Seduction in Paradise Pt. 06


This is part six of a relatively long story. Now we’re finally getting into the sex parts! I hope you enjoy it.


I slept like a baby last night. I say that jokingly because Lloyd would say that and then add, I woke up every two hours and wanted to suckle a breast. It was usually when I was on my period, and he wasn’t getting any.

It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I woke up. The sun shone through the blinds in my room, and I felt terrific about the world. Being on vacation and not knowing what was going on tends to have a very positive effect on my outlook.

I dressed for hiking, then went into the kitchen to see what sweet Triana had made for us. I passed Megan, happily eating her breakfast. I smiled and told her good morning.

When Triana heard me walk into the kitchen, she turned, walked over to me, and hugged me, whispering good morning, pretty lady. I nearly melted. I told her good morning, and she released me from her arms. Before I could take another step, she started filling my coffee cup.

She handed it to me as I asked what she had made for breakfast. She told me, but I was watching her move and not paying attention. I asked for a small plate full, and she happily dished it out. I thanked her and then went to sit with Megan.

Megan and I were chatting and eating away when Ines came out and greeted us. She entered the kitchen and soon returned with breakfast, then sat beside my sweet daughter. Triana followed quickly after and sat next to me. We ate, sipped our coffee, and talked about the day ahead. Triana was barefoot, and I could feel her foot gently rubbing against my ankle as I ate. Both of us, mainly me, managed to maintain our composure. Her movement felt sensual, slow, and seductive, if those words describe it.

Triana was busily talking away and teasing my leg as if nothing else was happening. She mentioned the lunch she’d prepared for us and talked about dinner. She was going to meet us at the next house and wanted to know if there were anything she could pick up for us. I asked if she could get some ice cream or something similar. I didn’t know what they had down here and left it up to her.

She smiled and mentioned she’d find something for us. When we finished, she took her dishes and mine to the kitchen, then returned for Ines and Megan’s.

Ines grabbed our lunches as Megan snatched up her backpack. I had to use the bathroom before we left and was the last one out. Before I exited, Triana stopped me. I wondered why until she kissed my cheek, then turned my head and kissed my lips sweetly. I turned red as she giggled, telling me to have fun. I thanked her and hoped my crimson cheeks returned to normal before I got in the minivan.

Once in the minivan, I didn’t look straight ahead, so Megan and Ines wouldn’t notice if I was still blushing.

The ride to the trail was fun, I knew a secret, and Megan had no clue I knew it. It made watching Ines and Megan tease each other all the more fun. They weren’t as subtle as they were a few days ago. Something may have happened between them, or they didn’t care that I was figuring it all out.

I hoped that if Megan did something intimate with Ines, more than teasing or kissing, she’d say something to me.

We pulled into the trailhead, did the bathroom thing, then headed out with me trailing behind the two lovers.

My hike down the trail was excellent, and more people were on this trail than the others. I didn’t play crazy bird watcher lady on this one. But at least three couples stopped to ask me about the app. I explained and showed them what it could do. My favorite couple of the day was a pair of girls from Germany. I guessed they were in their mid-twenties. They walked with me for maybe thirty minutes, talking and seeing the app do its thing. There wasn’t any cell reception, so they took pictures of my phone on the app’s home page to look it up when they returned to their hotel.

Another couple was from the states, writing down all the birds they saw like it was a competition. They enjoyed it, teasing each other about what they saw or didn’t. Seeing such happy people all day long doing what they loved to do was excellent.

I met up with the girls at another crossroads, and we ate, laughed as I told them about the people I met, then went back to the minivan.

I think Megan mentioned she had close to one thousand pictures in total. When we returned home, she would be a busy girl, naming and sorting them.

I keep saying this, but seeing her happy was nice.

We headed back to our new home. It wasn’t huge like the others, but this one was on stilts. It looked out into the jungle, maybe fifteen Antep Escort feet in the air. There was a wrap-around deck so you could walk outside and view the jungle. It felt like you were actually in the canopy. Three bedrooms and two baths with a nice little yard in the back. No, hot tubs or pools. But large rooms with glass all around to look out into the jungle.

