Senior Year Memories Ch. 14


(Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun, I swear.)

(Author’s Note: I know this chapter gets off to a slow start, but there’s some necessary story material to get out of the way for the coming chapters. Besides that, this chapter is one for the fans! Special thanks go to reader and writer MisterWildCard for the creation of Noa Kanzaki. He gave a review stating that my story was lacking certain archetypes, and intrigued by some of his ideas, I gave him the opportunity to create a character, and so Noa was born. I hope I don’t disappoint with her! He also gets credit for giving me a ton of other ideas, acting as a sounding board, and even doing some edits to this chapter, so thanks a ton MisterWildCard! Also, the character of Mrs. Sullivan, the librarian, is dedicated to a very special anonymous fan with a fondness for short skirts and fantasies of mature women. Look forward to more of her in the future. As always, if you’re enjoying this, please, please, please drop some stars, reviews or shoot me some feedback. Though I may not always respond, I do love hearing from all of you and seeing that you’re enjoying the series. It keeps me going and motivates me to continue writing more. You’ve all been wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for all of your kind words and encouragement and yes, even the criticisms!)

Previously, on Senior Year Memories: Sometimes all it takes is one bad day to lead to a major mistake. Nerdy 18-year-old Ryan Collins was nervous about meeting his goth friend, Josie Wong’s, friends, in the hopes that they would approve of him and hopefully lead to a developing relationship with Josie. However, they were hesitant and even hostile after Josie’s previous relationship with a guy led to a dark depression, and not wanting to make anything worse, Ryan left. Going over to best friend and sometimes lover Tori McNeil’s house for a game night, he discovered from Tori’s mother, Lauren, that Tori lied to him about her whereabouts to go out on a date with a girl they’d scared during the Halloween Scream, breaking Ryan’s heart after she told him she didn’t want to be in a relationship while they were still in high school. While commiserating with Lauren over Tori’s lies and Lauren’s husband’s cheating, Ryan and Lauren fell into passionate sex. Leaving afterward, Ryan was confronted by Tori’s visiting wild child college student sister, Rachel, who has discovered his phone and Senior Year Memories album, including pictures of her mom covered in his cum…


A lot can change in a day. It’s so easy to start one out on top of the world and end it neck deep in a pile of shit of your own making that it’s amazing we don’t keep an eye out for those shit piles all the time. Take, for example, this day.

At the beginning of the day I was preoccupied by two things and two things only: whether or not I’d impress Josie Wong’s friends enough that us dating could seem like a good idea, and the identity of “Sam,” the mysterious, masked girl I’d fucked on Halloween night. I wasn’t really worried about impressing Josie’s friends because I’d gotten cocky and was sure I could impress anyone these days, though maybe I was a bit nervous because I really liked Josie.

No, I wasn’t truly worried about that, so I was able to spend more of my time focused on just who the hell Sam was. I knew little of her aside from the most cosmetic of details, but what little I did know had me looking at every girl in the senior class, sizing her up and figuring out if she was looking at me because she’d known we’d done something or just looking at me because I was staring at her and sizing her up like a fucking Terminator. There were a lot of girls who fit her build, and the sum total of my limited investigative skills couldn’t narrow a one of them down. Still, after the night of hot sex we’d had on Halloween, I felt, no, I knew I had to find her. I didn’t know what I wanted or needed from her after finding her, but I’d have been fine with a name and some answers about what had happened on Halloween.

Okay, maybe I’d have been up for some more of that intense fucking sex. That would’ve been awesome too. Not mandatory, but awesome.

At the beginning of the day, these were the things that worried me.

Less than twelve hours later, I was having the shit day of all shit days. Josie’s friends had rejected me and I’d run out on her. My best friend, Tori McNeil, had lied to me about being in a relationship for reasons that were all her own. In a fit of feeling lousy, I made a move on Tori’s mom, Lauren, and we had sex. It was amazing sex, some of the best I’d ever had I think, and for all the guilt I felt for it, I was too lost in my own anger and frustration to let that guilt get me down too much.

And that’s where I got distracted. Niğde Escort I wasn’t careful. I left my phone out, my phone with all of my Senior Year Memories pictures including one of Lauren covered in my cum, and it got discovered by Rachel McNeil.

Rachel fucking McNeil.

