Second Chance Ch. 04


Sorry everyone…School has been crazy and I just have not had the time between the new job and classes to write as much as I have wanted to…Thanks for reading! Enjoy~CinderLaw


Both Jared and Olivia jumped at the horn. Olivia turned to try and compose herself while Jared turned to see Jerry, his brother, and Ty waving at him. He made a gesture that showed them that they were number 1 in his book.

He turned around saying to Olivia, “Go get back in the truck I’ll be right back.” Then he walked back toward the second SUV. When he got close, the window rolled down and Jason sat there with a grin that looked like he was proven right. Damn, Jared thought to himself, I kiss her to shut her up and I get caught by the one person I’d rather not found out about the kiss!

“You know if we didn’t come along I’d swear that you would’ve preformed a XXX movie for the toddler in the truck.” Jason observed.

“She’s asleep.” Said Jared.

“Not anymore.” Jason said pointing to the truck in front of them.

Jared turned to see Chloe’s arms waving at Olivia or anything the child thought might wave back at her.

“Are you seeing us to the lake?” Jared asked him, trying to change the subject from the kiss.

“Yeah we wanted to make sure that you don’t get… sidetracked. We were almost too late.” Jason said.

“Looked like you had your hands full a few minutes ago” Jerry threw in.

Jared began to feel a foreign feeling, when Jerry said that then kept looking at Olivia he wanted to rip him apart. “Stay away from her Jerry. She doesn’t need your shit.” Jared growled at him.

“You know for someone who doesn’t care about her you’re sure protective of her. I think that you may be getting too close to the job if all you want is to insure her and the kid’s safety. Maybe I should send them some place away from you. ” Jason said. He could tell that they were getting under Jared’s skin but it was kind of nice to see his brother reacting for the first time on a deeper level then sex with a woman.

“Fuck you!” He told Jason as he turned and walked back to his truck.

“We could take the kid so you can continue with what you were doing!” Jason yelled after him.

Jared ignored him and continued on to his truck. When he climbed in Olivia was quiet and wouldn’t look at him. “Olivia?”

“I’m sorry, I, uh, I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know why I kissed you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You said a bad word Jared One!”

“Chloe, honey, please not right now, Jared’s just upset and please stop calling him Jared One. His name is just Jared.” Olivia told her.

“But mommy, there is two of him and you said there’s never a good reason to say bad words.”

“He’s not two people Chloe he has a twin who’s a separate person named Jason. As far as the cussing, you’re right honey, but he’s a grown up so I can’t tell him what to do.”

“Chloe your right. I’m sorry that I used a bad word. It wasn’t nice. I’m not upset Olivia. I’m frustrated and really wishing that we didn’t have to drive right now or have my brother right behind us.” Jared said letting his irritation with the whole thing show. “Olivia, you have a horrible memory, because I kissed you. You just responded to me.”

“Jared, listen to me, I’m not a tease and I feel like every since I’ve met you I’ve teased you. I’m not even sure how we went from me pulling you into my car, unconscious, to us driving up to your family’s lake house. You make me think of things that are possible and yet offer a lot less and tell me that when it’s done that you will give me the money to leave. In the next breathe you tell me that you want me in your bed but that you aren’t sure how much farther, then that you can go.”

“I told you my life is complicated.” He reminded her.

“What happens if I’d end up pregnant?” she asked.

He looked at her then turned back to the road, “I’d wear protection.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that Jason said exactly the same thing.” She said as she turned to look back out her window again.

“That was different. Jason had to marry Laysea because she was a virgin. Since he was the first one with her, if he didn’t marry her then he’d have been killed for it. Besides, if you ever get to meet her then you’d see how perfect they are for each other. Hell everyone sees it, always has.” Jared concluded.

The rest of the ride was very quiet. Chloe fell back to sleep very quickly. Olivia began to doze in the passenger seat while Jared drove in silence.

When the truck came to a stop she woke up looking around. “Is this like a resort or something?” she asked while looking at the huge house sitting in front of her.

“No, this is our family’s summer lake house.” Jared said as he climbed out of the truck.

The house looked like a large single floor log cabin. She thought that it looked very picturesque, with the cabin in front of a lake backdrop. It reminded her of a summer camp picture she had seen as a child that had very nice bunk Van Escort houses. She had begged her mom to let her go to it but she just told Olivia to get away from her.

