Secret Swap


Jamie met Lil on the boardwalk at the beach in town. Each of them was unaware of the other until that special day. Jamie sat on the sand with her feet barely touching the waterside. Lil had been jogging for about a half-hour. She was in her own world that is until she saw the back of Jamie’s buttocks. That definitely caught her attention. It was protruding out of her thong bikini as in an invitation to any passerby. Lil didn’t think she was attracted to women. But this turned her on. She slowed her pace and decided to walk over and say hi.

Jamie still sat playing in the water and remained oblivious to the other woman who was watching her. Suddenly Lil got close enough to speak. “Hi,” she timidly said. Jamie looked up and saw big boobs first and then a nice face and body dressed in shorts and a top that revealed all. “Hi,” replied Jamie. At that, she stood up and faced Lil. “Wow,” she thought to herself. She was thinking that she would like to sample those breasts. She had to be a 46DD at least and certainly tasty. She had to contain her emotions because she usually wouldn’t make the first move. She couldn’t tell whether the other woman was interested or not. Lil sure was — she was intrigued at the woman standing in front of her. She wanted to kiss her full lips and just touch her behind. These thoughts shocked her because she had never felt like this before — not about another woman. Men, well that was a different story. She wanted to fuck all men if it were possible. This was a new twist in her life.

“Let’s sit,” said Jamie to Lil. Lil sat down close to Jamie. Much to Lil’s surprise, but a delight for Jamie. Jamie stretched her legs fully out into the water as a wave approached them. Then she made circular patterns in the sand. Lil watch mesmerized and timidly touched Jamie’s thigh. A bolt of electricity shot through both women. Lil then bent over to give Jamie a good view of her ample bosom. Her top certainly didn’t hide much. She had on a low cut top and no exercise bra on at all. She loved the way she bounced as she ran and the way men looked in her direction as she passed them. Jamie looked up and looked down into Lil’s cleavage. She wanted to hold those taut nipples between her fingers and suck on them for the rest of the day. What a fantasy! Lil loved the look on Jamie’s face. It was as if she was reading her mind. Lil asked Jamie if she would like to join her for lunch at her place. Jamie gladly agreed. She collected her stuff and trailed behind Lil, her newfound friend.

Lil lived nearby. They walked to her house in silence. Lil opened the front door and Jamie gladly followed. Jamie usually wouldn’t just pick up a woman or be picked up by one. But today was different. She let her emotions make the decision for her. As Lil closed the door, she turned to Jamie and literally fell into her arms. They kissed and Lil led Jamie to her bedroom where a queen size bed with silk covers awaited them. Lil slowly undressed Jamie and Jamie in turn quickly undressed Lil. Lil’s breasts were lovely and her big nipples were an invitation to Jamie’s lips and tongue. Jamie pushed Lil onto the bed and began to kiss her eyes, her nose and her mouth. Lil returned her kisses. They explored each other’s lips and tongues brushed and sucked on the other’s. They


both moaned with pleasure. Jamie moved down Lil’s exquisite body to her bush. She parted the hairs away from the opening to her love spot. Lil’s cherry was glistening with her love juices. Jamie licked and sucked. Lil purred loud and let screams of ecstasy out into the universe for other women to share in her pleasure. Jamie sucked harder and harder until Lil’s bud opened and blossomed like a rose in the spring. Jamie touched it gently with her exploring tongue and Lil screamed louder as her body filled with more wanton desire. Lil pulled her labia aside so Jamie could get more of her into her mouth. Jamie went deeper and sucked harder. The blossom grew longer and bigger. It seemed to fill her mouth. Lil screamed, “I want to come, make me come,” Jamie pushed her fingers inside Lil’s pussy and it became a small dick, pounding and pounding. Lil moaned and moved back and forth on Jamie’s hand until she exploded and exploded over and over again. She was breathless as she said, “Jamie, that’s the best fuck I have ever had; now it’s your turn.” Jamie was certainly ready for this hot lady to give her all she had. Lil began to suck on Jamie’s breasts and she loved it. It was as if she had done this all of her life. It just seemed to happen so naturally. She sucked harder and harder on Jamie’s nipples. Jamie was nearing orgasm already. She told Lil to clit fuck her. Lil wasn’t sure what that meant but Jamie explained — she was a good teacher at lovemaking with a woman. Jamie bent her knees and Lil got onto her knees and criss-crossed Jamie’s pussy. Their clits touched and it was an eternal fire started. They pushed up and down against each other. Clit to clit, pussy to pussy. All wet and moist with love juices. This seemed to go on for an eternity. Jamie held back on her orgasm because she didn’t want this to end. Stars exploded in their heads and they both screamed at the same moment, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. They fell back onto the bed and just lay there and meditated with the love goddess that brought them together.