Tori’s sister. Lauren’s daughter. 5’2″ and 21 years old, bearing more tattoos than I could count on her pale skin, with glossy red hair chopped short and ragged, glasses, a punk fashion sense and an attitude to match, I never expected her to be my worst fucking nightmare, but I wasn’t surprised that she was either.

Rachel fucking McNeil.

I was a dead man, and the worst part was, I’d dug my own grave. Rachel was just here to shovel the dirt onto me. The only problem was she was taking her time, but that was her style. Ever since we were kids, she loved to play games.

We sat at a table outside the In-N-Out in Blair Valley, the next town over and our high school’s dreaded football rivals, if the banners on the street were to be believed. Rachel had driven me here without a word beyond basic commands and the occasional smug, vague remark. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk to her, but I also knew I didn’t have a choice; it was just a matter of figuring out when we were supposed to do that and what we were supposed to say.

Rachel ordered for both of us, but I wasn’t hungry. The knowledge that your life was about to end kind of has a way of doing that to you.

For how voraciously she devoured her Double Double and Animal Style fries, you’d have thought this was just another day for Rachel. Casual cruelty had always been one of her strongest suits. When we were little, that meant her scaring or punching or pinching or just otherwise hurting us for the fun of it. When Tori and I got older, it became less physical and more psychological, constantly giving Tori shit for her appearance and dating habits and that I’d probably be a virgin for the rest of my life (proved her wrong there). Tori and I had seen her brought home by the cops on more than one occasion, which always gave me a thrill, but it was never enough.

I’ve seen Tori in some pretty dark fucking places because of Rachel, which got all the more confusing for the random moments when Rachel showed kindness. I’d seen her defend Tori against older students back when we were freshmen and she was a senior, and even now that she was away at college she still occasionally sent Tori care packages and snuck her booze. I’d seen a lot of strange relationships lately, but theirs is one I never understood.

“I ever tell you I love mysteries?” Rachel mused. “No? Of course I haven’t, because we’ve never really talked, have we? No, I’ve always loved mysteries, even fancied myself something of a detective when I was little. It led me to do a lot of snooping around in places and finding things I ought not to have found, getting me into a lot of trouble. Mom and Dad always used to tell me not to snoop, that it was a bad habit, but it’s a compulsion. It’s led me to a lot of trippy fucking places in my short and wonderful life, but I never in all my time thought it would lead me to hearing you giving it to my mom like a porn star.”

This would’ve been a fantastic time for the universe to drop a miniature black hole on me and take me out of the picture, I didn’t care where.

“What do you want? Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” I snapped.

Teasing a single fry into her mouth, Rachel didn’t even flinch at my outburst. “I didn’t want to miss Thanksgiving.”

With Thanksgiving weeks away, that was clearly a lie. No doubt she was kicked out of school or something, but there was no way she’d tell me, not when I was prey she was toying with.

“As for what I want…” Rachel mused. “Well that is the question, isn’t it? I’ve got many wants and not a lot of ways of getting most them, but now possess the rare and frankly delightful opportunity to have one of my wants explored.”

“And you’re just loving having me twist in the wind, aren’t you?” I said.

Rachel put a hand to her chest in mock horror. “Little old me, making you twist in the wind? Why, Ryan, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you didn’t trust me!”

“I don’t trust you,” I said.

“Hmmm…” she replied. “Good point.”

I shook my head, anger and fear battling it out until only anger remained. “In fact, I don’t even know what I’m doing here.”

I stood up, ready to bolt. Rachel mused, “You know it’s a long walk back to Regan Hills?”

“I like walking,” I said.

“Nobody likes walking,” Rachel replied.

“I like it better than sitting here and watching you eat,” I amended, walking away.

“What’re you so fucking afraid of?” Rachel asked.

I rounded on her, snapping. “What am I afraid of? What am I AFRAID OF? I’m afraid of you. I’m afraid of what you know and what you’re going to do with it, of what happens with my life if you go out and start telling people what you saw, sharing these personal pictures, ruining my whole life when I’m just figuring out what my Niğde Escort Bayan life is! Worrying that instead of just sharing my personal stuff you’ll just hold it over me, blackmail me into playing whatever twisted game you’ve got in mind!”

My blood was boiling, my hands balled into fists I didn’t mean to use.

