Secrets of an Officers Daughter Part 3


Secrets of an Officer’s Daughter Part 3:


The many worlds of our characters are beginning to sexually collide.

Small recap from part 2:

Carina snuck back into the house seeing her parent’s car in the driveway. She arrived back home from the movies much earlier than expected. She just had a fight with her boyfriend Topher and told him to bring her home.

Mark and Maria were in the kitchen watching their sixteen-year old son being used like a toy by their fourteen-year old house guess Terri. The only problem was that Mark and Maria were fantasizing about having sex with the two teenagers in the back yard.

Terri and Cody where both floating on cloud nine as their long awaited love affair was finally being consummated outside by the pool.

Meanwhile: Outside in the backyard of the Chalmers abode.

Terri felt like she was floating on a white fluffy cloud in heaven with Cody’s cock pushing her vaginal walls further and further apart the deeper he penetrated her. Terri was close to having her third orgasm as she was still trying to help Cody have his first. Terri was moving her hips in small tight circular motions as she worked her vagina slowly down on Cody’s cock and when she hit the base of his shaft Terri changed her motions and grinded on him forwards and backwards. Then she reversed her motions coming back up his hard silky smooth shaft. Cody sat there like he was having an out of body experience watching his fantasy come to life and his orgasm was ready to burst up his shaft and inside of his fantasy. Cody grabbed Terri’s hips pulling her down on him as he wanted to inseminate her.

Then they both heard Cody’s older sister Carina shout in the kitchen, “WHAT – THE – FUCK!!” Terri panicked as she thought of being caught with Cody and that Carina was going to be pissed at her. As she released Cody’s cock she thought to herself that was strange because over the last week Carina was duplicitous in helping her seduce her younger brother. Terri realizing that she was naked and bouncing up and down on Cody’s cock, “HOLY SHIT Cody!!! Your sister must be home with Topher!! Where’s my bikini? Where’s my fucking bikini?” She jumped up and looked for her bikini not seeing it anywhere around the pool she then dove in to hide her nakedness.

Cody was so close to exploding inside of his young lover’s vagina his head was dizzy and confused as to what was going on. Just twenty seconds ago he was finally going to become a man and shoot his load inside of Terri and now he was sitting on the edge of the chaise lounge chair with Terri’s pussy juice covering his shaft as it glistened in the moonlit air shocked and bewildered.

Then Terri finally surfaced and looked back at Cody who was still sitting there with a shock and awe look on his face, “Cody get your underwear and dive in the pool with me before we get caught by your sister.”

Cody looked down at his young, wet beautiful lover and in a very dejected voice he said, “Okay, okay. Hey can we finish in the pool?”

Terri looked up at him and began to giggle, “That sounds nice but NO!!! Get the fuck in here before we get caught dummy.”

Cody looked to the back of the house expecting his sister to come out through the sliding glass door but instead he saw his mother staring intently at him through the kitchen sink window. Maria had her forefinger in her mouth and a shit-eating-grin on her face as she was ogling his naked body.

At the same time:

Back inside the kitchen Cody’s father Mark was shocked that someone was standing behind him screaming. Mark quickly pulled his cock out of his wife to try and hide his embarrassment of being caught having sex. As he spun around to see who it was behind him is when he realized that he wasn’t fucking Maria’s pussy but he was fucking her tight little bum-hole. Like a vacuum sweeper that was just turned on as he pulled out of his wife Maria’s asshole his orgasm came slipping out right behind his cock. As Mark spun around to look and see who was behind him the orgasm that was on the end of his penis flew across the kitchen and landed on his daughter Carina’s bare thigh.

Carina was ogling her father’s long hard cock that was coated with his milky white sperm. She watched as her father’s orgasm drifted through the air and crash landed on her thigh. She had seen Cody’s manhood but her daddy’s penis was all grown up and was in a league all by itself. Carina found herself wiping her mouth cleaning of her drool and said, “What the fuck are you and mommy doing in here daddy?”

