Secret Sexiness Ch. 02


That evening, when Deb got back to her house, she took a shower, shaved everything. It made her feel so sexy to have a smooth pussy and asshole. She dressed in only a silky house robe and sat on her couch, trying to read a book until it was time for him to come over.

About 30 minutes early, she heard someone pull up, and then came a knock on the door. She opened the door and Burt stepped in and immediately put one arm around her back, pulling her close, and with the other arm he shut the door. He kissed her lips deeply and then swung her around and backed her up against the closed door. He pushed his hips against hers, and kept kissing her lips passionately. He ran both his hands up and down her body, then down to her thighs, he lifted one of her legs up so it was wrapped around him, and then he picked her up so she could wrap both legs around him.

He broke the kiss to say, “Where’s your bedroom?” She pointed down the hall and said last door down that hall. He boosted her up so she was sitting even higher on his body, and she put one hand around his back and the other on the back of his head, pulling his lips closer to hers, pressing his lips against hers. He walked slowly toward the hallway, and she started kissing his neck to give him space to watch where he was going.

She said, “I just have to ask… when was the last time you were tested? I mean…”

He kept walking and kissed her neck and said, “Not long ago. I haven’t been with anyone since. I’m clean. What about you?”

She was kissing his neck as he spoke. She stopped to say, “Same. Just last month. I’m good.”

He said, “Birth control?”

She said, “Yep. No worries.” She pulled her head away and looked into his eyes and said, “You can’t tell anyone about this. For real.”

He smiled and gave her the most honest face he could muster. “I promise. Not a word.”

“Like to anyone… because you know how word can get around.”

“I promise. No one. This is our secret. I won’t tell anyone, as long as I get to fuck you. I won’t tell a soul.”

She squeezed her legs around him tighter, wanting him even more now that he didn’t mind her asking him those questions. He made sure she was on birth control. That made her so hot, thinking about him finishing inside of her. She smiled to herself because she believed that he wouldn’t tell anyone. He was trustworthy. As well as extremely sexy. She had no more reservations about fucking his brains out.

When he made it into the bedroom, he fell onto the bed on top of her and kissed her deeply. Then he stood up, running his hands along her body all the way to her knees. He stood there looking at her. He bit his lip as he looked into her eyes. She smiled at him and wiggled her hips and opened her legs a little bit wider. Her robe didn’t cover much, and he could see her smooth pussy easily. He ran his hands down the inside of her thighs and stopped right next to her pussy. She opened her legs wider, and he put his face closer to her pussy.

She said, “wait.”

When he looked up at her face again, she was smiling and she said, “You need to take some clothes off first.”

He stood back up and took his shirt off, then looked at her. She said, “That’s not enough.” Then he took off his shorts. She could see his hard cock through his boxers and she said approvingly, “I guess that will do for now.” Then he leaned forward, untied her robe, opened it so he could see her whole body. He leaned back down and kissed her and then whispered into her ear, “I have to tell you something.”

She looked at him and said, “What is it?”

He smiled, ran his hand up her body and said, “You are so fucking sexy.”

She giggled and kissed him again. He kissed down her neck and chest, and then squeezed her breasts again, running his thumbs over her nipples to gauge her response. He knelt between her legs and ran his hands from her hips up to her breasts and gently squeezed her breasts again. He looked into her eyes and she licked her lips and wiggled her hips again. She was so horny. And so wet already. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her. Then he ran his hands back down her body, down to her knees again, and then back up her inner thighs, opening her legs as wide as they would go, leaning his head in toward her pussy.

He kissed her clit gently, then kissed down one side of her labia, then back up the other side of her labia. Then he licked her clit, sucking it into his mouth. She pushed her hips into his face, and he sucked harder. She let out a gasp, and he moved to lick her labia. He licked the length of her pussy, and then went down and licked her asshole gently, then licked all the way back up to her pussy. She was spreading her legs wide, and she reached down and grabbed her knees to pull her legs even further apart for him. He pushed his tongue into her pussy and wiggled it around inside, and then came back up to suck her clit again.

