me. It felt a bit uncomfortable having them watch me clean, but I ignored them and kept focusing on my job. “Oh Mia, dear. Would you please eat our pussies?” Lisa asked with a smile.

I was so caught off guard by the request I couldn’t even respond. My jaw just dropped open in surprise at the sudden and direct request as I sat on my knees facing them. “Y-you want me to eat you out?? Right here and now?” I asked incredulously.

“I think it’s time I felt your teen tongue on my pussy, and it’s just aching for some attention.” Lisa said while parting her legs, exposing her shaved pussy.

It did look pretty; I couldn’t help but admit that to myself. I crawled forward until I was directly in front of Miss Lisa, she looked down at me and smiled. “Well sweetheart, let’s see how good your tongue game is.”

I bent my head between her legs and licked her pink lips, a sticky fluid surrounded it and I lapped it up as well. I heard my mistress moan from the couch as I kept eating her out, trying to remember what I did to make my ex-girlfriend satisfied. I could tell I was doing a good job by the way her moans were increasing in frequency and Miss Anna laughed and said “well now, don’t forget we have plans later. No point in getting all the way off right away, right?”

“Good point!” Lisa exclaimed as she pushed my head away from her crotch.

“Still though, I would like to feel that tongue for a couple minutes as well…” Anna said with a giggle.

I instinctively crawled over to Miss Anna and burrowed myself into her crotch. Her scent was much muskier than Miss Lisa’s and it tasted like she hadn’t showered yet today, still I endured and licked her pussy with as much excitement as I could muster. “Mmmmm that does feel good, you really are a naturally good lady-pleaser. Not many girls your age have that skill to please an older woman.”

Miss Anna pushed my head away too, just as she began to get wetter, and she held my face in her hands. “Can’t finish just yet, this was just a test to see how good you are. We have a special surprise for you later that we think you’re going to love!”

I got back up and bowed my head, “that sounds nice ma’am, I’m looking forward to my surprise later.” I said as respectfully as I could.

As I began to exit the living room I felt a hand grab on to my left ass cheek, quickly followed by a sharp squeeze. “This plump little rump looks absolutely ravishing, young lady.” Miss Lisa said while cupping my ass in her hand.

I stood still as she caressed my butt and gave it a couple more squeezes. I flinched as I felt a finger slip past my panty line and invade my crack, rubbing her pointer finger against my unbroken, virgin asshole. Miss Lisa moved her finger in a circle around the rosebud but didn’t move it any further than that. She withdrew her finger and gave it whiff. “I cannot believe you have never had anything go in there, it is just so juicy and tempting, like a ripe peach just begging to be devoured.”

The thought of sticking anything up my ass made me shudder a little, fearful of the pain that would no doubt accompany the penetration. I awkwardly left the room and made my way to the kitchen to get some cleaning supplies. I spent the better part of the afternoon scrubbing the floors clean, and as I finished I sighed in relief and got off my knees to find all my mistresses standing behind me, apparently ogling my ass as I was bent over. “Mia dear, you’ve worked so hard today, why don’t you come with us? I think it’s time you received your surprise.” Mistress Anna said while looking me up and down.

The ladies led me to Miss Lisa’s room, and I followed behind closely, nervous about what they had in store for me. I entered the room, and I felt my top be pulled down around my waist. I yelped as my tits were uncaged from the tight cloth keeping them smushed together. Immediately, all four women began to fondle my boobs; I could see the hunger in their eyes as they rubbed them and played with my hardening nipples. I felt a strange sense of relaxation and euphoria as they continued to play with my teenage tits. They soon stopped however and moved so they were on either side of me. In front of me was a king-sized bed and I instinctively moved towards it. “Atta girl!” Miss Stacey çankaya escort said as she gave my bottom a light swat as I climbed onto the bed.