As the women came down from their sexual high, they talked about themselves. Lil was single for Van Escort the time being. She had broken off a bad relationship months before. Jamie was in a relationship. She liked Lil a lot and somehow just knew she was a good person and trustworthy. She had been fantasizing about her boyfriend having another woman in his life– one she approved of. He always told her that she was the only one that turned him on and that he wouldn’t let any woman into his life. Oh well, she wanted to believe him but somehow not fully. The thought of him having a woman that she approved of really turned her on and made her so hot. She would have to see what Lil said about this and arrange for them to meet on the down low. She discussed it with Lil as she sucked on her breasts and Lil readily agreed only after they agreed that no one would get hurt in this situation.

Finally Jamie showered and reluctantly left Lil. She had to get home before Jeremy wondered what was taking her so long. Lil kissed her deeply and watched as she crossed the street to her car. Lil was sated and lay down while listening to soft jazz. She thought about her afternoon of lovemaking with Jamie and their agreement also. She was certainly waiting to meet Jeremy. SECRET SWAP – SEXU’AL – PAGE 3

As Jamie drove home, her thoughts went back to Lil. She was a lot of woman and she would love making love to her more and more. She also thought of the agreement they had made and knew her fantasy was coming true. She would work out a way to have Jeremy meet Lil and not know he was being set up so to speak. She turned the corner to their apartment and reversed her train of thought to only focus on Jeremy for now.

The following day after Jeremy left for work, Jamie called Lil. Lil had been awaiting her call. She couldn’t get their lovemaking off her mind. She had replayed it over and over all through the night. “Hi honey,” said Jamie. “Hellllllo,” responded Lil. They made small talk and then got down to business. Jamie suggested that Lil invite her and Jeremy over for dinner one evening and then she would sit back and watch Lil work Jeremy and get him in the mood. They would let things just work out naturally from there. They talked some more, had phone sex and decided that Lil would call later that evening with her invitation. Jamie would make sure Jeremy answered the phone to see if Lil’s sexy voice had an effect on her man.

Around 6:oo p.m. the phone rang. Jamie pretended to be busy in the kitchen and asked Jeremy to please answer the phone. Jeremy picked up the call. “Hello,” came a sexy voice from the other end. “May I please speak to Jamie,” was next in her most tantalizing tone. “One moment,” said Jeremy. As he walked to the kitchen to get Jamie, he wondered who in the hell was that sexy sounding babe on the phone? He gave the phone to Jamie and just stood there. “Hello,” said Jamie as she tried her best to stay nonchalant in the conversation. They made small talk and then Jamie said, “Sure, I think we can make it; thank you for the invite.” Jeremy wanted to know what that was about? Jamie explained that one of her friends from her new job had invited them over for dinner and drinks on Friday night and was it okay if they went? Jeremy said he guessed they could go for a little while. Jamie’s heart leapt in her chest with happiness.

During that whole week, Jamie could think of nothing else but Friday night and what surprises and pleasure it would bring. Lil also was looking forward to Friday night. She cleaned and re-cleaned her house. She made sure everything was in its place. She also bought a new sexy outfit — a blouse that was revealing and a short skirt that showed all of her curvaceous body. This would definitely turn that man on – Jamie’s man whom she wanted to share with Lil. She certainly had made a complete turn-a-round in her life since meeting Jamie. She would never think that she would make wonderful love to a woman and then agree to seduce that same woman’s man. Wow, life certainly could be strange at times. Lil continued getting everything ready and also fantasizing about an exciting night and future nights to come.


Friday was here. Jamie was in a happy mood all day at work. Jeremy was hoping that this woman knew how to cook. He didn’t like being invited out to a meal and it wasn’t tasty because Jamie was a great cook. Well, if Jamie’s friend cooked liked she sounded, it would be a perfect meal! Jamie got home, showered and lounged around until Jeremy came home. She looked so luscious until Jeremy wanted to make love before they left for the evening. Jamie told him to wait until later and to hurry and get ready for they didn’t want to be late. Jeremy reluctantly did as she wished. Jamie got dressed first. Jeremy got dressed. “He certainly looked handsome for tonight’s rendezvous,” thought Jamie to herself. They left for dinner.

Lil was a little nervous. She made stuffed lobster, green beans, green salad and home baked rolls for dinner. She also bought champagne. Everything smelled and looked great. She showered and got dressed. She put on perfume that would tantalize any man and looked her best. A little make-up but not too much were Jamie’s instructions because Jeremy didn’t like a lot of make-up. Lil sat and waited for her evening delights to arrive.