He moved his hand to her labia and started rubbing her pussy. He looked up at her and asked if she liked that. She nodded as she took in a deep breath. As acıbadem escort he continued to rub the outside of her pussy, he asked, “Do you want me to put a finger in?” She nodded enthusiastically. He said, “I can’t hear you.” She said as she exhaled, “Yes.” He said, “Yes, what?” She wrinkled her brow at him and then bit her lip and said, “Yes, please finger me.” As soon as she said the words, he pushed his middle finger in as far as he could.

Her pussy was so wet and so ready for him, his finger went right in. He curled it toward her stomach and she pushed her hips against his hand to get his finger even further in. He pushed it in and out of her pussy until she was moaning. Then he pulled his finger out and asked, “Do you want another finger?”

She said, “Yes.”

He said, “Yes, what?” as he positioned two fingers just on the opening of her pussy.

She smiled at him and she thought about protesting, but she gave in and said, “Yes, I want two fingers. Please fuck me with two fingers.”

He responded quickly and pushed both fingers into her wet pussy. He couldn’t believe how wet she was. Usually he had to eat a girl out for a while to get her so wet. He was used to getting the woman nice and hot before he tried to fuck her, because several of his previous girlfriends had had trouble taking his larger cock without a fair amount of foreplay first.

He pumped his fingers into her pussy slowly at first, making sure to curl them up toward her stomach at the end of each pump, he started to go faster, pumping in and out faster and faster. She was moaning, and he thought she was getting close to an orgasm, but she said in a breathy voice, “Stop… stop…”

Once he stopped, he looked into her eyes thinking he had done something wrong.

She smiled a devilish smile and said, “I want your cock.”

He smiled at her and stood up to take off his boxers. She scooted toward the edge of the bed, and then sat up taking the robe all the way off, and said, “I want to suck it first.”

He dropped his shorts, and she got down on her knees and held his cock. He had a large cock and he shaved the whole area, which she appreciated. She looked up at his eyes and smiled, and then grabbed the base of his cock and put the tip of it on her lips. She licked the head while she stroked this cock, and then put him in her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She started slowly bobbing her head while swirling her tongue around the head at the end of every stroke. Then she pushed his cock further into her throat a bit more each time, and he started moaning. He grabbed the back of her head and slowed her down and this time asked her to stop. He didn’t want to come in her mouth. Not this time. He wanted to come inside of her. He wanted to fuck her.

He said, “Lie back down on the bed.” He couldn’t wait to put his big cock in her wet pussy.

She looked up into his eyes, and saw how intensely he looked at her. She knew that he wanted her. She felt so sexy, being the object of his desire. Her pussy was throbbing; she wanted him so badly.

She lied back down with her knees bent again. He slowly climbed on top of her and positioned his cock so it was just touching the opening of her pussy. He kissed her lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He grabbed her breast and massaged it, rubbing his hand down her body until he could just barely grab the bottom of her ass. He pinched her ass and she squirmed underneath him. She was breathing hard now, she wanted him so badly. She couldn’t wait any more. She was pushing her hips up so that his cock would go in, but he kept pulling his hips away.

He said, “Do you want me to fuck you?”


He said, “Yes, What?”

She said breathily, “Yes, fuck me. Please fuck me now!”

As a quick response, he brought his hips down and pushed his cock into her. She was so wet, but he still felt her stretch around his big cock. She pushed her hips up to meet him, and then he pulled back and pushed it in again.

She loved the feeling of his large cock stretching her. She was blissfully enjoying his muscular body on top of her. She told him, “Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

He knew he wouldn’t be able to go for very long. He had waited too long for this. He wanted her, and he was going to take her. He was going to fuck her hard and fast.

He pushed his hips down as far as he could go, and she moaned her satisfaction. Then he started going faster and faster.

He said, “Do you like it hard?”

She moaned, “Yes. Fuck. Me. Fast. Hard. Mmmmmm. Yesssss.”

So he went faster, pushing her harder, moving her lean body across the bed an inch or two with each of his firm thrusts.

He instructed her, “Play with your clit.”

Obediently, her hand moved and started rubbing her clit furiously.

With the added stimulation of her clitoris, she felt herself letting go, letting loose. She wanted this so badly. She wanted him so badly. She’d thought about his muscular body on top of her, behind akbatı escort her, inside of her, so many times. She couldn’t believe it was actually happening. He made her feel so good. He was stretching her pussy with his big cock and pushing it all the way into her cervix. As soon as she touched her clit, she almost exploded. She was so ready to come on his cock. She wanted to orgasm with his cock deep inside of her. She wanted him to want her to orgasm.