Back outside:

Cody recognized Carina’s voice yelling in the kitchen when he snapped back to reality. Then he realized that he wasn’t hallucinating that his mom was actually staring at him. Her eyes never left his body and she had this strange look on her face. Finally Cody found his boxers and slipped them on and dove in the pool next to Terri. Poor Terri realized her string bikini was nowhere to be found. Then she remembered that it was back inside of the house and she needed to find a pool towel or something to hide her nakedness. Cody feeling sorry for her but also knowing if they were found naked would mean uncertain death for him and her. “Here let me help you! Get behind me so no one can see that you’re naked and we can make it to the other side of the pool where there maybe some towels.

Terri had her hands over her breasts as her eyes were scanning the backyard for a towel, “Cody help me find a towel there has to be one out here somewhere.”

Not finding a towel Cody said, “I don’t see one. Where did you take it off your bikini?”

Then she remembered, “Damn it to hell I took it off inside the kitchen – it’s sitting on the fucking floor. We are so like caught Cody.” They were awaiting their executioner to come out of the kitchen door any time soon but they never came. Terri turned to Cody, “Do you think they know what we were doing? Do you think your sister knows what we were doing out here?”

Cody hung his head and couldn’t look at the alluring face of his lover and said, “My mom was watching us through kitchen sink window. So, yeah – I think they all know that we were doing it. Hey I see a towel under the chair there. Stay up against the side of the pool and I’ll get it for you. I don’t think we’re getting out of this one Terri!!”

Terri was panicked, “What??? You mean to tell me that you knew the whole time?”

Cody had the towel in hand and held it open as Terri exited the pool and covered herself like she just came out of the shower and Cody said, “I had no idea that they were watching us until you got up and jumped in the pool leaving me behind with my cock sway…ing in the night air for every….one to see. I had no fucking idea I swear!!!”

Terri snapped back, “Don’t get mad at me!!! I’m just looking for my bikini. I’m the houseguest here remember and I’m the one who’s naked remember? You mother was just watching me fucking her only son. Do you have any idea how much trouble we’re in Cody?”

Cody kept his head down, “Yeah I have a general idea of how bad this is going to be. I see that I’ll probably be grounded all fucking summer long.”

Terri asked, “So what do you think we should do? Should we lie? I mean – they’re your parents I have no idea how to handle them.”

Cody said, “Listen we tell the truth.”

Terri was worried, “Are you sure that’s the best thing to do? I mean your dad is never going to let me come over here again that’s for sure.”

Cody said, “Well look if I get grounded and you can’t come back over here we’ll find a way I promise. Look we can always chat online – use the webcam like my sister does with Topher when he’s at college – my mom and dad don’t know anything about that stuff trust me. Look it’s just better if we tell the truth. They’re going to split us up and be all kinds of nice to us as the drill us with questions. If our stories don’t match up it will be a lot worse it’s just better to tell them the truth and deal with the consequences.”

Terri got a little more serious, “All I want to know is did you cum inside of me?”

Cody returned to his dejected face and hung his head in shame and said, “No. I was really, really close though – I probably needed another twenty or maybe like thirty seconds to finish but I promise you (Cody put his arms around his new lover) I did not shoot my cum inside of you.”

Terri’s heart was pounding hard under her chest as she believed him that they dodged a huge bullet. She then put her arms around his shoulders and they held each other tightly and stayed silent in that special moment for several loving minutes and Cody broke the silence, “Before they come bursting out the back door I want to know one thing okay? Just tell me the truth – was I any good at all? Was I good lover for you?”

Terri gave him a sweet loving smile and putting her mouth close to his ear she slowly whispered ever so sensually, “You are the best lover – I have ever had – I swear.” Cody’s smile went from ear to ear. Then it was quickly erased as most women know exactly how to humble their man. As she moved her mouth away from his ear she turned away from him and in a very hushed voice she said, “Although – I have no one to compare you to since you know you were my first. I lost my virginity to you.” Terri realized that she just messed up with what she said and new she better make up for it right away.

