Selia Ch. 02


The Black Rose was nice and quiet today. At least, at the front desk. The manager sat at her station, reviewing the various reports from the girls. Basically, every now and then the brothel’s workers would write special reports whenever something important happened to them. Whether it was something they noticed or something that the customer did.

The purpose of these reports was to highlight customers of interest. Some of them they’d report to the authorities (if one of the girls were to, for example, discover a dead body) or if the man in question was rich, famous, or both then Cass, the boss, would make a point out of only giving him the best workers the Black Rose had to offer.

“Another guy cheating on his wife, another man who may or may not be a thief… Huh.” The manager squinted when she saw Lily’s name come up. Immediately, she remembered yesterday’s events.

The Incident, as the manager was now referring to it, had become an exceptionally hot topic. Even now, she could hear the girls giggling in the room behind her as she ran her index finger over the words that Lily had written.

“It was… Different.” Lily wrote. The manager raised a brow, taking a deep breath, and getting comfortable. “She was gentle, almost to the point where I wondered if she was the whore and I was the customer. She treated me to a little snack after everything, it was the first time anyone had done that. She put her tongue on my… You know.” She could picture the young girl blushing as she jotted this down. “Obviously, we do it for men all the time but I didn’t know there was a way to do that for girls…”

The report continued, but the manager put the paper down. She scratched the top of her scalp for a moment before inhaling and exhaling. Lesbians weren’t extremely rare creatures or anything, but for most of the girls at the Black Rose, that was their first time encountering one.

The door opened, one of the workers walked out. She waved at the manager who smiled in return, but she didn’t close the door. So, the manager could clearly hear what was being said.

“I swear by the Mother, it was… Intense.” The manager heard Lily say. She leaned back a little, her curiosity getting the better of her. “She spread my legs and put three fingers in my, uh, you know.”

The other girls cheered and once again, she could imagine Lily blushing.

“Was she good at it?” The manager recognized the voice as Veronica’s, the mischievous redhead with a great many freckles on her face. There was something about her eyes that always made the manager, and probably the other girls, feel like she was teasing them endlessly.


“Oh?” Veronica said and the group giggled. “Come on, answer. Was she?”


With that, they gave another cheer and the manager stood from her chair. She walked into the lounge and went straight to Cass’s office.

“Uh, boss?” She called out. Cass was smoking from a pipe, reading a book when the manager walked in. She looked up with a questioning expression. The manager wasn’t known to move out of her post often. “Sorry, could I take a small break?”

“What time is it?” The boss asked. The manager checked her watch.

“Almost noon.”

“Hm…” She rubbed her chin before nodding. “Sure. We don’t really get customers at this time. Be back before 2.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“No problem.”

The manager bowed and turned on her heel.

“Oh, Sil!” The manager heard a girl call out her name and turned towards the workers, all of which greeted her warmly.

In truth, she never really understood why they liked her so much. She didn’t dislike them or anything, but she also never really talked to them that often either. And yet, over the few years, she’d worked here, they’d developed some strange attachment to her.

“Where you headed?” Veronica asked.

“I’m just going to grab some lunch.” The manager replied with a slightly forced smile. It didn’t seem like they noticed though.

“Oh, wow, the manager’s getting laid?” Veronica asked another girl.

“This early?”

“Who knew she had it in her?”

“GOODBYE.” The manager called out and the girls laughed as she walked out, feeling far too embarrassed for her age. With a sigh, she closed the front door of the Black Rose behind her and walked out onto the street.

Aerum felt lively today. Men and women, mostly peasants, greeted each other and wore pleasant smiles as they passed each other by. They were all dressed in some form of cheap skirts and new slacks, on their way to their normal jobs filled with normal people.

Sometimes, the manager wished she was one of them. She liked the girls and Cass, her boss, although she did tend to be prickly, all in all, they were good people. That said, they could be a handful sometimes.

“Working there might not be good for my heart.” The manager mumbled as someone passed her. “Alright, what do I do?” She asked herself.

She glanced around. There were a few interesting sites hugging the brothel. Ankara escort To the front, was the Caribelle Academy. It was a school, but it contained one of the largest libraries out there, so most mages tended to spend their time there, researching whatever they had an interest in. To the manager’s left, there was a general store, from where some people were leaving now holding swords, potions, and the like. To the right, the Intercontinental Railroad was arriving now.