I took the rest of my uniform off and my mistresses all looked at my almost naked body with glee shining in their eyes. I felt a pair of hands begin to tug on my panties, and they soon began gliding down my quivering thighs. A wet spot was visible on the cloth, and I felt a sticky feeling around my legs as my last garment was removed. All four women took their clothes off and joined me on the bed. I couldn’t help but gawk at their naked bodies; their pussies were waxed raw and despite Karen’s stretch marks and Stacey’s wrinkles, they did look beautiful. I sat in the middle of the bed, knees clutched to my chest, I looked them up and down as the formed a circle around me. They were all smiling, and I could see excitement radiate in their eyes as they ravished my nubile teen body just by looking at me. I couldn’t help but blush, that made them all giggle and Miss Lisa took my hand in hers and moved it to her crotch. It was soaking wet and burning hot; she made a soft moaning noise as I stroked her pussy and moved her swollen pink button in a circular motion, the same way she did to me when I first arrived, and they wanted to inspect me. “Oh yes, you truly are a pussy-loving little teen nymph, aren’t you?” Lisa asked me as she closed her eyes and took my right breast in her hand and began to grope it.

“These nipples are so stiff and engorged I’m half expecting milk to flow through them.” Stacey giggled as she latched on to the left one and started to suck on it.

Pleasure ran through my body like electricity as I felt more and more turned on, but a horrible realization occurred to me as I felt my pussy begin to moisten. I wasn’t allowed to cum. That thought echoed in my mind as I continued to rub and finger Miss Lisa’s juicy pussy; I began to think non-sexy thoughts in an effort to cool down. ‘Ugly, smelly guys with hairy dicks,’ I thought to myself as I tried my hardest to control my increasing urge to touch myself. I didn’t have to though, because at that moment I felt another hand touch me and I looked over to see Mistress Anna leaning down low and prodding the entrance of my wet slit with her pinky finger. “A virgin pussy…” I heard her breathe quietly, as if in awe.

She stuck her pinky in and moved it around inside, feeling my sex while she stared at my crotch with excitement. “My God, are you tight!” She said while looking up at me.

“I can barely get a pinky in there! I can’t even imagine what your ass feels like.”

“I’ll find out right now!” Miss Karen said with an almost evil grin.

My thoughts raced as the idea of having anything stuck up my butt, but before I could say anything I felt a small prodding at the entrance of my smallest, most sensitive hole. “Mmm…too tight for a raw entry.”

Karen stuck her pinky in her mouth and slobbered on it for a few seconds before reaching down and without any kind of warning, pushed her small finger into my smaller virgin ass. “OH!” I said out loud as I felt my backside get stuffed for the first time.

It actually didn’t feel so bad, it felt like I sort of had to take a shit but the pressure of it made me feel full and I panicked as I felt even more turned on. All four women now were using me like I was a human sex doll. Both my holes were penetrated, and I was fingering another hole while my tits were getting sucked on; I felt like I was a meal they were all sharing together. Miss Stacey lifted her mouth off of my rock-hard nipple, leaving a trail of saliva dripping from it. “I’m too horny now, it’s time for you to eat some pussy.”

All the women stopped playing with me and got into position together. All four of them sat at the head of the bed, lined up next to each with their legs spread apart so I could see of their vaginas at once. It was a bit overwhelming looking at all four hungry pussies, wet with anticipation of having a fresh-faced teen give them some love. I crawled over to Miss Stacey and burrowed my head between her legs. Her juices coated my tongue, and I heard her moan from above me. Lisa was helping by playing with and pinching her gumdrop sized nipples and massaging her big boobs. “Does that teen tongue feel good?” Lisa whispered in Stacey’s ear as she fondled her tits.

“She could be a porn star the way she licks pussies. I mean it, this girl has a real natural talent. I find it hard to believe she wasn’t a complete slut before we met her.”

I continued licking her sensitive lips and wet hole, while I heard her breathing speed up and her body started twitching in preparation for an orgasm. But as I was getting used to her taste, she reached down between her legs and grabbed my head and pushed cebeci escort it down further, right against her butthole. “Lick it bitch!” She groaned at me as she held my head in place against her eager and sordid anus.

I didn’t have much choice but to stick my tongue out and give it a lick, but to my surprise it didn’t taste that bad. A bit earthy and pungent but my mistresses all had the courtesy to shower before this so there wasn’t any shit coating my tongue. I lapped away and I heard Miss Anna let out a small screech, like a banshee, as she orgasmed in my face. “You are a rare breed, my dear.” Anna said as I lifted my pussy juiced-drenched face up and she pat me on the head like I was a good dog.