Triana brought our luggage and placed Megan’s suitcase in one bedroom and mine in another. She and Ines would share the large bedroom because it had a king-sized bed.

We munched on our usual fruit snacks as we toured with Ines. We switched to our bikinis and laid out briefly when that was over. Naturally, Ines and Megan wore string kinis while I had my regular bikini on. Triana joined us in her string kini. I felt so overdressed. But I didn’t want to ask Triana if I could try one of hers. I knew it would be too small, and I didn’t want to cave into peer pressure.

But Triana looked simply amazing in hers. I kept the image of her as she walked past me to the lounger next to me in my mind while I closed my eyes. Her perky breasts jiggled as she walked by, making my heart race. Then I started wondering why Megan’s friends never had this effect on me. I’d seen all of them in various states of undress when we had sleepovers, but maybe because they were younger, or I didn’t care. But Triana gave me butterflies in my tummy.

I laid out for maybe twenty minutes, my usual time limit. As I got up, Triana suddenly got up and exclaimed, Oh No!

We all looked over at her and wondered what had happened. She blushed, saying she had forgotten the ice cream while shopping. She apologized and mentioned she couldn’t get it because she needed to make the marinade and start it for the Ceviche she was making for dinner.

Ines told her it was okay and she’d go to the market for her, then asked Megan if she’d like to ride along. Megan said she would, so they dressed as I headed into the shower. I assumed they were gone when Triana opened the bathroom door, startling me. She was nude, her hair in a bun, and smiling. I just stared, unable to move, as she walked over and opened the shower door to join me. I started asking what was happening, but I wasn’t that stupid. She shut the water off so she wouldn’t get her hair wet, then slipped her hand behind my neck, drawing my face to hers for a long sensual kiss. Our bodies seemed to meld together as my hands wrapped around her hips and back. She felt good in my arms, and her kisses were sweet. We made out for several minutes until her lips left mine, leaving me breathless.

Triana giggled, “I guess this was alright, Silvia. You didn’t say no when I walked in.”

I blushed, “I was stunned, Triana. I wanted to, and I didn’t.”

She grinned, “I thought so, but you want to now, si?”

I replied, “I do, but how long until Ines and Megan return?”

She thought, “Oh, maybe an hour, I think. We can keep kissing, and I like that. You kiss very well, Silvia.”

She kissed me again, and I was hooked. Her tongue swirled in my mouth, driving me crazy. Her small hands clutched my ass cheeks, pulling me into her. I let Triana guide me because I’d never done this with a woman. I knew what I liked, and she was pushing those sweet buttons one by one.

When she broke our kiss again, she looked down at my breasts and into my eyes. Licking her lips, she lowered her face to suckle me. Oh my god, her soft lips against my skin and how she gently toyed with my nipple using her tongue nearly made me lose my balance. I can’t compare her to Lloyd because they were worlds apart. She was taking her time with one breast and then with the other, sucking, licking, and teasing with her tongue. I was in heaven, or at least I thought I was until her hand eased between my legs. Then I saw the gates of heaven open up. She rubbed her forefinger at the top of my vagina, then slowly worked its way inside.

My knees felt like buckling, so I reached back with both hands to steady myself against the shower wall. After a few more minutes of nursing, Triana looked up at me, kissing me again. She knelt between my legs, touching the insides of my thighs. They opened as if they had a mind of their own. I was now leaning with my back and hands pressed against the wall, my heart was pounding, and Triana took one swipe with her tongue, starting close to my perineum and ending where her lovely finger had been moments before.

I gasped when her tongue entered me. She toyed with me, moving it around within my vagina, enjoying my squirming and moans. Cupping my ass with her hands, she drank as if my pussy was a sacred chalice with the elixir of life.