As if reading her mind, Burt whispered into her ear, “Come for me. Come on my cock. Please come with me inside of you. Play with that clit until you come.”

She started nodding, and biting her lip, and she put the side of her hand in her mouth to keep her from screaming. Her whole body shook. She felt her pussy throb and tighten and then let loose. She started shaking, her hips spasm against his, bouncing up and down uncontrollably. She came on his cock and she felt like everything in the universe had worked up to this moment, to this orgasm. It felt so good, and it kept feeling so good.

He slowed down for a second, and she grabbed his ass and said, “No. Don’t stop. It still feels so good. God you feel good. I want to feel you come now. God you made me come hard. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me. Keep fucking me.”

He sped back up and then started to let loose. He had been waiting for her to come, and now he was going to give her what she asked for. He continued to fuck her hard and fast for a few more strokes, but he didn’t last long. He felt himself start to come, and he pushed himself all the way inside her and held it there. She pushed her hips up, allowing him to get as far as possible. She let out a moan with each throb of his dick. She felt each squirt of come, and she appreciated every bit of it.

He stayed inside of her. He didn’t want to move. He liked being inside of her. He kept his face right in front of hers, looked into her eyes as his cock softened inside of her. They both smiled and she giggled. He kissed her lips, then her face, then her neck. Short, fast, cute kisses. She giggled, as her sensitized body responded to every kiss and every touch. It tickled every time he kissed her and she loved it.

He rolled over to the side, and onto his back. He put his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. She leaned over and lied on her side next to him, so their bodies were still touching.

“Fuck,” he said. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

She smiled and said, “Really? How long?”

He looked at her and smiled. “Too long.”

“Well, why didn’t you do something earlier?”

“Because I had to want you long enough so that my body just took over and reached out and touched you before my brain could stop it.”

She smiled and said, “Well…”

Before she could say anything, he said, “Please say we do this again sometime.”

She leaned her body against his, and put one of her legs over his, putting her hand on his chest and said, “As long as you don’t tell anyone.”

He raised his head, kissed her lips and said, “It’ll be hard, but I’d rather stay quiet and get to fuck you than the other way around… You are fucking amazing.”

She kept smiling and said skeptically, “Yeah? What is so amazing about me?”

He smiled at her and then looked at the ceiling again. “Everything about you.” When he looked at her face again, she still wore a skeptical look.

He turned onto his side and pushed her onto her back. He leaned down and sucked one nipple into his mouth, rolled his tongue over it and then said, “I like your breasts. God they are fucking beautiful. They feel so good.” He smiled shyly and said, “They’re bigger than I thought they’d be.”

She laughed and lightheartedly accused him, “You’ve been thinking about my breasts?”

He said seriously, “Absolutely,” and began sucking her nipple again.

She wiggled and pushed her breast further into his mouth. “What else do you like?”

“I like how soft your skin is. And how toned your stomach is.” He kissed her side and her stomach and moved further down her body.

“And I like how wet your pussy got when I fucked you.” He ran his fingers softly over her smooth vulva and barely brushed her clit. She moved one of her legs so that there was enough room for him to see her pussy. He brushed his hand down her labia, down to her ass, and he gently pinched the little bit of her ass cheek that he could get to.

He said, “I haven’t really gotten to enjoy your lovely ass yet. Why don’t you roll over and let me see it.”

She rolled over and wiggled her ass at him, and he grabbed one cheek and then the other, rubbing and massaging her ass cheeks. He kissed her ass cheek and said, “And I like this beautiful ass of yours.”

He moved back up beside her, gently rubbing his hand on her body all the way up to her shoulder. He pulled her back so she was laying on her side, and he spooned her, pressing his hips against her ass. He whispered into her ear, “What do you like about me?”

She aksaray escort was embarrassed to tell him what she liked about him. She knew that she liked his voice, and the way he talked to her, she liked that he picked her up and that he shoved her down on the bed. She liked his strong arms, and his abs and his muscular legs. She liked his green eyes and the passionate way he looked at her. She liked the gentleness with which he kissed her neck and touched her pussy.

