Seducing A Young Lawyer

Alex Mae

Seducing A Young LawyerComplete fiction, adapted from another story hereEvery fall, a new class of lawyers enters my firm. In the past years, there have been more women than men entering. I was in the midst of a brewing litigation and needed a junior lawyer to help. One morning, Caitlin knocked on my open door and introduced herself. “I was asked to stop by; I just started here and was assigned to help you.” She took my breath away: Caitlin was taller than me, small breasts, sandy blonde hair and very, very pretty. I invited her in to get to know her. Caitlin was older than most of the newcomers, so I asked her what she did before going to law school. “I was a fighter pilot in the Navy, flying off an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.” My jaw dropped. “Annapolis?” I asked (my father went there). “Class of 2012 – third in my class” Caitlin said without any hint of arrogance. “I’m happy to meet you.” I gave Caitlin a rundown of the situation and asked her to get a copy of the relevant materials from my paralegal.Over the next few months, Caitlin and I worked very closely to avoid a lawsuit. Each time she was in my office, she seemed a bit more intimate with me than the last. She would reach out and touch my arm at times; as I was revising something she drafted, she stood close to me letting her leg touch mine; if we sat next to each other, she would scrunch her shoulders together, opening her blouse giving me a view of her breasts (often braless). I don’t know if she knew I was gay; it wasn’t common knowledge, but I did pro bono work for lesbian and other women’s causes. And, slowly but surely, I was becoming attracted to her.One afternoon as I returned from lunch, I saw Caitlin in our lobby talking to someone on her phone. She began to cry and suddenly threw her phone against the wall. I walked over, put an arm around her shoulder and asked if she was all right. Caitlin reached for me and told me that her fiancé broke up with her. Candy started crying again as she bent to pick up the pieces of her phones “And I just bought this – a thousand dollars!” I was afraid she was going to spin out of control. I took her hand and asked her to come with me. “I’m alright”, she said. Pulling her up I said, “Let’s get out of here for a while.” Grabbing my coat, I led her to the elevator. As we descended Caitlin leaned against my shoulder and started crying again. “What you need is a drink,” I said softly. “Wipe your face before the doors open.”Leaving the building we went to a quiet bar. Sitting in a booth, I asked what happened. I don’t know, Caitlin said. “Everything was going fine till a couple of weeks ago.” “What,” I asked. “Eileen said she found some pictures of me,” Caitlin finally said. “Oh,” was all I could manage (I had suspicions but no overt indication she was gay). Seeing the look on my face, Caitlin said, “It’s not what it looks like.” “Tell me then,” I asked. “I was young and needed money,” Caitlin began. Looking Escort around, I told her not here; too many people from the firm came to the bar and I didn’t want anyone to overhear. “Let’s go to my apartment; it’s just a couple blocks away.”We finished their drinks in silence and we walked to my apartment. Along the way I kept thinking about what Caitlin had said and how she was so obviously attracted to me, and now learning she was gay. I poured a couple of drinks and asked, “Another man?” Hanging her head Caitlin said, “No, a woman.” I took a deep breath “Tell me more” I said. Caitlin told me about the photo shoot. It started with photos of her, then of her as pieces of clothing came off. A lot of photos were of her in just a bra and panties and then there was a shoot of her nude. She went into great detail of what the photographer was looking for: Caitlin holding her breasts, pinching her nipples; lying on a bed legs spread, exposing her pussy, fingers holding her lips apart, scenes of her fingering herself. I was becoming quite aroused as I visualized Caitlin in the poses she was describing. Closing my eyes, I pictured her naked. Her small breasts glowing white against her dark tan; her nipples erect begging to be sucked. I could feel my pussy beginning to juice, dampening my panties. Taking another drink, I watched Caitlin go to the bar and pour herself a drink. I stared at the view of her from behind; her shoulders tapered to a thin waist, then nice hips. Her dress was tight over her behind and then hung loosely past her knees. “And then there was another woman” Caitlin added as she returned. I lowered my head as Caitlin sat down. “Did you have sex with her? I asked. “Not at first,” Caitlin said, “The shoot was of me undressing the other woman.” Pressing my hand between my legs I asked Caitlin to continue. “She was very pretty. I unbuttoned her dress and she let it fall to the floor, leaving her in just a bra and panties. I was very aroused by the sight of her and the photographer could tell. He asked me to take off her bra; as I did, she reached in and gave me a kiss, our tongues met, and I knew where this was going to go.” As she spoke, I put a pillow on my lap and began fingering myself underneath it, pressing my clit and fingering my slit. “The photographer asked me to take off the girl’s panties. I knelt in front of her, my face inches from the girl’s pussy. I could see her trimmed bush and slit. There was a dark red patch where her juices had soaked her panties. I could smell her lust. I slipped her panties down and as I did, she pulled my head to her. Lick her pussy, the photographer asked, and I was happy to oblige. Anna, the other girl, spread her legs to give me access to a very gorgeous pussy. I was so aroused by this point, I attacked her pussy, teasing her clit with my teeth, inserting my tongue as far as I could and then using a few fingers. With my other hand, I worked my own pussy. I Escort Bayan wanted to come with her. It didn’t take long: Anna’s legs began to give out and she laid down