Exotic looking merchants, travelers, and soldiers exited the giant vehicle as it whistled its arrival. The manager stared at it for a moment. It was surreal to think that just a day ago, that strange woman came from there. But, it did give her an idea.

Most of the time, a traveler’s first destinations in Aerum was the merchant’s square, to the northwest of the city. It was a spot where many people had small kiosks up where they could fix up some meals at a moment’s notice, and there were proper restaurants around it as well.

“Yeah, I could go for some steak right now.” The manager thought and so, she began walking in that direction.

Every now and then, a car would drive past her on the street, but people still mostly used horses. After a few minutes, she even saw something gliding through the sky. There had been rumors of vehicles that could soar the same way dragons and birds did.

None of that mattered to her though, her reality was confined to a small establishment no one would pay too much attention to. And, the manager was okay with that.

Eventually, around twenty minutes later she was stepping into a large opening where many tables were placed under umbrellas covering them in case of any rain. Some citizens ate there, but most usually tried to find a restaurant of some sort. The manager was one of them.

She’d never been to the one called “Sanguine”, and she’d likely never go in. She had no reason to get out of her comfort zone. “The Lightning Blade” was another one that her friends liked but she didn’t. The food was too spicy. Finally, she smiled when she found an option to her left. “Veil” was one she’d been to a few times. It was a safe choice, she knew their menu well. So, she walked in.

The leather seats were mostly empty. A few employees, some of them with grey skin and colorful eyes, perked up when she walked in. Most of the people in Aerum were human, but these workers were part of a race called the “Ven”, known for their ashen skin, strangely colored eyes, and pointed ears.

“Hello!” One bubbly girl called out to her.

“I don’t have a reservation or anything.” The manager let her know politely.

“That’s okay, take… This seat over here.” She was led to one by a window. “We’ll have the menu with you shortly.

“Okay, thanks.” Not much was said, and that was how she liked it. She’d always been one to remain in the background for as long as possible.

After a while, she was quietly eating as just a few other customers started coming in. She didn’t really think about much. Sure, she wondered what it would be like to own a car for a few optimistic seconds, she cast a glance at one of the other people who had come in and pondered whether or not she should expand her wardrobe, but the reality was that there simply wasn’t much going on in her life.

She had a few friends, but no one she was truly close with, she had some family in the city but most of them were rather disappointed in her career choices, so they barely talked. The truth was that this was how most of her time was spent.

Just as her mind started to turn blank from an absence of thought, someone poked her shoulder. She turned to the left, to face them with a raised brow and she nearly jumped back when she saw who was there.

The woman from yesterday. Selia? The manager blinked a few times. The sapphire-eyed lady gestured at the seat opposite hers before she said:

“May I?”

It took the manager a few seconds to register what was happening.


The lady let out a chuckle and once again pointed at the chair.

“Uh, sure.” The manager said. With no hesitation and all the confidence of someone who possessed more power than the manager would ever see, Selia slid the chair back and took the spot.

“Well, what a coincidence,” Selia said with a smile. “You’re the Black Rose’s secretary, right?”

“Manager, actually.” She replied and Selia hummed.

“I knew it, I don’t forget faces as cute as yours.”

The manager basically recoiled. The sheer size of the woman’s presence was like an anvil on her chest. Even the employees taking orders and arranging seats took a few seconds to check her out whenever they passed by. Words like these didn’t help.

The radio next to them sang a lounge-jazz tune while the manager cleared her throat and said:

“Uh, did you enjoy our services?” The manager quickly went into “representative mode”.

“Hm, yes,” Selia replied with a forced, haughty tone, “I would give last night’s girl a solid review, she was as adequate as Ankara escort bayan I wanted her to be and her supple skin was in fact, quite tasty.”

The manager wondered if all mages were like this, with virtually no filters. “No,” she thought, “I was kind of asking for a response like that, I guess.”

“I’m glad you were satisfied.” The manager responded. Then, her eyes fell to the tattoo on Selia’s right wrist. The vine that wrapped itself around her arm. “So, are you liking Aerum?”