Rachel didn’t even flinch.

“You’ve got some imagination,” Rachel said.

“What?” I responded.

“I know I’m an asshole, but blackmail? Come on, Ryan. Sexual blackmail is one of the worst fucking things in this terrible world, and you honestly think I’m capable of it?” Rachel asked.

“I don’t know what you’re capable of,” I said.

“True. But not that. Why? Well, first off, I don’t actually have your pictures, so even if I wanted to share them or tell other people about them, people would just say, ‘Why should we believe you? He’s a young white male, and you’ve been arrested how many times?’ It’d be my word against yours, and mine doesn’t have a lot of value ’round these parts. Further, if I were to try spreading them around, that would not only be criminal of me, but it would ruin more lives than just yours, say, the women in all the photos, including my mother and sister. I don’t want to ruin their lives, or yours. If I’m gonna be ruining any life, it’ll be mine,” Rachel said evenly.

This wasn’t the Rachel I knew, or at least the Rachel I’d envisioned. I honestly never had a look inside of her head, and there was every possibility this was another one of her games meant to keep me twisting in the wind before she dropped the hammer.

“Sit. I want to talk,” she said, motioning to the seat opposite her.

I could’ve walked away. If she meant everything she was saying, I could’ve walked away and she wouldn’t have done anything. It’s having a choice, instead of being viciously blackmailed, that made me sit down.

Through gritted teeth, I asked, “What do you want with me?”

“Some answers, for starters,” Rachel said, her voice now completely devoid of her twisted playfulness. “I want to know how the tiny, nerdy, meek little shit I used to push around got to screwing so many girls including the better portion of my family. I want you to start from the beginning, and I want details, and giving me a short answer like ‘it’s all because I got a big dick’ (congrats on that by the way, very nice) won’t cut it. I want all the details. Call it my detective side, but I just need to know how that happens.”

I mulled over my options and none of them were good. The more I told Rachel, the more power she had over me. I could, maybe should have, cut and run, but…


I was going through a weird fucking day and needed someone to talk to about it, and being that I’d alienated or run away from most of the people I considered myself really close to, maybe talking to a stranger would make me feel better. Rachel wasn’t a stranger per se, but she also wasn’t quite the bitch I remembered her to be. Talking to her would be taking an extreme chance, but since she sounded earnest, it felt like a chance worth taking.

Rachel wanted everything, and so I told her everything. How it all started with Kaitlyn, and how one after the other it led to Brooke, Haley, Mrs. Lynn, Nadia, Addison, Tori, Josie, Mallory, Rose, Sophie, “Sam” and finally Lauren. Throughout this, Rachel was impassive, considering seriously everything I had without saying anything. Telling her the entire story felt strangely cathartic, like it was no longer just my own horrible (if wonderful) secret to bear. Even though history had me wanting to hate Rachel McNeil, I was grateful for her too.

When I finished my tale, she just stared at me in disbelief.

“So let me get this straight,” Rachel said. “You had a bad day. One bad day. Not two days, not three days, not a lifetime of pain and regret, but one single, stinking bad day. Some of the girl you like’s friends don’t like you. Not all of them, only some. Some of them don’t like you, and instead of engaging them in conversation and backing up Josie, the girl you like and want to impress, or just walking away with her like she was totally cool with, you leave her behind and run away like a little bitch?”

Anger built within me again. “That’s not-“

Rachel waved a dismissive hand. “Then you come on over to play games with Tori, only to find out that she was lying to you about being on a date when she specifically told you she didn’t want to be dating right now-“

“Yes, exa-“

“I’m not finished!” Rachel chided. “So instead of calling her on her lie and then giving her a chance to explain herself, let the two of you talk out all of your issues like responsible adults and see what makes this April girl so special that Tori had to do something so unlike herself and lie to her best friend, you wound up railing our mom instead?”

I wanted to tell her that it wasn’t like that, but that’s a lie. It kind of was like that, and she knew all the details anyway. Lying at this point wouldn’t do me any good.


“And that didn’t Escort Niğde feel like it might’ve been the slightest of overreactions?” Rachel said.

“It didn’t feel like an overreaction at the time,” I said.

“Bad decisions rarely do. Believe me, I’d know,” Rachel laughed.

I sighed. This didn’t feel good, and it seemed almost certain that this was going to end badly. “So, what’re you gonna do?”