Terry jumped Escort up and wrapped her arms around Cody’s broad shoulders and then kissed him long and hard and said, “If it means anything you – you gave me like three huge unbelievable orgasms. Cody you are absolutely a fantastic lover!! I don’t want anyone else to be inside of me but you. You felt absolutely amazing inside of me.” Then she went back and kissed him.

Cody put his hands to her face holding her ever so gingerly and said, “You were absolutely fantastic too.”

Terri said, “Are you just saying that to be nice to me so that I’ll let you fuck me again? Come on tell me the truth and remember it was my first time too.”

Cody looked at her and his smile went back from ear to ear, “Your pussy felt absolutely amazing. (Cody lied to Terri as he and his sister had been fooling around with one another for over two years.) For the first time in my life it felt like my cock was like – alive.”

Terri’s head was shaking with agreement and said, “My pussy felt the same way like it was alive for the first time for me too.”

Then Cody chimed back in, “— but –

Terri said, “But what?”

Cody became playful with her again, “Well – you were my first too.” Terri began giggling knowing the game that he wanted to play. She also knew that she wasn’t his first time like he said. Carina his sister let the cat out of the bag about an hour ago and revealed to her that Carina and Cody had experimented sexually together. Terri let it go because he looked so cute trying to have his sexual ego stroked. “But I will always remember you being the best I’ve ever had.”

Meanwhile: As Cody and Terri were hugging and kissing each other around the pool as their teenage love was beginning to blossom it was a totally different story in the kitchen.

Topher Carina’s 22 year-old boyfriend was out in the car when he heard Carina’s loud voice. He came running into the house to see what the problem was. As he approached the kitchen he got the shock of his life at the scene that was before him. Topher is not what you would call the sharpest knife in the drawer. Topher has a surfer like delivery when he speaks, “Yo!! Dude!! Like Chalmers right on. Like the top two Chalmers are gettin’ it on in the kitchen. Okay like way to go Mr. Chalmers hittin it in the grub eatin area. Mrs. Chalmers you and Carina look like identical twins between the legs there – like that’s righteous. That same nice round ass even the shape and size of the clam shell is the same.”

That’s all it took for Mark. Its one thing to be caught having sex but it’s another commenting on his wife’s private parts and then openly admitting that his daughter’s goodies looks exactly like her mother’s. Mark quickly pulled up his pants as his temperature went through the roof as this kid was still standing their ogling his wife’s pussy.

Even though Maria was tipsy she really didn’t know what she was saying as she looked back at the handsome 22 year-old and said, “Thank you Topher! That’s a nice little compliment.”

Listening to his drunken wife approving of this fucking idiot was it for Mark. His blood pressure was through the roof as his face was beet red and so were his eyes as he turned and charged at Topher. He grabbed Topher with his one hand around the neck and his other around his belt buckle area of the waist and lifted him off the ground and walked him to the front door dangling some six inches off of the ground.

Carina was behind her father concerned for her boyfriend knowing that her father is a highly trained Navy SEAL and he works for the ONI special division. Carina knows that her father can inflict permanent damage to Topher. Carina was lightly hitting her father between the shoulder blades with great concern for Topher, “Daddy please, don’t hurt him. Please daddy don’t, please daddy don’t hurt him. I like him a lot please don’t hurt him.” Carina was crying as she was pleading with her father not to hurt her boyfriend.

Topher had both hands slapping at Marks arms trying to pry his grip away from his throat as he was being choked out but it didn’t do any good. Then Mark put him down on his feet but not releasing his grip from Topher’s neck opened the front door.

Carina was continuing to plead with him, “Please daddy don’t hurt him. I can see that you’re going to kill him. Please let him go.”

Mark was single mind of purpose as he picked him up once again and threw him down the four steps onto the front walk on his ass. Topher rolled over on his back and came to rest spread eagle on the front lawn.