“Oh?” The mage traced the manager’s sight down to her wrist and tilted her head. “You can tell I’m a tourist from this?”

“It’s not a symbol that belongs to any of the noble houses from Aerum.”

“You’re quite well educated.” Selia sounded impressed. The manager shook her head.

“It’s a pretty famous house. Lily probably knew about it too.”

“Not famous around these parts, I would imagine, but maybe I’m wrong about that.” Selia narrowed her eyes inquisitively at the manager, who scratched her head in response. “I wonder how many others around here know that. You’re the first who’s openly brought it up, at least.”

“Most people wouldn’t risk making a mage angry.”

At that, Selia laughed loudly.

“Fair enough.” She said, calming back now. Then, there was a lull in the conversation. Someone came to take Selia’s orders, all the while the manager tried to understand what was happening here. Had she done something yesterday to make the woman angry? Was she being teased somehow?

“Hey…” She started.


“Why did you come talk to me?”

“Oh? Do I bore you that badly?” Selia arched one perfect brow and suddenly, the manager could feel that the area became hotter.

“Sorry! Sorry! I meant…”

Then, the heat was gone.

“I’m joking, dear. I’m joking.” The manager didn’t find it all that funny. Regardless, Selia smiled and leaned back in her chair. “I told you. I think you’re cute. I enjoy getting to know cute girls.”

As someone who was bordering on thirty-years-old, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been called “cute”. It felt strange, foreign.

“So, tell me a little about yourself,” Selia said.

“Oh, come on.” At that, the manager couldn’t keep herself from giving a bitter laugh. “Your story is way more interesting than mine.”

“Let me be the judge of that. So… Are you from Aerum?” Selia asked.

“Yeah, born and raised.”

“Have you ever traveled?”

“Nope.” The manager said and went to take a sip from her cup of water and made a face. It had turned lukewarm throughout their short conversation.


“Uh, nothing, it’s just the water isn’t cold.”

“Let me help with that.” Selia reached over, grabbed the cup, and placed it on her side of the table. Then, she uttered a word the manager didn’t know, aimed her index finger at the clear liquid and blue steam emerged from the tip, into the cup. The manager couldn’t tear her eyes away. Most people in Aerum only got a few chances to ever witness magic, even such a casual spell was enough to impress. “There you go. Anyway, where were we? Oh, right, so you’ve never left Aerum?”

“Nope.” The manager shook her head.

“That seems strange.”


“The Intercontinental Railroad passes through here, and yet you refuse to use it.” Selia indicated.

“I…” The manager shrugged. “I don’t have any place I’d like to see.”

“Truly? The Fluorescent Forest to the south? The Blazing Cliffs?”

“Well, come on, those places are in the woods. I mean cities.”

“They still count. They’re wonders of the world, people make time every year to go see them.” Selia pointed out. The manager shrugged again. She was starting to feel like she was being talked down to.

She was quite comfortable like this. Why did she need to bother changing things up? Her life was comfortable enough.

“Oh well.” Then the woman looked down at her watch and clicked her tongue. “I must apologize, I’ll have to cut this conversation short.”

“What a tragedy.” The manager thought.

“I do hope we get to do this again, I’d like to learn a little about you.”

The manager, baffled, watched her as she stood and beckoned an employee over to get her check.

“Why?” The manager asked.

Now, it was Selia’s turn to shrug. She didn’t bother answering. Instead, she gave the manager a smile, bowed a little, and walked out like a passing tornado.

The manager sighed, finishing her meal.

And as she did this, the mage walked all the way to the Black Rose, where she’d have her second taste of their service.

Veronica hummed a little song as Selia finalized the order with the boss since the manager wasn’t back from her break yet. There were a great many emotions swirling inside of her. Excitement, anxiety, caution, but above all else…

She was morbidly curious.

Lily had nothing but positives to say about the raven-haired, tall, and curvy sorceress. The dark-skinned girl raved about Escort Ankara her, said that she did things in that one session that no man had done to her in her whole life. In particular, Veronica remembered hearing that the mage’s tongue was absolutely stellar to feel.

“Well, let’s see what that’s all about.” She thought as the mage exited the brothel and smiled over at her.