The doorbell rang and Lil slowly walked to the door. She was a little nervous but excited too. She opened the Van Escort Bayan door and her guests came in. She thought to herself, “Wow, I like this man; he is truly gorgeous and a hunk too.” Jeremy liked the look of this woman but remained calm. He noticed that her nipples showed through her blouse and her boobs were big and bouncy. He turned his attention to the television screen at an action movie that was on. Lil asked them to please sit down. Jeremy sat but Jamie told Lil she would help her in the kitchen. Jamie walked out of the room first and Lil followed with her breasts jutting out in front of her. The curve of Lil’s hips and buttocks captivated Jeremy. They seemed to be inviting him to follow. He returned his attention to the television screen.

Once in the kitchen, Lil said to Jamie, “Well, what do you think?” Jamie replied, “You look sexy as hell; Jeremy is trying not to notice but I saw his eyes bug out when he first saw you!” “Mmm, I want him; are you sure about this?” said Lil to Jamie. “Yes, I am sure -I am already turned on just thinking about what you are going to do to him,” snickered Jamie. The two women quickly hugged to seal the deal and began putting the food on the table. Jamie sat in the dining room as Lil went to get Jeremy. She bent over as if picking something up off the floor to expose her breasts that were barely covered anyway. Jeremy definitely looked and his mouth watered at the prospect of sucking those big nipples and kissing her abundant breasts. Lil turned and seductively walked with her buttocks beckoning Jeremy to follow. He gladly followed and had to push his dick back down for it had arisen to the occasion.


During dinner, Jamie sat next to Jeremy and Lil sat on the other side of him at the end of the table. They conversed as they ate the wonderful meal. Lil would lean over toward Jeremy from time to time to give him a peak at her luscious mounds. Jeremy watched at every moment he could without Jamie noticing or so he thought. Lil went to arise from the table and held onto Jeremy’s thigh under the table. She came back with fresh drinks. As she gave Jeremy his drink, she brushed her breast against his shoulder and he loved it there was no denying. Jamie was watching and enjoying it too. As they continued their meal, Lil slipped one hand under the table and grasped Jeremy’s crotch. His penis stood to attention. He didn’t want to push her hand away for fear Jamie would notice but on the other hand, it felt so good. It was a true turn on with his woman on one side and another woman on the other side stroking his penis. Lil turned to Jeremy and licked her lips as she did so. That was her sign to him that she wanted to eat his cock. Jeremy gave a half smile and turned to look at Jamie to make sure she hadn’t noticed. Jamie asked for another drink. Jeremy reminded her that she would be asleep because she didn’t drink much. With dinner and dessert finished and the dishes removed, they returned to the livingroom.

Lil sat next to Jeremy and Jamie on the sofa. Jamie was nodding a little. Lil moved closer to Jeremy and touched his arm. She languidly stretched her long legs out in front of her and opened them provocatively; she kept them open. Jeremy was watching intently. Jamie pretended to be asleep but was watching through half-closed eyes. Jeremy nudged Jamie and asked, “Hon wake up.” She replied, “I am just a little drowsy, that’s all.” At that moment, Lil suggested that Jamie go into the guest bedroom and take a little nap to revitalize her. Lil showed Jamie to the bedroom where they winked at each other. Jamie said to Lil, “Do your stuff; I will try to really stay awake and get a peek now and then.” At that, Lil sauntered back into the living room. She went to get a beer for Jeremy but called him to come into the kitchen. Jeremy went to the kitchen where Lil embraced him. She held him close and pushed her breasts up against his chest. She said to him, “Feel them, they are real – nothing fake here.” Jamie replied, “I don’t want to get us into trouble.” At that, Lil pulled her blouse over her head to fully expose her breasts. She pulled Jeremy’s head down and he began to nibble on one luscious nipple and then the other. He didn’t want to do this with his woman sleeping nearby but this seductive woman mesmerized him. Lil moaned as Jeremy feasted on her breasts. She explained to him that she had broken up with her boyfriend several months ago and hadn’t been with another man since then. She went on to tell him that she was so hungry for sex and wanted him. “I can’t do this, not now,” said Jeremy. “But I need you now; I am tired of playing with sex toys and pleasing myself,” moaned Lil. “Save me, Jeremy, please save me,” she continued. Jeremy was so weak at this moment and wanted to make love to this woman. He was a cautious man and was wary of just making love to anyone. He tried to be monogamous with Jamie but his resolve was weakening. When Lil saw that he was moving slow on her request, she knelt down between his legs and unzipped


his pants. His huge dick fell out into her hands. She kissed its tip and kissed his balls. She then slowly and very deliberately sucked on his penis. He was at her mercy but still tried to push her mouth away. Lil had him where she wanted him and was enjoying him so much. “Jeremy, you are a king and deserve two queens; let me be one of them,” pleaded Escort Van Lil. “I can tell you need a lot of sex and I am willing to fuck with you day and night,” Lil went on. At these words, Jeremy was hooked. He loved the idea of having two women and one especially at his beck and call. He stopped trying to fight it and forgot that Jamie was in the same house as they were. He held Lil’s head in place as she pleasured him. “Cum in my mouth; I want to drink your cum forever,” cried Lil. Jeremy exploded and his body shook as Lil drank from his dick. She drank as if she were drinking life from his body into hers. She licked him dry and Jeremy pulled her up to meet his gaze. “Wow, I have never been eaten like that before,” he said to Lil. Lil snuggled up to him and replied, “There is more to come, sweetheart; I want to please you in any way you want and at any time.” Lil hugged Jeremy to her and they went back into the livingroom.