Rachel looked upward in deep thought. “I think… what I’d like to do… is help you.”

“I- what?”

This… okay, this wasn’t the last thing I expected Rachel to say, but it was pretty close.

“Help me?” I repeated.

“Yeah,” she said, sipping from her Coke.

A million thoughts of a million different things to say swirled through my head, but since one word was in nearly all of them, it was the one I chose to say. “Why?”

For the first time since we began this conversation, Rachel looked away at me, focusing on the cars in the drive-thru so she wouldn’t have to focus on me.

“Is it really so hard to believe I’d want to help someone?” Rachel asked.

“Yes,” I responded, noting what might’ve been a flash of hurt across her face. For her years of torment, I wanted to like that look of hurt, but it brought me no pleasure.

“Okay, fine. I deserved that. But you know who doesn’t deserve any of that shit? Mom. She hasn’t had an easy life. Losing her wild years to have me, only to have me be pretty epic fuck up. Working hard to live the best life possible and look like a fucking goddess, only to have Dad cheat on her left, right and center for no real reason but to say he could,” Rachel said.

“You know about that?” I asked. For Lauren’s sake, I’d left that out of the story.

“He’s good at hiding it, which is why Tori never found out, but like I said, I’m a good detective. I’ve known since I was a kid. He’d keep souvenirs, panties, pictures, cheesy letters and the like, total cliché but there you have it. You wanna know the crazy part of it? He may be a shit husband, but I’ve got a hard time hating him because he was always a good dad. It sucks so much when you want to hate someone but can’t, ya know?” Rachel said.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do,” I admitted.

“So, in a way, I want to help you as a thank you. It sounds like Mom had a lot of fun with you, and she deserves some fun in her life. You brought her probably one of the best times she’d had in a really long time, and that’s worth thanking you for, I’d say,” Rachel said.

Of all the gifts I could’ve gotten in the world, Rachel McNeil’s blessing on me having sex with her mom is far from one I would’ve expected or even thought of wanting, but it felt damn welcome.

“And that’s why you want to help me?” I asked. It sounded too good to be true, too neat, too… un-Rachel-like.

Rachel sighed, the sound of someone letting a lot off their chest. For this image of this big bad monster I thought was going to ruin my life, it made her sound oddly… human. “One of the reasons. I know I gave you and Tori a lot of shit growing up, and while some of it’s shit you had coming, not all of it is. If I can make up even a little of it to you by keeping you two from fucking your friendship up, that’d be some good karma, and I’m really big on collecting some good karma these days. So, that’s another reason. The other one, though… is your mystery.”

This mystery made the corners of her mouth curl up in a Cheshire Cat’s grin.

“Mystery? What mystery? I told you how all of this happened,” I said.

“That’s not a mystery, that’s just a fascinating combination of unexpected and unlikely. You got a big cock, you fell into a comedy of errors that led you to fucking a lot of girls and will likely have you fucking a whole lot more, and in the process of all this took the time to get good at sex and making sure your partners are right and properly pleasured, mazel tov to you. No, the mystery that’s got my interest is your masked girl, ‘Sam,'” Rachel said.

If she wanted to get my attention with a mystery, Rachel succeeded.

“What about her?” I asked.

“Well, you wanna know who you dipped your wick in, right?” Rachel proposed.

“More than you know,” I answered, honestly.

“And you’ve had no luck finding her so far, I’d guess?” Rachel said.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“Then since I don’t got much going on while I’m in town and could really use a project to kill the time, I propose we forge an unlikely alliance to get your life back on track,” Rachel said. She said this so much like a character out of a video game that I nearly expected her to crack a smile and tell me she was joking and that she’d already distributed the pictures from my album, but she didn’t.

I was pretty sure she meant what she was saying.

“How?” I asked.

“You get your head out of your ass and make things right by Josie, let me work on Tori. I was hoping for the chance of some sister time anyway-“

“She’ll love that,” I interrupted.

“I’m working on it,” Rachel shot back. “I want some time with Tori anyway, but I’ll try to find out what’s going on with her and that new girl she’s got, see how long it’ll take for me to get her to talk to you. While we’re doing our homework on these tasks, we also put our heads together to find out the identity of your mysterious Sam. How’s that sound?”

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