Olivia got out of the truck and stretched after the long ride. Then she opened the back door to get Chloe out. Like any child at her age, Chloe was a little slow to wake up but when she got a look around she was filled with energy. She hit the ground and ran on high speed in every direction possible. Olivia was actually surprised that she did not climb the cabin. She followed behind Chloe trying to insure that her daughter would not get harmed by nature or curiosity or vice versa. They ended up going down to the lake and looking at the water. When a fish jumped out of the water Chloe decided that she’d get into the water and catch the fish. Olivia barely caught her before Chloe jumped straight in. It was that point that Olivia suggested that they go see about getting a snack.

“Can I have chocolate cake?” Chloe asked in an excited child voice.

“Let’s see what Jared’s friend has put in the kitchen okay? If there is chocolate cake then you can have some as long as you promise to eat all of your supper.” Olivia told her.

“Okay I promise! Pinky swear!” She said while hold out her little pinky.

Olivia wrapped her pinky with Chloe’s little one. She knew that it would be hard to get her to eat her dinner — even if she did pinky promise. But when she used those big baby eyes to look at her while promising to do what she was told, it was very hard to tell her “no”.

As they made their way back to the house Olivia saw that everyone was still there. Jason, Jerry, Jerad, and two other guys that she didn’t know. They were talking in a hush tone when she and Chloe walked up. That’s when they stopped talking looking at her as if she needed to explain her sudden appearance to them.

“Chloe’s decided that she’d like a snack so we’re going to see what’s in the kitchen.”

“I’m going to have chocolate cake Jared!” she yelled excited.

“Will you save me some?” he asked her.

“Yes, but you better hurry. My belly might rumble again.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” He told her.

After Olivia and Chloe went into the house, Trenton commented, “Cute kid, you gonna be daddy?”

Jared gave him a dirty look.

“Careful. He threatened to kick my ass for saying something about the mom.” Jerry warned him.

Jared rolled his eyes at them both, “Just go do your jobs. Don’t worry about what is happening between Olivia and me.”

“Yes, want to share with us what is going on between Olivia and you?” Jason asked in a softer tone.

“Nothing, she stuck her neck out for me so I just want to make sure she doesn’t end up one of Tom’s new toys for it.”

“Alright. Well we’ll get going, but first, I think that I’ll go have a word with Olivia.” Jason announced.

“What do you have to talk to her about?” asked Jared.

“None of your business actually, there is ‘nothing’ going on between you two. Ty, I don’t want to be interrupted.”

“Jas, leave her alone. I don’t want her drug into this anymore then she already is. And she certainly doesn’t need any shit from us, which could put more pressure on her.” Jared pleaded.

Jason walked over to stand toe to toe with his brother, “What? Do you think I want to fuck her? Are you fuckin’ crazy? Laysea would kill me for doing it and all of you for not stopping it. Relax this has nothing to do with whatever is going through your imagination.” With that Jason turned and walked into the cabin.

He found Olivia in the kitchen sitting with Chloe while she ate some cake. “Olivia, may I have a word with you please?”

Olivia looked up at him and gave a nod then stood up to walk into the other room, saying first, “Chloe, stay there and finish your cake, okay?”

“Okay, mommy.”

Once Olivia got up close she realized that it was not Jared standing in front of her because his eyes were different. “Yes, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” She asked Jason softly.

“I just want you to understand a couple of things before I head out. First, no harm will come to you or your daughter. We don’t fight woman and children. Second, this lake house is the most secure place that you can be. We are on privately owned land which is fenced off and there is only one way in and out which is through a guarded post. All ID’s are checked. Then when you finally get to this lake house, I had it surrounded by a concrete wall after the twins were born. I have men patrolling the wall since you all are here. Okay?”

Olivia nodded, “Okay, I would imagine that you would want to make sure your brother was safe during this whole thing but I appreciate you telling me so that I know Chloe is safe. Thank you for allowing us to come up here.”

Jason gave a little chuckle, “Jared can take care of himself. Hell, for that matter he can take care of all three of you. I just wanted to give you the piece of mind to understand where you’re Van Escort Bayan at.”