But she didn’t want to tell him any of that. She was nervous to tell him. But she turned back onto her back so she could look into his eyes, and she stroked his arm gently. She said, “I like how strong you are. I liked you picking me up, and I like your muscular arms…” and she started stroking his chest “and your sexy chest,” and she moved her hand to his stomach, “and your hard abs are so fucking sexy.”

She put her leg around him and pulled his body closer to hers. She moved one hand down to his cock and said, “And I like that you shave down there. It makes me want to just lick you everywhere down there.”

He had his arm around her back and he squeezed her tighter when she said that. He said, “I bet we’d both enjoy that then.”

She said, “I also like that you told me to play with my clit, and made me ask you to fuck me. I guess maybe I like to be bossed around a little bit.”

He put his head really close to her ear and said sexily, “Yeah, you like when I boss you around?”

She nodded, and Burt said, “You want me to tell you what to do, and how to come and when to come?”

She kept nodding.

“You want me to make you say what you want me to do to you?”

She nodded again. She loved how confident he was, and she was getting hot again thinking about him bossing her around.

He said, “Well then, I’m going to make you answer some questions.”

She smiled and turned her head so she could look into his eyes.

He said, “I want you to tell me what you like. How do you like to be kissed?”

She said, “I liked what you did.”

He said, “Yeah, but think about it. How do you like it? Describe to me how I could kiss you to turn you on right now.”

She thought about it, smiling. She closed her eyes and said, “I like a soft kiss at first, so that it’s tender and just lips. Then I like to slowly move to using my tongue, with the guy’s mouth opening up just enough to barely press his tongue against mine. Then as I get more turned on, I like him to start to be forceful and push his tongue into my mouth, almost like he’s fucking me with his mouth. And if I don’t kiss him just as intently back, then it won’ t feel good. So I want to kiss him with a lot of tongue and strong pushing back and forth. I mean, kissing is just like fucking, and I want a guy to kiss me like he wants to fuck me, like he can’t wait to fuck me, and I want him to keep kissing me after he starts fucking me.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him. “Is that an ok answer?”

He nodded and said, “I can’t imagine a better answer. Do you like your nipples played with?”

She smiled and said, “A little bit. I’ve never been that into it, but guys seem to really like it. So it’s ok with me.”

He laughed and shook his head. “Guys do it because they think you like it. Can you promise me something?”

She said shyly, “Maybe, it depends on what it is.”

He said, “If I’m doing something you don’t really like, will you tell me?”

She said quickly, “Yeah. I don’t have a problem saying anything if I dislike it.”

He shook his head and said, “No, but if you aren’t enjoying it, I want you to tell me.”

She thought about it and said, “Well, that’s harder to do… because sometimes… I mean… What if you are really liking it?”

He said, “I don’t care. I want you to be enjoying it. Really enjoying it.”

After thinking about it, she said, “Ok. I think I can do that. I’ll just say something if it’s not pleasurable. I’ll try at least.”

He said, “Ok. Next question. How does my cock compare to other guys you’ve been with?”

She laughed. No one had ever asked her that before. She thought that most guys didn’t want to know the answer to that question. She stopped herself from laughing and then she said in a serious voice, “You’re my first,” and she batted her eyelashes at him innocently.

He laughed and said, “If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll get it out of you.” He put his arm around her and pulled her close, kissed her on the mouth with a small kiss. Then he asked, “I have another question. What about kissing your body, what do you like?”

She smiled. She was loving that he was asking her so much about what she liked. It kept making her want him again. She started to think about him kissing her entire body, and how she wanted him to do it. She said, “I want you kiss my entire body. I like little kisses, and wet kisses, I like to be sucked on, and to be bitten just a little bit. Not hard, but softly, and playfully. I really liked you kissing my neck earlier. I thought maybe you’d be a good fuck after how you went after my neck.” As she spoke, she moved toward his neck, and when she was done speaking, she kissed his neck, breathed heavily on it, and then briefly put her teeth on his neck. It made him moan and put his arms around her. Then she moved her head so she could look into his eyes and asked, “What about you? Do you like to be kissed on your neck?”

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