Carina wanted to go after her lover but as she almost slipped past Mark he reached and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and picked her up off of her feet. He spun around with his daughter dangling from the floor and shut the door and then released her. She spun around ready to go on the attack but stopped as Mark’s forefinger was pointing right at her nose and Carina knew better to say or do anything when her father was like this. She stood very still and waited for her father to say something.

Mark took about twenty seconds waving his finger in his lovely daughter’s face and then lowered it. He grabbed her up and hugged her and then they walked into the living room and they sat together on the couch in silence then Mark broke the silence by saying, “I told you I never liked this kid. I don’t want him around here anymore.” Mark then stood up as Carina sat on the couch in silence as Mark went to the front door down the steps and picked Topher up and asked, “You okay?”

Topher was still dazed as the back of his head had a huge lump, “Like dude Chalmers – that was like way not cool – look what you did to me! What you did was so like wrong, it’s like so wrong.”

Mark released him and pointed his finger into the young man’s face, “You call me dude one more time and I swear to Christ as my witness they will never fuckin find you again.”

Topher was pleading with him, “Okay, okay Mr. Chalmers I’m sorry. I was like kinda shocked you know what I mean? You and the Misses like naked in the kitchen and all – like doing it. I mean like – I just like reacted – like that’s all I did Mr. Chalmers.”

Mark kept his finger pointed at him, “Look Topher I never liked you that has not been a secret between us. I think that you are just too old for my daughter and you just admitted to having sex with her when you promised me that you wouldn’t until she went away to college. You had your chance you broke my trust with my daughter so it’s over. Now, get the fuck out of here and never return! That goes for text messages, emails, IM’s or webcam business.”

Topher was completely dejected and said, “Yes, sir. I promise to stay away from your daughter.”

As Mark was confronting Topher in the front yard Carina had her faced pressed up against the large bay window watching intently. She looked like a two-year-old girl watching her parents leaving her with a babysitter for the first time. As she watched her father she realized that he was a true Alpha male and that was really hot for her – it really turned her on. She thought about his raw animalistic power that lifted her boyfriend off of his feet and tossed him down the stairs like a rag doll. Now she finally realized what her mother had seen in her father. Carina likes to be dominated by her sex partner and now she sees that quality in her father for the first time.

Meanwhile in the backyard:

Maria knowing that there would be no way to talk to Mark after throwing Topher out of the house for good. She decided to handle the other problem in the backyard that was going to need a more delicate touch or should I say a woman’s touch. Maria being a bit tipsy as she was didn’t realize that she only had her blouse on and that it was open with her tits bouncing around in circles as she made her way to the swimming pool carrying Terri’s string bikini.

Cody and Terri were holding on to one another by the pool waiting their fates as Cody watched his mother walking towards the pool practically naked. His eyes immediately tracked from her bouncing breasts down her flat tummy down to her pussy that was clean shaven. Cody had never seen his mother fully naked in many years. As she was swaying back and forth as she walked towards the pool Cody’s little head began to rise inside of his boxer’s and pressed hard up against Terri’s stomach.

Terri feeling his manhood growing between their stomachs shocked her but then looking at Mrs. Chalmers walking towards them practically naked she realized that Cody was getting aroused by his own mother – she just couldn’t believe what was happening. She just got caught fucking her host’s son. She realized that there was no way out of this predicament and Cody was right telling the truth will only help both of them besides she noticed her bikini in her right hand.

As Maria finally made it to the edge of the pool she pulled off Terri’s towel and looking at Terri’s teenage nakedness she realized what she was doing was wrong. Maria thought, ‘damn I must be more toasted than I thought.’ She crossed one leg in front of the other to hide her pussy from the kids and her husband’s orgasm that was dripping out of her asshole down on to her inner thighs. Maria was a good mother and she would never reveal herself like this in front of either of her kids if it weren’t for the fact that she was drunk. She held out her hand and Escort Bayan gave Terri her bikini, “Here you should put this on before Mark comes out here and sees your perfectly tight teen body.”