“Oh! Okay, well, thank you anyways then.” She said in a surprised tone.

Jason gave her a small smile then turned to walk back outside. As he reached for the door he turned to look at her again, “Look, my brother has been through hell and back. Now I’m not going to get into everything that he’s went through, that is his story to tell, but don’t expect too much from him. He has pretty much cut himself off from any relationship type of thing with women. I just don’t want you to get something in your head that shouldn’t be there. I mean, you’ve got a kid and all. I can see where Jared would be a prime catch.”

Olivia gritted her teeth when she spoke again, “Well Jason, thanks for the most male chauvinistic advice I have gotten yet. And so you sleep better tonight, understand this. I don’t want to sleep with your brother. I don’t have any desire to be closer to him, and I most assuredly don’t want to expect anything out of or from him! Besides the last thing I want is a man who feels like I’ve trapped him to be my kid’s dad!” With that she stomped back to the kitchen.

Jason stood there for a couple more minutes with his mouth open in surprise. Then he slowly opened the door and walked back out to the porch.

Jared looked up at him, “Jas, you okay?”

Jason still appeared to be in shock when he said, “She yelled at me. If I didn’t know better I would think that Laysea had given her lessons on how to do it!”

Jared stood up fast, “What the fuck did you say to her?”


“Fuck that!”

“I just told her about the lake house being in the middle of a secure area and that the property is surrounded by a wall.”

“Well why would that set her off?” Jerry asked.

“Because that is not all he said, dumbass!” Jared glared at Jason now. “What in the fuck did you say to her?”

“I also told her not to get her hopes up where you’re concerned. Look Jared, I don’t want some chick to come up and get you into playing daddy!” Jason glared back at him.

“That is not your call. So that’s why she’s pissed? Nice going!”

“Jared, I don’t want you jumping into something that you aren’t ready for. I need you thinking with the big head not the little one right now.”

Ty was barely able to jump between the two brothers before they came to blows. “BACK THE FUCK OFF BOTH OF YOU AND COOL DOWN!” he yelled at them.

It took a few minutes for them to finally step back from where they smashed Ty between them but they finally did almost reluctantly.

Jason was the first to break the long, drawn out silence, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have stepped in but damn, dude! I watched you handle her today! Hell you pretty much offered to father her next child, then we drive up and you two are almost trying to make that baby.”

“I know, I know. Still not your place though.”

“Maybe not, but we all stood by you when they lowered Trista into the ground and you said then, ‘I never want to put another woman into this place because she’s with me.’ Have you changed your mind?” Jason said.

“No.” Jared said in a whisper.

“Well, I want to make sure, as your brother, that you don’t get scammed into something that you don’t want. I was not trying to be malicious. Just honest with her for my brother.”

“All right, point taken. But don’t fuckin’ do it again.”

Jason nodded at him.

Jason and Ty left shortly after that. Jared stayed outside with Jerry and Trenton going over the watches and the possible hot spots that they needed to keep an eye on. Finally he could not put off going inside any longer. It was dinner time and he was getting hungry.

Dinner that night was nothing special. They had hamburgers and chips, the best part of dinner was the company. Chloe was a delight to be around. Jared never knew that anyone could talk that much! Chloe asked so many questions that he was convinced there was nothing else that she would not know. Of course she always had the answers but asked anyway.

Jared was beginning to be surprised at how much he was enjoying being around Chloe. He started thinking about Jason being a father and a little part of him wanted to also experience this event that had changed Jas so much. Then he looked at Chloe and started think maybe…but would snap himself out of it just as quick. He didn’t think he could handle watching a little child’s coffin being lowered into the ground.

After dinner Chloe wanted to watch TV. When Jared opened up the DVD cabinet to show her all of the DVDs that he had brought up to the cabin with her in mind, he experienced yet another first — Chloe standing, her mouth in an O shape but not a sound came out. It did not last very long but for a couple of seconds he had managed to make her speechless. Jared had asked his assistant to send all Disney and Pixar videos. They had the occasional adult film but those were hidden from Chloe’s little eyes. He also had his assistant purchase Escort Van a game system called Leap Frog for Chloe. The sales clerk had assured Jared’s assistant that this was an educational learning system that would teach the child things they needed to know while not making it feel like learning. He had hooked it up to the TV also.