“My turn!” Miss Lisa said as I worked my way over to her.

Over the next 20 minutes or so, I ate the pussy and ass of every one of my mistresses and gave them all a happy ending. I still hadn’t gotten off of course, but by this point I was so wet and horny, and the women all seemed to be in a good mood, so I asked if it was okay. “Um, mistresses? Would it be okay if you got me off as well? I know I’m not supposed to at all, but I’m realllly horny right now and I would like permission to cum, just this once.”

My answer was a ringing slap to my face. Tears sprung to my eyes as my face stung like it never had before. “What the fuck did you just say!?” Miss Karen said viscously. “It’s been barely two weeks since you arrived here and you’re asking for permission to break the rules??”

I sat on the bed stunned. Her sudden change in attitude shocked me and scared me a little. “Looks like we have a disrespectful sex slave on our hands, ladies.” Lisa said in a mocking, disappointed tone.

All four women got on all fours and crawled over to me, like a pack of lions who just discovered a lamb in the wild. Miss Lisa pushed me roughly down on my back and Anna crossed her legs over me and sat down on my chest, her wet, slick pussy making my tits feel warm and slimy. “You, young lady, are a rule-defying little whore, aren’t you?” She snarled from on top of me.

I squirmed underneath her but she much bigger than me and I had Miss Lisa and Stacey on either side of me and Miss Karen was sitting behind my head; I was effectively trapped between four sadistic lesbians who seemed to take great joy in watching me suffer underneath Anna’s fat bottom. I heard a small *pffft* noise and my tits suddenly felt warmer. “Enjoy that?” Anna asked me sarcastically. “By the way your nipples are springing outwards from underneath my ass, I believe you do enjoy having your cute teen titties get farted on by mature women.”

“What a dirty slut!” Lisa said while laughing.

“Do ghetto-raised whores often get turned on from having their tits become smelly?” Karen asked me.

My face was turning bright red, and I shook my head no, desperately trying to persevere through their mental torture games. “Don’t lie to me now!” Karen angrily added while leaning over my face to pinch my nose.

“I have an idea! I’ll be right back…” Lisa said while jumping off the bed.

Miss Anna moved her ass up and down on my chest, almost like she was massaging my tits with her wet pussy and greasy ass. The look on her face was almost sinister, she looked down at me struggling to breathe under her big butt and just smiled and laughed. “Keep her still!” Lisa shouted as she came back into the room, her hands behind her back.

Lisa climbed onto the bed and situated herself in front of me and pushed my legs to the side, exposing my bald pussy to her. The older brunette crawled up to me and gave my pussy and ass a big sniff. “There truly is no better smell or sight in the world then a teen girls virgin ass. A pinky finger isn’t going to cut it for losing your virginity, not by a long shot.”

Those words terrified me as I felt something big and round poke my rear entrance. My mistress wasn’t deterred by the tightness and continued forcing a big glass butt plug into my asshole. I let out a deafening screech from under Miss Anna as Miss Lisa shoved it practically into my colon and my brown ring of flesh was gaped, my anal walls forced to accommodate a large intrusion that seemed to never end. I felt constipated and I let out multiple groans of pain, Miss Anna put a stop to those quickly by slapping me silent. “Hush up bitch! We all know you love having older women shove big plugs up your tight little shitter, there’s no need to pretend otherwise. You’re our pathetic little buttslut maid who’s going to accept whatever we want up your hungry, hungry ass.”

Tears streamed down my red face as I forced myself to get comfortable with such a large object shoved deep inside me. “Are you really crying over this?” Karen said in a patronizing way. “Little baby can’t handle çukurambar escort a plug up her ass, what a stupid tease.”

“Now then, what do you say?” Miss Stacey asked me.

“W…what do I say?” I responded through tears.

Anna slapped me again across my beat-red face and I cried out again. “You know what to say! Now say it!!” Karen said, berating me and pinching my nose again.