knees in the air with my mouth locked onto her pussy. All I could hear in the background was the camera going off. And then we came. I was paid $15,000 and I went home. I never told Eileen.”I had to excuse myself because I had to get some relief. My panties were soaked. I went into my bathroom, pulled my panties down and ran my fingers along my slit. I had to cover my mouth as I rubbed my clit. I tried to play with my breasts, but my dress was interfering. “This is ridiculous”, I thought. After unzipping my dress, I slipped out of it. Slipping the straps over my shoulders, I took my bra off. I pulled on my hard nipples and let out a loud moan. “Are you alright?” I heard Caitlin ask, worried. I put on my robe “I had a little accident. I’ll be out in a minute.” Seeing me in my robe Caitlin laughed and said, “I feel a bit over dressed now.” My heart pounded “I can fix that,” I said. I walked over to her, I reached up and opened the top button on Caitlin’s dress; after unbuttoning the second one, Caitlin held up her hands. Smiling she said, “I can do it”. I massaged my tits as I watched Caitlin slowly unbutton her dress, showing me a bit of her at a time. Finally, she opened her dress, letting it fall to the floor. I marveled at her body as she stood before me. I reached around Caitlin and pulled her close. “You’ve become a true friend,” Caitlin said as she laid her head on my shoulder.My hands trembled as I began to stroke Caitlin’s body. I felt her melt against me, and it was very satisfying to be making her feel better. I slipped the straps of her bra over her shoulders and pulled the cups of her bra down to expose her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect; I kneaded each of them between my fingers. I then reached around Caitlin and unhooked her bra. As I unhooked it Caitlin raised her head “We shouldn’t …” but she was silenced by a deep kiss with my tongue searching for hers. Caitlin kissed me back, with a fervor that told me she was ready to make love. Dragging her nails lightly up and down Caitlin’s back as they kissed, I pulled her hips to me and ground my pelvis against hers. Caitlin’s eyes widened as I slipped my thumbs under the waistband of her panties. Breaking our kiss, Caitlin asked, “What are you doing?” “Shhh,” was all I said. I slowly pulled her panties down her hips, watching strings of come pull away from her crotch. There was a puddle of come in the gusset of her panties. Caitlin pleaded not to mention this at work. I crouched down to slide her panties from her legs; I couldn’t resist rubbing my face against Caitlin’s trimmed bush. Caitlin trembled as she stepped out of her panties and let her bra fall to the floor. I pressed against the inside of Caitlin’s thighs so she would spread her legs. I nibbled and kissed my Bayan Escort way up the inside of her thighs while I scratched her bush with my fingers. When I split her lips with my fingers and began to lcik her pinkness, I could feel Caitlin’s breathing quicken. No longer thinking, I followed my sexual instinct; I had fantasized about fucking Caitlin since her first advances but was too nervous to try. Caitlin’s description of her photo shoot and having sex with Anna pushed me over the edge. Now, the thought of actually being between her legs was overwhelming; I could feel my pussy beginning to spasm. As I felt her vagina juicing, I looked up to see Caitlin pulling at her nipples. Her face a picture of lust. She reached down, spread her legs further and pressed my face against her pussy lips. Caitlin moaned loudly as I traced her tongue up her folds and inserted it as far as I could while my thumb flicked her clit. I opened my mouth wider and locked my mouth onto her entire pussy, splitting her lips with my tongue while sucking her clit between my teeth. Suddenly, Caitlin went still, then began to shudder are she exploded in her orgasm. I had to hold her up as her knees started to give way. Her juices flooded my mouth and ran down her thighs. Slowly, I lowered Caitlin to the ground as her orgasm subsided.I sat next to her, gently stroking her stomach as she came back from ecstasy. Reaching over, Caitlin reached for my and slowly pulled it open and pushed it off my shoulders. Her eyes widened looking at my tits. “You are so, so beautiful.” Bending down, she planted kisses over my left breast as she pinched my right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Throwing her head back I hissed with pleasure. I was so aroused; I knew it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge. Kissing her way down, Caitlin took a nipple into her mouth. Biting softly, she leaned back pulling her nipple. Boy, did it feel good. Reaching up, I cradled Caitlin’s head. “Just don’t stop; it’s been such a long time.” Reaching around, Caitlin lightly caressed my back as her hands moved down to my butt. As Caitlin squeezed my cheeks, I pressed my hand behind Caitlin’s head and pushed her downward.I could feel my knees begin to shake as I felt my own juices building. Caitlin released my nipple with a pop. Kissing my neck, Caitlin worked her way up, and kissed my cheek before burying her tongue in my mouth. Caitlin rolled over and slipped a leg between mine. I knew what she wanted. As we hugged and kissed each other, I positioned my leg tight against her pussy and began to grind my pussy against her thigh, my pussy sliding up and down her thigh as my knee ground against her pussy. I could feel the waves coming, I began to grind harder and faster as it built. It kept coming; I could feel my skin tingling. I could feel how slick Caitlin’s thigh was from my juices. And then it hit. A loud moan and I collapsed onto Caitlin. I could feel my body spasming as I fought for breath.We were both soaked with perspiration. Caitlin was gently rubbing my back. And then I could fell her quietly sobbing. “I have no place to stay tonight.” I whispered, “You have a place here for as long as you want.”

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