“Oh my gosh!!!! Who are these movies for Jared?” Chloe scream when she got over being stunned.

“Well I thought that you might want to watch something since we have no TV reception up here. Too many trees for satellite and the cable company doesn’t have wires out this far. So I had my assistant send some movies up that I thought you and your mom would enjoy.” Jared and bent down on one knee to talk to her.

Without much notice, Chloe threw herself in his arms and gave him the biggest hug her little arms could manage.

This was the sight that Olivia walked into. Her daughter and Jared hugging each other as if they had just received the world from the other. The strings to Olivia’s heart gave a little tug. Damn she better watch that or she’d be following him around like a love sick puppy dog before long. The last thing she wanted to do was prove Jason right. She did not know how many times she had watched a father and daughter interaction either on TV or in person and wished that her daughter could experience that with someone. Now here was someone that fit in perfectly, if you don’t count that he carried a gun and was a womanizer. Most importantly you had to get past the fact that he didn’t want it and she wasn’t into forcing someone to be “daddy”.

Chloe realized that Olivia was standing in the doorway, “Mommy! Come lookie what Jared got me.” She said pointing in excitement to the rows of videos. “Can we watch them?”

“Sure, pick one but then when it is over you will need to go to bed.” Olivia told her.

Chloe stuck her lip out and began to pout, “No. All of them, please momma. I really love these movies!”

“Chloe you do not have time to watch them all tonight.”

Tears welled up in Chloe’s little dark brown eyes as her bottom lip began to quiver. Olivia thought does she really think this will work with me? Then the answer hit her like a flash. She looked at Jared and knew he had just been wrapped around a tiny little finger.

“Come on Liv, let her watch movies until she falls asleep.” Jared said.

“Liv? Are you giving me a nickname?” she asked with surprise.

“Yeah, I guess I am. Olivia seems very old and stuffy. Liv just seems to suit you better.” He said with a shrug.

“Oh.” She replied to Jared, “Alright, Chloe, you can watch them until you go to sleep.”

She caved, she knew she had, but something in her wanted to give Chloe a small taste of what it was like to have two parents, even if it was an act. She turned around and sat on the couch next to Chloe waiting for Jared to get the movie ready.

When he was done Jared turned back to them, “I’m going to go out and check how everything is for the night.”

“Oh, okay.” Olivia said trying to hide her disappointment. Then she watched him turn and walk out the front door, never once looking back.

Half-way through the first movie, Chloe was out like a light. She had laid her little head on Olivia’s lap and fallen asleep. She didn’t want to move for fear of waking her up. Olivia had finally decided that she would have to just sleep on the couch all night or at least until Chloe moved.

Jared chose that moment to walk through the door. He walked over to them and seen the sleeping Chloe, “Hey, I guess the movie worked. She’s out for the night.”

Olivia cracked a smile, “Yes, trapping me in the process.”

“Do you want me to move her?”

“Don’t worry about it. She will eventually move and I can sneak out then.”

“Liv, it’s no big deal, she will sleep better in a bed anyways.”

“Well okay, if you don’t mind.” She whispered.

Jared picked Chloe up in on fluid motion and carried her off. From where Olivia sat it didn’t look like Chloe even stirred a bit.

Olivia stood up and began to stretch out the kinks that had set in her back and legs.

Jared walked in at the moment that she bent over to touch her toes. He saw her ass in the air and was assaulted by all the nasty things he could do to her in that position. He physically gave himself a shake to rid the thought from his head.

“Um, well I guess that I’ll head to bed and let you get to whatever you’re doing.”

“Hey, Liv, why don’t you sit up with me a bit. We can talk so that we at least get to know something about each other since we’ll be stuck here together for some time.”

“Okay,” Olivia said walking back over to the couch, “what do you want to talk about?”

“Listen, about Jason…”

“Sorry but I can’t talk about that right now. I’m still mad at him!”

“No, no, come on Liv, we need to talk about this. Look. What he said, I don’t think that’s something you’d do to me. It’s just that Jas has been with me through some pretty messed up shit. I think that it’s probably best if you realize that nothing like that can happen. It’s too hard for me to think in that sense. Because…well let’s just say that I’m no good as a husband or boyfriend.”

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