Something inside of Maria was triggering her unusual actions. Perhaps it was watching her son’s thick man meat in sexual action for the first time with Terri. There was some sort of disconnection as her loins and her brain revealed a very dark desire to be with her son sexually. Maria couldn’t believe that she had fantasized about her son sexually. She also couldn’t believe she used her husband Mark as a surrogate to bring her fantasy of her son fucking her to life while her husband was fucking her in kitchen not more than five minutes ago.

Maria finally snapped out of her daydream and said, “Okay you two” Maria held the bikini out Terri. “Here you get dressed.” Then she reached out to Cody’s waist and pulled up his boxers “Hide that monster before your sister or father see’s that thing.”

Cody just wanted to get this over with and on to his punishment as quickly as possible so all this can get behind him, “Sure no problem mom.”

Terri was scared as to what was actually going to happen and in a half whispering voice she said, “Yes Ma’am. Yes, Mrs. Chalmers.”

Maria turned sideways and with her hand raised she began to motion towards both of them, “Okay you two let’s go.” Terri quickly slipped on her bikini and Maria noticed that Terri’s bottoms were on backwards. “Come on over here and sit down at the table so we can talk this out before your father gets here.”

Maria held the chair out across the table for Terri and to her right sat Cody and then next to him was his mother. Maria spread her legs open for her son and Cody immediately dropped his eyes between her legs and that excited Maria knowing that her son had some interest in her pussy.

Cody couldn’t believe his luck. He sensed that his mom was pretty drunk and she must not have realized what she was doing as he was being hypnotized by his mother’s vagina. There was something eerily cool looking at the vagina that gave birth to him and that his mother’s pussy looked so young and filled with so much vim and vigor. Cody’s penis came to its full erection and all he could think about was doing something so wrong and nasty. He wanted to drop to his knees and push himself inside of his own mother.

Cody was not being shy as he didn’t care that he was staring at her pussy but he also noticed that her thighs were covered with sperm. As Cody was deep in thought Maria was talking but Cody wasn’t paying all that much attention to anything his mother was saying. Maria lifted her leg and rested her foot on the edge of the chair spreading her legs even wider for Cody to get a better look. Cody could see the orgasm seeping out from her asshole and how wet his mother’s vagina was as her lips seemed opened for him.

When Cody finally snapped back to reality he came back in the middle of the conversations with his mother talking with Terri, “Look honey I just want you to tell me the truth.”

Terri knew something was going on between Cody and his mother but she couldn’t figure it out and she took on the submissive role from Mrs. Chalmers and said, “Y-Y-Yes Aunt Maria I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”

Maria didn’t want to spook Terri as she really did want the truth from her, “Did Cody finish inside of you?”

Terri was emphatic with her answer, “NO!!”

Maria turned her head to Cody as he was staring at his mother’s breasts, “Cody –
Honey up here look at my eyes. Did you finish inside of Terri’s vagina?”

Cody looked into his mother’s eyes, “No I was very close but then I heard Carina yell inside the kitchen and it went back down inside of me.”

Maria left out a huge sigh of relief and turned to her houseguest. “I’m glad that you weren’t stupid enough to let him finish inside of you. To be on the safe side we are going to take some precautions. We’ll go upstairs and you can use my douche to clean yourself. Have you ever douched before?”

Terri said, “No, I have no idea what to do Aunt Maria?”

Maria said, “Okay no problem. I’ll teach you and when we finish I’ll take you to the pharmacy and get you the morning after pill just to be totally safe.”

Terri was actually relieved to hear Mrs. Chalmers her pseudo Aunt taking charge of the situation and that even though she just fucked her son that she was more concerned with her well being rather than just punishing her. “Whatever you say to do I will. Thank you for helping me Aunt Maria – I really appreciate this.”

Maria not wanting her son to worry stood up and said, “Okay now that we have that settled come here and give mommy a hug Cody.”