Lowering my hands, Antep Escort Bayan I stroked her head, enjoying her expertise between my legs. It wasn’t long before she focused on my nub, teasing it and then sucking on it. I felt myself slipping down the shower wall, so I reached back again using my hands like suction cups and stopped my descent.

A few more minutes of Triana devouring me was all it took for my body to reach the breaking point. I grunted and squealed as I let go, something I hadn’t done in a long time. My body convulsed as Triana eased up. I stood, panting and shaking as the sensations within me slowly subsided. I was breathless and happy.

I reached down with my right hand, one finger under Triana’s chin, to motion her up. She was smiling, a sweet glisten on her cheeks. I’d never tasted a woman, and certainly not myself, but I didn’t care. I kissed Triana, then licked myself off of her cheeks and lips.

I held her tight against me, thanking her. She giggled, holding onto me and pressing her lovely breasts to me. I whispered that I loved how she made me feel, but I was scared Megan and Ines would be back, so we should get cleaned up.

She agreed, kissing me quickly and turning the water back on. We both jumped when the cool water hit us, giggling and laughing as we washed each other off. I touched her breasts with my hands for the first time, enjoying how they felt. They were incredibly lovely when they were soapy and slick.

I asked Triana if we could keep this secret until I could talk with Megan.

She smiled and replied, “Of course.”

She didn’t want to cause any problems between the two of us.

I thanked her as we rinsed off and got out to dry, only using one towel to ensure anyone checking would only find my towel wet. Yes, I watch a few detective shows, and I can be sneaky at times. Triana’s hair wasn’t wet, having been in a bun. So, after drying, she changed back into her shorts and tee to finish getting dinner ready. I changed into shorts and my bikini top with a tee over it.

I felt divine, still a little tingly from our shower. But I knew the ice had broken, and some of my frustrations were gone. The big debate I had was now to wait for Megan to confess or to confess to Megan and see what her reaction would be.

When Ines and Megan returned, I was on the back deck listening to birds on my app. Triana was busy in the kitchen finalizing dinner. There wasn’t any ice cream in town, so they brought back shaved ice, which was fine. It added to the sweetness I had earlier in the shower.

Dinner and drinks afterward on the deck were relaxing. We talked about tomorrow’s hike and then called it a night.


I slept great last night. The hiking, swimming, and drinks helped. I dressed and headed out to see what delights Triana had made for us. Today’s breakfast was Gallo pinto with eggs, plantains, avocado, sour cream, and a corn tortilla.

I was thinking maybe if school down here was cheap enough, mom could rob my tuition money and pay Triana to move North and cook for us. But I wasn’t going to suggest that to her. It was just a pleasant thought.

Mom showed up when I was half finished with breakfast. She saw what I was eating, said good morning, kissed my cheek, then went into the kitchen. She had her plate, coffee, and a smile when she returned.

I asked why she was so happy. She just smiled, telling me no particular reason. She just felt good. She slept well and was delighted that I was happy.

That made me wonder if she knew about my secret. Mothers have a way of knowing something’s going on, and Silvia was good at that.

Ines strolled in, a smile on her face also. She told us good morning, went to the kitchen, and got her breakfast. She joined us, sitting next to me. Triana soon joined us, seated next to mom. I almost said something, but I didn’t. We ate and talked about the day ahead. Triana told us what she made for our lunches, and we discussed dinner. We were going to move to our next house today after our hike. I hoped it was as wonderful as this one was.

After eating, Ines and I got our things and headed to the minivan. Mom was delayed a bit and came out a couple of minutes later. We buckled up and headed out. Ines and I played our language game as mom looked around at the countryside, smiling the entire time. Our routine felt comfortable as Ines and I laughed and teased each other while mom pretended to ignore us.

At the trailhead, we went our separate ways planning on meeting around noon to check in and eat our lunches. The trail seemed more popular than the ones we’d been on before. Ines and I didn’t have as much teasing time. Escort Antep Don’t think that teasing and flirting was all we did. I was there for the birds primarily. Our fun was, well, just fun.