I sobbed as I told them what they wanted to hear. “Th-thank you for sticking a butt plug up my tight teen ass.”

“Annnnd…?” Lisa said encouragingly.

“Thank you, mistress Anna, for farting on my boobs. I really appreciate it!” I said shamefully through gritted teeth.

“Do you deserve to be mistreated by us?” Stacey asked.

“I DO!” I cried out again.

“I deserve to be mistreated by older, rich women because I am a poor slut who tried to break the rules!” I tried shouting through the pain.

“Well at least she’s learning.” Lisa said condescendingly. “Although she is a bit slow, we may need to teach her more lessons in the future to remind her what a dirty slut she is who’s only purpose this summer is to fulfil our every need.”

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Karen said with a wicked smile. “Little cunt needs to learn her place in the world, she was raised to be a slave to us after all. Isn’t that right Mia?”

I nodded dutifully, desperate to just get out from underneath this big ass and go take a shower. The plug was resting tightly in my butthole, and I became worried about going to the bathroom. “Aren’t you going to answer me??” Karen added while leaning over me.

“Yes, mistress Karen! I am a slave who’s only purpose is to serve my beautiful and superior mistresses!” I replied with haste.

“What do you say girls? Should we give our slutty bitch a break?” Lisa asked her friends.

“I don’t know…these tits are the perfect seat for my ass, the way her nipples poke my asshole makes me sooo wet.” Anna said lustfully as she continued rubbing her butt all over my constrained boobs. “And I have the perfect view of her face. It looks so cute all twisted and red, trying to get used to the massive plug clogging up her virgin shithole.”

“That is true. I wonder what other types of expressions we can force her face to make if we shove larger things into that tiny hole of hers. I bet we could squeeze some real big toys in there, the way her bubble butt accepted that plug is an encouraging sign!” Karen added while leaning over me to look me in the eyes.

Everything they were saying terrified me. I was in so much pain already, I couldn’t even imagine something bigger being forced inside my rectum. I think the fear in my eyes was clearly visible to them, the way they stared at me was stressing me out even more and I didn’t know how to escape. “Please, mistress Anna!” I begged with sincerity. “Please let me go, I’ll do anything! I can barely breathe!”

“Anything?” She replied curiously.

I nodded desperately and she grinned from ear to ear. “Alright then, well considering how smelly I’ve made your tits, I suppose it’s only fair I wash them off and then let you go.”

I suddenly felt a very warm liquid spilling over my chest and a nasty smell hit my nose as my mistress began to pee on my tits. The women all laughed as they realized what she was doing, and I held back vomit. “Mmm, does that feel good Mia?” She purred.

Warm, yellow streaks rolled across my body and onto the bed and I swallowed what little dignity I had left and answered. “Yes, your pee feels good on my tits!” I said with closed eyes and red cheeks.

“Would you like to taste some?” Stacey asked me.

I involuntary shook my head no vigorously and they all laughed again. “Maybe some other time, but I assure you, a slutty little tease like yourself would love it! Hell, the water you drank growing up in that pathetic shithole of a neighborhood probably tasted worse than our piss.” Lisa said.

After a few more minutes of having pee run down my nubile body, Miss Anna graciously got off of me. I rolled off the bed, red-faced and humiliated. My chest stank to high heaven, and I felt extremely constipated. I tried walking but the massive plug made it so uncomfortable I was forced to waddle; that made all my mistresses cry out laughing. “She looks like a freshly fucked penguin, the way she looks and moves!” Karen said while trying to catch her breath.

“Go take a shower, you smell like you just crawled out from under a dumpster.” Anna added.

“Considering where she grew up, I’m sure she’s used to that!” Lisa piled on.

I waddled out of the room in shame, hearing all my mistresses laughing as I closed the door behind. I went to the bathroom to shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I could barely recognize the person I had become, more tears streamed down my face, and I sniffled as I prepared to wash the piss from my used body. That’s all I was to these women, a plaything that they could use in any way they wanted, a sex doll that they didn’t even bother cleaning once they were finished with me. I got in the shower and ran the warm water across my stinky body, praying that tomorrow would be a better day.

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