Cody stood up and his mother wrapped her arms around his young broad shoulders and then pulled his head down to her large ample breasts. Maria could feel that special tickle she used to get when Cody would breast feed. His soft hot breath was cascading over her areola and her perky pink nipple was now hard and erect. Then Maria had both hands embracing her son’s head and said, “My baby isn’t a virgin anymore. You’ve finally become a man!! I am so proud of you.” The words weren’t out of her mouth as she felt his penis rise between their stomachs and that brought a smile to Maria’s face. Then Maria invited Terri over to her and she held her the same way as Cody making Terri feel uncomfortable and said, “I guess you’ve become a woman now that you’ve also lost you’re virginity.”

Terri was looking directly into Cody’s eyes and smiled and said, “We lost our virginities together. Cody is a wonderful lover.”

Maria released Cody and hugged Terri with her naked body pressed very hard up against the teenager and said, “Terri you do know that we cannot keep this a secret from your father – you know this right?”

Terri looked at the drunken woman in the eyes, “Don’t worry Mrs. Chalmers I’m prepared to tell the truth to my father and suffer the consequences of my actions. It was totally worth every minute that Cody was inside of me.”

Maria said, “Okay this is like the third time you’ve called me Mrs. Chalmers in the last ten minutes. I know that I’m not your real Aunt but you’re like a daughter to me do you understand that?”

Terri was working on her heart strings, “I know what Cody and I were doing was wrong especially under your own roof. I’m just afraid that Mr. Chalmers is never going to let me stay with you ever again when my father goes on assignment again. I feel like I’m part of the family here and that I’ve just broken your trust.”

Maria grabbed her back up and pushed her head between her breasts and began to giggle, “Oh honey you will always be welcome here no matter who you’re fooling around with! Do you understand me?”

Terri was relieved as she let out a sigh of relief and said, “Thanks Aunt Maria I appreciate you being so understanding with the situation and all.”

Cody was turned on looking at his new girlfriend in her string bikini and his naked mother hugging one another his cock was actually beginning to ache to fuck them both at that very moment. As the three of them were coming in the backdoor Mark and Carina were in the family room. Then everyone heard a car peel out in front of the house and Carina said, “I guess Topher’s never coming back!!!” Carina’s arms were crossed over her chest as her father just ended her life’s meaning by kicking her boyfriend out of the house for good.

Mark saw his daughter’s demeanor and said, “Honey I know you don’t see it now but it’s for the best trust me. The only thing that a 22 year-old is looking from a girl that just turned 18 is sex.”

Carina’s eyes were welling up with tears. She was conflicted as she just lost permission to see Topher but at the same time she was turned on by her father’s he-man like prowess as she watched him throw her now ex-boyfriend out literally of the front door and down four steps onto the front lawn, “You just don’t get it daddy, I love him!!!”

Mark didn’t want to talk down to her and he put his hands on her biceps and with the most consoling look that he could give her he said, “I know you think that you were in love with him but the reality is you were in lust of him. He’s a good looking kid, drives a motorcycle a true bad boy. You women always want the bad boy slash rebel and then when they fuck you over you wonder why? I just saved you like five years of your life, you just haven’t realized it yet that’s all. Look he’s graduating from college and will turn 23 next month. This guy is five years older than you.”

Carina interrupted him, “Well what if I date a guy and he’s like 28 and I’m 23 will it be a problem then daddy?”

Mark snapped back at her, “You will have been living part-time out of the house over those five years and will know how to take care of yourself. I bet you when you are 23 you will have more going on for yourself than this kid ever will. Topher is the kind of guy that is going to end up being a manager of a car wash or some pizza shop because he can’t do anything else. I’m just nipping this thing off in the bud honey. Besides you should have never left your brother alone with Terri tonight!”

Carina said, “Why?”

Mark began to giggle, “Because you’re dumb as brother was out back fucking Terri.”