“My hotel is a short walk away, follow me.” Her tone was instructive, clearly used to having authority, but it wasn’t unkind.

Veronica put her hands behind her back and started singing a little louder, trying to transition into the question that was burning itself into her mind.

“So…” She started, “you’re into women?”

Selia laughed.



“Hm, on second thought, you’re right, let’s head back and ask for a refund, shall we?”

“No no no,” Veronica waved her hands in front of her. The mage laughed. “Oh, you’re kidding?”

“Wow, you’re a genius.”

Veronica scowled at her. She wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of these kinds of comments.

“Listen, I asked because I kinda wanted to know more about it.” Veronica stated and the mage hummed for a moment, contemplating what she’d said. A few cars slowly drove by, one woman carried a softly glowing flowerpot across the street.

“What about it?” Selia asked.

“How long?”

“All my life.” She replied.

“Have you ever done it with a man?”

“Yes,” Selia replied, “but only in my younger years, and even then they were little more than sex toys that could speak. I’ve always preferred our team.”

“Oh.” Veronica nodded slowly. Selia looked over at her.

“Why do you ask?”

“I… I dunno, I guess I just haven’t met many people like you.”

“Ah. I see.” Selia looked like she was thinking about something before she replied. “Well, you’ll be learning quite a bit today.”

The rest of the walk was silent. Selia wasn’t prickly, but she didn’t seem like she wanted to engage Veronica in any kind of back and forth. She looked more impatient than anything else.

If Selia was at all like the men Veronica had been with, then she could guess what was happening. Usually, when someone paid for her services this early on in the day (just a little bit after 2 pm), it meant they were horny beyond belief but were busy to the point where they couldn’t find someone the natural way. So, they would go to the Black Rose and skip the “get to know someone” part.

And, her assumption would be proven correct shortly.

They made it to Selia’s hotel, up the elevator, and reached the place in which she was staying. Lily had mentioned something about animal parts, but the room was pristine. There were a few bottles of some strange liquids on the desks to the sides, but nothing else that stood out to Veronica. The redhead took a step forwards, Selia closed the door behind her.

“So now w-”

Her sentence was interrupted by a kiss. Selia grabbed her by the sides of her head and pressed their lips together. Veronica’s eyes widened, but soon enough the worker inside of her came out and she started kissing the woman back automatically. Selia pushed her slightly and Veronica fell on the bed behind her.

“I’m in a bit of a hurry,” Selia said, quickly disrobing. Veronica nearly sighed. She had hoped to see the mage in all her power, as Lily had, but it looked like she was going to get a watered-down version. “Oh, don’t look so disappointed,” Selia said and Veronica blinked.

“Oh, I’m not-“

“I can tell, dear,” Selia smirked. “You aren’t subtle.” Veronica blushed (which was extremely rare for her) as Selia began sifting through some of the potions. “I promise, you will cum hard in just a moment. But I can’t entertain you for as long as I usually would today.”

Then, when she found the potions she wanted, Selia finished taking off her clothes and Veronica gasped. She had the strangest tattoo of a dragon, it started from her right foot and ended at her left shoulder and twisted around her body, her butt, her lower back, her abs, and finally, her breasts.

“Now, do you know what this is?” Selia lifted a red bottle.

“No.” Veronica replied, bringing her eyebrows together.

“Oh, well you’re in for a treat.” She smiled. “You see, I’m a proud woman, but I’m well aware of my limitations. I’ve trained my tongue to bring even the stiffest women to climax, but there’s only so much I can do with it. So, that’s what these are for.” She brought up a second potion, a green one along with the red.

“What do they do?”

“I’ll show you. Take your clothes off, by the way.”

“Oh, right.” Veronica did so as the mage took a sip from the green flask first. After a few gulps, she closed it back up and set it aside. She called Veronica over and the redhead quickly paced over to her.

She nearly ran away when she saw the change. The woman’s blue eyes had turned yellow, and her pupils had contracted and elongated into slits. She had the eyes of a lizard.

“What have you…”

Selia simply held up an index finger and pressed it to Veronica’s lips. When it was clear the girl would stop speaking, Selia placed her hands on her cheeks again and once more connected their lips.

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