Jamie had dozed a little and suddenly awoke. She remembered that she had wanted to watch Lil and Jeremy in the act. She was certain that Lil would seduce him. That was just what she wanted to happen and she missed it! As Lil sat next to Jeremy, he pulled her her head into his lap. He bent down and kissed her. He tucked at her skirt as she lifted herself and slid it off. She had on sheer thong underwear, which revealed her red curly hair on her pussy. He loved it. Jamie quietly got off the bed and crawled to the door of the bedroom. She waited for the opportune moment to open the door enough to see outside. Lil got up and sat across Jeremy’s lap where his dick sprung up underneath her. She rubbed her sheer covered pussy back and forth over his dick. Jeremy pushed up as Lil pushed down. He wanted to fuck her so badly. Lil moaned as Jeremy placed the tip of his penis at her pussy’s opening. Jeremy closed his eyes and pretended he was deep inside of Lil and ramming hard into her. Now was Jamie’s time to open the door slightly in order to see outside.

Lil was rubbing against Jeremy’s cock. He didn’t want to get inside her yet. He wanted to practice safe sex but ……….. Suddenly Lil pushed down hard on Jeremy’s steel-like penis and it slipped inside her wet love spot. They lost control and went wild with lovemaking. Jamie was watching and playing with herself. She felt as if she was sitting right next to them blending in with their sex fun. She closed her eyes and came and came again. When she opened her eyes, Lil was still bouncing on Jeremy’s cock – up and down, up and down, hard, gentle, slow and fast. Jeremy was holding onto Lil’s ass and spanking her. Jeremy had forgotten that Jamie was there and could walk in on them at any moment. Lil knew Jamie might be watching and hoped she liked what she saw and if not, then too bad because right now she was having the best sex that she had ever


had with any man. They bounced and rocked and Lil whimpered, “Jeremy I am coomingggggg!” Jeremy pushed up hard and fast and yelled back, “Hold on, lover, I am cooomminnnnng too.” Lil was so satisfied and so was Jeremy. They just lay there looking into each other’s eyes and feeling that something new and unique had just happened in their lives. Jamie continued to watch and truly enjoyed this plan she had come up with.

Jamie stayed where she was. She watched as Jeremy helped Lil up off his lap. Lil took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom and left the door slightly ajar. The same bedroom where she had made wild and passionate love to his woman only days earlier. Now that Lil and Jeremy were right next door to the room that Jamie was in, she could still peep in on their lovemaking and sex fun. Lil and Jeremy stood and kissed and kissed. Jeremy cupped Lil’s breasts in his hands and licked one nipple and then the other. They were hard and so round. He loved her big breasts. She loved his long, hard cock. Lil pulled some condoms from her nightstand and handed them to Jeremy. “Sorry we didn’t have time to use one before,” said Lil. Jeremy gladly took them because he wanted to practice safe sex too. Lil knelt by the side of the bed and spread her ass cheeks for him to see. He knew what she wanted. He slipped on a condom and spread her cheeks even further. He played with her tits and she grabbed his dick and placed it at the opening to her ass. Jeremy needed no further help from here on. He slowly pushed his dick into her ass hole. Lil loved the feel of his big dick up her ass. She moved with his rhythm. Jeremy pushed a finger in her pussy hole to give her pleasure there too. Jeremy increased his pace and Lil gave it back. Jamie had crawled to the open door and looked in. She saw Jeremy’s form at the back of Lil. Lil was screaming quietly as Jeremy talked to her, “Baby do you love it, baby do you want it hard?” Lil responded, “I love it baby, hurt me, hurt, me — I love it, I love it.” Jeremy began to ram her asshole and his dick seemed to be getting bigger and harder. It felt like a steel rod up her ass, but Lil loved it. Nothing could stop this now. They grinded and gyrated body to body, dick to ass and finger pushing up her pussy hole. Jamie was stroking her breasts and then her clit. She was so hot and had to release this heat from her pussy and her mind. She imagined herself having a dick and fucking Lil’s pussy as Jeremy fucked her asshole. She began to gyrate on her hand and suddenly hot love juices flowed onto her hands and fingers. She licked her fingers and resumed her watch of the two lovers in the bedroom — her man and her female lover. A shrill cry came from the bedroom and an inhuman grunt of pleasure as the couple reached their orgasms.

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