A light went off in the back of Carina’s head, “So while they were fucking in the back Bayan Escort yard you and mom were watching them while you two were fucking each other at the same time?”

Mark quickly became defensive, “No – No – No!!!! We were already fooling around in the kitchen when we just happened to notice what was going on in the backyard. Besides we thought that they were with you and Topher and that we were both alone. That’s the only reason why we would be having sex in the kitchen.”

Carina squinted her eyes trying to get a real feel to see if her father was actually telling the truth or lying to her to try cover something up. “Okay daddy I admit it that I was wrong for leaving them by themselves. I mean I never thought in a million years that they would have sex – I mean Terri is like a sister to both of us I could never imagine Cody actually having sex with her.”

Mark said, “Now look at the mess your mom and I are in! I mean your mom is kinda drunk and horny and wanted to fool around – “

Carina interrupted, “Ewww daddy I don’t want to hear about you and mom having sex it was bad enough that I now have that image permanently engrained into my memory forever.” Carina moved her hands down to her father’s boxers and stroked his cock over his boxers.

Mark pulled her hands away from his cock as he was shocked by her forwardness then said, “Anyway!!! The two of them were having sex for god’s sake she’s only fourteen years-old. How in the world am I going to explain what happened here to her father? Need I remind you that he’s my superior officer and can burn my career at any time he feels like it and I have no recourse to fight back?”

Carina said, “I’m sorry daddy.” Then Carina went for it again and began to stroke her father’s cock, “Let me find a way to make it up to you!”

Mark hugged her as he saw the tears beginning to well up once again in her eyes. He also wanted to hide the pleasure that Carina was giving him as she continued to sensually stroke his cock. He tried to sound fatherly and he said, “It’s not your fault honey. It had to be Cody he must have taken advantage of her somehow.” But the one thing that Mark didn’t do was stop his daughter from stroking his cock.

Carina’s demeanor began to change from being pissed off at her father for kicking her boyfriend out of the house but she realized that he was right. Then she pictured her father’s face when she caught him fucking her mother but the one thing that she did like was the size and girth of her father’s penis. It was much thicker and larger than Topher’s and she began to wonder what it would feel like inside of her. “You know it was kinda funny watching you and mommy having sex.”

Mark began to giggle lightening the mood even more. “Oh so you find it funny that your mom and dad are still sexually active?” Then Mark began to return the favor as his hand slipped under her mini skirt and found the tiny strip of thong covering his daughter’s vagina. He began to lightly caress her pussy as he felt her small nub of a clit getting harder under his thumb.

Carina was giggling as she was really nervous as her father really knew what he was doing. Carina’s vagina began to heat up and her juices began to coat her love canal. Carina’s head became woozy but then pulled it together and said, “I couldn’t believe that mommy was freaky like that. I mean getting fucked in the ass and all – I had no idea that you two got down like that daddy. It was kinda cool watching your penis slip out of mommy’s asshole with all of your cum trailing behind it. Then when you spun around you had no idea that you came on me too.”

Mark couldn’t believe the conversation they were having but if she wants to be a grown up woman and tease his cock then was going to tease her pussy. Mark kept his thumb on the little nub of a clit but he slipped his middle finger deep inside of his daughter’s vagina. As he watched her eyes grow big and wide Carina’s mouth opened in a perfect circle but she wasn’t able to say anything and Mark said, “Well you do realize that your mom and dad had plenty of sex before you and your brother were born. Besides how do you think you two got here? Just think about all the freaky stuff you did with this guy Topher your mom and dad was doing the same thing 20 years ago. Whew Carina you have some talented hands you really know how to stroke a cock baby girl!”

Carina began to laugh and pulled her father’s boxers down to his thighs and gazing at the manhood that gave her life she continued to pleasure her father’s penis. Carina released her father’s cock and lifted her skirt revealing her thong. She pushed it aside then taking her father’s hand she placed it over her tiny pussy. She began moving her father’s hand upwards and downwards over her pussy.