I didn’t spot any new birds on this trail. I did get pictures of ones I’d already checked off with different angles and better lighting. We met mom for lunch, and she told us about the people she had met. We said hello to some also, but we weren’t as social.

The trip back to our new abode was nice, nothing special. But the house was extraordinary. It sat maybe ten or fifteen feet off the ground, with a deck surrounding the outside. The windows were all picture glass and huge. You could sit inside or outside and be in the tree canopy. I wanted it.

Triana had our fruit for us, and then we followed mom’s example and laid out on one of the decks to relax and soak up some sun. I wore my string kini, as did Ines and Triana. Mom, the prude, wore her regular suit. We were basking away until Mom got up, and Triana freaked us out by jumping up and telling us she forgot to get the ice cream she promised. I thought it was no big deal, but Ines volunteered to go to town and get some. Ines asked if I wanted to ride along, and I said yes.

We dressed and went to the minivan while mom was getting ready to shower. Triana went to change clothes and then start prepping dinner. The drive to town should have taken twenty minutes because that’s how long it took us to return. Ines took a different route into town than our return trip. She knew a little side road that led to a clearing in the jungle, we pulled into it, and I asked what was going on. She smiled, opened her door and the slider on the side, and asked if I would join her. Then I knew what was going on.

I got in the back seat with her, and we began to make out, hot, heavy, passionate, whatever you want. I was on my back across the seat, and Ines was on top of me. It was awkward, but we didn’t care. Her lips against mine felt divine. Our tongues entwined as our breathing escalated. I wrapped one leg around her as she started grinding against me. My heart was pounding, saliva seeping from my mouth and down my chin to my neck.

Ines paused our kissing and then sat up to undo the buttons on my shirt. I fumbled, trying to help her, but I was too excited and all thumbs. She managed to get them open without popping any off. I raised enough so she could remove my shirt, then off came my bra.

Ines smiled, then lowered her face to my breasts. She slathered them with her tongue and then suckled one nipple as I pressed her face to my chest. Then the other, sucking my nipple, raising her head, pulling my tit. Then suddenly releasing it. I heard the little ‘pop’ as she freed my breast. I whispered, more, please.

She smiled and repeated that several times on each of my boobs. Then Ines returned to kiss me. We kept this up for maybe ten minutes. I was keeping track of time because I knew we had to get back within maybe an hour. Then Ines stopped, sat up, and looked at me. She said she’d wanted to do that since the first night on her bed.

Then, she sighed, “We need to get the ice cream, chica. I wish we could do more, but I don’t want any questions about why we took so long.”

I sat up, my hands cupping her cheeks as we kissed again, “I know; I want to go slower next time, though. I want you to make love to me, Ines.”

She smiled, “It will happen, chica.”

She kissed me back, and we managed to get ourselves back together and on our way. All I could talk about was how good I felt. Ines would look at me, smile, comment on how much better she could make me feel, then go back to watching the road. I think my smile was permanently affixed to my face because it wouldn’t disappear. Ines kept looking over and giggling.

I maintained my cool at the store despite wanting to hug and kiss Ines as we walked around. I assumed out in the country like we were, open displays of affection by same-sex couples were frowned upon. Besides, I didn’t want any gossip about Ines since they use this house frequently.

On the way back, I did some breathing exercises to slow my heart rate and calm down. In a couple of days, we’d be on the leisure part of our vacation, and I could find multiple ways of getting away with Ines and without mom.

We returned home, mom was listening to her bird app, and Triana was busy making dinner. The store didn’t have ice cream, so we bought shaved ice instead. It was exciting getting away with something naughty.

The Ceviche Triana made filled us up, and the shaved ice topped off another delicious meal. We relaxed on the deck after dinner. This time we sipped Jaguar coladas. They were made with maracuyá (passion fruit), coconut crème, and guaro. We couldn’t taste any alcohol, and having a third was tempting, but we were limited to two each. I had a nice little buzz when I went to bed and fell asleep thinking of the back seat of Ines’s minivan.

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