Carina said, “Yeah, you’re right daddy Topher isn’t bright but he sure was good looking and was a good lover. So, do you think he is right? Is my pussy just like mommy’s?”

Mark moved forward to conceal what he and his daughter were doing in the living room. As he closed the gap between them his penis became wedged between her thighs and now the head of his penis was working on his daughter’s pussy. From afar it appeared that he was just hugging his princess but was only millimeters away from actually penetrating his daughter but he asked, “There is only one way to find out if your pussy is tighter. So do you forgive me for kicking him out?”

Carina shook her head up and down on her father’s chest as he was providing her with a new type of pleasure – daddy pleasure and she said, “Yeah I forgive you.” Carina increased her power of her hug pulling her father into her and they stood there for a good minute holding one another in that tight squeeze and then she looked up into her father’s eyes and said, “Oh yeah by the way when you spun around after you pulled out of mommy’s asshole your cock tossed some cum onto my thigh.”

Mark’s face became red, “So this is a first in this house!”

Carina said, “What do you mean?”

Mark began to laugh as he saw his white chunky sperm sitting on her forefinger and middle finger and said, “Well, you’re all grown up and the only thing that you and I never shared before was sex and somehow I still managed to cum on my princess.”

Carina said, “Yeah I never thought that it would ever happen that you would actually cum on me. This is something that we can share that no one will ever be able to take away from us.” Then she lifted her fingers to her mouth and then sucked them clean and swallowed her father’s cum. She was smacking her lips together making a yummy groan and said, “Not bad yours tastes a lot better than Topher’s.” Mark was ready to say something and she put her finger up to her father’s lips, “Shhhhhh.” Then she began to bat her eyelashes at her father, “You know if you’re nice to me daddy maybe you can do to me what you were doing to mommy next weekend when you and I go to check out Rutgers in New Jersey. We could get a king size bed and just see what happens.” Grabbing her father’s face with both of her hands she planted a long sensual kiss on the lips and then pushed her tongue inside of her father’s mouth so he could taste his cum on her tongue.

Mark pulled back from his daughter’s kiss and said, “What the hell are you doing?”

Carina crossed her arms and in a smart ass tone said, “Well, I mean you just kicked my boyfriend out of the house and I figured the best way to punish you is for you to taste your own cum that came from your wife’s asshole. It seems you had no problem watching me suck and swallow your cum, It turned you didn’t it?”

Mark figured if he made his kids always tell the truth he might as well come clean as well, “Yeah as a matter of fact it did turn me on. Your mother has been the only person who’s done that sort of thing before and now you out of nowhere did the same thing.”

Carina smiled at her father as something very eerily strange was taking place between the two of them that had never happened before. Carina felt warm and fuzzy inside as her father’s penis slipped between her forbidden pussy lips. Mark began to sway backwards and forwards as his hands went to her bare ass cheeks and pushed her frame hard into his pelvis pushing his penis into her love canal.

Carina felt like she was completely full of her father’s penis and as they swayed back and forth like they were slow dancing. After several minutes of bliss her father brought her to a very quite but powerful orgasm that coated her father’s shaft.

For some awkward reason she smiled at him and came up on to her toes and once again kissed her father on the lips but this time Mark put his tongue inside of her mouth and returned the kiss his daughter gave him. A hot flash erupted inside of her body as this kiss triggered another orgasm and there was something much more meaningful than a father pecking his daughter on the cheek it set off something in motion that was new and exciting for both of them. Then she seemed like she was floating on air as her father provided her with her first multiple orgasm and then she released her embrace and her father’s penis slowly backed out of her.

There were several strings of her orgasm that connected her vagina and his penis. Carina dropped to her knees and like a pro that she is opened her mouth and took as much of her father into her mouth and cleaned his shaft. She then stood up tapped her father on the face with her hand and then glided up the staircase. Mark was left standing in the living room with his cock hard as rock just like his son was not more than a half hour ago.

End part 3

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